Air ionizers help restore the freshness of the atmosphere in the room, due to small electrical discharges occurring inside the device. The rating of air ionizers and tips for choosing appliances will help you figure out the differences and buy a reliable device for an apartment or home.

The best models of air ionizers

The selection of goods was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

Which air ionizer is better to buy

Ionizers saturate the room with negatively charged ions, which bind the dust and contribute to its deposition on surfaces or accumulation in filters. In some models, a complex of metal pins is applied inside, to which electric current is supplied. This creates small discharges that mimic the effect of a natural thunderstorm. In this case, oxygen molecules (O2) are broken and joined to not yet broken, forming ozone (О3) The latter is felt fresh and easily inhaled. This function is called ozonation.

But inside, the design of the device may differ. There are devices only with an electric grill, others are supplemented with preliminary filters or even the finely porous HEPA cartridge. The distribution of fresh air can be realized by means of an ionic wind (natural circulation) or by a fan. A separate category is equipped with a humidification function.

Air ionizer device
Air ionizer device.

The choice of ionizer depending on the problems to be solved

Based on the above, it is necessary to choose an ionizer depending on the tasks ahead. To do this, it is important to know which ionizers cope better with certain problems.

To restore air freshness

To fill the room with fresh air, choose the simplest ionizers with or without a fan. This will help eliminate odors and deposit dust on the floor. If the family has allergies, asthmatics, or just people with increased sensitivity to extraneous odors, then use an ionizer designed for a smaller area. For example, for a room of 20 m² you should buy a device for 12 m². Then ozone will be less “audible” and its effect will be softer.

To eliminate tobacco smoke

If you smoke in the room or smoke enters from your neighbors, you must purchase an ionizer with ozonation function. It is oxidation that will decompose tobacco smoke into hydrogen and other safe substances. Here, the calculated area of ​​the device must correspond to the actual one so that the device is efficient. To save money, it is better to pay attention to ionizers with an electrostatic grating, since it is easier to wash from resins than a fine HEPA filter. Using the latter will increase the cost of operation and slow down the cleaning speed.

To clean air from dust

When it is necessary not only to deposit dust on the surface, but also to remove it from the premises, ionizers with HEPA filters are used. Due to the corrugated structure, they reliably retain even invisible dust, so the air is not only fresh, but also clean.The ozonation function in this case does not play a significant role. Such products are good for children's rooms and people with allergic reactions.

Ionizer with hepa filter
Ionizer with a HEPA filter.

Take into account the noise level.

Ionizers can work due to the natural circulation of air from electric discharges (ionic wind) or with forced blowing by a fan. The former are almost silent and suitable for use at night next to the bed.

Ionizer without fan
Air ionizer without fan.

The latter provide a quick distribution of fresh air, but loud at maximum modes, which interferes with sleep or work.

Ionizer with fan
Air ionizer with fan.

What to do if the house has dry air

Electrified dust and current discharges can help reduce air humidity by drying it. If there is dry air in your area, then it is better to buy an ionizer with a humidifier. It will produce cold or hot steam, while refreshing the room. For work, you will need to periodically add water to the tank.

Humidifier ionizer
Air ionizer with humidifier.

Filter availability

By themselves, the metal needles of the ionizer do not eliminate the dust, but only contribute to its subsidence. Built-in UV lamps also clean the air of bacteria, but not of small debris. To ensure dust retention, ionizers with pre-filters are used. They are washed with water or purged with a vacuum cleaner. Even more effective will be models with HEPA Filters, which will not let particles in excess of 0.1 microns.

Place of use

When choosing an ionizer, it is important to consider not only the area of ​​the room, but also the number of people, as well as household appliances. For example, for a living room, it is enough to match the passport characteristics to the available space. For an office with a large staff and computers, with the same area as a living room, it is better to choose an ionizer designed for a larger space so that its presence is really felt.

The best air ionizers

First, consider the rating of dry ionizers. They are simpler in design and are able to "process" a passing stream, increasing its quality. The main task of such devices is to saturate the air with negatively charged ions and break up oxygen molecules to form ozone.

Ecology-Plus Super-Plus-Eco-S

Air purifier with ionization and ozonation function. Promotes oxidation of the composition of the air mixture and saturation with negatively charged particles. The output is the effect of frosty freshness. There is no fan in the design, so the model stands out with its narrow case and quiet operation. There are three modes, triggered by successive pressing of the main key.


  • Power 8 watts.
  • Dimensions 28x19x6 cm.
  • Weight 1 kg.

Ecology-Plus Super-Plus-Eco-S


Pros Ecology-Plus Super-Plus-Eco-S

  1. There are several options for coloring the case.
  2. Simple operation with two buttons.
  3. Low cost.
  4. Completely silent work.
  5. It can work as a flavoring agent (you need to add special oil to the plate).
  6. Three intensity modes.


Cons Ecology-Plus Super-Plus-Eco-S

  1. Not very attractive design.
  2. It is difficult to rinse - do not crawl between the plates with a sponge.
  3. Starts to click when the electrodes become dusty.
  4. Some of his head begins to hurt.

Output. According to reviews, the air ionizer is pleasant to users for its effectiveness in combating odors. Buyers especially praise him for fighting against unpleasant odors from domestic rats, tagging cats and hamsters.


AIC XJ-210

In second place is an ionizer with a vertical casing containing three rows of perforations for air passage. Inside the model there is a UV lamp and a fan. All control is carried out by the toggle switch located at the rear. The device is able to operate in three modes: just ionization with a cooler, ionization with ultraviolet treatment and a separate inclusion of UV without ionization.


  • Power 6 watts.
  • Weight 450 g.
  • Dimensions 9x21x9 cm.

AIC XJ 210


Pros AIC XJ-210

  1. There is a backlight on the case that helps to find the device in a dark room.
  2. The room feels pleasant freshness.
  3. Accelerated proliferation of negatively charged particles thanks to the fan.
  4. There is an active antibacterial mode with a UV lamp.
  5. Light weight is convenient for transportation.


Cons AIC XJ-210

  1. There is no smell like "after the rain", which is mentioned in the advertisement.
  2. A little fan noise at night.
  3. The ionization mechanism itself also emits clicks.
  4. To change the mode, you need to remove the device from the outlet.

Output. The ionizer is notable for its compact design and the presence of a power plug on the back of the case. It does not need to be placed on a table or floor, but rather inserted directly into a power outlet. Weight 450 g does not create a load on the fittings. This arrangement does not take up too much space and it is convenient to rearrange it in different rooms, depending on the needs.


Fanline VE-1

The Chinese company Fanline offers an ionizer with a pre-filter, which is suitable for a spacious room up to 50 m³. Inside there is a metal grill, which will need to be washed once every two weeks. The user can set the intensity of work by pressing a button. The design is without a fan, so it can be placed next to a bed or a workplace.


  • Power 20 watts.
  • Weight 1.5 kg.
  • Dimensions 13x14x18 cm.

Fanline VE 1


Pros of Fanline VE-1

  1. Light indication of the network and the included mode.
  2. Easy to rinse the metal grill.
  3. How to disassemble, anyone will understand.
  4. The room becomes less dust flying in the air.
  5. There is no noise, therefore it can work in the immediate vicinity of a person.
  6. Does not affect pets.


Cons Fanline VE-1

  1. The body is slightly slack.
  2. Short power cord.
  3. Dust settles on furniture (but does not fly).

Output. This model is worth paying attention to those who work at the table for many hours. The low stand and raised housing channel help direct the flow of ionized air directly to the user. During the day, you will breathe fresh air, which will increase productivity.


AirTec XJ-600

This ionizer is specially designed for in-car use. A supply voltage of 2 W will not affect the operation of the on-board network. The device is installed on the panel next to the ventilation channels. Inside is only an electrostatic filter. Six round holes on the sides of the casing facilitate faster airflow.


  • Power 2 watts.
  • Weight 200 g.
  • Dimensions 14x4x4 cm.

AirTec XJ 600


Pros of AirTec XJ-600

  1. There is an indication of inclusion.
  2. Does not take up much space in the cabin.
  3. An adapter for connecting to the car network is already included in the kit.
  4. Provides pleasant, clean air in the cabin.
  5. Affordable price.
  6. No noise at work.


Cons AirTec XJ-600

  1. The Velcro mount does not hold the device well during shaking.
  2. Only one mode.

Output. The product is worth a closer look to those who often travel in traffic jams. In such a situation, through the ventilation system, it pulls a lot of exhaust gases from the cars in front into the passenger compartment. Even closing the shutters does not help isolate the odor. The ionizer will take on this function and inside the car will be comfortable, despite the surrounding smog.


Ecology-Plus Super-Plus-Bio LCD

The ionizer is made in a narrow rectangular case and can be located on a table or floor. Inside, a multi-needle system is implemented, to which voltage is applied. Due to the large number of electrical pins, natural air circulation is created without a fan. The user has several modes in intensity.


  • Power 10 watts.
  • Weight 1.8 kg.
  • Dimensions 19x29x10 cm.

Ecology-Plus Super-Plus-Bio LCD


Pros Ecology-Plus Super-Plus-Bio LCD

  1. A light indication indicates the status of the device and the level of contamination of the filter.
  2. Several speed modes.
  3. Ozonation of the room.
  4. Effective against odors.
  5. Helps improve sleep quality.
  6. Ergonomic design.


Cons Ecology-Plus Super-Plus-Bio LCD

  1. By default, forced mode is turned on at startup, which is most often not required.
  2. There is no timer to set the period of activity.
  3. The backlight does not turn off - it blinds a little at night.
  4. There is some hissing, like from computer speakers.

Output. In the reviews, the model is liked by the presence of a turbo function that helps to accelerate the neutralization of odors. This is especially true for rooms where repairs are carried out (smell of paint, glue, materials cut by the grinder, etc.). The ionizer also has a blue backlit display that visually reports the degree of contamination of the filter and the temperature in the room.



Desktop ionizer, which is designed for rooms up to 50 m³. Consumption of up to 3 watts per hour allows you to use it from the on-board network of the car. The design includes a pre-filter, so the device partially collects dust. The user can adjust the speed of operation and the ozonation function.


  • Power 3 watts.
  • Weight 400 g.
  • Dimensions 20x7x12 cm.



Advantages of ATMOS UVOI

  1. It does not require constant monitoring - turned on and forgot.
  2. Effectively removes odors.
  3. Ozonation is really felt - it is breathed easily.
  4. Acceptable price.
  5. The pre-filter is removed with two fingers for a special eye.
  6. Easy access to the mode switch.



  1. The old-style power supply with a transformer inside is heavy and bulky.
  2. The adapter is very hot.
  3. The dust accumulated inside the housing is difficult to remove (from the needle system).
  4. Hisses, if not cleaned for a long time.
  5. There is no indication to understand what condition the device is currently in (only sniff at the smell of ozone).

Output. Many buyers like the ionizer for their work in the bathroom of an apartment building. The device fights the smell of the toilet well, and also neutralizes the stench coming from the ventilation duct from the neighbors (burnt food, smoking, etc.). The flat configuration allows you to place it on a low shelf in a small room so that it does not take up space on the floor.

Which air ionizer did you decide to buy?

The best humidifiers with ionizer

Such devices perform two functions simultaneously. They are more complex in design, but ionization and maintaining the optimal level of humidity even better affects human health.


In the first place TOP-5 humidifiers with an ionizer model in the form of a vertical column with a translucent body on the sides. Through the walls of the tank it is easy to control the remaining liquid. All controls are placed on the front panel, illuminated by diodes during operation. In an hour, the humidifier releases up to 300 ml of water into the room, so overnight it can easily raise humidity to 50%.


  • Power 30 watts.
  • For an area of ​​25 m².
  • The capacity of the tank is 3.5 liters.
  • Dimensions 16x33x30 cm.



Pros AIC SPS-858

  1. Quiet work does not interfere with night rest.
  2. Beautiful design with chrome control wheels.
  3. Adjust the spray direction with the swivel head.
  4. The tank lasts 10 hours.
  5. There is no plaque on furniture.
  6. Ionization is activated by a separate button at the request of the user.


Cons AIC SPS-858

  1. Inconvenient fluid filling circuit (bottom).
  2. When flipping, water drips.
  3. The backlight is very blind at night.
  4. Poor lid attachment.

Output. The humidifier is notable for the ultrasonic principle of operation, where there is no heating of the case, which increases the safety of use in a room with children. Still such technology allows to precisely control the level of humidity and adjust it automatically.


Leberg LH-803

The humidifier in design resembles an acoustic speaker. At the end there are two nozzles for spraying steam. The water tank is made of tinted plastic. Moisture control is monitored electronically. All buttons on the touch panel. Humidified ionizer is available in black and silver black.


  • Power 105 watts.
  • Weight 2.9 kg.
  • 5 liter tank
  • Dimensions 28x40x21 cm.

Leberg LH 803


Pros of the Leberg LH-803

  1. There is an electronic display.
  2. The timer allows you to set the delayed start time or the interval of shutdown of the ionizer.
  3. Indication shows a low level of humidity and water.
  4. Quiet operation at 35 dB.
  5. When the capacity is empty, automatic shutdown is triggered.
  6. The kit comes with a car adapter.


Cons Leberg LH-803

  1. Short power cord.
  2. The moisturizing effect begins to be felt after 4 hours.
  3. Touch buttons do not respond the first time.
  4. When removing the tank, water spills slightly on the floor.

Output. The product is of high quality air purification. In addition to moisture and ionization, the model traps the passing dust in itself, since it is equipped with a HEPA filter. The installation of a demineralizing filter is optionally provided so that during intensive use white plaque does not appear on furniture.


Zanussi ZH 5.5 Onde

The humidifier from the Zanussi brand is suitable for rooms with an area of ​​up to 35 m². For an hour of operation, the device consumes 350 ml of liquid. The design provides a hygrostat that measures the level of humidity in the room. Management is carried out by seven touch buttons.


  • Power is 27 W.
  • Weight 1.8 kg.
  • The capacity of the tank is 5.5l.
  • Dimensions 23x36x15 cm.

Zanussi ZH 5.5 Onde


Pros of Zanussi ZH 5.5 Onde

  1. Conveniently monitor the performance of the electronic display.
  2. There is a timer function.
  3. Additionally, a capsule for aromatization is installed.
  4. Built-in demineralizing cartridge.
  5. The case does not heat up during operation.
  6. Automatic shutdown in the absence of water.


Cons Zanussi ZH 5.5 Onde

  1. The direction of steam output does not change (always up).
  2. The sound is louder than the computer system unit.
  3. Gradually, the fan blades become covered with deposits.
  4. Difficult gulf of water with unscrewing the filter and flipping the tank.
  5. A pool of liquid from steam condensation may collect under the appliance.

Output. The humidifier differs from other products in the rating by the presence of a child protection function. The buttons of the device are locked, and it is already impossible to turn off the power or something. Such an ionizer is not scared to leave unattended in the children's room.


Timberk THU UL 28E

The humidifier is designed for an area of ​​up to 30 m². In one hour of operation, up to 300 ml of water is released into the air. The ionization function ensures dust-free flow. A small digital display shows humidity and contamination. Elegant design on the leg makes the device one of the elements of room decoration. The product is available in white and black body colors.


  • Power 25 watts.
  • The volume of the tank is 3.7 d.
  • Weight 3.1 kg.
  • Dimensions 23x50x24 cm.

Timberk THU UL 28E


Pros Timberk THU UL 28E

  1. Ultrasonic type of humidification.
  2. Duration of work is up to 16 hours.
  3. Able to maintain humidity at the level of 40-90%.
  4. Built-in hygrostat.
  5. The direction of blowing steam is set by turning the upper disk.
  6. A timer in increments of 1 hour allows you to set any interval of action or inaction.


Cons Timberk THU UL 28E

  1. It is inconvenient to fill the tank.
  2. In practice, suitable for a room of 20 m².
  3. Do not put closer to walls or furniture than 60 cm.
  4. Gurgling loudly during work.

Output. The ionizer stands out from other participants in the rating by the presence of a remote control. There are 7 buttons on it, which allows you to fully control the device remotely (to adjust humidity, discharge rate, set the shutdown time).


Royal Clima Ancona (RUH-A350 / 5.5E)

According to the passport characteristics, the model is designed for an area of ​​40 m². In an hour, it releases up to 350 ml of water into the air in the form of cold steam. If the tank is filled to the top, the humidifier can work up to 16 hours, after which it will shut itself off. The ionizer is launched by an additional button and can act both in conjunction with humidification, and separately. The humidifier is available for purchase in white and black.


  • Power 30 watts.
  • The tank holds 5.5 liters.
  • The weight of the device is 2.9 kg.
  • Dimensions 23x34x22 cm.

Royal Clima Ancona (RUH-A350 / 5.5E) 


Pros of Royal Clima Ancona (RUH-A350 / 5.5E)

  1. Intuitive controls.
  2. The screen with indicators of humidity level and the included mode.
  3. Swiveling spray head.
  4. Through the transparent walls, the remainder of the liquid is visible.
  5. Feet with rubber pads prevent slipping on the table.
  6. Includes a remote control with touch buttons.


Cons Royal Clima Ancona (RUH-A350 / 5.5E)

  1. High price.
  2. It prevents people with sensitive sleep from sleeping.
  3. Demanding on water quality.
  4. Tightly unscrews the plug for filling the liquid.

Output. This model has high quality workmanship and equipment. The Royal humidifier is assembled from safe and durable materials, and the internal circuitry of the electronics and actuator are characterized by increased reliability. Here, even the backlight turns off separately so that the night operation of the device does not interfere with rest. If you need an ionizer-humidifier for many years, then take a look at this product.

Which air humidifier with ionizer did you decide to buy?

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