If you have a large family, and children constantly stain things, you often need to wash home textiles, then the purchase of a spacious and multifunctional washing machine is simply necessary. The equipment should be ideally suited to solve specific problems, work without failures and flawlessly wash clothes. Additional options are welcome as they make the washing process more efficient and economical.

But how to choose a washing machine from a huge assortment of products on the market? This material presents the current rating of washing machines based on customer reviews and taking into account the main technical and operational characteristics of the equipment. Full-sized, compact, narrow, built-in machines - there are a lot of options, but you need to choose the best product, which, we hope, will help the proposed rating.

Rating washing machines best models

Top full-size front-loading washing machines

When choosing a washing machine, you must consider the free space for installing equipment. Full-size machines are large in size, but the amount of laundry that fits in the loading chamber is impressive.

 Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD 200Vestfrost VFWD 1260W 200
Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD Vestfrost VFWD 1260W
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
7 oc
Type of control sensory electronic
The presence of drying  yes  yes
Maximum load, kg  9  7
Water consumption, liters per wash  57  48
Max. spin speed, rpm  1600  1200
Number of programs  10  15
Display yes yes
Consumed energy, kW * h / kg 0,12 0,12
Sizes, width / depth / height, cm 60 x 60 x 85 60 x 60 x 85

Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD

This is a free-standing model with a front-mounted laundry loading chamber with a capacity of up to 9 kg. The machine is equipped with a residual humidity dryer and touch control with a backlit display. Dimensions of the device - 60x60x85 cm.

The purpose of the Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD washing machine is to wash delicate fabrics, downy clothes. The equipment has super-rinse and steam options. There is protection from children, control of imbalance and control of the level of foaming. Spin speed selection available. According to customer reviews, the Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD has undeniable advantages.

Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD


+ Pros of Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD

  1. The amazing quality of washing complex fabrics.
  2. Excellent drying, identical to ironing.
  3. It erases things from fluff, fur, silk.
  4. Great for washing soft toys.
  5. It works quietly and thoroughly launders things.
  6. Equipped with a delayed timer option.
  7. Minimalistic design and convenient operation.
  8. Comfortable central remote control for program selection.
  9. After washing, there are no spools left on things.


- Cons Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD

  1. High cost - not every family can afford the Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD.
  2. Some buyers say that the car tears things, but there are only a few reviews.
  3. Water consumption is 57 liters per wash, and energy consumption is 0.12 kWh / kg.

In general, a washing machine is great for large families, when you need to wash it quality, a lot and often. A special advantage over other models is the competently implemented option of drying and steaming - it allows you to solve the issue of washing downy outerwear. High-quality and reliable mini dry cleaning at home with a variety of features.

Vestfrost VFWD 1260W

This is a free-standing technique with a removable cover for embedding and front loading type. Quite roomy washing equipment for a maximum of seven kilograms of laundry. The dimensions of the Vestfrost VFWD 1260W model are 60x58x85 cm. The drying function is implemented, there is a digital display and electronic control.The main safety modes (child protection, foam control, partial leakage protection and imbalance control), 15 programs for various washing modes are provided.

The Vestfrost VFWD 1260W model is designed for washing delicate items, there is a mode for washing wool items and additional features - temperature selection and a program end signal. The cost of equipment falls into the high price range. According to some buyers, the multifunctional and roomy Vestfrost VFWD 1260W model does not justify the manufacturer's declared operational characteristics.

Vestfrost VFWD 1260W


+ Pros of Vestfrost VFWD 1260W

  1. Capacious loading drum.
  2. Quiet work at high speeds.
  3. Dries things up to 5 kg perfectly.
  4. A large number of programs and modes.
  5. Reasonable cost for the family budget.


- Cons Vestfrost VFWD 1260W

  1. Failure after a short time. Many buyers indicated the time range of the equipment from six months to nine months. This is negligible for expensive equipment.
  2. Drying mode is poorly implemented. The laundry at the exit is very wrinkled, it is better not to dry things at all. A more comfortable option is spinning at high speeds followed by natural drying of the laundry.
  3. The machine is noisy, vibration is observed, drying has become incorrect after six months of operation of household appliances.

The Vestfrost VFWD 1260W model is a 2 in 1 technique, so you do not have to purchase a separate dryer. The undoubted advantages of the washing machine include multifunctionality, spaciousness and high quality of washing, well-thought-out options for each type of fabric.

Negative reviews of disappointed buyers, whose unit quickly failed, may indicate improper operation of the equipment, and not its shortcomings. The model is great for frequent washes with lots of laundry. For a family with a diverse wardrobe and home textiles (silk, wool, baby clothes, cotton, delicate items, rough fabrics) - ideal.

What full-size front-loading washing machine did you decide to buy?

Top full-sized with top-loading washing machines

Washing machines with a vertical load of laundry are mainly bought with limited space in the place of installation of household appliances, that is, when it is inconvenient to open the front drum. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of top-loading washing machine models. Our top loading rating of washing machines is represented by the following models:

 Electrolux EWT 1064 ERW 180Zanussi ZWQ 61216 WA 180AEG L 56126 TL 180
Electrolux EWT 1064 ERW Zanussi ZWQ 61216 WA AEG L 56126 TL
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
3 mesto 
7 oc
Maximum load, kg  6  6  6
Display yes yes yes
Display type digital digital digital
Max. spin speed, rpm 1000 1200 1200
Number of programs 13 8 9
Water consumption, liters per wash 45 49 45
Drying no no no
Intelligent Wash Management yes yes yes
Sizes, width / depth / height, cm 40 x 60 x 89 40 x 60 x 85 40 x 60 x 89

Electrolux EWT 1064 ERW

A free-standing washing machine with a vertical type of loading can wash up to 6 kg of dirty laundry at a time. Dimensions of the unit - 40x60x89 cm.

There are intelligent controls, four levels of protection, a digital display, average spin speeds, the option of reloading linen and a large number of programs - 14 washing options.
The Electrolux EWT 1064 ERW model has established itself as a smart unit with a variety of options and capabilities: delayed start, silk washing, wool washing, temperature selection, program end signal plus economical water consumption (45 liters) for such a capacious unit. According to customers, the Electrolux EWT 1064 ERW model has undeniable advantages over other equipment.

Definitely, the model deserves the attention of buyers. It copes well with the main task - it erases and wringes out qualitatively, and therefore it is included in the rating of washing machines with vertical loading. However, users of a powerful multifunctional unit noted some technical flaws.

Electrolux EWT 1064 ERW


+ Pros of Electrolux EWT 1064 ERW

  1. High quality wash.
  2. Presentable appearance.
  3. Convenient and intuitive controls.
  4. Smooth opening of the leaflets of the drum.
  5. Implemented a time manager function.
  6. Convenient tray for detergents.
  7. High build quality.
  8. Quiet operation in different modes.
  9. Good drum balancing.
  10. Countdown washing time.


- Cons Electrolux EWT 1064 ERW

  1. Noisy when taking and pumping water.
  2. Poor instruction.
  3. Not enough spin levels.
  4. Long time programs.
  5. A sharp and annoying signal.
  6. During operation, the engine is noisy.

For the medium price range, the top-loading washing machine Electrolux EWT 1064 ERW does its job well. Attractive ratio of price, quality and functionality puts the washing machine almost out of competition in the ranking of equipment with a vertical type of load. Great for installation in rooms with limited free space.


Zanussi ZWQ 61216 WA

The washing machine allows you to load a maximum of 6 kg of laundry in one wash with the option of additional loading. The machine does not provide drying. The size of the Zanussi ZWQ 61216 WA model - 40x60x85 cm - is compact and powerful. Digital display and intelligent electronic control make it easy and comfortable to use equipment. Special programs have been implemented - washing delicate items and economical washing. Additional features include the choice of washing temperature.

A feature of the Zanussi ZWQ 61216 WA model is the option to estimate the amount of loaded laundry. If the machine “sees” that the drum is not filled to the maximum, it reduces the washing time. Many modes allow you to choose a program for clothes worn a couple of times, and for very dirty things. Consumers noted the washing machine as a very spacious unit with high quality washing.

The advantages of the model are obvious - from high-quality washing to an informative display and touch-sensitive control buttons. In all respects, the model met the expectations of customers in the format “an excellent unit at an affordable price”, falling into the rating of washing machines for the price-quality ratio.

Zanussi ZWQ 61216 WA


+ Pros of Zanussi ZWQ 61216 WA

  1. Excellent structurally competent assembly.
  2. A large number of modes and programs.
  3. Functional, easy to use.
  4. Equipped with a convenient folding tray.
  5. Intuitive touch controls.
  6. Proper filter arrangement with easy access.
  7. Emergency water drainage is provided.
  8. It washes away very dirty things well.
  9. Heats water quickly, runs quietly.


- Cons Zanussi ZWQ 61216 WA

  1. Long standard washing modes.
  2. It’s unusual to use touch buttons - you can skip the desired program.

In general, the model has a high service life, perfectly launders things. Unlike other washing machines of a vertical type, it competently controls the washing time by the load of the drum. Fits perfectly in a limited free space, suitable for frequent washing things from any fabric.

AEG L 56126 TL

The equipment is a high-quality unit with impeccable technical and operational characteristics. It is possible to reload laundry. An informative digital display is located on the panel of the washing machine. Implemented clear and simple electronic control. The washing equipment takes up little space - the dimensions of the machine are 40x60x89 cm.

The functional purpose of the AEG L 56126 TL vertical washing machine includes various options, including economical and delicate washing, there are programs for mixed fabrics and separately for jeans. Small rollers are equipped on the machine body for convenient movement of the unit. High-quality washing machine of the French assembly was appreciated by customers, noting the unconditional advantages of the model.

If we add the compactness of washing equipment to these advantages, we get the optimal unit for small rooms with diverse and full functionality. The model rightfully falls into the rating of top-loading washing machines as one of the best. However, she has some uncritical disadvantages.

AEG L 56126 TL


+ Pros AEG L 56126 TL

  1. Adjust the duration of washing programs.
  2. Many modes and useful programs.
  3. Drum parking with soft sash opening.
  4. Quiet operation and clear machine control.
  5. High quality of washing off any dirt.
  6. Good spin with adjustable speed.
  7. True reflection time of the washing process.
  8. Convenient removable tray for detergents.


- Cons AEG L 56126 TL

  1. Long release of the start button.
  2. It noisily works during the spin cycle.
  3. Short length of electrical cord.
  4. The high cost of a washing machine.

It is unlikely that any family will be able to purchase the AEG L 56126 TL model, although the equipment is easy to operate and efficiently erases things from different fabrics. But if the budget allows, then the vertical model is the best option for rooms with limited free space.

What full-size top-loading washing machine did you decide to buy?

The best mid-size washing machines

Washing equipment for a medium-sized house is an ideal solution when you often need to use the machine, there is little free space for installing equipment, and lots of dirty laundry are small. Such models, as a rule, have a capacity of 5 to 7 kg.

 Siemens WS 10G140 185Candy GC4 1051 D 185Bosch WLK 24247 185
Siemens WS 10G140 Candy GC4 1051 D Bosch WLK 24247
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
3 mesto 
7 oc
Type of control electronic electronic electronic
Maximum load, kg  5  5
Display  yes  no  yes
Water consumption for washing, l 40  45  
Max. spin speed, rpm  1000  1000  1200
Number of programs  15  16  
Diameter of the loading hatch, cm 32 35 32
Energy class BUT A + A +
Sizes, width / depth / height, cm 60x45x85 60x40x85 60x45x85

Siemens WS 10G140

This unit is equipped with a removable cover for embedding and has a frontal loading drum with a maximum capacity of up to 5 kg of laundry. Drying is not provided, the control is electronic intelligent with a clear digital display. The washing machine consumes water economically, weighs decently, but has compact dimensions - 60x45x85 cm.

The advantages of the model are obvious, and almost all buyers were satisfied with the operation of the washing machine in different modes. There are minor flaws, but they are absolutely not critical and do not violate the overall good impression of branded equipment. This unit is the best washing machine in the "price and quality" format.

Siemens WS 10G140

Siemens WS 10G140 1m

Siemens WS 10G140 2m

Siemens WS 10G140 3m


+ Pros of Siemens WS 10G140

  1. A large set of programs and washing modes.
  2. Gently adding extra water.
  3. Capacious drum with a large diameter hatch.
  4. Shows high spin stability.
  5. Excellent washing quality for heavily soiled items.
  6. Built-in filter plus surge protection.
  7. The presence of child locks and delayed start.
  8. Quiet operation at high spin speeds and easy operation.
  9. Shows the reliable time until the wash is completed.
  10. Compact size, useful aquastop option.


- Cons Siemens WS 10G140

  1. The ability to wash wool only at 20 degrees.
  2. Short hose for draining water during washing.
  3. Rinses out underwear well.

The machine can be described as the ideal medium-sized appliance for daily washes. Suitable for any room, copes with the main tasks and has advanced functionality. If you need a high-quality, resourceful, roomy, but compact car, Siemens is the best option.

Candy GC4 1051 D

The distinctive features of this technique include a front-loading type of up to 5 kg of dirty things, optimal dimensions of 60x40x85 cm, and intuitive controls. Separately, you can configure the unit to wash sportswear and delicate capricious fabrics. Three levels of protection are implemented - partially from leaks, control of imbalance and level of foaming, but there is no option to block the machine from children.

Fans of the Kandy technique noted the many advantages of the GC4 1051 D. Model. Excellent technical characteristics, high build and washing quality plus reasonable price, raise the model in the ranking of the best medium-sized cars. The model has some disadvantages, but they are not numerous.

Candy GC4 1051 D

Candy GC4 1051 D 1m

Candy GC4 1051 D 2m

Candy GC4 1051 D 3m


+ Pros of Candy GC4 1051 D

  1. A wide range of useful washing functions.
  2. It perfectly cleans and squeezes well.
  3. Suitable for washing bulk items.
  4. Simple control and temperature selection.
  5. Properly consumes electricity.
  6. Economical water consumption.
  7. Simple, elegant and austere design.
  8. It cleans stains well in long modes.
  9. Large loading drum hatch.
  10. Easily connects to communication wiring.


- Cons Candy GC4 1051 D

  1. Rapid failure of the pump.
  2. Noisy and unstable on a spin.
  3. Lack of display for time tracking.

The model has practically no disadvantages. The equipment is perfect for the average budget, perfectly "serves" a family of three. Thanks to many programs, it allows you to wash things very quickly and load a large amount of laundry.


Bosch WLK 24247

The load type of the washing machine is frontal. Up to 7 kg of laundry is easily placed in the drum. Drying is not provided, but there are a lot of useful options, in addition to standard functions: washing children's and downy items, delicate and mixed fabrics, stain removal program and direct injection. Management is performed at a high level, there is a comfortable digital display that makes the operation of the machine even more convenient.

The manufacturer definitely pleased consumers - the machine has full protection against water leaks, there is protection against children and two levels of control. Separately provided the option of washing wool, downy clothes, jeans and children's clothing, delicate and mixed fabrics. The useful delay start function is implemented most efficiently - up to 24 hours.

The impeccable quality of the manufacturer of household appliances Bosch automatically put the company's models in the highest positions of the rating. The almost invisible disadvantages of the equipment do not at all spoil the pleasant impression of operating top-end equipment.

Bosch WLK 24247

Bosch WLK 24247 1


+ Pros of Bosch WLK 24247

  1. Fits compactly into small bathrooms.
  2. Quietly works in the mode of water intake, washing and spinning.
  3. Available full aquastop option, a variety of modes.
  4. High quality surge protection.
  5. A large list of fabrics suitable for washing.
  6. There is a countdown display.
  7. Possible reloading and correction of standard programs.
  8. Quiet in operation, convenient and easy to operate.
  9. Practically does not create vibration on an extraction.
  10. A large drum with a capacious loading module.
  11. You can wash large things - pillows, blankets.
  12. It perfectly cleans old stains and dirt.
  13. Compact dimensions combined with spaciousness.


- Cons Bosch WLK 24247

  1. The detergent tray does not dry out.
  2. There are some doubts about the strength of the plastic tank.

The model with a capacious drum, compact and powerful, with front-loading is ideal for a large family, in which washing an impressive amount of things is a constant necessity, fits perfectly into the narrow space of small rooms. The main advantage of Bosch over competing models is its large capacity with small dimensions. The rating of washing machines in terms of quality and reliability is rightfully headed by this household appliance.

What midsize washer did you decide to buy?

The best narrow washing machines

Often people are faced with a situation where the space in the bathroom is sorely lacking for the installation of household appliances. The solution in this situation is the acquisition of compact and narrow washing machines. They are easy to install, economically using free space. With small dimensions, the equipment has an impressive loading drum.

 Candy GV3 115 DC 200Zanussi ZWSO 7100 VS 200
Candy GV3 115 DC Zanussi ZWSO 7100 VS
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
Type of control electronic electronic
Loading linen, kg  5  4
Display  yes  yes
Energy class A + A +
Max. spin speed, rpm  1100  1000
Water consumption for washing, l 45 44
Number of programs 10 8
Noise level (wash / spin), dB 56 / 77 58 / 77
Sizes, width / depth / height, cm 60 x 33 x 85 60 x 34 x 85

Candy GV3 115 DC

A freestanding machine with a front drum of 5 kg of laundry is equipped with smart electronic control, on the front panel there is a digital display. A large number of programs are integrated into the control of the washing machine - standard and special features. These include various formats of washing: delicate, economical, fast, preliminary, for children, sports, jeans. When spinning, it operates at speeds up to 1100 rpm. According to customers, the Candy GV3 115 DC model is one of the best in a series of narrow washing machines.

The Kandy technique has always been distinguished by high quality of assembly, assembly and washing.The machine easily copes with obsolete dirt and complex stains. With a shallow depth of the drum it holds an impressive amount of dry laundry, perfectly launders and wringes out. There are drawbacks, but according to customer reviews, they are insignificant.

Candy GV3 115 DC

Candy GV3 115 DC 1m

Candy GV3 115 DC 2m


+ Pros of Candy GV3 115 DC

  1. Delayed start and time record.
  2. Variable set of programs and modes.
  3. Convenient and intuitive controls.
  4. Roomy with compact dimensions.
  5. Modern appearance and beautiful design.
  6. Economical water consumption and energy consumption.
  7. Brilliant wash quality, stain removal.
  8. Excellent spin - the laundry is almost dry.
  9. Three modes of quick washing, which is very convenient.
  10. An impressive set of functions and programs.


- Cons Candy GV3 115 DC

  1. Part of the powder remains in the tray.
  2. Slight spin noise.
  3. Water remains between the seal and the drum.
  4. Incomprehensible protection against dust on the bottom.

The model is ideal for small bathrooms or kitchen installations. It is capable of serving a family of three to four people, even with daily laundry. Beautiful design blends in well with any bathroom design style. The washing machine takes up little space and impresses with spaciousness.

Zanussi ZWSO 7100 VS

This model, with a depth of only 34 cm, can accommodate 4 kg of laundry. The machine is equipped with electronic intelligent control. There is protection against children and leaks, as well as control of imbalance and foam level. It has 9 programs, including a wool wash program.

Zanussi ZWSO 7100 VS


+ Pros of Zanussi ZWSO 7100 VS

  1. Roomy despite the shallow depth.
  2. Convenient management.
  3. Attractive appearance.
  4. Quality wash.
  5. Despite the fact that the spin works at a speed of 1000 rpm, the laundry is well wrung out.


- Cons Zanussi ZWSO 7100 VS

  1. Noisy during the spin cycle.
  2. The machine has legs of small diameter.
  3. Due to its light weight it is subject to vibration.

The model is a good choice for an oversized bathroom. Despite its size, the quality of washing is at a high level. Some users note the failure of the drum bearing after several years of use.

What narrow washing machine did you decide to buy?

The best compact washing machines

If there is absolutely no place in the bathroom for the installation of washing equipment, you can take advantage of an interesting offer from manufacturers and purchase a compact machine.

 Daewoo Electronics DWD CV701 PC 200Candy Automatic 2D1140 07 200
Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC Candy Automatic 2D1140-07
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
Type of control electronic electronic
Loading linen, kg  3  4
Display  yes  yes
Energy class BUT A +
Max. spin speed rpm  700  1000
Water consumption for washing, l 36 32
Noise level (wash / spin), dB 56 / 78 56 / 76
Number of programs 6 6
Energy class A A +
Sizes, width / depth / height, cm 55 x 29 x 60 51 x 46 x 70

Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC

This is a free-standing washing machine with front loading of up to 3 kg of laundry. Small dimensions and weight (55x29x60 cm, 17 kg) make the model in demand and popular. Convenient electronic controls complement the informative display. The spin speed is low - up to 700 revolutions per minute, but taking into account the dimensions of the model, it is quite acceptable. Wall installation allows you to competently save space in the room.

According to customer reviews, the Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC is a godsend for small bathrooms and limited spaces. In general, customers are satisfied with the Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC small and light washing machine. There are some difficulties with installation, since the design of the factory anchors is not well thought out, and in most cases they are replaced with more durable fasteners. There is no high-quality protection against water leaks - if the cover is not tightly closed, the machine does not signal this.

Daewoo Electronics DWD CV701 PC


+ Pros of Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC

  1. Lightweight compact machine.
  2. Properly implemented concept.
  3. Minimum number of parts.
  4. Nice design and intuitive controls.
  5. The original design of the drum.
  6. Detailed and understandable instructions.
  7. Long drain hoses and power cable.
  8. High build quality.
  9. Minimal resource consumption.
  10. Visual accessibility of units of the unit.
  11. Wall mounting.


- Cons Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC

  1. Imbalance and rumble on the spin.
  2. Low strength fasteners.
  3. There is no spin-free program.
  4. Do not wash large items.
  5. Lack of a timer
  6. Powder tray does not dry out.
  7. Tight cap, rather weak spin.

Buyers note that with a quality installation on the wall, the machine practically does not create vibration, objects do not fall from neighboring shelves. The model fits perfectly into the small dimensions of the Khrushchev, small bathrooms, suitable for small families, where laundry does not accumulate in large quantities. The main advantage of the equipment is its low weight and the possibility of wall mounting. In the ranking of the best washing machines takes one of the first places as the most compact.


Candy Automatic 2D1140-07

The capacity of a freestanding machine is slightly larger than in the previous model - up to 4 kg. The equipment is equipped with intelligent electronic control with a digital display to display information. A wool washing program is provided, there is a preliminary, quick and economical mode, as well as washing in large quantities of water. Four levels of protection (from children, from leaks, foaming, imbalance) and the ability to choose the washing temperature, you can wash delicate things.

According to customers, it has undeniable advantages. It is necessary to consider compact equipment from the standpoint of saving free space and performing the basic tasks laid down by the manufacturer. With them, the washing machine copes with dignity.

Candy Automatic 2D1140 07


+ Pros of Candy Automatic 2D1140-07

  1. Compact car with a lot of modes.
  2. Washes things well, squeezes laundry well.
  3. There is a possibility of additional loading, the door is tightly closed.
  4. The display shows the time until the completion of the wash cycle.
  5. It fits perfectly under the sink, takes up little space.
  6. Holds a large volume of laundry for a compact machine.


- Cons Candy Automatic 2D1140-07

  1. Strong vibration during the spin cycle.
  2. Difficulty opening the door.
  3. High noise, assembly claims.

Most buyers had difficulties with the door - on some models it sagged immediately after the delivery of equipment, that is, until the equipment was used. The main advantage of the machine is considered to be a compact size, which allows you to place the equipment directly under the sink without sacrificing free space. The model is well suited for daily washing small families.

What compact washing machine did you decide to buy?

The best built-in washing machines

How else can you save space when installing washing household appliances? Purchase an embedded model. More often this option is resorted to when installing equipment in the kitchen, placing the machine under the countertop in a separate module. This option is optimal when there is absolutely no place for installation of the unit in the bathroom. Manufacturers offer an effective solution to the problem by specifically developing embedded technology.

 Bosch WIS 28440 200Siemens WK 14D540 200
Bosch WIS 28440 Siemens WK 14D540
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
Type of control electronic electronic
Loading linen, kg  7  5
Drying  no  yes
Display  yes  yes
Energy class A + IN
Max. spin speed, rpm  1400  1400
Number of programs 11 22
Water consumption, l 49 52
Noise level (wash / spin), dB 51 / 70 57 / 74
Sizes, width / depth / height, cm 60 x 56 x 82 60 x 60 x 82

Bosch WIS 28440

This is a built-in washing machine, full-size, with a frontal drum. Up to 7 kg of dry laundry can be placed in the loading chamber. Drying is not provided, but the concept of intelligent control is correctly implemented; for information, the machine is equipped with a convenient display. To comfortably integrate the equipment, you need a 82 cm high module.

The main advantage of the model is a large number of programs and complete protection against water leaks.
The model perfectly copes with all tasks, erases fabrics from different materials, is suitable for washing delicate and sporting things, there is the option of removing stains, super-rinsing, preventing creasing of things. Those who purchased this model leave numerous positive reviews about the washing machine.She is one of the most sought after in the ranking of the best washing machines.

The reviews note that due to the impressive weight of the washing machine, there are no problems with vibration of built-in appliances. In addition, the high quality of washing and assembly indicates the reliability of the brand model. You can easily wash pillows, blankets, outerwear - the drum will cope with everything. Some buyers note that the car is too smart - it could not balance the spin, turns off the option completely. On the one hand, this is a plus - the car does not jump in the furniture module, on the other hand, a minus - you will have to press it manually. There are practically no drawbacks in the embedded equipment or they are uncritical.

Bosch WIS 28440

Bosch WIS 28440 1m

Bosch WIS 28440 2m

Bosch WIS 28440 3m


+ Pros of Bosch WIS 28440

  1. Quiet work at all stages, ease of management.
  2. Spacious, suitable for washing large items.
  3. Perfect washing quality in all modes and spin.
  4. It erases quietly and practically without vibration, does not jump.
  5. Good functionality, there is an aquastop option.
  6. Delayed start up to 24 hours, countdown timer.
  7. Large sunroof for loading laundry, clear controls.
  8. High speed, linen is almost dry after spinning.
  9. With abundant foam, it starts an extra rinse.
  10. Saving resources - water and electricity.
  11. Competent balancing process on the spin.


- Cons Bosch WIS 28440

  1. Unpleasant signal about the end of the wash cycle.
  2. There is no option to lock buttons from children.

The Bosch WIS 28440 model fully confirms the high quality of the products of a well-known manufacturer. A capacious built-in washing machine will serve a large family, it can wash large items and get almost dry. At such speeds, drying is not required. Great for installation in the kitchen.


Siemens WK 14D540

The front-mounted built-in washing machine is equipped with a loading drum with a capacity of up to 5 kg. A distinctive feature of the model is the availability of convenient drying. For convenient electronic control, an original display is located on the panel. The number of programs is simply staggering - 22 washing options in a variety of modes, with any temperature and duration of the cycle.

Weight 81 kg allows you to mount the washing machine in furniture without fear of vibration and bouncing equipment. Another feature - the tank is made of stainless steel, which indicates the high performance characteristics of the model. The model Siemens WK 14D540 belongs to high-quality built-in appliances with simultaneous drying of linen. After all, you can immediately wash and dry, and slightly iron. Such an acquisition is ideal for any family. The capacious drum allows you to simultaneously load a lot of linen or wash overall things. The machine does not jump and does not vibrate in furniture, it works almost silently.

Siemens WK 14D540


+ Pros of Siemens WK 14D540

  1. The best option for built-in appliances with drying.
  2. Simple, intuitive controls.
  3. The quality of washing, spinning and drying is up to par.
  4. Gentle drying, high-speed spin.
  5. Excellent water and energy savings.
  6. Huge selection of programs and washing modes.
  7. Confidently in the module, it works very quietly.
  8. Things after washing are soft and pleasant to the touch.
  9. High-quality protection against any troubles.
  10. It saves detergents well.


- Cons Siemens WK 14D540

  1. The powder is poorly washed out of the tray - not critical.
  2. Periodically clean the drying condenser.
  3. Slight pump noise during water intake.
  4. Very high price.

To the problem of the capacitor - installation of built-in equipment is not carried out for a year or even five. Since drying is provided in the machine, there is a condenser on the rear panel that collects pile, washes and other “garbage”. There is a button on the display that signals the need to clean the capacitor. If this is done untimely, it becomes clogged, and the drying control board gets very hot.

It is necessary to turn on the cleaning program in time so as not to call the master after six months and not to dismantle the equipment. Washing plus drying is the best option for built-in appliances, so the model has an important advantage over other equipment.

What built-in washing machine did you decide to buy?

The final comparison of washing machines by basic parameters

Each person, buying a washing machine, must start from the tasks that smart appliances must perform. Different parameters can affect the choice: free space, model cost, water consumption, availability of drying, drum location. The rating of washing machines in terms of price-quality ratio helps to compare the advantages and disadvantages of washing machines of various manufacturers and guide the buyer in choosing the best option. Real customer reviews, which have already tested a specific technique, warn of possible disadvantages of the technique and outline its advantages.

Maximum load Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD 9 kg
Minimum water consumption Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC 36 liters
Minimum power consumption Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD and Vestfrost VFWD 1260W 0.12 kWh / kg
Compact dimensions Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC 55 x 29 x 60 cm
Maximum dimensions Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD 60 x 60 x 85 cm
Spin speed Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD Up to 1600 rpm
The lowest price Candy GC4 1051 D 12990 rubles
Highest price Siemens WK 14D540 79800 rubles

Depending on what the machine should do best - wash well, squeeze it well, dry it carefully, save water, be compact, cost inexpensive - and choose the optimal model for your needs.

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