If the air in the room is too dry, it can be felt right away: it becomes harder to breathe, the nose is blocking, the skin is tightened. Allergy sufferers and young children are in general a disaster. For their health, a similar situation is dangerous. Correcting the situation is not so difficult - just buy a special air-moisturizing device. The main thing is to find out which air humidifier is best for your conditions. And for this we compare the most popular models of different types.

best humidifiers rating which one to choose

The selection of goods was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

Which air humidifier is best to buy for an apartment or a house

Select a humidifier should be based on the principle of operation of the humidifier, the number and age of people living together, their lifestyle, personal preferences.

There are four main types of humidifiers on the market:

  • traditional
  • steam;
  • ultrasound
  • air washing.

Traditional moisturizers

This is a budget version of the humidifier, the principle of which is the natural evaporation of liquid from the surface of a wet cartridge. The device of traditional models is simple: a container with water is placed inside the case, into which the cartridge or filter is half immersed. Water constantly evaporates from the wet top. Humidified air is circulated through the room using a fan that blows around the upper wet part of the filter (or cartridge). Using traditional humidifiers, you can achieve a humidity level of 60–70% in a room. Water evaporates at a rate of 0.4 l per hour.

Conventional humidifier device:

The device of a traditional humidifier 

1. Fresh air.
2. Float bag.

3. Cleaning filter.
4. pan with water.

5. Polluted air.
6. Fan.

Advantages and disadvantages. Their main advantage is simplicity of design and low price. The downside is low productivity due to slow natural evaporation.

Application and maintenance. It’s easy to maintain traditional humidifiers, but it’s better to use it when you need to achieve natural freshness of air in a house or apartment.

Steam humidifiers

Steam humidifiers work on the principle of a steam bath: the water in them heats up, passes into a vaporous state, and then is carried around the room with a working fan. A container of water is enclosed in the body of the steam humidifier, which heats up, turns into steam, and is distributed throughout the apartment by rotating fan blades.

Steam humidifier device

Steam humidifier device

1. Tank with water.
2. Pallet.

3. Heating ten.
4. Steam supply chamber.

5. Spray.

Advantages and disadvantages. Its main plus - it moistens the room with warm steam, which does not reduce the temperature in the apartment, while neutralizing bacteria. Among the minuses is the work of the steam station in a noisier mode (you can hear the gurgling of water).

Application and maintenance. Steam humidifiers are suitable for use in children's rooms or in places with sick people - they provide a pleasant warm stream that does not lower the temperature in the room. Maintenance involves the use of clean water to fill the tank, regular cleaning of filters.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers, unlike steam humidifiers, form not hot, but cold steam. The principle of operation - water is divided into many tiny particles using a membrane that vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies. The result is a water cloud.

Ultrasonic humidifier device

Ultrasonic humidifier device

1. Clean, humidified air.
2. Tank with water.

3. AG - cartridge.
4. Dry air.

5. Steam chamber
6. Ultrasonic Membrane
7. Fan.

Advantages and disadvantages. A plus is considered quiet work, saturated cold steam. The downside is the high price, the need to pour only clean water into the tank, periodically clean the membrane from scale.

Application and maintenance. The device is used in cases where you need to quickly and effectively increase the humidity level in the room to standard values. It is recommended to pour purified water into such devices, it is necessary to regularly change the cartridge.

At the moment, this particular type of humidifier is the most popular. Therefore, in this review, we paid them the most attention.

Air washers

These are complexes combining in themselves two functions - moisturizing and dust-cleaning. Sinks confidently occupied the niche of humidifiers with advanced functions. Principle of operation - special traps (rotating disks partially immersed in water) delay dust particles entering the housing. Then clean air is supplied to the room.

Air cleaner

Air cleaner

1. Polluted air.
2. Fan.

3. ionization of air.
4. Fresh air.

5. Spinning drum.
6. A tray with water.

Advantages and disadvantages. The plus is the versatility of the sinks - the air is humidified and cleaned. Minus - a more complex design, bulky sizes. Maintenance involves regular cleaning of dust collectors.

Application and maintenance. Suitable for people with high requirements for cleanliness, freshness and the level of humidity in the house. They require regular replacement of water and washing of working bodies.

Which humidifier is best to buy for a homecan be solved after familiarizing yourself with the technical features, comparing the parameters of several climate control systems.

The best traditional humidifiers

Stadler Form Oskar Big Original O-040OR / O-041OR

Stadler Form Oskar Big Original O-040OR / O-041OR stands out from a number of similar devices with impressive dimensions (L * H * W 470 * 290 * 200 mm), silent operation (25–46 dB) at high intensity and productivity (700 ml / h). The model is a stylish black box, inside which is located a large water tank with a volume of 6 liters. The humidifier is capable of serving a house or apartment of 100 square meters. m for more than a day (30 hours), maintaining a moisture level of 40–55%.

Stadler Form Oskar Big Origina O 040OR O 041OR


+ Pros of the Stadler Form Oskar Big Original O-040OR / O-041OR

  1. The capacious capacity allows you to fill water once a day and no longer return to the issue of maintenance.
  2. Very simple to operate, undemanding in operation.
  3. Effective - quickly moisturizes the room, but without waterlogging.
  4. Creates a cozy and comfortable climate in the house.
  5. There is a bactericidal filter, the possibility of aromatization.
  6. When working, it produces a minimum of noise, which is important at night. It works really quietly.
  7. Stylish minimalistic design: despite the large dimensions, the thing looks elegant in the interior.


- Cons Stadler Form Oskar Big Original O-040OR / O-041OR

  1. It is not very convenient to fill the tank with water - there is no separate tank.
  2. Filters must be changed every six months.
  3. In automatic mode, the level of humidification is not higher than 40%.

Output. The Stadler Form Oskar Big Original O-040OR / O-041OR combines performance with quiet operation. The device is able to humidify the air during the daily cycle, without creating problems for its maintenance. The model is suitable for people who want to buy an inexpensive and reliable humidifier serving a large house or apartment.



Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM is a small air humidifier with a stylish design. The model is designed to naturally moisten a room of 36 square meters. m. Although the productivity is only 240 ml / h, the unit is equipped with modern electronics - there is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. The device is easily controlled from a smartphone, integrates seamlessly into the smart home system.



+ Pros of Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM

  1. Simplicity and ease of management.
  2. The humidifier case is made of high-quality plastic, the design is stylish.
  3. Very convenient, well-thought-out topping up of water: the liquid can be poured directly from above into the grate, from where the humidified stream comes out. In this case, the grate itself does not need to be removed.
  4. Low price with the possibility of integration into a smart home system.
  5. With 5% humidity in the apartment 36 square meters. m raises up to 30% during the day, keeps at a comfortable level.


- Cons of Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM

  1. Noisy - the sound level of 35 dB is noticeable at night.
  2. No Euro adapter included.

Output. Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM is suitable for customers who prefer modern solutions, Wi-Fi control of household appliances using a smartphone. The low price makes the model attractive and in demand.


Stadler Form Oskar Original O-020OR / O-021OR

Stadler Form Oskar Original O-020OR / O-021OR is designed to serve a room of 50 square meters. m with a productivity of 370 ml / h. It has several modes of operation, speed control, aromatization. The catchment volume is 3.7 l, the noise level is 39 dB.

Stadler Form Oskar Original O 020OR O 021OR


+ Pros of Stadler Form Oskar Original O-020OR / O-021OR

  1. Beautiful minimalist design, well-designed ergonomics. The model looks beautiful in the interior.
  2. It’s convenient to carry out all manipulations with the humidifier - the filters are easy to change, water is simply added.
  3. The unit copes well with humidification, while performing the functions of purification, trapping dust on the filters.
  4. Filters have a porous structure, with the help of which they efficiently absorb dust particles from the air, purifying it.
  5. The humidifier is easy to operate, unpretentious in operation.


- Cons Stadler Form Oskar Original O-020OR / O-021OR

  1. Original consumables are expensive, they have to be changed once a quarter.
  2. There is no remote control.

Output. Stadler Form Oskar Original O-020OR / O-021OR differs in unpretentiousness in operation, simplicity, operational efficiency, does not cause complaints about quality. The model is suitable for those who need to combine effective air humidification with cleaning without overpayments for washing, ease of operation and ease of maintenance of the device.


Philips HU4706 / HU4707

Philips HU4706 / HU4707 is a miniature air humidifier with a tank capacity of 1.3 liters and a capacity of just 150 ml / h. Designed for 8 hours of work. Suitable for serving a room of 15 square meters. m. There is a water level indicator, adjusting the intensity of work. It is characterized by low power consumption - only 14 watts.

Philips HU4706 HU4707


+ Pros Philips HU4706 / HU4707

  1. The build quality is excellent, the case is made of high-quality plastic. All details are worked out, there is no specific smell.
  2. It works quietly, the sound of rotating fan blades is not heard.
  3. A miniature humidifier with a small tank volume copes well with the task of reducing air dryness.
  4. Low price.
  5. In the absence of water it is automatically switched off.


- Cons Philips HU4706 / HU4707

  1. The mode buttons are located on the back of the case, which is not very convenient to use.
  2. The choice is justified only if you use the model in a room with an area of ​​6-10 square meters. m

Output. Philips HU4706 / HU4707 will appeal to customers looking for a compact humidifier to reduce dryness and dust in small rooms. The compact case and stylish design allow you to put the device on the table.

Which traditional humidifier did you decide to buy?

The best steam humidifiers

Beurer LB50

Beurer LB50 is designed for humidification with hot steam rooms up to 50 square meters. m. The volume of the tank is quite large - 5 l, the intensity of 350 ml / h. There is an aromatization option, which will fill the room with air saturated with beneficial essential oils. It is controlled mechanically, manually.

Beurer LB50


+ Pros Beurer LB50

  1. High-quality performance, nice design.
  2. It generates a tangible stream of steam with an acceptable temperature that does not burn, although the steam humidifier should be kept at least 1 m from the child.
  3. Effectively and quickly reduces dryness in a room up to 50 square meters. m
  4. Easy to maintain. The design does not have expensive filters with a complex device that would need to be changed.
  5. Automatically shuts off when water in the tank runs out, does not work idle.
  6. The price is low, such an air humidifier is available to most.


- Cons Beurer LB50

  1. Noisy - when applying a jet, the volume is comparable to the operation of an electric kettle.
  2. No hygrostat.
  3. Poorly visible water level.
  4. Sufficiently large power consumption for heating the liquid.

Output. Beurer LB50 is a functional steam humidifier. The model will last a long time, as it is simple in design and does not cause difficulties in use. This is a great option for HVAC equipment that can efficiently and quickly humidify the air in the house.


Beurer LB55

Beurer LB55 is also designed for room service up to 50 square meters. m, but his productivity is higher - 400 ml / h. Unlike the LB50, its control is electronic, not mechanical. Beurer LB55 delivers a sterilized sterile jet with a high temperature, which in a minimum of time raises the level of humidity in a house or apartment to a comfortable state. There is an additional removable water tank.

Beurer LB55


+ Pros Beurer LB55

  1. Decent design, thoughtful design.
  2. Effectively, quickly moisturizes air up to 60–70%, supplying a visible stream of steam at a distance of about 1 m.
  3. When the water runs out, it automatically shuts itself off.
  4. In the kit, the manufacturer offers a large number of descaling tablets (20 pieces).
  5. Easy to maintain.


- Cons Beurer LB55

  1. Noisy - the sound is comparable to the work of a boiling kettle.
  2. Water can only be filled with purified, from osmosis.
  3. No humidity sensor.
  4. It consumes a lot of electricity.
  5. Claimed 50 square meters. m. moisturizes only 20-30%, although it copes well with moisturizing the room to 25 square meters. m
  6. The price is a bit overpriced.

Output. The main advantages of Beurer LB55 are efficiency combined with simplicity of design and electronic control. The humidifier is suitable for rooms with an area of ​​50 square meters. m


Boneco S250

The Boneco S250 serves an area of ​​up to 30 square meters. m with a productivity of 350 ml / h. Electronic control. The volume of the water tank is 3.5 liters. The model is equipped with a hygrostat, a timer, there is an adjustment of the speed of work, the function of auto shut off when water is consumed, the possibility of aromatization with essential oils.

Boneco S250


+ Pros of the Boneco S250

  1. The appearance is excellent, the case is made of high-quality plastic, odorless.
  2. Simple and easy to use.
  3. An application can be installed on the telephone for control.
  4. Almost silent - the sound level during operation is 35 dB, does not interfere with sleep at night.
  5. With a small tank, filling it lasts for almost a day.
  6. Undemanding to water quality.
  7. The steam at the outlet does not burn.


- Cons Boneco S250

  1. Dear consumables: the anti-lime disk that reduces the appearance of scale must be changed almost every month.
  2. The price according to users is overpriced.

Output. Boneco S250 is a functional humidifier with modern solutions and electronic control. Suitable for rooms up to 30 square meters. m, can be installed on the floor or on the table. The product is characterized by workmanship, stylish design, ease of use.

Which steam humidifier did you decide to buy?

The best ultrasonic humidifiers

Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM

Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM serves an area of ​​48 square meters. m with a productivity of 355 ml / h. The volume of the tank is 3.5 liters. The model is equipped with a bactericidal lamp, controlled from a smartphone via Wi-Fi. The intensity of work can be adjusted. Dimensions 207 * 336 * 207 mm allow owners to put the device on the floor or on the table.

Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM


+ Pros of Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM

  1. Attractive design, compact size.
  2. The declared productivity is enough to create a comfortable level of humidity for the person in the house.
  3. Remote control through the application on the smartphone.
  4. Water is convenient to fill.
  5. Two stages of water disinfection - a silver rod and a lamp with UV radiation. Clean steam enters the room, which is very valuable if the family has allergies.


- Cons Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM

  1. The noise level is average, but if a person has a sensitive dream, then this can be annoying.
  2. Steam is supplied one way - back, so you have to constantly rotate the housing if you need to orient the jet in a certain direction.
  3. There are no filters: if you fill in untreated water, a precipitate will appear in the bowl, and a white coating will appear on the furniture in the room.

Output. Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM meets the expectations of users who choose this model consciously. Although the price is high, but with its functions, the humidifier copes with excellent supply of pure thick steam. The model is suitable for those who need fast and high-quality hydration with the ability to electronically control the device.


Redmond rhf-3316

Redmond RHF-3316 - an ultrasonic model for room service up to 35 square meters. m with a high productivity of 400 ml / h. With the case dimensions W * H * D 227 * 367 * 152 mm, the tank capacity is significant - 5 l. Electronic control, there is a remote control, a timer. Redmond not only moisturizes the air, but aromatizes and ionizes it.

Redmond rhf 3316


+ Pros of Redmond RHF-3316

  1. Great moisturizing. The operation of the device is not satisfactory to users.
  2. A filled tank lasts for a day, and when choosing a medium mode - for 4-5 nights.
  3. It runs silently.
  4. A large number of useful functions: ionization, aromatization, steam heating.
  5. Easy control - there is a touch panel, remote control.
  6. Stylish, beautiful, ergonomic humidifier that looks organically anywhere - on the floor, on the table.


- Cons Redmond RHF-3316

  1. Inconvenient to descale.
  2. There are no backlight buttons on the touch panel.
  3. It is not very convenient to fill the tank with water, as the body is tall and the tank is located at the bottom.

Output. Redmond RHF-3316 will delight those buyers who have small children or allergies in the house. This is a safe device that does its job perfectly, is easy to operate, safe, endowed with useful additional functions. Most customers have positive reviews about the model.



The AIC SPS-810 ultrasonic air humidifier serves an area of ​​up to 30 square meters. m, equipped with a volumetric tank of 6 liters. Additionally carries out ionization, aromatization of air. Electronic control, from the display or remote control, there is a timer, built-in hygrostat. The direction of the moist air flow can be regulated, the output can be turned in the right direction, and the temperature can be increased.



+ Pros AIC SPS-810

  1. Effective, powerful moisturizer. The power of generating a vapor cloud, its temperature can be adjusted.
  2. Clear display of humidity and temperature on the electronic display.
  3. Easy to control with the remote control.
  4. It works for a long time thanks to the large tank capacity of 6 liters.
  5. It turns off automatically when the water runs out.
  6. The direction of flow can be adjusted.
  7. Elegant design.


- Cons AIC SPS-810

  1. It is inconvenient to fill the tank with water: to fill in 6 liters, you need to contrive.
  2. After disconnecting from the network, the device does not save the set parameters, when you turn on the settings, you need to set it again.
  3. The plastic top cover does not lock when closed.

Output. AIC SPS-810 is a multifunctional model made of high-grade plastic, aesthetic, wear-resistant. It is suitable for people who love comfort, accustomed to using in household appliances not only the basic functions, but also additional ones. AIC SPS-810 moisturizes, ionizes, aromatizes air, heats and disinfects steam. At the same time, the model is easy to operate and easy to maintain.


Timberk THU UL 28E

Timberk THU UL 28E - a compact desktop model that moisturizes a room of 30 square meters. m with a productivity of 30 ml / h. The volume of the tank is 3.7 liters, which is quite a lot for a desktop device. The humidifier can work for 16 hours, equipped with a timer and a remote control. There is a function of air ionization.

Timberk THU UL 28E


+ Pros Timberk THU UL 28E

  1. Low price.
  2. Effective work - the amount of dust is significantly reduced, the air becomes not so dry.
  3. Elegant body design. This is a miniature, stylish device made of durable and durable plastic.
  4. Convenient control using the remote control, touch screen.
  5. Very bright display, which displays all the information about the operation of the device, the degree of humidity.
  6. It is quiet.
  7. There is a filter for liquid, so you can fill in any water in the tank - there is no white coating on the furniture.


- Cons Timberk THU UL 28E

  1. Low price.
  2. Effective work - the amount of dust is significantly reduced, the air becomes not so dry.
  3. Elegant body design. This is a miniature, stylish device made of durable and durable plastic.
  4. Convenient control using the remote control, touch screen.
  5. Very bright display, which displays all the information about the operation of the device, the degree of humidity.
  6. It is quiet.
  7. There is a filter for liquid, so you can fill in any water in the tank - there is no white coating on the furniture.

Output. Timberk THU UL 28E is a stylish ultrasonic model, easy to operate, suitable for humidifying small rooms. Build quality and components are good. Users did not find any specific flaws in Timberk, reviews say that this is one of the best models for its price.


Boneco U700

Boneco U700 stands out from a number of analogues for its capabilities. It is designed to service large-sized premises with an area of ​​up to 80 square meters. m, has a high productivity - 600 ml / h. Equipped with a 9 liter water tank. In addition to hydration, it can aromatize and ionize air. Electronic control, there is a timer, mode switch, steam heating, jet direction control.

Boneco U700


+ Pros of the Boneco U700

  1. An effective, powerful model that copes well with hydration. The declared productivity of 600 ml / h is true - even with the heating turned on, the device quickly moisturizes the room to standard parameters.
  2. A full tank is enough for 15-16 hours of operation.
  3. Stylish design.


- Cons Boneco U700

  1. High price.
  2. Not quiet, the sound of a working humidifier is clearly audible.
  3. After turning off, the set mode is reset to zero, it is necessary to set the settings again.

Output. Boneco U700 is a volumetric air humidifier designed for servicing large rooms. The case can be mounted on the floor or on the table. The assembly is thorough, the model is convenient to use, it will last a long time. Due to the high price, the Boneco U700 is not a fast-selling device. Suitable for owners of large houses and apartments who want to always have humidified air up to standard indicators of 60%.

Which ultrasonic humidifier did you decide to buy?

The best air washers

AIC XJ-297

The floor sink AIC XJ-297 serves an area of ​​28 square meters. m, purifies the air at a speed of 120 cubic meters. m per hour. It has electronic control. The volume of the water tank is 4.5 liters. The humidifier is equipped with an ionizer, an antibacterial lamp with UV radiation. There are two filters - water and photocatalytic.

AIC XJ 297


+ Pros AIC XJ-297

  1. Ergonomic design, looks stylish in the interior.
  2. Touch control buttons on the display are convenient.
  3. Effectively copes with moisturizing, cleaning, ionizing the air. This is a 3-in-1 universal appliance.
  4. Saving water. A full tank is enough for 8-10 hours of operation at full power, in average mode it can work for several days.


- Cons AIC XJ-297

  1. The noise level is above average.
  2. The backlight is too bright for night mode.
  3. Use filtered water.

Output. AIC XJ-297 is a multi-functional, productive 3-in-1 air washer. Suitable for creating a comfortable microclimate in a small room. Suitable for those who have been diagnosed with upper respiratory tract diseases. The humidifier will completely suit people who prefer to turn on climate control systems during the day and off at night, since the backlight is too bright and the noise background is above average. The model is easy to maintain and easy to control buttons on the panel.


Kitfort KT-2803

Kitfort KT-2803 - Russian-made ultrasonic cleaner. It serves premises of 20 square meters. m with a productivity of 300 ml / h. The tank holds 5 liters. Additional functions: aromatization, multistage air disinfection - through a lamp with UF radiation and a HEPA biological treatment filter. Management electronic, works from a network. Floor installation.

Kitfort KT 2803


+ Pros Kitfort KT-2803

  1. Elegant and ergonomic design - the humidifier with smooth rounded shapes fits well into the interior.
  2. It moisturizes, aromatizes and disinfects air well. Characteristics are as claimed.
  3. A sufficient volume of the tank is 5 l - enough for 15 hours of operation.
  4. Simplicity of design provides ease of use.
  5. Pleasant illumination of the desired intensity.
  6. Low price.


- Cons Kitfort KT-2803

  1. There is no remote control.

Output. Kitfort KT-2803 - a productive and economical sink from the class of household appliances in the budget segment. Compact sizes, stylish design, high-quality assembly, impeccable execution of functions were liked by many customers. Most owners recommend this model for purchase - it does not cause any complaints. Suitable for families with small children, allergies.


Polaris PAW 2202Di / PAW 2203Di

Polaris PAW 2202Di / PAW 2203Di belongs to the category of sinks with natural moisture. Humidifier designed for rooms up to 20 square meters. m. His productivity is not high - 150 ml / h, the volume of the bowl is only 2.2 liters. Despite not very impressive power indicators, the model is equipped with an ionizer, there is a timer, and you can adjust the intensity of humidification. Duration of work - up to 15 hours. You can put a compact device on the floor or on the table. Electronic control.

Polaris PAW 2202Di PAW 2203Di


+ Pros Polaris PAW 2202Di / PAW 2203Di

  1. Externally, the model looks decent.
  2. Creates a comfortable atmosphere in the house with the desired level of humidity, capturing dust. The room is always fresh, as after airing.
  3. Convenient electronic control, the ability to control the outgoing air flow.
  4. Easy to maintain.
  5. There is protection from children, auto-tuning modes.


- Cons Polaris PAW 2202Di / PAW 2203Di

  1. The price is unreasonably high.
  2. The hygrometer is built-in, so its performance is not always correct.
  3. Noisy, sound level 35 dB, above average.

Output. Polaris PAW 2202Di / PAW 2203Di is a sink that freshens the air in a small house or apartment. It is easy to operate, well-designed and looks stylish. Suitable for people who value life comfort, for whom the high price will not be an obstacle.


Sharp KC-D51RW

Sharp KC-D51RW - sink with a traditional type of evaporator. Natural evaporation occurs with a high intensity of 600 ml / h, the unit is able to clean 308 cubic meters. m of air per hour, serving an area of ​​38 square meters. m. Tank capacity 2.5 l. In addition to the main functions of humidification and cleaning, the sink disinfects the air with the help of a HEPA carbon and biological filter and ionizes it. It is electronically controlled - there is a convenient touch screen display, a timer is integrated, a temperature sensor. This is a large model that is placed on the floor.

Sharp KC D51RW


+ Pros of Sharp KC-D51RW

  1. Moisturizes and cleans the air well, meets user expectations 100%.
  2. Disinfects and deodorizes the air flow thanks to several filters.
  3. Easy to manage model.
  4. There is a handle on the tank with water - it’s convenient to remove and fill the tank.
  5. It does not require frequent filter changes.
  6. There is an auto mode, several degrees of illumination - you can adjust the desired intensity.


- Cons Sharp KC-D51RW

  1. It works noisily - the sound level is 55 dB above average.
  2. Insufficient tank capacity. Although the device operates at minimum revolutions up to 12 hours, at maximum revolutions the capacity is produced in 3 hours.

Output. Sharp KC-D51RW - Naturally evaporated sink without heating. Suitable for people with allergies - it moisturizes the air well, eliminates dust and allergens. The system construct is simple and thoughtful - there is nothing to break here. Filters are replaced every few years. The humidifier costs a lot, but it is reliable, copes well with all functions, is electronically controlled, and will last a long time.


Panasonic F-VXR50R

Panasonic F-VXR50R floor-mounted sink with natural evaporation, able to moisten, clean the room with an area of ​​40 square meters from suspended dust. m. Cleaning capacity 306 cubic meters. m per hour, humidification - 500 ml / h. The volume of the tank is 2.3 liters, but according to user reviews it is enough for 4-5 hours of continuous operation. The model is equipped with a HEPA filter that traps and detoxifies allergens.

Panasonic F VXR50R


+ Pros of the Panasonic F-VXR50R

  1. Perfectly cleanses, moisturizes the air. Quickly raises humidity up to 60% (sanitary standard).
  2. It destroys the smell, including from tobacco, traps dust, pollen, animal hair and other allergens.
  3. On the case are indicators that show the degree of moisture, the level of contamination of the filter.It is convenient to control the operation of the humidifier.
  4. It’s easy to use, including changing filters.
  5. There is protection from children.
  6. Stylish design. The device fits well into the overall concept of a modern interior.


- Cons Panasonic F-VXR50R

  1. High price.
  2. A fairly high noise level is 51 dB, this parameter is above average.

Output. Panasonic F-VXR50R is not a budget wash, but this climate complex is fundamentally different in performance and functionality from inexpensive models. The quality of cleaning is at an altitude; air quickly gains the necessary humidity. The humidifier automatically supports the tuned operation mode without jumps. The device will be appreciated by people suffering from allergic diseases.

What type of air cleaner did you decide to buy?

Demand for humidifiers today is steadily growing, as the standard of living of people is increasing, requirements for comfort are increasing. Which air humidifier is best for a particular house or apartment depends on the area of ​​the room, the design features of the model.

The choice of the humidifier is influenced by the preferences of the buyer, the size of the budget allocated for the purchase of the device. Familiarization with the information provided on moisturizing systems of a different mode of action will allow the consumer to choose the most suitable option for his conditions.

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