The heated mat is a kind of warm floor that does not need special installation. For safety, the surface of the mat is protected by a cover that prevents moisture from getting inside. The upper side is covered with carpet, and the lower side is usually equipped with a protective screen to prevent heat loss. To determine which heated mat is better, consider their varieties, selection criteria and review the most successful models of heated mats.

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Types of heated mats

Manufacturers try to please all users, so they offer a wide variety of heating mats. All products can be grouped by purpose and by the method of organizing heating.

What are the heated mats depending on the heating technology

For the production of warm rugs, several technologies are used:

1. Floor mats

Structurally, such products are thin veins laid throughout the mat and well insulated. Models heat up quickly, providing a comfortable floor temperature. Thermal mats are very durable, they can be folded for storage or transportation.

The device of a warm rug based on an electric cable
The device of a warm rug based on an electric cable.

2. Infrared mats

The most popular version of warm rugs. As a heating element, graphite strips on a polymer film are used, placed inside a special cover. When connected to an outlet, the film begins to emit infrared rays that heat surrounding objects.

IR mat device
The device is a mat based on a film generating infrared radiation.

Each design has features that affect the choice of rug.

Types of warm mats, depending on the purpose

For their intended purpose, heating mats can be divided into several types.

For heating your feet

Electric foot mats are small, effectively warm the limbs and do not pose a danger to the body. Low temperature prevents burns.

For pets

Animals that are forced to sleep on the cold floor can also catch a cold. Therefore, in order to create comfortable conditions for pets, it is advisable to purchase a heating mat.

For bathroom

After warm water, it is unpleasant to get up on a cold tile. Thermal mat will not allow to freeze or slip on the tile floor.

For auto

In this category, devices with infrared radiation are most often used. They consume little energy, are compact and easy to care for.

For drying shoes

Rugs are used not only for drying shoes, but also for heating them in cold hallways without heating.

For seedlings

Growing seedlings will be much more successful if you use a special heating mat.Soft heating will prevent the death of plants from temperature changes on the windowsill.

Almost all models are interchangeable, many heat not only locally, but also increase the temperature in the room as a whole.

How to choose a heated mat

Today there are mats of any size and purpose for sale. In a small room, for example, a nursery, you can cover almost all the flooring.

Manufacturers offer standard mats that are designed just for heating, or products with special options. When choosing rugs, you should focus on several parameters:

  • appointment;
  • type of heating elements;
  • surface material;
  • energy consumption indicator;
  • the presence of a temperature controller;
  • degree of protection against electric shock.

The mat should have a nice cover so that it is comfortable to walk barefoot on it. Equally important is high-quality moisture protection.


First of all, you need to determine for what purpose a heated mat is purchased. The dimensions of the mat depend on its purpose:

  • Automotive. They are used for seats or for the floor, while the floor should be placed in the legs and not go beyond the space allotted in the car. Auto products are adapted for low voltage networks.
  • For animals. Pets can scratch or bite the mat, so you need to choose products with increased strength. The animal should be weaned first to spoil the wires. The maximum heating temperature must not exceed 35 ° C.
  • For bathroom. When purchasing a thermal bath mat, you must make sure that it has effective water-repellent properties. It is also important to pay attention to the insulation and anti-slip coating on the back. Antifungal treatment is applied to many models.
  • For legs. Usually for this purpose small rugs are produced, occupying a small area. The maximum temperature is 35-40 ° C, exceeding this norm can cause burns. There are products in which the highest temperature can reach 50 ° C. If such a carpet is not equipped with a temperature controller, then it is better not to take it.

The largest models are used for underfloor heating over a large area. In this case, you need to focus on the size of the room where you plan to lay the thermal mat.

Type of heating elements

Each type of heating elements of the mat has its advantages and disadvantages:

1. The most durable are considered mats using a thin electric cable. The advantages of the models include heating speed, durability, the ability to adjust power. But in the places where the cable passes, the carpet sags over time, because the heating is uneven. Do not install furniture on the product; internal elements may be damaged.

2. Infrared mats consume a minimum amount of energy, evenly heating the entire surface. Rugs are not afraid of moisture, they are not subject to overheating. However, some products are not recommended to be repeatedly collapsed and deployed.

Surface Material

Many people choose a thermal mat for their visual appeal. Manufacturers are trying to diversify the color and coating material. But in certain places - the bathroom, the car - the coloring is not as important as the performance. For wet and dirty surfaces, it is better to purchase products with a rubberized back. It is easier to clean and does not slip.

Rubber mat
Warm rug with rubberized side.

Energy consumption indicator

Powerful products warm better, but they consume more electricity. A significant part of modern thermal carpets are constructed using modern technologies that require minimal energy consumption. The most economical are infrared mats.

The presence of a temperature controller

The built-in thermostat greatly facilitates the use of the device. Depending on the purpose at the moment, you can set the appropriate temperature. To create a comfortable atmosphere in the whole room will help maximum heating, and for the legs you can use the average temperature.The best choice would be a model with auto power off.

Warm mat with thermostat.
Warm mat with thermostat.

Degree of protection against electric shock

Safety is one of the main factors when using electrical appliances. The higher the electrical safety class of the thermal mat, the less hazard the product poses during operation. Typically, mats have protection class I – II.

Best heated mats

Next, we will review the most successful models of heated mats. Among the considered models, there are multi-purpose products. They differ in size and temperature.

Heatlux Express 300 W

A universal solution for floor heating in an apartment or in a country house. The mat is made of a thin heating cable and equipped with a reliable protective sheath. Designed for laying directly on the floor covering under the carpet. Long pile carpets are not recommended as an upper shelter; it is better to use mats.

The mat fits into a convenient transport bag and fits easily into a cabinet for storage. A 2.5 meter power cord allows you to position the mat anywhere in the room. Heating to a maximum temperature of 30 ° C takes 1 hour.


  • The area of ​​heating - 2,8 m²
  • Cord Length - 2.5 m
  • Options - Shielded
  • Size - 200 x 140 cm
  • Maximum temperature - 30 ° С

teplolux Express 300v


Heating mat CALEO

A heating mat made using infrared technology. Designed mainly for delicate drying of shoes. Due to its rather large size, it can accommodate several pairs. It can also be used to warm your feet or as a warm litter for your pet.

Good insulation prevents moisture from entering. The mat is well cleaned and washed, has auto-regulation. Upon reaching maximum temperature, it reduces energy consumption several times.


  • The area of ​​heating - 0, 24 m²
  • Cord Length - 1.7 m
  • Options - auto-regulation
  • Size - 40 x 60 cm
  • Maximum temperature - 40 ° С



Thermolux Carpet

Cable thermal carpet, which is used to dry shoes or warm feet at home and in the office. The optimum temperature maintained by the device (40 ° C) does not dry out leather products, but gently warms them up without changing their shape. The canvas holds up to 5 pairs, that is, you can dry the shoes for the whole family. As a local warm floor, the rug can be placed anywhere.

A high-quality coating is easily cleaned of dirt and quickly restores its original appearance. A convenient hook is provided for storage, for which the mat can be hung.


  • The area of ​​heating - 0, 40 m²
  • Cord Length - 1.8 m
  • Options - auto-regulation
  • Size - 50 x 80 cm
  • Maximum temperature - 40 ° С

teplolux carpet


Kind heat KVLZ 60

The mat is intended for use as a warm floor covering in the bathroom. The product quickly heats up within 5-10 minutes. Creates a comfortable foot temperature on the surface and slightly warms the room. Especially relevant in bathrooms of private homes or in apartments in the off-season. Mat has a high degree of protection against moisture, is resistant to mechanical stress. The lower surface has anti-slip properties.


  • The area of ​​heating - 0, 24 m²
  • Cord Length - 1.5 m
  • Thickness - 0.5 cm
  • Size - 40 x 60 cm
  • Maximum temperature - 35-40 ° С

dobroe teplo kvz60


Heated mat Teplovichok

This is a mat with infrared heating designed for local heating of the floor or any horizontal and even vertical surfaces. The manufacturer positions the device as a universal solution with which you can dry your shoes, warm your legs, heat seedlings or animal beds. The top layer of the mat is fleecy, and the bottom is made in the form of a foamed substrate, which ensures the preservation of heat. It can be equipped with a heating controller.


  • Power - 360 W
  • Cord length - 1.9 m, with a switch and 2.2 if a mat with a regulator
  • Size - 120 x 230 cm, there are other options
  • Maximum temperature - 42 ° С



Rug heated "Heat of the Crimea" No. 2

An infrared warm mat, its main purpose is to dry the shoes, but can also be used for other purposes. Inside the carpet, an environmentally friendly and safe carbon heating element is used.


  • Power - 50 W;
  • Size - 50 x 33 cm;
  • Maximum temperature - 45 ° С

teplo kryma 2 G

What kind of heated mat are you planning to buy?

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