In basins today, almost no one erases - for this, fast and convenient cars have been invented for a long time. They will also help get rid of spots, and rinse thoroughly, and wring out almost to dryness - beauty! But before buying things that are so necessary in the household, we often ask ourselves - which washing machine is better? After all, in stores they are apparently invisible, and in appearance everyone is very similar to each other, only the names are different. We will try to answer this question in our material.

How to determine which washing machine will be better

Price categories of washing machines - the basis of choice

If you start to read all kinds of recommendations for choosing a typewriter, you will come across the fact that you will be praised by various convenient functions: for example, protecting equipment from leaking, and linen from wrinkling. It will also list the benefits of a large drum, type of load, number of spin and wash classes. Well, and other pleasant little things that make communication with the automatic “laundress” as comfortable as possible.

All this, of course, is good, but all these wonderful functions should be discussed a little later. But you need to start not from this - first of all, we will determine the price segment. And it depends on the amount that you managed to defer for purchase. Because, having a limit of 300 or 400 dollars, there is no point in building castles in the air, looking enthusiastically at expensive premium models. After all, each of the additional functions that praises in advertising so beautifully and inspirationally usually has a weighty equivalent in arbitrary units. Well, or in rubles, if you like it more. And what's the point of arguing about which company a washing machine is better if the funds allow you to look only towards the lower price niche.

After all, just imagine that a two-hundred-dollar machine, released by Indesit or Samsung, would be considered the best. Then everyone would buy only these models in a row, and quite wealthy buyers would become an exception - and they do not want to overpay. However, this only happens in fairy tales - the aforementioned devices are often criticized on the forums, and reviews about them are far from always with a plus sign. What to do - the world of washing machines also has its “kings," and there are simpler products that are not always distinguished by their luxurious appearance and durability.

If we compare with the world of real cars, then we can draw the following parallel. Both Mercedes and Lincoln, and small humpbacked Zaporozhets peacefully ride around the city. And each car has its fans. So with washing machines - someone prefers the simplest model, designed only to wash and wring, and for someone the whole range of all kinds of functions is important. People are different, and each has their own price requests, often determined by their own incomes. Laundry machines, according to price categories, are budget, middle class and premium.

Choosing the best manufacturer of a washing machine depending on the price segment

#1. Absolutely cheap.

As a rule, manufacturers of the cheapest cars try to save on everything. However, they care about convenience, beautiful design and simplicity. So there is no point in looking for an abundance of various "gadgets" and functions in such models. There are minimum washing and spin programs, and parts are sometimes made of not the best quality material.And this, in turn, greatly affects the life of the product. Mostly they serve five years, and sometimes only four years stand. Well, yes, Indesit, originally from Italy, worked longer, and now a cheap ten-year-old machine will not last. The main brands producing cars in this category are: Samsung, LG, Ariston, Beko, Siltal, Candy, Ardo, Indesit. Prices: up to 300-350 dollars.

#2. A bit expensive, but much more convenient.

The average price niche is a device that can last much more than five years. Seven or even nine year olds are allotted to them to please their masters. And not only a long life, but also a solid number of spin and wash programs, as well as various pleasant additional functions. Using such a machine is undoubtedly more convenient than a budget option. The fact that most of the colleagues, neighbors and relatives also have something from this category plays a role. And in a conversation you can accidentally drop a couple of laudatory phrases about your laundry assistant. For example, talk about how to comfortably use the AquaStop function.

Speaking of specific manufacturers, these are Gorenje, Siemens, Zanussi, Bosch, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Kaiser. There are washing machines of the average price category from 400 to 600 dollars. As you can see, the difference with cheap options is not so great, but the functionality is significantly increased. Therefore, those who are not very limited in funds should not think for a long time about which company is best to buy a washing machine. This level of aggregates is for this category of customers.

#3. Quite expensive, but extremely convenient.

A maximum of all sorts of functions, modes and washing programs, a maximum of customer care - this is what premium products are. At the same time, they are distinguished by amazing durability, coupled with a neat and careful attitude to the laundry. Here, for example, is what creative advertisers came up with to present the high-end Aeg brand car. They took a bouquet of roses and washed them at 1600 rpm in the gentle washing mode. After pulling out of the drum the roses only freshened up - not a single leaf, not a single petal fell from them. Miracles, and more!

In this expensive price category (from 800 to 2,000 dollars) the choice of brands is very small. This is the already mentioned concern Aeg, as well as Miele. However, here you can also include the Loundry complexes made according to the American type. These are the brands GE, Amana, Frigidaire, Maytag. They are hardy and reliable - they work for a solid "five" for ten, fifteen or more years. However, one owner of a Miele typewriter named Alexzz claims on the Web that she has served him faithfully for thirty years. And it erases everything just as perfectly as it did when it was completely new.

It is worth mentioning here rather than cars, but whole “laundries”. Wash them with them at least ten times a day - they will still last a long time. However, for such a charm you will have to “unfasten” a lot of euros - from 2500 to 3000. However, there are exceptions - for example, there are thousand-dollar cars from Samsung and five hundred-dollar ones from Bosch. But still their main specialization is the middle segment for the Bosch brand and the lowest for Samsung and the like. Therefore, do not chase after such exceptions - it’s better to buy a car from the class from which you were going.

Well, now let's rank all the manufacturers by rating, first naming the best, and in the end - the lowest category.

Aeg, Miele and American-style Loundrie-complexes.
Price: from 800 to 3000 e.
Whirlpool, Kaiser, Gorenje, Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens, Zanussi.
Price: from 400 to 600 e.
LG, Ariston, Beko, Candy, Ardo, Indesit, Samsung, Siltal.
Price: from 300 to 350 at. e.

Choosing the best and most convenient washing machine design

Structurally, all washing machines can be divided into machines with vertical and front loading.

In those models where the load is vertical, there is a convenient “trick” - linen can be loaded into the drum directly during washing. It helps a lot if you immediately forgot to put something. In addition, one of the sectors of the drum can be removed to pull out, for example, a stuck small object.

Vertical loading
Top loading machine.

Although front-loading machines do not have such a function, they have their advantages - a large drum. You can immediately wash a large batch of linen or very large items (blankets, outerwear). In addition, if the laundry in such a drum is spacious, then it will be rumpled less.

Horizontal loading of linen
Machine with horizontal loading of linen.

One may come across the argument that top-loading machines wash clothes better than horizontal-loading machines, but in reality these are all the machinations of marketers and these machines have no advantages in terms of washing quality.

Another difference is that you can choose a freestanding model, or built-in. Recently, many have been attracted by the latter option. This allows you to make the machine completely invisible - it fits well into any interior. However, freestanding models can also be hidden under the countertop - for this you will have to remove the top cover. This is usually done in the kitchen, covering a common long surface with both the machine and the neighboring floor cabinets.

Built-in washing machine
A washing machine built into kitchen cabinets.

Built-in sink
There are special size machines that allow you to place them under the sink.

In washing units, drying may also be provided. This mechanism consists of a heating element and a fan that supplies a stream of hot air to the laundry. The fabrics are different, so some dry faster, others longer. To keep things evenly warmed up from all sides, the drum at this time rotates quietly - then in one direction, then in the other. There are models where the drying mode can be set. Drying a thing is completely possible in at least half an hour. However, remember that a machine equipped with a drying mechanism will cost more, and it will “eat” more electricity. Laundry for drying should be put less than during washing. You can find out if it has dried out by a parameter such as residual moisture.

What is better washing machine with mechanical or electronic control

The mechanical control of the machine means that you have to set all the necessary modes yourself. Each of the mechanical switches is responsible for its own area: one for the choice of temperature, the other for the speed of pressing, the third for the washing program. In addition, there are a number of control keys. When choosing a washing program, you can use the tips - they are usually shown next to the switch in the form of icons. And during washing, you can visually determine which stage of the program is currently undergoing. Mechanical control is easier for users (especially not used to sophisticated control systems), but less functional.

Mechanical control
An example of a mechanical control system.

Electronic control for certain user groups can be more complex. But the clever machine will not ask for your help - she will do everything herself. Weigh the loaded laundry, pour water as needed, pour powder, the washing time will count. She will also analyze what fabric things are made of and how dirty they are. Depending on this, she will issue a verdict: how much water is needed (and what temperature it should be), how long your washing will last, how many times you will have to rinse the laundry.

During the operation of such a device, you can see on the color display data on the temperature of the water, the speed of rotation of the drum during the spin cycle, and also on how much is left to wash. If you shoved the laundry not very neatly and unevenly, the electronic control will correct this oversight - it will not allow the drum to spin too fast. Indeed, there are many sensory sensors in such a machine - they inform the central “brain” about the hardness, temperature and transparency of water, about the quality of rinsing and about other parameters. If suddenly too much foam has formed or the water has suddenly been turned off, the machine will shut itself down. But, unfortunately, electronic control has a drawback - it does not like voltage other than the nominal 220 volts. In such networks, it may not work correctly, or even deteriorate, burn out.

Touch control
Touch control of the washing machine.

What are the most reliable tanks and drums of the washing machine

Now, more and more often, you can see cars with polymer tanks in stores. They are light and beautiful, well dampen noise and reduce vibration, do not corrode.You can also note their good thermal insulation properties. However, such a tank can be accidentally damaged during careless handling - unfortunately, plastic is a rather fragile material.

Plastic tank washing machine
A plastic tank and a stainless steel steel drum are often found in low-priced machines.

But the good old stainless steel in this respect overtook him. As for the shape, the drum may not always be round. For example, the oval shape is even better than round - in it more water will fit, not in contact with the laundry.

Now about the drums. They are not plastic - they are always made of stainless steel. A drum that has asymmetrical grips is very convenient and good in design. This allows him to work in three planes, so that laundry is washed better.

Asymmetric grips

How to evaluate the washing machine performance

At the very beginning of 1995, Europe decided to standardize the comparison parameters of washing machines, calling them “EEC criteria”. With these criteria, it became much easier to determine which washing machine washes clothes better. Since then, a special leaflet with these ratings, put out on an accepted scale, is put inside each typewriter. These are the first seven letters of the Latin alphabet - from A to G. Compared with the school grading system, they mean the following:

Machine efficiency

Description of ratings:

  • A - five points;
  • B - four with a plus;
  • C - four points;
  • D - four with a minus (average, or normal);
  • E - three points;
  • F - two points;
  • G is the unit.

Explanation of symbols:

  1. Type of product;
  2. Manufacturers
  3. Model;
  4. Energy class;
  5. Energy consumption kV / h .;
  6. Energy efficiency class;
  7. Spin efficiency class;
  8. The maximum possible rotation speed of the drum during the spin cycle, rpm;
  9. Nominal loading of the drum with linen, (kg.);
  10. Water consumption, per wash cycle, (l.);
  11. Noise level during washing, (dB.);
  12. The noise level during the spin cycle, (dB.).

And now we will go over the specific parameters that are reflected in this insert:

Power level

To determine the level of power consumed by the device, the power consumption is taken for one wash of hard clothes and a temperature of 60 degrees. There are 7 classes here - all the same letters from A to G.

Washing and spin efficiency

Exactly the same letters indicate washing efficiency and spin efficiency. It should be noted that for the last parameter it is better to choose models of classes C and D. By the way, when spinning, by no means always the main thing is the number of revolutions. This is important, but no less important, and how much time the laundry is wrung out. And the size of the drum also plays a role. Choose from two similar models with the same speed a device with a larger drum. If they have the same drums, then look at the spin time - the more it is, the better.

And one more thing: the car reaches its maximum speed during spin only at its end. Cheap cars run at that maximum 30 seconds, not more. Models with a higher price are able to squeeze a couple of minutes at maximum speed, and very expensive cars - about four minutes. So choose your device better not by the maximum spin speed, but by another indicator - the residual degree of humidity in the laundry.

Amount of water

The amount of water required for one wash (otherwise, water consumption) is an important parameter. Both the consumption of electricity and the amount of washing powder depend on it.

Noise level

The noise level will show how comfortable it will be around during washing and spinning. However, not all manufacturers want to advertise this characteristic. But some figures can be cited as an example: in particular, 43 decibels of noise is one of the best indicators that some AEG models have. The noise level of the SIEMENS WM 71630 is slightly higher - 47 decibels.

Additional features desired for a good washing machine

Your sensible laundry assistant should be quick and economical without consuming too much powder, water or electricity. To do this, manufacturers equip their products with convenient functions.To decide for yourself which washing machine is better, remember some useful programs and modes, the presence of which is desirable for a good washing machine.

  • The presence of the function "Delayed start", will save energy.
  • The "Easy to iron" function is very good, which includes a special mode phase at intervals.
  • Some machines have the “Hand Wash” feature. This will not allow your favorite sweaters to stretch or sit down - the drum in this mode moves very smoothly, in a special rhythm.
  • The program "Accelerated washing" allows the machine to rub your laundry in half an hour - and the whole cycle will go fully.
  • If your device has the “Extra load laundry” function, you can interrupt the washing by adding new things to the tank.
  • On vertical machines, a function called “Automatic Drum Lock” is needed. Then the hatch always appears opposite the loading window.
  • Well, the Aqua-Stop system is very good for lazy people who do not want to open and close the water tap connected to the washing machine every time.

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