Many of us have experienced in our own experience how uncomfortably dry air can cause discomfort. He tickles his throat, he wants to sneeze, his skin peels, his general health worsens. In allergy sufferers, exacerbation may occur, and children are capricious and sleep poorly. The way out of the situation may be to buy a humidifier - a special device that brings the microclimate back to normal. There are several types of this device that differ in the principle of operation. One of the most popular are ultrasonic and steam devices. To understand which air humidifier is better - ultrasonic or steam compare these two devices.

Better ultrasonic or steam humidifier

The difference in the device and principle of operation of ultrasonic and steam humidifiers

It is these two varieties of devices that increase the humidity in the room, one of the most popular today. They are able to quickly and efficiently cope with their tasks. This is especially important during the heating season, when air dryness increases rapidly.

How the ultrasonic humidifier works and how it works

A humidifier of this type is a kind of fog generator. Inside it is a very rapidly vibrating plate (with ultrasound frequency). Water flows from the water tank to the plate, turning into many tiny splashes of water. Also in the design provides a fan. He blows dry room air through these sprays, as a result of which the room is evenly moistened.

When looking at a cloud of steam exiting the appliance, it seems that it is hot and can burn. But it is worth putting up a hand, as you are convinced that this is not so. There is a feeling of coolness and freshness, as if you really are in the morning fog. And if the manufacturer also provided a beautiful backlight for the couple (in some models this option is available), then it turns out to be very impressive and spectacular. As if in a fairy tale - children really like it.

Manufacturers do not stand still, equipping devices and other useful modern functions. For example, there are devices with the option of "warm steam", harmful to germs and bacteria. And also models are produced, the atomizer of which rotates, directing a cloud of cold steam in all directions. Thanks to this, hydration is even faster and more efficient. There are humidifiers equipped with self-cleaning and anti-foaming functions - also very useful.

Ultrasonic humidifier device
The device is an ultrasonic humidifier.

1. Clean humidified air.
2. A tank of water.

3. AG - cartridge.
4. Dry air.

5. The chamber of vaporization.
6. Ultrasonic membrane.
7. The fan.

How the steam humidifier works and how it works

Here you can draw a parallel with the most ordinary electric kettle. In principle, the same thing happens during operation of the device: a hot stream of steam is released. For this, two electrodes connected to the network are lowered into the water tank. They boil water that enters the outlet in the form of hot steam. As you can see, the device is extremely simple.

Closer than ten centimeters, hands should not be brought to a working device. Yes, and it is advisable to pass by with caution, otherwise the matter could result in a serious burn. This is especially dangerous when playful little children run around in the house.

By the way, most of the steam devices are intended for industrial use (for example, in tobacco and wood warehouses, in hospitals, libraries, museums, hangars, where ready-made cigars are stored). However, a lot of household models are produced. Owners of indoor greenhouses and winter gardens especially like them, as they allow real subtropics to be created due to high waterlogging.

Steam humidifier device
Steam humidifier device.

1. A tank of water.
2. The pallet.

3. Heating ten.
4. Steam supply chamber.

5. Sprayer.

Advantages and disadvantages of an ultrasonic and steam humidifier

Without an objective comparison of the positive and negative qualities of each type of device, it is difficult to understand which humidifier is better - steam or ultrasonic. Let's put them all on the shelves for clarity.

Pros and Cons of Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifier


+ Pros of Ultrasonic Humidifiers

  1. The ultrasound device is completely safe, even for tiny babies. You can come close to him and put your palms very close - only the pleasant sensations from the "fog" remain.
  2. The humidifier works quietly, without disturbing anyone. Only a rare quiet gurgle betrays his presence.
  3. A large selection of models with a different set of functions - you can always find the best combination of them.
  4. The devices look stylish and beautiful. Especially those models where there is a backlight "cold fog".
  5. The built-in hygrostat, which is certainly included in the kit, allows you to precisely set the desired level of moisture in the air. It also turns off the device when this level is reached. And when the need comes, it will automatically turn it on again.
  6. The compact size and high efficiency make it possible to make the device mobile, moving it to different rooms as needed.
  7. Electricity consumption is very small, so electricity bills after buying an ultrasound device will probably not become “sky-high."
  8. As a rule, an ionizing rod is included. This is an additional barrier against viruses and germs.


- Cons of Ultrasonic Humidifiers

  1. For the long and high-quality service of the vibrating plate, special water is required - soft and purified (the best option is distilled, which, incidentally, is not so easy to find on sale). And if you pour from the tap, the device will serve less time.
  2. When using low-quality water (for example, ordinary tap water), ugly whitish stains will appear on furniture, floors and walls. Salt from water is so unpleasant.
  3. Such devices are certainly equipped with pre-filters that require regular replacement (moreover, these filters become clogged quite often). And this is an additional financial cost, and not so small.

Pros and Cons of Steam Humidifiers


+ Pros of Steam Humidifiers

  1. The ability to use the most ordinary water from the tap. No raid on furniture, or other unpleasant consequences will arise. It will only be necessary to clean the scale tank periodically (exactly the same as that of the kettle).
  2. Enough budget price, no additional costs for cartridges for softening water (or distilled water), filters.
  3. Hygiene (escaping hot steam sterile), high reliability and extreme simplicity of design, unpretentiousness.
  4. High productivity - water can evaporate up to 700 milliliters in one hour. This is the best result among all devices used to humidify the air.
  5. The steam that escapes through the outlets is completely sterile. So - there are no microbes and bacteria that are safely destroyed.
  6. A number of models are equipped with additional functions that are not possible with ultrasonic devices. This may be, for example, the possibility of inhalation.
  7. Steam humidifiers are available, where there is a built-in container that allows the use of aromatic oil to disinfect the air and give it a pleasant fragrance.
  8. Security measures are provided: the device will not be able to turn on if its cover is not fully closed. And when boiling water, it will automatically turn off.


- Cons Humidifiers

  1. Hot sterile steam escaping during operation is dangerous - you can get a severe burn from it. And the boiling water inside the water tank can also cause harm to humans if the device is accidentally knocked over. So in families with kids it is undesirable to resort to this option.
  2. Wooden furniture, books, expensive parquet do not like the close proximity of steam appliances. They can suffer because of this.
  3. During prolonged use of the humidifier, the temperature rises (by only 2 degrees) in the room temperature. If it’s already hot there, then this fact does not improve the microclimate.
  4. Power consumption (especially compared to ultrasound devices) is quite high. Still - imagine that you always have an electric kettle on, and a powerful one. Therefore, a productive device delivered in a large room can be very expensive.
  5. Most steam models do not have a hygrostat. In residential premises this is inconvenient, since it is possible to allow overmoistening (or, conversely, insufficient moisture). Therefore, you usually have to buy a humidity sensor separately and mount it.
  6. The noise emitted by boiling water can interfere with night rest. For children and people suffering from insomnia, this is important.

In which case is it better to use a steam and ultrasonic humidifier

When deciding to purchase a device that improves the microclimate, it is worth choosing it for a specific application. Only in this case can we confidently say what will be better - an ultrasonic or steam humidifier. Next, we consider in more detail all these nuances. But remember that in any case, you must proceed from the area of ​​the room - it should correspond to the power of the device with a small margin. Do not buy too powerful a unit for a small room or insufficiently productive - for a spacious room.

Using an ultrasonic humidifier

Such a device will be useful if:

You want to quickly, with high productivity and with low energy consumption, change the microclimate of the apartment for the better.

2 mesto

You need a compact humidifier that you will need to carry from room to room, correcting the negative situation with dry air there in a short time.

3 mesto

You live in an area where the air is not too polluted. No one in your family suffers from allergic diseases.

4 mesto

You visit the cottage not only in the summer, but also in the cold season. And in winter, use heaters that drain the air very much. The ultrasonic device will correct the position for a short time.

5 mesto

You will not be burdened by regular running costs: the purchase of cartridges or distilled water, replaceable filters.

6 mesto

Your dream (or the dream of your loved ones) is sensitive and anxious, and you need a quietly working device.

7 mesto

You are planning to put a humidifier in the children's room, and you need an absolutely safe device. Which will not harm either the newborn baby, or the three-year-old fidget. And will not make noise, attracting attention.

8 mesto

You have antique furniture that requires a special microclimate. Or it can be an extensive library of ancient rare editions, expensive musical instruments, skillful carved parquet. In general, those things that are of great value to you and do not tolerate dry air.

Using a steam humidifier

It is worth buying a similar device if:

You have many plants in your house that love a humid and warm climate, and you intend to use the device to create maximum comfort for them.

2 mesto

You are the owner of a flower shop or greenhouse.

3 mesto

You plan to use the humidifier for medical purposes. For example, to carry out inhalation. Or aromatize indoor air with the goal of disinfecting it.

4 mesto

You don’t want to spend money on distilled water, filters and cartridges, preferring to buy an inexpensive device and no longer care about its maintenance.

5 mesto

You do not have small curious children who will probably want to explore the unit closer. Bring palms to a couple, look inside, open the lid.

6 mesto

You are not afraid of large enough electricity bills.

7 mesto

The device will be installed in a safe place, away from the passage, where there is no way to accidentally tip it over or accidentally approach a hot steam stream.

And if you own a large cottage or a country house, then perhaps you should think about purchasing a stationary steam generator that will be connected directly to the duct system. This, of course, will require considerable expenses for the unit itself (it is expensive), its installation, connection, water supply. But then - no worries and hassle. Smart automation will do everything by itself. And hot steam will not allow microbes to start in the ducts.

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