If you have come to the need to purchase products 2-3 times a month, then you will need a roomy refrigeration unit. This article contains information about the features of the device and the functionality of Side-by-Side refrigerators. After reviewing the material, you can independently choose the appropriate model for your home.

Best Side-by-Side Refrigerators

The selection of goods was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

Which refrigerator Side-by-Side is better to buy

Side-by-side refrigerators first appeared in the United States. Their name translates as “side by side”, which means the presence of freezing and refrigerating compartments located next to each other. Outwardly, they resemble a double-leaf cabinet. Their useful volume often exceeds 500 liters.

Pros and Cons of Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Refrigeration units of this category are ideal for storing a large number of convenience foods and ready-made food. They allow you to plan your family's diet for a week in advance, without wasting time on daily shopping trips.


Pros of Side-by-Side

  1. impressive usable volume;
  2. the ability to store whole carcasses and other bulky items;
  3. large selection of organization options
  4. internal space;
  5. autonomous work of departments.


Cons Side-by-Side

  1. such units can not always fit in the elevator and will not go through every doorway;
  2. they are only suitable for a spacious kitchen;
  3. they are equipped with powerful compressors, which negatively affects the overall noise level;
  4. the refrigerant cooling heat exchanger is located at the bottom, so the device cannot be installed in a room with a warm floor system.

Monolithic Side-by-Side or a system of two independent devices

The classic Side-by-Side refrigerator has a single metal case, the dimensions of which often reach 220 cm in height, 125 cm in width and 95 cm in depth. Difficulties with the transportation of such devices led to the appearance of prefabricated structures from two separate units, which have a common design and are connected into a single structure already in place. This gave additional advantages, so such models are in high demand.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Built-in or freestanding models

Freestanding Side-by-Side refrigerators attract the eyes of visitors, so their design should be selected taking into account the overall interior of the kitchen. For embedded models, this problem is not so relevant. They can be completely hidden inside the kitchen set or have only doors in sight.

Side by side freestanding refrigerator
Free-standing Side by Side refrigerator.

Fully integrated side-by-side refrigerator
Fully recessed Side by Side refrigerator.

Partially built-in side-by-side refrigerator
Partially recessed Side by Side refrigerator.

The sounds from the built-in refrigerators are partially absorbed by the furniture, which is a definite plus.To improve heat transfer, they are equipped with special devices that prevent dust from sticking.

How to determine the size

When choosing a Side-by-Side refrigerator, you cannot recklessly be guided by the principle "the more, the better." Before buying, do not forget to take measurements:

  • elevator sizes;
  • all doorways through which you have to make equipment;
  • dimensions of the niche in which you plan to install the unit.

Around the refrigerator there should be gaps recommended by the manufacturer for the organization of complete air exchange. We must remember the need for sufficient space in front of the front surface of the unit. Hinged doors must not touch objects when opened.

Number of doors

Refrigerator developers are often not limited to installing just a pair of doors. Their number can reach six. The increase in the number of doors should be considered an advantage of the unit. So it is more convenient to use, and the loss of cold when opening a small compartment will be minimal.

Side-by-side multi-door refrigerator
Increasing the number of doors adds convenience to use, but increases the price of the device.

Popular Side-by-Side Refrigerator Feature Extras

The vast majority of Side-by-Side refrigerators belong to the category of expensive devices, so manufacturers are trying to make them as convenient as possible for operation. The most common among modern models is No Frost technology, which eliminates the formation of frost. In this case, the cameras do not require special defrosting.

Much attention is paid to the suppression of bacterial activity. For this, special bactericidal coatings of the internal elements of the chambers, air filters, ionizers and ultraviolet radiation sources are used.

Touch control panel

The large size of the refrigerator allows you to install a touch control panel with a large display. It displays information about the currently activated mode and the functions performed, current temperature readings in all compartments, the results of the self-diagnosis system.

Touch Panel Side-by-Side Refrigerator
Side by side fridge with extra large touch screen.

Most models signal a loose door and temperature deviations from the norm. Bright icons often attract the attention of children. So that they do not knock down the settings, the developers provide protective locks.

Freshness Zone and Zero Camera

The volume of the refrigerator makes it possible to allocate space for optimal storage of certain groups of products. For fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits, there is a freshness zone with a temperature of 1-2about C and increased relative humidity.

Fridge Freshness Area
Almost all Side by Side refrigerators are equipped with a freshness zone.

Cheeses, meat and fish that you plan to cook and serve in the near future, it is better to keep in a zero chamber at 0about C and in a dry atmosphere. Tasks can be adjusted manually, but the required indicators are supported in automatic mode.

Zero zone in the refrigerator
Zero cameras are not present in every refrigerator model; pay attention to this when choosing a device.

Ice maker

Advanced models of refrigerators are often equipped with devices for making ice. They are connected to the water supply or equipped with a special tank. Ice is obtained in the form of cubes or oblong briquettes. Sometimes a knife for ice crumb is included. Ice makers are often combined with chilled water systems.

Ice maker
An ice generator is a very convenient thing, but when choosing a refrigerator you need to determine whether you need it, there is a high probability that you will simply overpay for the refrigerator, and you won’t use this function.

Super Freeze Mode

When a new batch of products is placed in the freezer, they can slightly raise the temperature of surrounding objects, which will negatively affect the storage conditions of already frozen food. To prevent this from happening, the super-freezing mode is activated in advance, leading to more intensive cooling.There is a similar option for the refrigerator compartment called supercooling.

Design and color scheme

Side-by-Side refrigerator is a very noticeable detail of the kitchen interior. It should be in harmony with the rest of the appliances, furniture and decoration. Universal devices are white or beige. Handprints are not visible on them. They are easy to clean from dust and accidental contamination. They are often stylized as classic devices.

Alternative options include the design of a metal in various shades or black plastic. In this case, they are additionally covered with compositions on which fingerprints do not remain. For a modern interior, models of bright colors ranging from red to purple may be suitable, but their selection is always individual.

Side by side refrigerators in the interior:

Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Side-by-side refrigerator in the interior

The best Side by Side models

Side-by-side refrigerators are the best models

The best low-cost Side-by-Side refrigerators

Next, we bring to your attention the rating of Side-by-Side refrigerators, which scored the most positive reviews among experts and users. It is better to start the review with models sold at reasonable prices.

Daewoo Electronics FRN-X22 B4CW

The two-door Korean refrigerator in white is simple in design and highly reliable. It has convenient door handles for people of any height, an informative display located at eye level and a multifunctional electronic control system. The model is equipped with a powerful reciprocating compressor and the No Frost system, which allows not to recall the defrosting of both chambers.

There are functions of turbo-freezing and quick cooling of drinks. The interior space is divided into many compartments. Glass shelves have stoppers that prevent spills from spreading. Both cameras are lit by LED lamps. 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Main characteristics:

  • energy consumption 474 kWh / year, class A +;
  • dimensions of 1840x979x767 mm;
  • refrigerator compartment volume 380 l;
  • freezer volume 240 l;
  • weight 98 kg.

Daewoo Electronics FRN X22 B4CW


Pros of Daewoo Electronics FRN-X22 B4CW

  1. Good build quality.
  2. Nice design.
  3. Convenient handles.
  4. The thought-over organization of internal space.
  5. Affordable cost.


Cons Daewoo Electronics FRN-X22 B4CW

  1. To remove the drawers, it is necessary to open the doors wide, which does not allow the installation of the refrigerator in a niche or close to the wall.
  2. Fairly high noise level.

Output. This spacious and reliable refrigerator is suitable for the average family. Its cost is not much higher than the purchase price of advanced smaller models. During installation, the periodically arising need to widely open the doors should be taken into account.



A beautiful two-door refrigerator made of metal and plastic is painted white, contrasting with even trim elements. It is equipped with a linear inverter compressor, with maximum efficiency working in any mode. It implements the Total No Frost system. Multi-threaded cooling provides fast and correct distribution of temperature and humidity inside the chambers. The door seal is treated with a bactericidal compound.

The control system has an external touch screen with programmed child protection. It is possible to transfer commands from a smartphone. The option of express freezing is provided. Power freezing 12 kg / day. When the power is turned off, the cold is maintained for 10 hours. Noise level 41 dB. Warranty 12 months.

Main characteristics:

  • energy consumption 438 kWh / year, class A +;
  • dimensions 1790х912х717 mm;
  • refrigerator compartment volume 394 l;
  • freezer volume 219 l;
  • weight 115 kg.



Pros of LG GC-B247 JVUV

  1. Good performance.
  2. Large volume.
  3. Stylish design.
  4. Convenience of management and service.
  5. Reliability.


Cons LG GC-B247 JVUV

  1. At first, the smell of plastic is felt.
  2. You cannot adjust the height of the shelves.

Output. A beautiful and easy-to-use model should appeal to any housewife. Cost corresponds to build quality and functionality.



This freestanding two-chamber refrigerator is styled in stainless steel.He has a rather powerful compressor of the usual type, which allows you to store a large amount of chilled products and freeze fresh food in an amount up to 12 kg per day. Total No Frost effectively fights icing on both cameras.

The control unit is equipped with a touch screen that is protected from childish leprosy. It maintains the set temperature with high accuracy. There are additional options: supercooling, superfreezing, vacation. There is an LED backlight and an audible alarm for an open door. Noise level can reach 43 dB. Manufacturer's warranty 2 years.

Main characteristics:

  • energy consumption 402 kWh / year, class A +;
  • dimensions 1786х910х634 mm;
  • refrigerator compartment volume 339 l;
  • freezer volume 177 l;
  • weight 94 kg.




  1. Good capacity
  2. Beautiful design.
  3. High-quality assembly.
  4. Long service life.
  5. Simple operation and maintenance.



  1. It is difficult to get native parts.
  2. Sensible noise in intensive mode.

Output. A quality model that should last at least 10 years without breakdown. It can be recommended to those for whom the relatively shallow depth of the refrigerator is important.


Ginzzu nfk-530

A beautiful two-chamber refrigerator of the Side-by-Side class stands out among the brethren with beautiful doors made of durable glass and plastic. He has a traditional type compressor that emits noise at 42 dB during intense operation. He is able to freeze up to 12 kilograms of fresh products per day. It also implements the Total No Frost system. There are functions of accelerated freezing, super-cooling and tempering.

The refrigerator is controlled using the touch screen. The readings of temperature sensors and indication of operating modes are also displayed here. When a door is detected that the door is not tightly closed, the system emits a sound signal. Shelves are made of tempered glass. There is a LED backlight. In the event of a power outage, the cold in the chambers lasts up to 12 hours.

Main characteristics:

  • energy consumption 398 kWh / year, class A +;
  • dimensions 1778x905x625 mm;
  • refrigerator compartment volume 327 l;
  • freezer volume 175 l;
  • weight 115 kg.

Ginzzu NFK 530


Pros of the Ginzzu NFK-530

  1. Beautiful design.
  2. High functionality.
  3. Convenience of operation.
  4. In stable mode, almost no noise.
  5. Relatively low price.


Cons Ginzzu NFK-530

  1. The side walls in comparison with the facade look completely unpresentable.
  2. The temperature is not accurately supported.
  3. Thin glass shelves.

Output. A suitable option for those who for a little money want to buy a spacious refrigerator with a decent set of additional features.

What inexpensive Side-by-Side refrigerator did you decide to buy?

The best high-end Side-by-Side refrigerators

Here you will find a description of really large and high-quality models. They have an impeccable design and high technical specifications.

Libherr SBS 7212

A powerful German-made two-door refrigerator is designed for 10 years of trouble-free operation. He has two compressors, providing independent operation of each chamber. The refrigerator compartment is capable of freezing up to 20 kg of products per day. To do this, there is a Super Frost option, lowering the temperature to -32about C before loading a new batch and automatically returning it to the specified parameters after completion of freezing. Other additional features include the No Frost system, quick cooling, and door open signaling.

The interior of the refrigerator is equipped with glass shelves and retractable transparent containers. Modern heat-insulating materials allow you to keep the cold in the machine off for 20 hours. Electronic control with indication of temperature indicators. Noise level during intensive operation does not exceed 42 dB.

Main characteristics:

  • energy consumption 460 kWh / year, class A +;
  • dimensions of 1852х1210х630 mm;
  • refrigerator compartment volume 390 l;
  • freezer volume 261 l;
  • weight 155.6 kg.

Libherr SBS 7212


Pros of Libherr SBS 7212

  1. High power.
  2. A large volume of cameras.
  3. Tightness of closing doors due to evacuation.
  4. German build quality.
  5. Convenient design.
  6. Reliability.
  7. Two year warranty.


Cons Libherr SBS 7212

  1. No freshness zone.
  2. Alarm open door only at the freezer.
  3. High price

Output. This refrigerator is for those who are willing to pay for high reliability and performance. The model is quite wide. Suitable for a spacious kitchen.


Samsung RS-552 NRUASL

A worthy representative of a famous brand has a stylish design with a combination of silver and black. There are options with white and beige colors. It is equipped with an inverter compressor operating in optimal mode taking into account readings from nine temperature and humidity sensors. Its capacity is enough to freeze up to 12 kg of products per day, and the noise level does not exceed 41 dB.

The model has wide functionality. It implements automatic defrosting systems, dual-circuit cooling and multi-threaded ventilation of chambers. There is an intensive freezing mode. Temperature readings are displayed. At the refrigerator, the layout of the interior space was carefully designed and bright LED lighting was organized. The warranty period is 1 year.

Main characteristics:

  • energy consumption 431 kWh / year, class A +;
  • dimensions 1789х912х700 mm;
  • refrigerator compartment volume 341 l;
  • freezer volume 197 l;
  • weight 117 kg.

Samsung RS 552 NRUASL


Pros of Samsung RS-552 NRUASL

  1. Large volume.
  2. Quick freeze.
  3. Precise temperature control.
  4. Beautiful appearance.
  5. Convenience of operation.
  6. Reliability.


Cons Samsung RS-552 NRUASL

  1. No ice maker.
  2. Few drawers in the freezer compartment, need to be purchased.
  3. Marking the outer surface.

Output. The refrigerator is quite expensive, but spacious, reliable and beautiful. It will organically look in a spacious kitchen with a modern interior.


Vestfrost VF 395-1 SBW

A very roomy white refrigerator consists of two independent devices that can be connected in any sequence in a single design or put separately. The doors of the cameras are hung on either side. This model has a drip defrosting system for the refrigerator and No Frost - the freezer. Forced ventilation ensures uniform distribution of temperature throughout the volume. There is an option of accelerated freezing.

The internal compartments are equipped with a large number of glass shelves with metal edging and transparent drawers, which help to better keep the cold when opening the doors. All elements are treated with an antibacterial coating. Thermal insulation of the case provides autonomous cold preservation for 15 hours. There is a camera illumination and temperature indication. Noise is limited to 42 dB.

Main characteristics:

  • energy consumption 477 kWh / year, class A +;
  • dimensions in assembled condition 1860x1200x650 mm;
  • refrigerator compartment volume 401 l;
  • freezer volume 280 l;
  • weight 144 kg.

Vestfrost VF 395 1 SBW


Pros of Vestfrost VF 395-1 SBW

  1. Extremely large capacity of both cameras.
  2. High functional performance.
  3. Convenience of operation.
  4. Ability to choose between joint and separate installation.
  5. Reliability.


Cons Vestfrost VF 395-1 SBW

  1. Marking the outer surface.
  2. The lower parts of the cameras are poorly lit.
  3. Noisy in quick freeze mode.
  4. High price.

Output. This refrigerator is designed to store a large number of products. It is suitable for a large family, accustomed to making stocks for a long time.



The silver two-chamber refrigerator of this brand with significant dimensions looks elegant in a modern way. He has an inverter compressor of a linear type capable of maintaining the established temperature regime with high accuracy, while freezing up to 12 kg / day of fresh products. The No Frost system is implemented in both cameras.There is a super-freeze function.

Electronic control with the conclusion of temperature readings on the external touch panel. There is child protection, an alarm system for deviating from a preset mode and opening doors. There is a freshness zone. All departments are equipped with convenient shelves, numerous drawers and stands for specific products. The noise level is only 39 dB.

Main characteristics:

  • energy consumption 438 kWh / year, class A +;
  • dimensions 1790х912х738 mm;
  • refrigerator compartment volume 406 l;
  • freezer volume 220 l;
  • weight 113 kg.



Pros of LG GC-B247 SMUV

  1. Big working volume.
  2. Beautiful appearance.
  3. Convenient equipment.
  4. Simple operation.
  5. The noise is barely noticeable.
  6. Nice highlight.


Cons LG GC-B247 SMUV

  1. Do not put close to the side wall, otherwise a partially open door does not allow you to remove the trays.
  2. Price.

Output. This reliable and convenient refrigerator has almost no drawbacks. Before buying, it is recommended to choose the right place for installation.


Vestfrost VF 395-1 SBB

This roomy refrigerator in a nice beige color consists of two independent chambers that can be installed separately or installed as a single ensemble. The developers have provided the No Frost system in the freezer, which prevents the formation of frost, and drip in the refrigerator compartment for long-term preservation of the natural humidity of chilled products. Forced air circulation contributes to an even temperature distribution and faster cooling of products. The inner surfaces of the compartments have an antibacterial coating.

The control system is electromechanical. All important readings are displayed on the internal display. There is an intensive freezing mode. When the door is forgotten in the open position, an audible alarm sounds. Cold persists for 15 hours. Compressors emit noise at 42 dB.

Main characteristics:

  • energy consumption 477 kWh / year, class A +;
  • dimensions in assembled condition 1860x1200x650 mm;
  • refrigerator compartment volume 401 l;
  • freezer volume 280 l;
  • weight 144 kg.

Vestfrost VF 395 1 SBB


Pros of Vestfrost VF 395-1 SBB

  1. Both cameras are large.
  2. Ability to install separately or together.
  3. Reliability.
  4. Good feature set.
  5. No traces of contamination are visible on the surface.
  6. Two year warranty.


Cons Vestfrost VF 395-1 SBB

  1. The freezer is noisy.
  2. Boxes are made of fragile plastic.
  3. Poorly designed camera connection design.

Output. The refrigerator is two separate chambers, which, if you want, can be connected, but you can not do this. This model should be bought by those who dream of a huge home freezer.


Mitsubishi Electric MR-LR78G-PWH-R

Four-door refrigerator Side-by-Side made of metal and white plastic has a large useful volume and ease of use. Both cameras are equipped with the No Frost system. A spacious freshness zone is highlighted separately. There is a low humidity compartment for storing chilled fish, meat and seafood. Atmospheric sterility is maintained by circulating ionized air.

Electronic control of the device with indication of indications on the external display. There is a super-cooling function. A door forgotten in the open position closes automatically. With a long absence, it is possible to use the energy-saving mode. Standalone cold preservation for 12 hours. Noise level 42 dB.

Main characteristics:

  • energy consumption 499 kWh / year, class A;
  • dimensions of 1820x950x764 mm;
  • refrigerator compartment volume 429 l;
  • freezer volume 121 l;
  • weight 118 kg.

Mitsubishi Electric MR LR78G PWH R


Pros of Mitsubishi Electric MR-LR78G-PWH-R

  1. A very large cold store with many adaptations for specific products.
  2. Convenience of operation.
  3. High precision temperature control.
  4. Modern design.
  5. Ergonomic door handles.
  6. Reliability.


Cons Mitsubishi Electric MR-LR78G-PWH-R

  1. Door handles are far beyond the dimensions of the refrigerator, which prevents passage through the doorways.
  2. They may need temporary disassembly.
  3. Fairly high noise level.
  4. High price.

Output. This model is chosen for a large volume of the refrigerator and a beautiful appearance. During operation, pleasant nuances are revealed in terms of ease of maintenance and the use of useful additional functions.

Which High-End Side-by-Side refrigerator did you decide to buy?

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