It happens, and often, that the model of a washing machine that attracted attention in the store does not fit into a small bathroom or hallway. Alas - you have to look for something more compact, now focusing mainly on dimensions. Although the size of washing machines and have some standards, but still they are quite diverse. Moreover, a washing machine is such a technique that you often have to choose according to dimensions and not according to operational characteristics. We will talk about how to find the one that confidently enters the apartment space reserved for it in this article.

What you need to know about the size of washing machines before buying them

Front and vertical models: the main differences in dimensions

The washing machine has a shape close to the box, so its dimensions are characterized by three values: width, height and depth. Often take into account the width, although the height sometimes also plays a significant role. For example, when installing a machine in a kitchen, it is often built into the work plane. At the same time, every centimeter of height is important, you even have to remove the cover from the machine so that it fits well into the built-in furniture. And there is also the option of placing the unit in the bathroom under the sink - in this case, the standard height of the washing machine (85-90 cm) is clearly not suitable. Need to take a lower compact model.

So first decide where you will put your future car. Will it be a kitchen, bathroom, hallway or, perhaps, even a built-in wardrobe. The installation location often serves as a hint about which dimensions and which type of washing machine is best to prefer (vertical or frontal). Now let's talk in more detail about how different in size the models of these two types are.

Front-loading machines are the most popular

Such units have a very familiar, classic look. This is a kind of snow-white nightstand with a round transparent hatch on the facade. Mistresses who have recently taken possession of this miracle of technology, at first can not tear themselves away from the contemplation of the washing process. The spectacle is simply mesmerizing. However, the inspection hatch is also a rather convenient thing that saved a lot of valuable documents and notes from the water. A drum of such a SM holds up to 5 kg (sometimes up to 7 or 10 kg) of laundry. And the dimensions of front-loading washing machines are pretty impressive. Further - about this in detail.

The height of almost all models is standard - 85 cm. The width is most often 60 cm, but for small apartments there are options even narrower (35 - 40 cm). For those who want to hide the machine under the sink, manufacturers also went forward, releasing lower (compact) models. True, and linen they fit less - from 3 to 5 kg, nothing more. So, choosing such a machine, think about whether all your items will be included in it for one wash.

All front-type washing machines can be divided into:

Full size


Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 60 cm

Width: 60 cm

Loading: 5 - 7 kg.



Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 35 - 40 cm.

Width: 60 cm

Loading: 3.5 - 5.2 kg.

Ultra narrow


Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 32 - 35 cm.

Width: 60 cm

Loading: 3.5 - 4 kg.



Height: 68 - 70 cm.

Depth: 43 - 45 cm.

Width: 47 - 50 cm.

Loading: 3 kg

The front type of cars requires sufficient space in front of the hatch. If it is too small, then there will be problems with laying dirty and pulling out clean linen. Therefore, position the front device so that you can freely approach it and open the sunroof.

Washing machine hatch

Top-loading machines - compact and versatile in installation

These models do not have a hatch with a glass round “eye”, so you won’t have to watch the spin of the laundry. But things to load and unload is a pleasure. Just press the lock key, and the hatch opens, located above the drum. There is no need to bend over to load things, unlike front-end cars. And if the unit also has the “Drum Up” function, then when stopping, the drum flaps will be clearly located opposite the top cover. This is very convenient - it means you don’t have to spin the drum by hand.

Sizes of a vertical washing machine

Often, vertical washing machines are chosen by owners of small apartments. They are attracted by the compactness of these devices: the small (40 cm) width of the washing machine in combination with 85-90 cm of height and 60 cm of depth.


As you can see, they are less wide than the front models, but the latter have options with a small depth (35 cm or less). But with a vertical load, not a centimeter of additional space is required on the front side - the lid opens upwards. Therefore, the machine can be placed on the wall either side, which is convenient for you. So there are more accommodation options for a freestanding vertical model than for a front-mounted model.

Having decided to buy a machine for yourself, you, of course, compare different models by the number of programs, functions and all sorts of “utilities”. Not the last role in the choice is played by the dimensions of the devices you like. Especially for those who live in a small "Khrushchev", for example. The combined bathroom does not always make it possible to place a full-sized frontal SM in it. But the dimensions of the washing machines with vertical loading (in particular, their small width) make it possible to fit them into a small room. Especially considering the fact that such an aggregate can even be pushed into the very corner.

Choosing a washing machine by size: specific recommendations

The vast majority of household models for sale have standard sizes (indicated above). If you plan to open your own laundry, then look at the larger units - there are also such ones on the market. After all, you can put much more laundry in them at a time, which is much more economical in terms of consumption of water, powder and electricity.

But we are talking today about devices for home use. When choosing them, you need to correlate the dimensions of the washing machines with the free space in the apartment. The more of this space, the more installation options. Naturally, the functionality of the device also plays a role - the presence of a sufficient number of programs and modes. The classic place to install the machine is the bathroom. Indeed, this is most convenient: both water is nearby and draining into the sewer.

For someone who has never had an automatic machine in his house, it’s quite difficult to come to a certain conclusion. And when there is very little space in the apartment, the choice sometimes becomes very difficult.

A few tips:


Tip # 1.

Start small - carefully measure the free space with a tape measure. In this case, it is necessary to take into account a small margin - at least a few centimeters.

Tip # 2.

Now take a tape measure and take measurements of all the doorways through which you have to carry the purchase. This is the entrance door, and apartment, and interior doors. If you see that the width is not enough a bit, then temporarily remove the jambs. This simple trick helped many.



Tip # 3.

In the kitchen and bathroom, you need to check if the water pipes will prevent the machine from entering. Or, perhaps, the pipe will not allow the device to be installed in a favorite place, having “stolen” several centimeters, which will not be enough, as luck would have it.


Sometimes it happens that the device is already purchased, but it is not possible to squeeze it into the right place in any way. For example, the height of the washing machine does not allow it to be placed under the pipe, or it does not fit in width. Then you can go one of two ways:

  • Look for another installation location. The car does not go into the bathroom - try putting it in the kitchen or in the hallway. The first option is more convenient in terms of communications.In the corridor, you will have to pull pipes - both water and sewer.
  • It may happen that for a typewriter there is no longer room in the apartment. Or perhaps you consider all other options unsuitable for installation. Then there is only one way out - contact where you bought the unit. Perhaps you will find a more compact replacement model. If it does not work out, then ask for a refund.

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