Climatic equipment - articles and reviews

Climatic equipment creates a favorable atmosphere in the house. In cold weather, heat guns and heaters raise the air temperature, in hot weather an air conditioner or fan cools the room, humidifiers work during the heating season, and if you have insects in your house, electronic repellers will help you. You yourself will be able to choose, buy and install any type of HVAC equipment if you first study the materials posted in this section of our website.

Tips for choosing a breather for a private house or apartment; review of the best models of breathers.

How to choose an air ionizer for the home; Overview of the most successful models of air ionizers.

What to consider when choosing a climate complex; review of the best climate complexes.

What are the heated mats, what parameters should you pay attention to when choosing a rug; An overview of the best models of heated mats.

How to determine the necessary model of air washing; review of the best air washers.

Which home weather station is better to buy; An overview of the best digital and analog home weather stations.

What type of air purifier is best for home use; Review of the best models of air purifiers.

How to decide on the right type of fan for the home; Overview of the most successful models of fans for the home.

In this article: which models of air humidifiers have proven themselves best in the market; comparison of the parameters, advantages and disadvantages of the best ultrasonic, steam, traditional air humidifiers, as well as cleaners with humidification function.

What type of heater is best used for a summer residence; review of the best models of heaters.

Varieties of gas heaters and recommendations for choice; review of the best models of gas heaters.

To understand which heater is best for an apartment, you need to know the technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each type of appliance. For continuous heating, oil and convection devices are suitable. Fan heaters and infrared heaters cannot be used for a long time.

Overview of the most successful models of split systems, as well as mobile air conditioners, comparison, their advantages and disadvantages noted by users.

What you need to know about brands and manufacturers of air conditioners to choose a good device; A review of manufacturers of air conditioners with high and medium levels of reliability.

Overview of the best models of convector heaters of various capacities.

Overview of the best oil heaters of various capacities, advantages and disadvantages of popular models.

Features, pros and cons of infrared heaters compared to convectors and oil radiators.

Varieties of mobile air conditioners; what functions besides cooling can air conditioners perform; how to calculate power; control systems; advantages and disadvantages of mobile air conditioners.

In this article: how air conditioners differ in installation method and device; what basic and additional modes of operation may be present in the air conditioner; how to calculate the power of the device; what parameters should be considered when choosing; what additional features of air conditioners will be useful; which manufacturers should pay attention to.

In this material: differences in the device and the principle of operation of infrared and convector heaters; comparison of heaters in terms of heating speed, comfort, safety, environmental friendliness and economic feasibility of use.

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