If you want to breathe fresh and clean air, but have not yet decided which breather to choose for your apartment, read this article. Here you will find useful information about the technical capabilities of devices of this type and an overview of the best models, which will certainly help you when buying a suitable model.

The best breathers for an apartment or a house

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The selection of goods was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

Which breather is better to choose

The choice of a breather should be based on the tasks that it must solve and the technical characteristics of a particular model that satisfy the conditions for the upcoming operation. First, let's recall the general information about such equipment.

Difference of breathers from other ventilation devices

A breather is a ventilation device that takes fresh air from the street and delivers it to the interior of the building. At the same time, air is cleaned of odors and mechanical impurities, its aromatization, ionization and heating.

Advantages of such devices over conventional forced ventilation:

1. Climate control function.

Unlike manually controlled ventilation units, the breather automatically monitors the air temperature in the house and quickly responds to any changes.

2. The quality of the cleaning.

Most breathers use HEPA filters of class H11 and higher. They bring the air to medical purity, delaying the smallest allergens, fungal or mold spores, and even viruses. Special impregnations kill pathogenic microorganisms, which favorably affects the health of residents.

Breather device

Breather performance

The performance of the device should fully provide fresh air to people in the room. For an adult, it requires 40-60 m3/hour. The child needs half as much. You yourself can perform the necessary calculations. Equipment should be selected with a small margin so that it does not work continuously with full load. Otherwise, the service life of the main components will be noticeably reduced.

Instrument noise

Absolutely silent climatic equipment cannot work. The breather has a fan that emits characteristic sounds, and the air flow, passing through areas of local narrowing, causes a slight rustling. It is believed that for a unit with a capacity of 60 m3/ hour, the noise level should be 40 dB, and at 120 - no more than 55 dB. In night mode, high-quality assembled devices can produce a barely visible rustle at a level of 20 dB.

The degree of air purification and the presence of filters of various types

Street air contains a large number of solid and liquid inclusions of various sizes. Without proper cleaning of the incoming stream, they would accumulate in the room in the form of dust and inevitably fall into the respiratory system. The level of filtration depends on the number of installed filters and their ability to trap particles of one type or another.

Filters are usually divided into three categories:

1. Coarse filters. They effectively trap fluff, insects, coarse dust.They are usually installed first along the air flow, protecting the subsequent filtration stages from fast clogging.

2. Fine filters. They are made using finely porous materials. They are able to retain pollen, mold spores and other microscopic allergens. Trendsetters in this area are HEPA filters that meet medical cleanliness standards. The larger the number included in the product name, the higher the level of cleaning it corresponds to.

Hepa breather filter

3. Charcoal filters. In addition to the ability to retain mechanical particles, they have the ability to neutralize hazardous substances and eliminate odors.

Charcoal breather filter

The choice of equipment with a specific set of filters is determined by the state of the environment and the susceptibility of the inhabitants of the house to one or another adverse factor.

Table. The designation of the filters and the level of cleaning that they can provide.

Air Purification ClassFilter designation according to EN 779Cleaning efficiency
Rough cleaning G1 <65 
G2 65-80 
G3  80-90
G4  90>
Fine cleaning F5 40-60 
F6  60-80
F7 80-90
F8 90-95
F9 95 >, 85
Extra fine cleaning H10 95
H11 99,5
H12 99,95
H13 99,995
H14 99,9995
H15 99,99995 
H16 100
H17 99,9999995
H18 99,9999995

Monitoring sensors

A number of models are equipped with analyzers for the content of dust, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde or other undesirable inclusions. They not only inform the user about the state of the atmosphere inside the building, but also give control commands that allow them to automatically normalize the situation.

Air heating

The inlet heating function is basic to all breathers. It allows you to operate the device in the cold season and at the same time maintain a favorable microclimate in the room. Regulation is automatic. For this, an electric heater is used, receiving signals from a temperature sensor. It is better to choose the power of the heating element with a margin so as not to feel discomfort during a period of severe frost.

Weight and dimensions

The dimensions of common brands of breathers do not exceed the size of an air conditioner or wall-mounted TV, so there is always a place for such devices. The weight of the device is also not critical, since it is designed for stationary installation and does not need to be moved from place to place. An exception is the situation when the installation is carried out based on the design of the frame of the plastic window. In this case, it is advisable to consult a specialist.


The damper is installed at the entrance to the breather. Its purpose is to prevent cold air from entering the room when the device is turned off. It has the simplest design and almost does not affect the price of the unit. It is better to choose a model equipped with this simple device than to suffer from the sudden appearance of a draft.

The best breathers for an apartment or a house

The climatic equipment of this category relatively recently began to gain its place in the household appliance market. The rating of breathers for your apartment, office or private house presented to your attention includes only a few really high-quality models.

Tion o2

This worthy representative of the Russian brand is made in China. It is designed for installation in rooms up to 40 m2 with a permanent stay in it up to 4 people. A three-stage filtration system is implemented here. In addition to the coarse filter, there is a HEPA-filter of medical standard H11 and an adsorption-catalytic AK brand that traps extraneous odors and harmful gases.

The device’s automatic control system includes temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide sensors. All readings are displayed on the LCD. It is possible to control from a remote control. The station operates in four-speed mode. The intensity of the heating depends on the temperature of the incoming air. A damper is installed at the input. 1 year warranty.

Main characteristics:

  • productivity is 120 m3/hour;
  • heater power 1.43 kW;
  • noise level 29 dB;
  • dimensions 163x514x454 mm;
  • weight 8.0 kg.

Tion o2


Pros of Tion O2

  1. Fairly high performance.
  2. Reliability.
  3. Convenience of management.
  4. High-quality air purification.


Cons Tion O2

  1. There is no circulation mode.
  2. Simple design.
  3. In severe frosts, the upper part of the body can freeze.

Output. This breather is suitable for installation in an apartment for an average family or a small office. It provides fresh air with a high degree of purification. However, his work remains almost invisible to the residents.


Xiaomi Mijia MJXFJ-300-G1

This breather is designed for rooms up to 105 m2in which up to 10 people live or work. There are also three stages of filtration, with the HEPA H11 and H13 filters installed on the last two. They can trap all kinds of allergens, including pollen and the smallest microorganisms. Built-in sensors monitor the level of dust, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and other chemicals.

Automatic control capabilities allow you to smoothly change the flow rate of the incoming air and its degree of heating. For ease of use in the warm season, the device can be combined with air conditioning. Wi-Fi control allows you to integrate the device into a smart home system. Manufacturer's warranty 2 years.

Main characteristics:

  • productivity 300 m3/hour;
  • heater power 0.8 kW;
  • noise level 20 dB;
  • dimensions 230x970x365 mm;
  • weight 16.0 kg.

Xiaomi Mijia MJXFJ 300 G1


Pros of Xiaomi Mijia MJXFJ-300-G1

  1. High performance.
  2. Extensive functionality.
  3. Reliability.
  4. Convenience of management.
  5. Soundproof enclosure.
  6. Several mounting options.
  7. Effective air purification.


Cons Xiaomi Mijia MJXFJ-300-G1

  1. There is no circulation mode.
  2. The option of hidden cable connection is not provided.
  3. The low power of the heater will not allow working in severe frost conditions in the maximum air flow mode.
  4. No inlet flap.

Output. A successful model for a cottage or office does an excellent job of cleaning the incoming air and is convenient in operation, but not very adapted to the realities of our winter.


Tion 3s

Compact wall breather is recommended for installation in rooms with an area of ​​30-40 m2. He is able to provide a family of 5 people with fresh warm air. It has three stages of filtration, which include a primary filter, an H11 HEPA filter and AK / AK-XL adsorption-catalytic filters. The unit completely cleans the air flow from mechanical impurities and harmful gases.

Automation of the device is guided by the readings of the temperature sensor. At his command, the required number of four sections of the electric heater is turned on and a stop occurs in frost -30about C. The intensity of the outdoor air intake is user adjustable. It is possible to control from a remote control and a smartphone. Manufacturer's warranty 2 years.

Main characteristics:

  • productivity 140 m3/hour;
  • heater power 1.42 kW;
  • noise level 19 dB;
  • dimensions of 203x528x453 mm;
  • weight 9.5 kg.

Tion 3s


Pros of Tion 3S

  1. Good performance.
  2. Effective cleaning.
  3. Compact size.
  4. Convenience of installation and maintenance.
  5. There is an air recirculation mode.
  6. Almost silent operation in economy mode.


Cons Tion 3S

  1. Expensive cartridges that need to be replaced frequently.
  2. The new device smells of plastic for several months.
  3. At high speeds, noise is noticeably amplified.

Output. Such a device copes well with the duties of air purification in an apartment or private house. The user must remember that in severe frosts will have to do without it.


Ballu air master

The Ballu Air Master cleaning and ventilation system is able to provide clean air requirements for 7 people. It is installed on the wall of a room with an area of ​​up to 40 sq.m. Air flow is cleaned in 6 stages. They include coarse and fine filters, HEPA-filter H11, carbon cartridge, sterilization with ultraviolet radiation, plasma ionization.

The indication and automatic control system receives information from temperature sensors, general pollution and carbon dioxide content. Ceramic heating element works when cooling outside air not lower than -40about FROM.Output parameters can be set from +5 to +30about C. There is a built-in timer, remote control and the ability to issue commands over Wi-Fi. The manufacturer guarantees 2 years of trouble-free operation.

Main characteristics:

  • 200 m productivity3/hour;
  • heater power 1.4 kW;
  • noise level depending on the speed mode 25-45 dB;
  • dimensions 165x575x445 mm;
  • weight 5.8 kg.

Ballu air master


Pros of Ballu Air Master

  1. Good performance with multi-speed control.
  2. High level of cleaning.
  3. There is a mode of air circulation.
  4. Flavoring function.
  5. Convenient management.
  6. Possibility of operation even in severe frosts.
  7. Beautiful appearance.


Cons Ballu Air Master

  1. Low accuracy of temperature control.
  2. Sensible noise when working at high speeds.

Output. A good multi-functional model for home or office. Fully consistent with the realities of our climate.


Lufberg iFresh LFU

The iFresh LFU air handling unit is used to clean and heat the incoming air. It is installed in small rooms in which no more than 4 people live or work. It is equipped with fine filters class F7 and carbon. The device can work stably at outdoor temperatures from -30 to +40about FROM.

The device has three fan speeds and two modes of operation of the heating element. Indications are displayed on the front panel and portable display. If the filter is dirty, a light alarm is triggered. The model is equipped with a temperature sensor, a carbon dioxide analyzer and a check valve. Management is carried out from the remote control. Warranty 12 months.

Main characteristics:

  • productivity is 120 m3/hour;
  • heater power 0.8 kW;
  • noise level 39 dB;
  • dimensions of 160x594x443 mm;
  • weight 7.5 kg.

Lufberg iFresh LFU


Pros of Lufberg iFresh LFU

  1. High degree of purification.
  2. Good performance.
  3. Convenience of regulation.
  4. Wide temperature range of application.
  5. Simple and reliable design.
  6. Affordable cost.


Cons of Lufberg iFresh LFU

  1. Low power heater.
  2. In cold weather, condensation appears on the case.
  3. There is no operating mode for air circulation.
  4. At high speed it makes a lot of noise.

Output. A high-quality budget model is suitable for an apartment or a small private house. Users like the nice design and convenient operation.

Which breather did you decide to buy?

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