To ensure clean air in the apartment, despite the presence of dust, smells from neighbors and smoke from a large city outside the window, climate systems are used. They simultaneously clean the passing stream, give it freshness, disinfect and moisturize. Selection tips and a subsequent ranking of the best climate systems will help you buy equipment that meets your requirements for processing quality and price.

The best climatic complexes

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The selection of goods was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

What climate complex is better to buy

First, we’ll figure out how to choose a climate system so as not to overpay for unused functions, but also to get the desired level of cleaning. Consider the device, varieties, number of filters and equipment capabilities.

What is a climate complex?

Surely, you have heard about some devices for improving the air in the apartment, such as sinks, ionizers, ozonizers, cleaners. So, climate systems are equipment that combines several such devices at once. They have an inlet, which is located from 2 to 6 filters for cleaning and processing the stream. Sinks and humidifiers are not classified as complexes, because they have only a water filter, but can be part of a complex supplemented by dry filters.

Depending on the modification and equipment, complex cleaners are able to:

  • to keep visible and invisible dust inside;
  • kill microbes;
  • saturate the air with negatively charged ions;
  • eliminate unpleasant odors;
  • adjust humidity level;
  • aromatize the room;
  • increase the percentage of ozone.

It is very practical at different times of the year. The device can be transported with you, changing your place of residence. With such a device in an apartment, residents can improve their health and protect themselves from the development of respiratory diseases or those that spread by airborne droplets.

Climate complex device

Climate complex device

1. Decorative grille.
2. Pre-filter

3. HEPA filter.
4. Charcoal filter.

5. Moisturizing and cleansing module.
6. Container for water.

Criteria for choosing a climate complex

Now we will touch on the key parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a climate complex. The price and quality of the equipment will depend on this.

Productivity (air exchange)

The climate complex can pass through itself per hour from 120 to 500 m³ of air flow. From this indicator depends on how soon the air composition in the room is updated. For an office with a large number of people, it is better to take powerful installations that can cope with the increased load.

Estimated Area

Based on productivity, companies producing climate systems, establish the optimal area of ​​use of the system. For different devices, it can be from 5 to 80 m². For the apartment, you can choose the exact value so that the device copes with the available volume.If there are many sources of dust in the room, there are pets or users are prone to allergies, then it is worth buying a device designed for a large area. This will facilitate accelerated operation and prevent the device from always functioning at maximum capacity, extending its life.

Filters and number of cleaning steps

The final result depends on the number of degrees of purification, therefore, the more filters, the better. But it is important to know what types of filters are installed in climate systems, which will help to choose the set that is most suitable for a particular user and operating conditions.

1. HEPA filters

This is a block with corrugated paper made of thin fibers. Due to the dense structure, the cartridge does not let particles in excess of 0.3 microns. The quality of the Hepa filter depends on the pore size and the number of paper folds, which is indicated by a number from 11 to 14. The smaller the number, the better. HEPA filters are effective against street and house dust, but require periodic replacement, otherwise they block the flow pass in a clogged state.

HEPA filters
HEPA filter climate system.

2. Carbon filters

This is a class of fine filters that, due to the natural absorbent properties of coal, helps eliminate odors in the room. Such a filter in the climate complex will help get rid of unpleasant odors. But they are not effective against gases with low molecular weight, so it does not destroy the “aromas” from the railway or technical production. Carbon filters will also need to be changed approximately once every half a year, which makes it more expensive to maintain the climate complex.

The coal filter of a climatic complex.
The coal filter of a climatic complex.

3. Photocatalytic filters

This is a new solution used to kill viruses and bacteria. The filter is based on photocatalyst plates made of a complex alloy, which may contain glass, titanium and other compounds. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, the process of decomposition of complex molecules into simpler ones is launched. Such exposure makes the air sterile and eliminates odors. The advantage of the system is continuous operation that does not require replacement of elements or maintenance.

4. Electrostatic filters

Represent a lattice on which electric current moves. Due to this, the passing air is saturated with negatively charged ions. The latter bind particles flying in the air, making them heavier. As a result, the dust does not soar, falling into the lungs, but settles on the floor, furniture or filter plates. To care for the cartridge, it is necessary to periodically rinse it under running water. The larger the area of ​​the electrostatic filter, the more efficient its operation.

5. Water module

A block may consist of disks that rotate in a flow or from a humidified filter through which air passes. Partially they are immersed in a bath of water, so the dust falling on them is washed off and remains in the tank. This automatically increases the humidity in the room and prevents small particles from flying up again.

Water module of the climate complex
Water module of the climate complex.

What additional features may come in handy

Climatic complexes can have additional functions that improve the quality of cleaning or comfort from operation. They are found in the equipment all together or separately, which affects the cost of goods:

ultraviolet lamp

It is installed separately instead of the photocatalytic filter (without plates). Eliminates bacteria and viruses without requiring maintenance.


Measures the humidity level in a room, helping to control the presence of moisture in the air. Some complexes are able to automatically adjust based on the hygrostat readings, which does not require user participation.


With the help of current discharges, oxygen molecules are separated and bonded to those not yet separated, which leads to the formation of ozone. When breathing, it feels like air after rain.

Air purity control

The function allows you to evaluate the actual air pollution. This prevents the appliance from operating at full power without the need.


Allows you to set the time after which the complex will turn off. Convenient to calmly fall asleep or leave the apartment without worrying about the device.


With such a function, the complex has a special unit where a capsule with aromatic substance is placed or a liquid flavor is added, which is then mixed into the passing air stream. It helps to quickly hide an unpleasant odor or give the room an aroma of coffee, flowers, citrus fruits.


Remote control

Allows you to make adjustments to the settings, turn on and off the device without getting up from the couch.

Filter soiling indicator

Each manufacturer sets the average filter life, but by the indicator you can see its actual life in specific operating conditions, which will allow prolonged use or, conversely, will prompt you to change cartridges more often.

Night mode

To keep the air clean at night, the quiet operation of the complex is important. To do this, choose a model with a night mode, which produces sounds at the level of 25-30 dB (not heard at all). A bit louder for the human ear will be 40-50 dB. Models of 60 dB and above will turn on only during the day, because at night they will interfere with sleep.

The best climatic complexes

Understanding all the features that affect the price and functionality of the device, we consider the rating of climate systems for an apartment or a house. We have prepared the best models, featuring attractive features and positive user reviews.

AIC XJ-4000

In the first place is the climate complex in a black case with an LED display and five touch buttons at the top. The device consumes 55 watts per hour and has a pre-filter, behind which is located HEPA. Further, air passes through the photocatalytic unit and the electrostatic lattice. At the exit, odors are absorbed by the carbon cartridge.


  • Productivity 300 m³ / h.
  • For an area of ​​50 m².
  • The number of cleaning steps is 5.

AIC XJ 4000


Pros AIC XJ-4000

  1. The optimal angle of the screen is visible while sitting and standing.
  2. There is an ionization function.
  3. Can be controlled remotely.
  4. Programmable timer.
  5. Effectively eliminates allergies.
  6. Evenly distributes the air flow throughout the room.


Cons AIC XJ-4000

  1. Loud work with an indicator of 60 dB.
  2. After shutdown, settings are lost.
  3. It takes up a lot of space on the floor due to the dimensions of 40x54x28 cm.

Output. The model is notable for the presence of diodes in the photocatalytic filter, not a lamp. This helps reduce energy consumption and makes the UV block resource almost equal to the resource of the complex itself. Other models use lamps that burn out periodically.


Yamaguchi Oxygen

Complex with power 60 watts. Contains inside HEPA, a photocatalytic filter and a carbon filter, as well as a screen for preliminary cleaning. At the same time can ionize the flow. Designed for outdoor installation. There is no screen, so you can determine the air quality and the included modes by the light indication. The timer is set in 1 hour increments. The volume of work in standard mode is 50 dB.


  • Productivity 350 m³ / s.
  • For an apartment with an area of ​​60 m².
  • The number of cleaning steps is 4.

Yamaguchi Oxygen


Pros of Yamaguchi Oxygen

  1. Touch buttons.
  2. Color indication of air pollution.
  3. Convenient remote control.
  4. Attractive design.
  5. There is a night mode and a car.
  6. Stable on the floor.


Cons Yamaguchi Oxygen

  1. Missing display.
  2. At night, he himself can switch to loud work if air pollution rises.
  3. The UV lamp is turned on only from the remote control - there is no button with such a function on the device case.

Output. Judging by the reviews, most buyers like the model with its intelligent air quality determination system. The device automatically detects smoke, increased dustiness or gas contamination, which causes it to switch to intensive mode.


AIC CF8410

Cleaning complex with a UV lamp, an ionizer, HEPA and a carbon filter. Air absorption occurs through the front panel, and the output is clean on the sides. In front there are three touch buttons and diodes. Power consumption at the third speed - 55 watts. The maximum operating volume is 50 dB.


  • Productivity 180 m³ / h.
  • For rooms 35 m².
  • The number of filters is 4.

AIC CF8410


Pros of AIC CF8410

  1. Precise electronic control.
  2. Ionizes a passing stream.
  3. Light weight 4.2 kg.
  4. The speed of operation can be adjusted.
  5. Interesting, modern design.
  6. In the first mode, you can not hear at all.


Cons AIC CF8410

  1. HEPA, although it is, but it is 14th grade.
  2. The white body gradually becomes dusty itself.
  3. There is no screen.
  4. When cleaning the carbon filter with soapy water, spools form.

Output. The users of the complex like the effective fight against allergens, especially with cat hair. After two days of use, the need to take antihistamines will disappear. When cleaning the filter, a lot of hairs are found, which indicates high-quality operation.


Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S

In fourth place in the ranking is the climate complex from the Chinese concern Xiaomi. A feature of the model is the use of the Toray filter, which is the development of Japanese scientists. It uses activated carbon from coconut, actively absorbing formaldehydes. The device has dimensions of 24x52x24 cm and weighs 4.5 kg.


  • Productivity 310 m³ / h.
  • For an area of ​​37 m².
  • The number of filters is 2.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S


Pros of Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S

  1. Attractive design.
  2. Display to control settings.
  3. The screen shows the humidity level and temperature in the apartment.
  4. Precise electronic control.
  5. Air purity control.
  6. It removes odors well.


Cons Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S

  1. Only two levels of cleaning.
  2. Expensive maintenance when changing a carbon filter.
  3. Noisy turbo mode.

Output. The complex is attractive by the presence of a Wi-Fi module that allows you to control the device from a smartphone. This allows you to turn on the device remotely, for example, when leaving work from home. The manufacturer has released an intuitive application that is easy to learn. Climatic equipment is compatible with the "smart home" system.


Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

Another development of Xiaomi, relating to the professional category. The climate complex has dimensions of 26x73x26 cm and weighs 9.7 kg. It has a screen, a filter contamination sensor and air humidity. The model features a laser sensor with high sensitivity and accuracy. The HEPA filter of the 11th class is installed inside.


  • Productivity 500 m³ / h.
  • Designed for an area of ​​60 m².
  • The number of cleaning steps is 3.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro


Pros of Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

  1. Quiet operation in auto mode.
  2. Really well purifies the air.
  3. You can "tie" with other devices in the "smart home".
  4. The timer is programmed by the hours and days of the week.
  5. Built-in child protection.
  6. Management from a smartphone.


Cons of Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

  1. The model weighs almost 10 kg.
  2. When specifying the region "Russia", the application does not have this device (you need to change the region to another).
  3. In automatic mode, the display does not go out at night.

Output. This complex stands out for its capacity of 500 m³ / h, which exceeds the performance of other models. Such a climate device is optimal not only for a spacious apartment, but also for an office in which 7 to 15 people work.


Xiaomi Smartmi Fresh Air System Wall Mounted

This model from Xiaomi is interesting for wall placement, which saves space on the floor. You can get the cartridge with the HEPA 13 filter in one touch by unfastening the latch on the right side of the housing.Climatic apparatus shows air pollution in the apartment, humidity level and condition of the device.


  • Productivity 220 m³ / h.
  • For a room of 35 m².
  • The number of filters is 3.

Xiaomi Smartmi Fresh Air System Wall Mounted


Pros of Xiaomi Smartmi Fresh Air System Wall Mounted

  1. Office from the phone.
  2. It works with the Smart Home system.
  3. Informative display.
  4. Does not take up space on the floor.
  5. There is a valve for blocking the channel with electronic control.
  6. Quiet operation in auto mode.


Cons Xiaomi Smartmi Fresh Air System Wall Mounted

  1. Diamond drilling will be required for installation.
  2. It weighs 11 kg and is difficult to install by yourself.
  3. Dust accumulates on the white case.
  4. There are few replacement filters on sale.

Output. The complex is interesting for the influx of not only purified, but also fresh air from the street. Its operation involves connecting to a channel on the rear wall that goes directly to the outside of the house. As a result, clean air enters the apartment and no noise is heard from the street.


Timberk TAP FL600 MF

Further in the ranking is a complex with preliminary purification of the stream, a photocatalyst, an electrostatic lattice and a coal block. The design is intended for floor installation, but due to the low housing it can be located on a shelf or table. On the top cover there is a display with air quality indication. At the back there is a compartment for winding the power cord.


  • Productivity 120 m³ / h.
  • For room 25 m².
  • The number of cleaning steps is 4.

Timberk TAP FL600 MF


Pros Timberk TAP FL600 MF

  1. UV lamp kills all germs.
  2. The timer can be programmed in 1 hour increments.
  3. Relatively quiet night mode.
  4. The complex is sold in white or black.
  5. The speed of work is adjustable.
  6. The backlight brightness can be changed.


Cons Timberk TAP FL600 MF

  1. There is no HEPA.
  2. No remote control and no wifi.
  3. The dirt sensor readings differ from the readings in the model of another manufacturer.

Output. Pay attention to the energy consumption of the climate complex. The indicator is 14 watts per hour. Even if the device operates for 12-16 hours a day, the monthly electricity consumption will increase by only 60 kW.


Tefal PU4025

The French manufacturer Tefal offers a climate complex with three steps, one of which is HEPA. The model has a vertical case with a black display and blue indication. The blue illumination of the air outlet channel makes the device very attractive. The dimensions of the complex are 30x54x28 cm and it weighs 5.5 kg.


  • Productivity 180 m³ / h.
  • Serviced area 35 m².
  • The number of cleaning steps is 3.

Tefal PU4025


Pros of Tefal PU4025

  1. There is an indication of inclusion.
  2. The display shows a dirty filter.
  3. You can set the timer for 1-2-4-8 hours.
  4. Ionization function.
  5. There is a carry handle.
  6. The backlight turns off at night.


Cons Tefal PU4025

  1. There is no remote control.
  2. A sour smell is heard from the NanoCaptur unit.

Output. This complex is protected against improper installation of removable cartridges. If you place them on the wrong side, the device simply will not turn on. This will save users from the useless operation of the cleaner. This feature is worth paying attention to those who find it difficult to independently determine the correctness of the maintenance of the complex.


Kitfort KT-2803

And here is a climate complex with four cleaning steps, where it contains HEPA, a UV lamp, a preliminary filter and washable wheels. Ultrasonic technology is used to generate steam. Moreover, the power consumption is 25 watts. A 5 l tank is provided for storing water, and the operating time on one tank is 16 hours.


  • Area up to 20 m².
  • Productivity 150 m³ / h.
  • The number of cleaning steps is 4.

Kitfort KT 2803


Pros Kitfort KT-2803

  1. Low noise 35 dB.
  2. Compact dimensions 24x37x17 cm.
  3. The light weight of 2.1 kg allows you to take the device with you on trips (to hotels, to the cottage).
  4. The front panel is highlighted.
  5. An antibacterial lamp removes all germs.
  6. The spray diffuser rotates 360 degrees.


Cons Kitfort KT-2803

  1. Inconvenient system of filling water into the tank.
  2. There is no display - instead, a visual blende.
  3. The buttons are touch-sensitive and do not always work the first time.

Output. The complex is notable for the presence of a reservoir with water, which allows you to wash off the dust from the blades and regulate the humidity in the apartment.With such a device, dust will not only stop flying in the air, but will also be isolated from it. The device also has a unit for placing capsules with aromas, which will help to give the room a pleasant smell, for example, before guests arrive.


Panasonic F-VXR50R

Our TOP-10 climatic complex with the function of air washing completes. In addition to the wetted discs, the device contains a HEPA filter and a deodorizing unit. In an hour, the device is able to release up to 500 ml of liquid into the air. In this tank with a capacity of 2.3 liters is enough for 4 hours. The panel reports the level of humidity in the apartment, as well as the degree of contamination of the filter elements.


  • Productivity 306 m³ / h.
  • For an area of ​​40 m².
  • The number of cleaning steps is 3.

Panasonic F VXR50R


Pros of the Panasonic F-VXR50R

  1. There are lock buttons from children.
  2. Quick change of cassette through the side hatch.
  3. Speed ​​adjustment
  4. Sold in white and black.
  5. Quickly gaining the set humidity level.
  6. 54 dB operation is not very different from the hum of the computer system unit.


Cons Panasonic F-VXR50R

  1. The water in the tank quickly ends - you can’t leave it on all night.
  2. It weighs 8.6 kg, so rearranging is difficult.
  3. There is no remote control.

Output. The complex is interesting by the presence of a light sensor. Due to this, in the automatic mode, the device itself determines whether it is day or night. In the second case, the complex reduces the brightness of the backlight and the intensity of rotation, so as not to interfere with the rest of people.

What climate complex did you decide to buy?

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