The best infrared heaters presented in the rating were selected based on monitoring user reviews and analyzing the technical features of each model. Using a high-quality infrared heater is a practical and profitable solution during the off-season, in the country, in the house, office.

To choose the suitable option, it is necessary to take into account: the power of the device, the type of installation, the type of energy source, the features of control and operation, the purpose of the room for which the heater is selected, the level of security. The most expressive advantages of infrared devices include: efficiency, mobility, compactness, practicality, stylish design, high speed heating of the room, attractive prices.

The best models of infrared heaters

The best floor infrared heaters


 Polaris PMH 2095 180Electrolux EIH AG2 2000E 180
Polaris PMH 2095 Electrolux EIH / AG2-2000E
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
Heater type infrared infrared convective
Heater power, W  2000  2000
Recommended heating area, sq. m  24  25
Thermostat mechanical electronic
Control mechanical electronic
Timer  no  yes
Availability display  no  yes
Light indicator switch  yes  yes
Rollover Shutdown  yes  no
overheat protection  yes  yes
Frost protection  yes  yes
Height / Width / Thickness, mm  690/ 580 / 130  405 / 770 / 95


Polaris PMH 2095 - high power infrared heater

Polaris PMH 2095 - a practical and stylish model of an infrared heater for residential and commercial premises, with a capacity of 2000 watts. It features a stylish design and practicality. The model is equipped with an overheat protection system. The device is equipped with an automatic shutdown mechanism when capsizing. The control panel is equipped with indicator lights.

Polaris PMH 2095


+ Pros of Polaris PMH 2095

  1. It works almost silently;
  2. Heats air quickly in the room (1 degree in 5 minutes);
  3. Convenient controls and shift buttons;
  4. Light weight, compact parameters;
  5. Modern design;
  6. Does not dry out the air;
  7. Consumes energy efficiently;
  8. Low cost;
  9. Service life (under the condition of average load) - 5 years;
  10. Connects the functions of a convector and an infrared emitter;
  11. High-quality assembly;
  12. It does not have an unpleasant odor during operation;
  13. Mobile: equipped with wheels, which makes it easy to move the structure around the room;
  14. Safe to operate;
  15. Simple control system.


- Cons Polaris PMH 2095

  1. Short cord;
  2. It should be careful families with children - the upper part is very hot, the child may get burned;
  3. Disadvantages of the thermostat;
  4. Impractical adjustment knobs;
  5. Markers of regulators are poorly visible.

Summary. Polaris PMH 2095 - the best infrared heater for the home, according to user reviews. It features a high speed of heating the room, modern design, affordable cost and relatively compact size.

Electrolux EIH / AG2-2000E - compact and powerful heater

Electrolux EIH / AG2-2000E is a compact, efficient infrared, convective floor heater. The model is equipped with a power adjustment function. Suitable for high-quality room heating up to 25 sq.m. The heater is controlled by a special display, in the presence of a timer and a shutdown function when overheating.

Electrolux EIH AG2 2000E

Electrolux EIH AG2 2000E 2


+ Pros of Electrolux EIH / AG2-2000E

  1. Functionality;
  2. Works for a long time without interruption;
  3. Heats the room quickly;
  4. The presence of an effective system of parental control;
  5. The model has an option of protection against frost;
  6. Practical, thoughtful display, accessible menu;
  7. He quickly warms up the room;
  8. Stylish design;
  9. The temperature is stably maintained;
  10. Economical energy consumption.


- Cons Electrolux EIH / AG2-2000E

  1. Users note the presence of sharp deformation sounds during heating;
  2. The model is equipped with a too short cord;
  3. Too bright menu - in a dark room prevents sleep;
  4. The model is not equipped with rollover protection;
  5. No remote control;
  6. With complete silence, a buzzing sound is heard in the room.

Summary. Electrolux EIH / AG2-2000E is the best option that combines functionality, stylish design and low cost. Small flaws in the form of insignificant noise and the absence of some options do not affect the practicality of such a model for use in a residential or commercial building.

Which floor infrared heater did you decide to buy?

The best ceiling infrared heaters


  Timberk TCH A5 800 180 Hyundai H HC1 18 UI572 180
Timberk TCH A5 1000 Hyundai H-HC1-18-UI572
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
9 oc
Maximum power, W  1000  1800
Number of modes 1 1
A heating element radiating panel radiating panel
Recommended heating area, sq. m 12 18
Installation height, m 1,8 3
Thermostat yes no
Height / Width / Thickness, mm 142 / 1152 / 50 160 / 1160 / 50


Timberk TCH A5 1000 - compact ceiling model

Timberk TCH A5 1000 - infrared ceiling heater for a small living room or office. Power model - 800 watts. The device has a simple design, low cost. The design is attached to the ceiling and does not create difficulties in the mounting process.

Timberk TCH A5 800


+ Pros Timberk TCH A5 1000

  1. High-quality assembly;
  2. Stylish design that fits well into the room in a modern style;
  3. It is easily and without problems attached to the ceiling;
  4. It is characterized by low weight;
  5. Easy to understand settings;
  6. Simple and clear control system;
  7. Profitability in energy consumption.


- Cons Timberk TCH A5 1000

  1. Suitable for heating only small rooms;
  2. There are no additional options. This characteristic can be considered a disadvantage for users who are accustomed to the multifunctionality of modern technology;
  3. Low power;
  4. A number of users call the weight of the structure excessive.

Summary. Timberk TCH A5 1000 is the simplest model, the strengths of which are not the multifunctionality of innovative technology, but simplicity and accessibility, ease of settings, stylish design and compact parameters. The device is suitable for those who need a practical heater for a small room in the house, in the country, apartment, small office. The best models of infrared heaters from Timberk have a low cost, and meets all the stated specifications.


Hyundai H-HC1-18-UI572 - high power ceiling heater

Hyundai H-HC1-18-UI572 - infrared ceiling heater from a well-known brand, with a capacity of 1800 watts. It is equipped with a number of useful options for the user, including the function of protection against moisture. The device can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling using special mounts. Installation is carried out at a height of at least 3 meters. Technical features allow the use of a heater for commercial and residential premises.

Hyundai H HC1 18 UI572


+ Pros of Hyundai H-HC1-18-UI572

  1. High power;
  2. The device quickly heats the room;
  3. During operation, the heater does not dry out the air;
  4. Attractive cost;
  5. It works stably;
  6. Reliable materials are used;
  7. There is no noise or smell from the device;
  8. Universality and esthetic appeal of model;
  9. Strong case.


- Cons Hyundai H-HC1-18-UI572

  1. Produces a loud click when cooling and heating;
  2. Significant weight;
  3. Not enough options.

Summary. Hyundai H-HC1-18-UI572 - the best option for the off-season. The device has an attractive cost, practicality and the presence of the most important user characteristics. Suitable for rooms for various purposes - commercial and residential. The model got into the rating of ceiling infrared heaters, thanks to user reviews, the presence of a durable moisture-resistant casing, and the optimal price-quality ratio.

What ceiling infrared heaters did you decide to buy?

The best compact infrared heaters


 NeoClima NC CH 3000 180Ballu BHH M 09 180Polaris PKSH 0508H 180
NeoClima NC-CH-3000 Ballu BHH / M-09 Polaris PKSH 0508H
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
3 mesto 
8 oc
Maximum heating power, W  3000  900  800
Recommended heating area, sq. m  30  15  20
Type of heating element carbon halogen carbon
Temperature adjustment  yes  yes  no
Rollover Shutdown  yes  yes  yes
Type of management mechanical mechanical mechanical
Timer no no yes
overheat protection  yes  yes  yes
Waterproof housing  no  yes  no
Height / Width / Thickness, mm  690 / 380 / 380  370 / 305 / 136  190 / 555 / 180


NeoClima NC-CH-3000 - the optimal solution for lovers of power and mobility of the heater

Powerful infrared carbon heater. Suitable for rooms in an apartment, house, cottage, for office premises. It is controlled mechanically.

NeoClima NC CH 3000


+ Pros of NeoClima NC-CH-3000

  1. Quickly and efficiently heats the room;
  2. It is characterized by a high level of power;
  3. Thoughtful, practical design;
  4. Mobility;
  5. Light weight;
  6. Modern design;
  7. Strong case;
  8. It does not cause any difficulties during operation;
  9. There are several modes of operation;
  10. The design is stable;
  11. Protective mechanism that prevents overturning and overheating;
  12. Does not dry air.


- Cons NeoClima NC-CH-3000

  1. Short wire;
  2. Heats up very intensely - do not put close to materials that may catch fire;
  3. For a compact heater, the device is too big;
  4. Simple design;
  5. Another mode is not enough to reduce power - it works too powerful;
  6. Not sparingly consumes energy.

Summary. NeoClima NC-CH-3000 is a functional and mobile model, suitable for commercial and residential premises. Quickly and efficiently heats rooms. One significant drawback is the “gluttony” of the device; this is not the most economical model in the context of energy consumption. Since the device is very powerful, you should make sure that your wiring can withstand such a load.


Ballu BHH / M-09 - halogen heater for small rooms

Ballu BHH / M-09 is a halogen infrared heater. Suitable for high-quality space heating up to 15 square meters. m. Average power, but sufficient for the effective use of the model. Suitable for heating the balcony. The device is equipped with protection against moisture and overheating. Management is carried out mechanically. The case is durable, waterproof.

Ballu BHH M 09

Ballu BHH M 09 1m

Ballu BHH M 09 2m


+ Pros of Ballu BHH / M-09

  1. Heats up quickly;
  2. Has a sufficient level of power;
  3. Does not dry indoor air;
  4. The device is mobile and inexpensive;
  5. Light weight and compact parameters;
  6. Economical energy consumption;
  7. Low cost;
  8. Functionality is fully consistent with the declared.


- Cons Ballu BHH / M-09

  1. It shines too brightly;
  2. Ill-conceived switches;
  3. Not long enough at high intensity of use;
  4. Tena quickly burn out;
  5. You cannot move the turned on device - it turns off and does not turn on until it cools down;
  6. Unstable.

Summary. Ballu BHH / M-09 - the best option for heating small rooms in a house, apartment or office. Combines reasonable price and decent quality. Suitable for medium intensity operation.



Polaris PKSH 0508H - practical and inexpensive heater

Polaris PKSH 0508H - carbon infrared heater for various premises. The maximum effective heating area is 20 square meters. m. Convenience in operation is provided by the thought-over design and mechanical control system of a heater.
Power - 800 W, in the presence of an overheat protection system.

Polaris PKSH 0508H


+ Pros Polaris PKSH 0508H

  1. It quickly warms up and warms up the room well;
  2. Low cost;
  3. Stylish design;
  4. In stock fall protection system;
  5. The device is safe for children and pets;
  6. It does not have an unpleasant odor during operation;
  7. Light weight;
  8. Mobility, compact options;
  9. The device is equipped with a timer;
  10. It turns off automatically, thanks to the overheat protection system;
  11. High-quality assembly;
  12. Can be installed vertically or horizontally.


- Cons Polaris PKSH 0508H

  1. Low power;
  2. Does not match the declared heating area;
  3. Long heats a room with an area of ​​14 square meters. mand more;
  4. Sometimes the case creaks;
  5. Short cord;
  6. No thermostat;
  7. Not equipped with spare lamps;
  8. Heats well only in close proximity.

Summary. Polaris PKSH 0508H - model for heating a small room. Choosing this device, it is worth considering that it provides local heating. The option is mobile and convenient for the office or room. The design fell into the rating of infrared heaters due to its ease of use and reasonable price.

What compact infrared heater did you decide to buy?

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