When choosing kitchen appliances, customers are unambiguously thinking which manufacturer of refrigerators is better to choose. Design, reliability, technical solutions depend on the brand. But without deep knowledge in this area, it is easy to become a “victim of advertising” or buy a refrigerator “like a neighbor”. Therefore, we offer you a rating of the best manufacturers, which will help you understand the technical characteristics of products, as well as reviews, and choose your own refrigerator refrigerator.

Top fridge manufacturers

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The selection of manufacturers was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

What you need to know about refrigerator manufacturers

Thinking about which company is better to buy a refrigerator, consumers want their household appliances to last as long as possible and not break. But buyers should know that modern models of almost all manufacturers are created very high quality and are designed for 10-15 years of operation. Breakdowns do occur, but this does not happen serially, but because of the marriage of a particular model or improper use of the device, connection conditions, etc.

It is not profitable for companies to produce low-quality equipment that will break in 4-5 years, otherwise a bad reputation will turn buyers away from these products. In fact, refrigerator manufacturers today have a different goal. They release new equipment and obviously adhere to the latest developments, so that refrigerators become obsolete faster than breakdowns occurred.

Rating of manufacturers of refrigerators

So, having bought a new refrigerator, in 2-3 years you will want to change it to a model with advanced features that were not in the previous one. And having acquired it, it will soon turn out that there are more technical and ergonomic versions or with a better aesthetic look. And this “marathon” goes on endlessly.

If you remember about this feature of marketing, you can even save. To do this, select the manufacturer with the model and wait until a newer version is released. The previous ones will start selling on stocks so that they do not become stale, and it remains only to buy. On the other hand, fans who want to have all the latest in technical terms should pay attention to the new products in the model range of manufacturers, but be prepared for the fact that in a couple of years the New prefix will switch to a different name.

Inner chamber of the refrigerator

Top fridge manufacturers

Now, to figure out which brand of refrigerator it is better to buy, consider the most famous manufacturers, with a description of the model range, technical solutions, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

Refrigerators Liebherr

In the first place in the ranking is the manufacturer, which appeared in 1949. The company was founded in Germany by Hans Liebherr. Today, the concern has more than 130 divisions around the world, and the manufacturer’s headquarters is located in Switzerland, in the city of Bühl. Liebherr was one of the first companies to introduce a “freshness zone” into refrigerators, which made a splash in the food preservation industry.

The company focuses on the release of household appliances with electronic controls and touch screens, which facilitates the introduction of settings and increases operating comfort.


The lineup

In the manufacturer’s catalog you can find single-chamber and two-chamber refrigerators, as well as Side-by-side for large kitchens, or vice versa small-sized refrigerators for smart apartments. Models are built-in and freestanding. The number of temperature zones varies from 1 to 3. The shelves in the chambers can be rearranged in increments of just a centimeter up or down, simulating the space for your needs.

To generate cold, the manufacturer installs one or two compressors, which also affects the price of the goods. In terms of volume, the smallest Liebherr refrigerators are 140-160 liters. Full-fledged single-chamber models have a run in volume from 250 to 350 liters. Two-chamber are most often produced with a total volume of 390 liters. The standard for Side-by-side from the manufacturer is the volume of 595 liters, but in some versions it reaches 740 liters.


Technical solutions

An interesting technical solution from the manufacturer is the Smart Steel coating, which increases the presentability of the appearance of the refrigerator, and also protects the surface from scratches and prints. Among other developments are present:

  • Bio fresh - patented technology that increases the shelf life of fresh products.
  • Nf - refrigerators with such a system do not need regular defrosting - frost is removed from the chamber on their own.
  • Soft system - shock absorbing devices in the hinges, contributing to the smooth closing of the doors.
  • Ice maker - ice generation unit, connected to the water supply with a filter. Provides continuous formation of cubes, so necessary for drinks in the heat. If desired, the system can be disabled.


Pros of Liebherr Refrigerators

  1. High-quality German assembly.
  2. Energy saving.
  3. Durable and thick plastic.
  4. Large selection of models in terms of volume and design.
  5. Touch and electronic control.
  6. Silent technology.


Cons of Liebherr Refrigerators

  1. The high cost of kitchen appliances.
  2. Expensive repair parts.
  3. From voltage surges break down - you need a stabilizer.
  4. Waiting for parts from Germany for 2-4 weeks.

Bosch Refrigerators

In second place in the ranking of manufacturers of refrigerators is the German company Bosch, which arose in Stuttgart. Now it is a global concern with more than 250 subsidiaries. The company is headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany. Although a lot of tools are produced under the Bosch brand, individual plants are built specifically for the manufacture of refrigerators.

Household appliances for preserving products from this brand are distinguished by a modern design and a diverse exterior design, which allows you to choose a refrigerator for any kitchen interior.


The lineup

The official website presents an extensive range of Bosch refrigerators, including appliances with a height of 176-203 cm, a depth of 55-84 cm and a width of 56-91 cm. Most of all, the manufacturer focuses on two door models, where one leaf is the main and second auxiliary. This does not take up much space in the kitchen, but increases the functionality and ease of use.

Most often, Bosch refrigerators are electronically controlled, but there is also a mechanical one, which reduces the cost of goods. The manufacturer is actively promoting models with a lower freezer, considering it more convenient. The catalog contains 96 refrigerators with No Frost system, as well as 32 models with manual defrosting.

By the number of compressors, the manufacturer is limited almost everywhere to one, even in the largest refrigerators. This helps reduce costs and simplifies repairs. The volume of internal space varies from 290 liters in the smallest versions, to 413 liters in two-meter giants. Most often, 4 shelves are provided, which the user can rearrange in increments of 5 cm.


Technical solutions

Bosch refrigerators are distinguished by the release of environmentally friendly materials that do not contain FCKW.Inside, AgION's patented coating is used, consisting of an inorganic silver compound. This eliminates germs and bacteria, which means that mold will not start in the refrigerator and there will be no unpleasant smell. Another technical solution is the use of tempered glass in the shelves. Most often, partitions are damaged by heavy metal utensils or careless handling. Red-hot material is more durable and will last longer.


Pluses of Bosch refrigerators

  1. Capacious cameras.
  2. Large selection of designs, colors and installation methods.
  3. Low noise level - 35-40 dB.
  4. Keep a cold autonomously up to 24 hours.
  5. Antibacterial protection.


Cons of Bosch Refrigerators

  1. Few compact models, below 170 cm.
  2. Almost no Side-by-side options.
  3. Only 2 models with two compressors.

Hitachi Refrigerators

The next manufacturer is located in Japan. Hitachi has been manufacturing refrigerators since 1990, although the company itself appeared in 1910. Now it is an industrial group that includes about 1,100 companies. Hitachi refrigerators are premium products and are designed for customers with an average income and above.

The manufacturer actively uses inverter technology in refrigerators to reduce energy consumption. More products are constantly replenished with new functions, including dual cooling, an intelligent temperature monitoring system inside and out, LED lighting.


The lineup

Hitachi's range of refrigerators includes one- and two-chamber models, as well as Side-by-side. The minimum height of the refrigerator starts from 178 cm, but already has an internal usable volume of 341 liters. The maximum capacity indicator is 666 liters. Often defrosting the freezer occurs automatically and does not require user control.

There are multi-chamber refrigerators with two, three and even four doors, where the outer wings can be swing or retractable. Most often, the models have a shelf for cooling the wine. Shelves, and sometimes the front panel, the manufacturer makes of tempered glass.


Technical solutions

The manufacturer pays great attention to the environmental friendliness of materials and air inside the refrigerator. The following technologies are used for this:

  • Triple clean - a triple level of purification of passing air masses allows you to always keep a fresh smell in the refrigerator.
  • Minus ion - saturation of air inside with negatively charged ions, which eliminate static electricity in plastic. Your refrigerator will never be plucked with electric current.
  • Nano titanium - double filtration system with titanium molecules. It is a microporous filter structure that eliminates unpleasant odors and bacteria.

Another manufacturer uses the new Minus-Zero Cooling cooling system. To do this, on the back surface of the inner chamber is an Ice-Cold plate, the temperature of which is constantly 0 degrees. This provides uniform cooling throughout the space without sudden changes. Most modern refrigerators have an air ventilation function, which the Japanese company has implemented in the Cool Jet Wrap system.


Pros of Hitachi Refrigerators

  1. Economical power consumption.
  2. Point of sale worldwide.
  3. Safe freon is applied.
  4. There are models with automatic doors.
  5. There is a system for cleaning chambers from bacteria.
  6. Many models with ice generation.


Cons of Hitachi Refrigerators

  1. High cost of production.
  2. Expensive repair.
  3. No models above 186 cm.

Refrigerators ELECTROLUX

The Swedish manufacturer appeared in 1910. The company was founded by Sven Carstead. At first, the company specialized in the production of kerosene lamps. The manufacturer introduced its first refrigerator in 1923. Today, Electrolux has subsidiaries around the world, and refrigerators are characterized by quiet operation up to 45 dB, economical energy consumption, about 200 kW per year, and long service life.


The lineup

The manufacturer's catalog contains refrigerators both with and without a freezer.This allows you to choose what you need and not overpay for excess. According to the installation method, there are freestanding and built-in models. The energy class varies from A + to A +++. The total volume of refrigerator chambers starts from 160 liters and ends with 700 liters.

Shelves in models are always made of glass to see products at the walls through jumpers. In one refrigerator there can be from 3 to 7 compartments. The manufacturer’s chip is MaxiBox, which allows you to put large products (pumpkin, watermelon, etc.) in uncut form. There are household appliances with screens located on the front side of the door or inside. Some flaps open and close automatically at the touch of a button - no fingerprints remain on the case.


Technical solutions

To increase the functionality and quality of work of refrigerators, the manufacturer uses the following solutions in them:

  • Two-compressor system. Two independent circuits controlled by separate compressors allow you to work with less load and maintain different temperatures in the chambers.
  • Quick freeze mode. It means turbo-blowing with a minimum temperature in order to freeze products, preserving their juiciness and attractive appearance.
  • Antibacterial coating. Making shelves and walls of the refrigerator from plastic or glass with antiseptic properties. Spilled liquids or spilled food will not cause an unpleasant odor.
  • Dynamic Air The technology of distributing cold throughout the volume so that the products above do not spoil as much as below.
  • Automatic humidity control in the chambers to maintain greenery in optimal condition.


Pros of ELECTROLUX refrigerators

  1. Separation of air around the freezer and refrigerator.
  2. Automatic humidity control.
  3. Protection of products from heating when opening the door.
  4. The service life of refrigerators is up to 10-15 years.


Cons of ELECTROLUX refrigerators

  1. It is inconvenient to follow the indications on the internal screen.
  2. Not all models turn off the alarm when the sash is opened for a long time.
  3. Necessarily need an uninterrupted power supply.

Gorenje Refrigerators

The next largest producer from Slovenia. The company was founded in 1950 and began its activities with stoves. Now she is engaged in the manufacture of household appliances, including refrigerators and freezers. 95% of all products are exported, which indicates the high demand and quality of brand products.


The lineup

The Combustion range of refrigerators contains built-in and freestanding models. For the first, the Ora-Ito design line allows you to change the side of the swing open and the color of the front panel. All refrigerators of the manufacturer in this series are powered by NoFrost technology, and some are supplemented by ZeroZone. The volume of single-chamber refrigerators starts from 90 liters (built into the countertop) and ends with 300 liters (installed separately).

Combined refrigerators have much more design options: Color Collection, Ora-Ito, Simplicity, Retro. According to the energy class there are A, A + and A ++. The placement of the freezer is upper and lower. The height of the models varies from 85 to 200 cm. In terms of width, the indicator is 50-90 cm. The volume of the cameras is found from 90 to 450 liters.


Technical solutions

The manufacturer uses its own technical innovations and functions, which makes its refrigerators competitive, and in some cases the best:

  • Strength shelves. A special composition of glass is used, allowing to place on shelves up to 40 kg of weight.
  • The production of negatively charged ions to eliminate static electricity in plastic.
  • Extended door compartments. The sides of the side sections have a greater distance from the wall, which makes it possible to put even 2 liter bottles in these sections.
  • Air distribution over the entire area of ​​the chamber without active air flow. Preserves the freshness of vegetables and fruits with sufficient moisture.
  • Use Logic. It monitors compliance with the set temperature conditions and reports when the indicators deviate significantly.
  • NF Advantage. Automatic removal of moisture so that frost or ice does not form on the walls.


Pros of Gorenje Refrigerators

  1. Smooth and beautiful contours of refrigerators.
  2. Internal capacity, despite the modest external dimensions.
  3. Use of safe materials.
  4. Doors can be hung on either side.
  5. Designation of compartments with drawings, so that it is intuitively clear where to put what products.


Cons of Gorenje Refrigerators

  1. There are few small models for compact kitchens or rooms in a hotel.
  2. Some have a work volume of up to 50 dB.
  3. Vegetable crates have no wheels and they scratch the plastic when extended.

LG Refrigerators

The manufacturer appeared in Seoul in 1958. Now it is a huge concern that produces all types of household appliances. LG refrigerators are notable for a variety of dimensions, design and technical equipment. Recently, the manufacturer began to introduce thin compressors, which allowed to reduce the depth of the case, without reducing the capacity of the cameras.

Among the innovations, the company began to install ultraviolet lamps in refrigerators that help kill microbes and extend the shelf life of products.


The lineup

The LG manufacturer’s catalog contains refrigerators with a height of 170-205 cm, energy class A + or A ++. They can be equipped with a linear or inverter compressor. There are always 4 shelves in the refrigerator, which the buyer can arrange at his discretion. The volume of the freezer is from 79 to 174 liters, which allows you to freeze meat for a whole week for a family of 3-6 people. Refrigerators in LG models are found from 182 to 418 liters. Most of all, the assortment is represented by two door models, where there is a freezer below.

For a cafe or large kitchen, the manufacturer offers Door-in-Door refrigerators with four doors. One of the cusps can be transparent to control the presence of chilled drinks.


Technical solutions

The Korean manufacturer has embodied the following technical innovations in the latest models:

  • Total NF. It does not require defrosting the refrigerator every six months. The system itself will maintain the desired level of humidity, prolonging the fresh state of vegetables and fruits.
  • Moist Balance Crisper. The presence of a porous material inside the refrigerator that absorbs excess moisture. Water entering it is not able to evaporate back into the air. Drops of water will not collect on the products.
  • Multi Air Flow. Climate control inside the refrigerator by distributing cold flows. Due to this, the Biofresh freshness zone remains close to zero, and the flexible adjustment of neighboring zones does not allow liquids to cool excessively.
  • Internet connection. One of the company's developments was Wi-Fi technology in the refrigerator, which allows you to connect it to the network. Thanks to the application, the owner on the smartphone can remotely control the availability and freshness of products.


Pros of LG Refrigerators

  1. Stable operation of refrigerators at a plus temperature in the range of 10-45 degrees.
  2. Environmental safety of materials.
  3. Large distance between the shelves.
  4. There is volt control on the door panel.
  5. Internet connection.


Cons of LG Refrigerators

  1. Sensitive to voltage drops.
  2. Some compressors emit noise up to 60 dB.
  3. Not everywhere there is a "zero zone".

Samsung Refrigerators

And here is another South Korean manufacturer, founded in 1938. The company is known for its flagships from phones and tablets, but has also succeeded in manufacturing refrigerators. Now the company is focusing on the production of units with inverter compressors, electronic controls and displays on the door to more conveniently enter data and control settings. The manufacturer is trying to add ice makers, convection air systems and elastic components to the latest innovations to reduce cold loss from the chambers.


The lineup

The catalog on the official website is divided into categories with multi-door and two-door models, where the latter are with an upper, lower or side arrangement of the freezer. A lot of space is always provided on the doors for storing bottles, jars and fil packs so that they do not accumulate in the main compartments.Outside, all Samsung refrigerators have a metal finish that increases the strength of the frame. The silver color gives them a special sophistication.

The manufacturer offers refrigerators with a freezer volume of 30-123 liters and a refrigerating capacity of 140-495 liters. On some models, doors can slide out and not swing open. Shelves always have glass refrigerators, but in the latest versions they began to be edged with stainless steel strips to increase the strength of the sides in case of accidental impacts.

Samsung 2

Technical solutions

Samsung does not lag behind competitors in innovation and uses the following solutions:

  • Multi flow It represents the presence of several fans for a complex multi-threaded cooling scheme.
  • Twin Cooling Plus. Exact control of temperatures and humidity so that apples or tomatoes are always fresh and with a moistened skin.
  • Water carbonation. Built-in dispenser that aerates and cools water at the same time. The equipment is integrated into one of the doors and does not take up extra space in the kitchen.
  • Ice Master. Ice makers of our own design, which are 5 cm smaller than similar equipment from other manufacturers.
  • Flex Zone An independent zone where 0 degrees are maintained, which do not change when adjusting the temperature in the freezer or refrigerator.
  • Spase Max Storage. Optimization of the internal space to effectively use the entire volume.


Samsung Refrigerator Pros

  1. Production of refrigerators according to the most stringent energy standards.
  2. Sealed cameras that do not require high power.
  3. There is an ice maker, zero zone, defrost function.
  4. Stylish design solutions and a wide range of colors.
  5. Silent work with an indicator of 30-40 dB.
  6. The new models have a volt control system.


Cons of Samsung Refrigerators

  1. The parts themselves are Korean, but assembly is done in China.
  2. Small possibilities for changing the position of shelves in the refrigerator.
  3. Almost no compact single-chamber models.

Refrigerators Atlant

The concern appeared in 1993, after being revived and reformed by the Minsk factory, which supplied refrigerators to most of the USSR. Atlant production facilities are located in Belarus, and the enterprise is in the TOP-10 of the country's gross production facilities. On the domestic market, Atlant refrigerators occupy 57%. A lot of products are exported to Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Serbia.


The lineup

The manufacturer’s catalog offers single-chamber and two-chamber models with a separate installation. If you need a freezer below, then your choice opens 117 options. For those who often have to turn to the freezer, there are 4 models with an upper arrangement. From Side-by-side and Table Top, the selection is small - only 2 options. Atlant single-chamber refrigerators are also few - only 4. The total volume of the most compact model is 263 liters. In a two-meter giant, it can reach 400 liters.

The manufacturer is actively using technology with two compressors and such equipment in an assortment of 38 units. By dimensions, Atlant refrigerators are standard, with a width of 595-600 mm, narrow - 540-550 mm and wide - 695-1200 mm. All units are divided into series, including Premium, Soft Line, New Wave, Comfort. Inside, there are always 4 shelves with the possibility of changing the location.


Technical solutions

By innovations, the Belarusian manufacturer is a bit behind competitors, but also tries to supplement its refrigerators with the latest technical innovations:

  • Green Box. Drawer with a temperature close to zero and high humidity.
  • Quick freeze mode. Allows you to instantly blow, but not to ventilate meat, greens and fish, to maintain their attractive appearance and juiciness, after defrosting.
  • Rear wheels Facilitate the placement and rearrangement of a large refrigerator on their own without involving movers.
  • Hydro Balance Zone. Regulates the humidity of the zone, regardless of the microclimate in other chambers.
  • Pull box A hanging type container that extends outward and helps increase usable volume by filling the space under the shelves.


Pros of Atlant refrigerators

  1. Price availability.
  2. The ability to outweigh the doors.
  3. Roomy total volume.
  4. There are with drip and No Frost systems.
  5. There are models with temperature indication, quick cooling, childproof button lock and superfrost.
  6. Withstand work during prolonged heat +40 degrees.


Cons of Atlant refrigerators

  1. There are class B energy-efficient refrigerators.
  2. Often electromechanically controlled.
  3. The electronic control system breaks periodically.
  4. The speed of freezing lags behind competitors.
  5. Noisy compressors.
Which company refrigerator did you decide to buy?

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