After reading this article, you will get an idea of ​​the design features, the principle of operation and the main characteristics of air washers. The rating of air sinks for home and office presented in the material will help you make the right choice when buying.

The best air washers

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What kind of air cleaner is better to buy

Air washing is an effective means of maintaining a comfortable environment for work and leisure. It is able to clean the home atmosphere from particles of dust, tobacco smoke, pathogenic bacteria, pollen and other allergens. At the same time, a humidity level favorable to human health is maintained. Consider what technical solutions can be used in air washes and what to look for when choosing a device.

Air wash technology and noise level

Water purification of the air in air washers can be carried out in two ways:

1. Hydrofiltration Technology.

It consists in creating a fine suspension of water spray through which the cleaned air is passed. This technology is considered more noisy because it uses a high-speed mixer. In the process, it creates powerful jets that hit the walls of the apparatus.

Hydrofiltration technology

2. The principle of a water bath.

Here, intense contact of air with water is due to the rapid rotation of plastic discs with a special surface topography. This leads to the formation of a thin film and the rapid evaporation of moisture.

Air washing device of this type:

Air cleaner

1. Polluted air.
2. Fan.

3. Ionization of air.
4. Fresh air.

5. Spinning drum.
6. A tray with water.

With this technology, only the air supply fan is audible. If it is executed with sufficient quality, its presence remains almost invisible, which does not interfere with a good rest.

The principle of a water bath

How to choose a model based on the area of ​​the room

The action of the device is gradual. To achieve a certain level of air purification and humidification, the device needs to work in one place for several hours, after which it continues to maintain optimal performance. To transfer it is considered impractical, so the air was selected for a specific room, and not for the entire apartment. Typically, such equipment is installed in a bedroom or children's room.

Having decided on the installation location, take into account the area of ​​the entire room. The manufacturer almost always indicates for what size room the model they produce is suitable. Devices with a capacity of 25-35 W are able to maintain the necessary humidity in the territory up to 50 sq.m In a small room, you can put a less productive device.

It is only important not to use weak units in large halls, where they will not be able to cope with the task even with constant work at maximum speeds.

Selection of an air sink to solve specific problems

Air washers behave differently during operation. Some developers focus on mechanical cleaning, others on moisturizing.The buyer should decide in advance which of the tasks is a priority for him.

Dry air

For effective humidification, it is better to choose equipment that works on the principle of a water bath. Such plants can evaporate from 200 to 500 ml / hour, which is enough even for a very dry atmosphere. This indicator reaches the level of operation of modern ultrasonic evaporators, specializing exclusively in achieving the necessary relative humidity.

Fight dust, pollen and wool

Most air washers of any type efficiently clean the air from suspended particles. If you want to achieve maximum results in this direction, you can purchase a model with the option of preliminary ionization. Such equipment is able to achieve a purification level of 99.97%, which puts it on a par with HEPA filters recommended for combating allergens and other fine suspensions. The best efficiency in this case have air sinks equipped with HEPA filters.

Design options for air washers with HEPA filters:

hepa 1m

hepa 2m

Combat odors and tobacco smoke

Any sink is suitable for combating unstable and temporary odors, because water intensively absorbs most chemicals. If there are persistent compounds in the atmosphere of your home, devices with the photocatalysis function will cope with them. They include a special filter with a catalyst layer deposited on it. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, oxidative processes occur that decompose organic matter to the simplest safe gases.

The best inexpensive air washers for up to 15,000 rubles

Having decided on the technical requirements and priorities, it's time to start choosing a specific model.

Winia AWI-40

The compact South Korean white model is designed to clean and humidify air in rooms up to 30 sq.m. An informative touchscreen display located in the upper part of the case allows you to select any of the five programmed operating modes. Noise level no more than 36 dB.

The device is equipped with a function of preliminary ionization of water and air using a silver filter Bio-Silver Stone. It has an automatic relative humidity controller and a water level sensor. To increase the degree of comfort, night mode is provided. Work surfaces are treated with an antibacterial coating. The model is easily disassembled for revision and cleaning.

Main characteristics:

  • power is 15 W;
  • ultrasonic principle of operation;
  • water consumption 450 ml / hour;
  • tank volume 7 l;
  • dimensions 330x330x405 mm;
  • weight is 6 kg.

Winia AWI 40


Pros of Winia AWI-40

  1. High efficiency.
  2. Profitability.
  3. Beautiful design.
  4. High-quality assembly.
  5. Simple operation and minimal maintenance.


Cons Winia AWI-40

  1. Fan bearings must be periodically lubricated with silicone oil.
  2. When the ionizer is turned on, a rattling sound appears.
  3. The accuracy of the humidity indicator is low (range 10%).

Output. The model is quite effective and easy to use. Consumers like its design, ease of operation and almost silent operation.


Winia AWM-40

Another attractive representative of the Korean brand, able to moisturize and purify the air in a room up to 28 sq.m. It has three operating modes: automatic, night, children's and three fan speeds. Management and display of readings is carried out using an elegant LED-display. There is a system of preliminary ionization of water and incoming air.

All parts of the device are made of environmentally friendly materials. Water purification takes place on a silver coated cartridge. The tank and rotating discs are treated with an antibacterial coating. There is a level sensor that turns off the device in the absence of fluid. Depending on the selected mode, the noise level is from 25 to 32 dB

Main characteristics:

  • power is 11 W;
  • the principle of operation is traditional;
  • water consumption 400 ml / hour;
  • tank volume 9 l;
  • dimensions 315x390x310 mm;
  • weight is 6 kg.

Winia AWM 40


Pros of Winia AWM-40

  1. Good performance.
  2. Long work at one gas station.
  3. Low noise.
  4. Lack of consumables. All elements of the humidification and cleaning system are removed and washed.
  5. Long service life.
  6. Ease of use.
  7. Beautiful appearance. When buying, there is the possibility of choosing a color scheme.


Cons Winia AWM-40

  1. Disassembling the drive unit is difficult.
  2. Service centers of this manufacturer are not everywhere.
  3. High price for a device with such a set of functions.

Output. A simple and convenient model that does a good job of cleaning and humidifying the air.


ATMOS Aqua-3800

A good domestic model of a spherical shape can humidify and purify air in an area of ​​up to 40 sq.m. The cleaning takes place due to the passage of gas through a wet filter of the wick type made of cellulose. The process is accompanied by natural evaporation of moisture. Bactericidal impregnation prevents the development of microflora. It is possible to add flavoring substances.

The device has two operating modes. It is simple, lightweight and durable. There is a liquid level indicator. The color is dark gray.

Main characteristics:

  • power is 20 W;
  • the principle of operation is traditional;
  • water consumption 270 ml / hour;
  • tank volume 4.5 l;
  • dimensions of 295x300x295 mm;
  • weight 2.3 kg.

ATMOS Akva 3800


Advantages of ATMOS Aqua-3800

  1. Reliability.
  2. Simplicity of design.
  3. Small dimensions and weight.
  4. Convenience of service.
  5. Simple operation.
  6. Low price.


Cons ATMOS Aqua-3800

  1. The filter requires frequent replacement.
  2. The plastic housing has a characteristic odor.
  3. The model cleans more than moisturizes.
    The fan is quite noisy.

Output. This model is suitable for those for whom accessibility of purchase is important and the need to periodically perform simple maintenance is not terrible. The device copes well with its duties and fits well into any interior.


Kitfort KT-2803

This humidifier from China boasts a spectacular black and silver design and high air purification performance. It is recommended to install it in rooms of no more than 20 sq.m.

The case is made of durable plastic. This model has two filters: foam and carbon. The last of them contains activated carbon, which allows it not only to retain the smallest particles of dust, but also to neutralize substances hazardous to health. An additional disinfection is provided by an ultraviolet lamp. There is the possibility of flavoring the room.

The device has a night mode and two speeds of rotation of the blower. Electronic control using touch buttons. Indication of the state is carried out using color backlight. The model is designed for 2 years of operation with a manufacturer's warranty of 12 months. The noise level is 35 dB.

Main characteristics:

  • power is 25 W;
  • ultrasonic principle of operation;
  • water consumption 300 ml / hour;
  • tank volume 5.0 l;
  • dimensions of 240x370x170 mm;
  • weight 2.1 kg.

Kitfort KT 2803


Pros Kitfort KT-2803

  1. Elegant design.
  2. Lightweight and compact.
  3. Quick access to the required humidity.
  4. Large tank.
  5. Convenience of service.
  6. Minimum noise.
  7. Simple and intuitive controls.


Cons Kitfort KT-2803

  1. With the declared power consumption, the productivity is somewhat low.
  2. No timer and remote control.
  3. Actual evaporation of water turned out to be lower than that declared by the manufacturer.

Output. A great option for those who appreciate not only the functionality, but also the aesthetic advantages of household appliances.

What inexpensive air washer did you decide to buy?

The best air washes worth more than 20,000 rubles

Models with impeccable design, high quality of materials used and good functionality fell into this category.

Winia AWX-70

A powerful and beautiful device from South Korea is made of white plastic with a characteristic orange stripe. It is able to maintain comfortable cleanliness and humidity in rooms up to 50 sq.m. The sink has 5 operating modes, including night. It has a built-in ionizer, an effective HEPA filter, sensors for water level, humidity and extreme pollution.Electronic control with the ability to turn on / off by timer.

Air disinfection is carried out by plasma, and water - by silver ions on the filter surface. Working disks are covered with antibacterial composition. All parts are made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials. Noise level does not exceed 32 dB.

Main characteristics:

  • power 24 W;
  • the principle of operation is traditional;
  • water consumption 700 ml / hour;
  • tank volume 9.0 l;
  • dimensions 410x420x325 mm;
  • weight 10.0 kg.

Winia AWX 70


Pros of Winia AWX-70

  1. High performance.
  2. Silent work.
  3. Beautiful design.
  4. High-quality assembly, guaranteeing the duration of operation.
  5. Accurate sensor operation. Reliable automation.
  6. Convenient management and maintenance.


Cons Winia AWX-70

  1. There is no way to arbitrarily set the degree of humidity. Only configured at 60%.
  2. Regular replacement of HEPA filters is expensive.
  3. High purchase cost.

Output. The unit is reliable and productive, but you need to be prepared for significant costs for the purchase and ongoing operation.


Boneco W2055DR

Stylish Swiss air washer with a shiny black plastic case is designed to work in rooms up to 50 sq.m. Management is carried out by means of the display. The system includes a humidity regulator, an ISS silver rod ionizer, a fragrance, a filter clogging indicator, and an automatic shut-off in the absence of water.

This model has a removable tank, which facilitates the filling and maintenance process. Rotating discs are made using the latest technology and have a honeycomb structure. There are two modes of operation: basic and night. Noise level no more than 25 dB.

Main characteristics:

  • power is 20 W;
  • the principle of operation is traditional;
  • water consumption 300 ml / hour;
  • tank volume 7.0 l;
  • dimensions 360x360x360 mm;
  • weight 5.9 kg.

Boneco W2055DR


Pros of the Boneco W2055DR

  1. High-quality assembly.
  2. Beautiful design.
  3. It copes well with cleaning and moisturizing.
  4. Large enough tank.
  5. Quiet motor operation, especially at night.
  6. No consumable replacement required.
  7. Dismantling and washing do not require much time.


Cons Boneco W2055DR

  1. The water intake valve does not work evenly. Gurgling is audible.
  2. The bottom of the tank is rounded. It is not very convenient to fill the water, as the container may tip over.

Output. Reliable device for good money. Of particular note is the quality of design and quiet operation.


Sharp KC-D41RW / RB

A reliable and productive air washer from a well-known brand is available in white and black. It is able to create a favorable atmosphere in a room of up to 26 sq.m. She has electronic control with a display on the display. Here, multi-stage cleaning is implemented with the participation of several filters: preliminary, HEPA, basic water, deodorizing. The efficiency of their work increases the built-in ionizer.

Of the means of control and automatic control, it should be noted the regulator to maintain the necessary humidity, a shutdown timer, a lock in the absence of water. The body is mounted on the chassis, which simplifies the movement of the sink. Passport noise level 55 dB.

Main characteristics:

  • power is 25 W;
  • the principle of operation is traditional;
  • water consumption 440 ml / hour;
  • tank volume 2.5 l;
  • dimensions 399x615x230 mm;
  • weight 8.1 kg.

Sharp KC D41RW RB


Pros of Sharp KC-D41RW / RB

  1. Good performance.
  2. High-quality air purification.
  3. Attractive appearance.
  4. Reliability.
  5. Convenience of management.
  6. No problems with service repairs.
  7. Long service life.


Cons Sharp KC-D41RW / RB

  1. The volume of the tank is small.
  2. Inconvenient shape of the bath.
  3. Dear replaceable filters.

Output. High-quality model with good technical capabilities. It is quiet. Ideal for home. The user must be prepared for the need for frequent addition of water.


Panasonic F-VXL40

A high-quality air wash from a famous Japanese manufacturer cleans and moisturizes the atmosphere on an area of ​​up to 30 sq.m. The model works in automatic mode. The ECONAVI function drives the device when necessary. Control signals are provided by odor, humidity and light sensors. There is an indicator of clean air. There is a child lock.

The model is assembled from reliable and environmentally friendly materials with a long service life. The working life of the HEPA filter is 5 years, and the moisturizing one is 10 years. Noise level 49 dB.

Main characteristics:

  • power 52 W;
  • the principle of operation is traditional;
  • water consumption 350 ml / hour;
  • tank volume 1.6 l;
  • dimensions 330x590x250 mm;
  • weight 7.2 kg.

Panasonic F VXL40


Pros of the Panasonic F-VXL40

  1. High-quality assembly.
  2. Good performance.
  3. Profitability of work.
  4. Simple operation.
  5. Nice design.
  6. Long service life.


Cons Panasonic F-VXL40

  1. A very small tank requires frequent addition of water.
  2. High price.

Output. Great machine for good money.


SENDO Air 90

The powerful climate complex SENDOR Air 90 is designed to clean and humidify air in an area of ​​up to 50 sq.m. The system includes filters: preliminary, catalytic, silver, HEPA, carbon. As a result, dust removal efficiency reaches 99.9%. The evaporation unit maintains relative humidity automatically. Management is carried out using an informative panel.

The sink is able to regulate the intensity of the equipment itself, responding to environmental indicators. The built-in timer allows you to set the exact time to turn off the device if necessary. Noise level 57 dB.

Main characteristics:

  • power is 50 W;
  • ultrasonic principle of operation;
  • tank volume 2.0 l;
  • dimensions 390x615x200 mm;
  • weight 9.0 kg.

SENDO Air 90


Pros of SENDO Air 90

  1. High performance.
  2. Reliable automatic control system.
  3. Good build.
  4. Quickly removes odors.
  5. Economical energy consumption.
  6. Small dimensions.
  7. Nice design.
  8. Convenience of service.


Cons SENDO Air 90

  1. In intensive mode, it makes a lot of noise.
  2. Small water tank.

Output. User friendly model. When choosing automatic mode, you only need to add water in a timely manner and periodically flush the internal devices.


Stadler Form Robert Original R-007 / R-008

A powerful and easy-to-use Swiss-made machine copes with maintaining a favorable atmosphere in rooms up to 80 sq.m. It has three operating modes: manual, automatic and night. A nice bonus was the self-cleaning function, which took over part of the operations for servicing internal devices.

The main work of cleaning and humidifying the air is performed by a rotating drum of a special design equipped with filter discs. There is also a filter to soften water, an aromatization system and a hygrometer. Management is carried out using the touch screen. Depending on the selected mode, the noise level is in the range from 27 to 56 dB.

Main characteristics:

  • power 30 W;
  • the principle of operation is traditional;
  • water consumption 550 ml / hour;
  • tank volume 6.3 l;
  • dimensions 235x471x321 mm;
  • weight 8.6 kg.

Stadler Form Robert Original R 007 R 008


Pros of Stadler Form Robert Original R-007 / R-008

  1. High performance with low power consumption.
  2. Compact size.
  3. Beautiful appearance.
  4. High-quality assembly.
  5. Convenience of management and service.
    5 year warranty.


Cons Stadler Form Robert Original R-007 / R-008

  1. The internal relay operates with clicks even in night mode.
  2. There is no remote control.
  3. High price.

Output. This model is suitable for those for whom the reliability of the equipment and its functionality are more important than the money spent on the purchase.


Panasonic F-VXM80

This complex of wet air purification from a famous Japanese concern is able to maintain optimal conditions for work and leisure in a large office or residential premises. It is equipped with pre and deep filters, humidification, deodorization and descaling systems. It has modes: cleaning, soft moistening, fog, local cooling, sleep, automatic regulation.

The case of the device has a stylish shape. It is mounted on rollers, which are easily blocked after installing the device in the selected place.Child protection is provided. There is an informative control panel, timer and remote control.

Main characteristics:

  • power 88 W;
  • the principle of operation is traditional;
  • water consumption of 1500 ml / hour;
  • tank volume 15.0 l;
  • dimensions 530x800x410 mm;
  • weight 22.0 kg.

Panasonic F VXM80


Pros of Panasonic F-VXM80

  1. Exceptionally high performance.
  2. High quality of all units and parts.
  3. Presentable appearance.
  4. Great functionality.
  5. Reliability.
  6. Security.


Cons Panasonic F-VXM80

  1. Large size and heavy weight.
  2. High price.
  3. Loud noise.
  4. It is not very convenient to fill the tanks with water.
  5. High energy consumption.

Output. This model is more suitable for the office than for the home. When operating in an apartment or cottage, it is better to install it away from the recreation area. There will definitely be enough performance, but the noise will not interfere.

What kind of air cleaner do you plan to buy?

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