According to studies, household dust consists of 30% of external particles (that which enters an apartment or house from the street when airing and drafts) and 70% of dead skin cells. To improve cleanliness indoors and protect yourself from the development of allergic reactions, air purifiers are used. A review of the varieties and a rating of the best air purifiers will help you figure out which device to buy for yourself.

Best Home Air Purifiers

The selection of goods was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

Which air purifier is best to buy for an apartment or a house

When choosing an air purifier, pay attention to the estimated area and performance. The first parameter is important so that the device can really cope with the available volume. If the cleaner is designed for an area of ​​20 m², and it will be used on 40 m², then the attachment will be unjustified. Productivity is measured in m³ of air passed through the filter per hour. The higher the number, the faster the composition will be updated and users will more likely feel the effect.

The dimensions of the cleaner affect the installation method (table or floor), as well as the occupied space. In a large room this is not important, but in the case of a nursery, kitchen or living room, you should be more careful when choosing. Buyers also need to know the types of cleaners according to the principle of operation and possible functions.

Types of Air Purifiers

By type of cleaners, there are two categories - dry and wet. There are several subspecies with the implementation method. We consider each to understand the differences and advantages of a product.

Air washers

Here, the principle of operation is to draw air into the housing with a fan, after which the flow enters the drum, consisting of disks. They are partially immersed in a water pan. With the passage of air, the discs rotate and wash away the adhering dust, therefore such devices are also called air washers. The output is a clean air stream that has received natural moisture. As you work, the fluid in the bath is consumed and needs to be added.

Such installations are easier to maintain - they can be disassembled and washed independently. Among other benefits of air washers:

  • low power consumption of 15-400 W / h;
  • simple construction;
  • quiet work.

The price of air washing devices differs due to the design differences of the models related to the fan performance, the number of cleaning steps (filter layers), design, functions (display, remote control, timer, thermometer, hygrometer, hygroscope, etc.).

Although some users believe that humidifiers contribute to the spread of bacteria, but in fact, with regular maintenance of the device, they are safe.

Air cleaner

Air cleaner

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Dry Filter Cleaners

The main objective of this category of equipment is to drive air flow under pressure through a multi-stage filter design. They do not affect the humidity level. The principle of operation is to suck in air with a large fan and direct it through the cassette. Inside it can be:

  • Coarse filter. Usually a nylon mesh with a particle pass of not more than 1-5 microns.The rigid structure is easily blown with a vacuum cleaner and washed under the tap.
  • Fine filter. It is made of corrugated material, which automatically increases the absorption area. It also creates static tension during movement and attracts small dust particles. This design contributes to the retention of particles 0.1-1.0 microns.
  • HEPA. This is a patented ultra-thin pore filter system. HEPA classes vary from 11 to 14, where a smaller number is better in the quality of dust and allergen retention.

These types of cleaners are more efficient than air washers. They have express modes, pollution sensors, remote controls, timers and other functions. But at high power, the noise from the fan is amplified, which is important to consider when using at night.

Air purifier device

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Both types of cleaners (dry and wet) can optionally be equipped with an ionization function. For this, a grating is located inside, to which a weak electric current is supplied. Such stress creates a natural thunderstorm effect, releasing nitrogen. The air in the room becomes cleaner and more pleasant for breathing. Another current attracts dust particles to the grate, which slipped away from the mechanical filters.

The choice of an air purifier depending on the problems to be solved

Since everyone has different needs, the choice of a purifier must be made based on the desired effect at the output. Here are common situations in which the following types of devices are suitable.

1. Dust control

If a lot of dust accumulates in the house and it is often necessary to clean it, then dry-type air purifiers with HEPA filters will help best. Such a block with the smallest pores serves as a reliable obstacle to the path that restrains any dust. But if the apartment or house is located near the factory or highway, then you need to be prepared for frequent replacement of the filter.

Still worth paying attention to air purifiers with ionization. They help cleanse air from dust by binding it to heavier particles that do not fly, but settle on surfaces. This principle of operation does not contaminate the inside of the filter, which reduces maintenance costs. The health of the inhabitants of the house is getting better, but you need to be prepared for more frequent cleaning.

2. Dust allergy

An allergy does not manifest itself on garbage, but on that dust that is invisible to the human eye. Therefore, for an effective fight, you can use:

  • Cleaners with HEPA filters. Due to small pores, 99.9% of dust is removed from the air. They are considered the best means for the prevention and control of allergies to household dust. When buying, pay attention to the class of HEPA. It is better that he be 11-12.
  • Sinks of air. Depending on the number of disks and the power of the fan, they can absorb from 80 to 95% of dust. This is a more economical maintenance option, also contributing to hydration, which is so beneficial for allergy sufferers.
  • Ionizers. Since a lattice with voltage is used in the design, particles can pass between the rods, returning back to the air. The degree of purification here is 80-90%. It is also worth considering how an atmosphere saturated with nitrogen affects the breathing of an allergic person. But in general, this category is quite suitable.
  • Photocatalytic. The design uses ultraviolet lamps and a catalyst that kill germs, fungus, bacteria and dust mites. They serve as an additional source of allergy that needs to be addressed, so pay attention to models with UV emitters.

3. Allergy to pet hair

The hair of domestic animals (cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, etc.) has a cross section of 10 μm and is visible to the naked eye. Compared to dust, it is quite heavy and cleaners with powerful fans are needed to suck it in. Here, the important parameter is not the number of cleaning steps, but productivity. The area of ​​the filter element itself also plays a role - the larger it is, the longer the cleaner will last without its own cleaning, otherwise the wool will quickly clog it.

4. Tobacco smoke

If you smoke in the apartment, then coal filters will not help much to clean the air, since tobacco smoke needs to be quickly driven through them for adsorption, and this is impossible (goes up).Air washers here also do not have time to cope. HEPA will work, but will often become clogged with nicotine resins, which will increase the cost of operation.

The most effective models are photocatalytic filters and ionizers. It is easier to wash them from the resin, and the electric current will decompose the composition into carbon dioxide and water.

5. Get rid of bad smells

Most often, the elimination of unpleasant odors is required in the kitchen. They can come from their own cooking or from neighbors. In this case, any cleaner with a carbon filter is suitable. The cassette will adsorb odor molecules, attracting them to the granules of coal.

A cleaner with a photocatalytic effect will be more effective. This will not only eliminate unpleasant odors, but also disinfect the air. The most effective means in the fight against odors are ionization cleaners that ozonize the composition of the air, oxidizing and breaking down the organic components in it.

The best air purifiers for an apartment

Air purifiers consist of fans that draw in the flow, and a filtration system that traps particles of dust, hair, and wool. Outside, the composition is already cleared. Here is a ranking of the best models, which is made taking into account user reviews and analysis of product characteristics.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

The household appliance is made in the form of a vertical column and is installed on the floor. At the top there is a display that displays data on air quality. The device differs from others in the presence of Wi-Fi and the ability to remotely control from a smartphone. Inside, dry air cleaning is carried out due to a preliminary filter, coal and HEPA.


  • Suitable for an area of ​​60 m².
  • Productivity - 500 m³ / h.
  • Dimensions 26x73x26 cm.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro


+ Pros of Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

  1. Quiet operation in the "Auto" mode.
  2. Nice design.
  3. Remote access.
  4. Narrow slots are safe for contact with children's hands.
  5. Shows air, filter and humidity levels.
  6. There is a work timer on the days of the week.


- Cons of Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

  1. Too bulky to install on a table.
  2. In the Mi application for Russia, there is no cleaner in the detected devices (you need to change the region to “China”).
  3. Cleans well only at maximum mode.
  4. Some find it hard to figure out how it works.

Output. This air purifier is notable for the ability to work in conjunction with other devices, which is programmed in advance by the user. For example, if you have a wireless vacuum cleaner with Wi-Fi, then the cleaner may automatically turn on when cleaning. By your arrival, the room will be not only clean on the floor, but also in the air. But this gadget is suitable for those with new-fashioned devices on the "you".


Yamaguchi Oxygen

Modern cleaner with an oval body. It has touch buttons on the front side and a stylish backlight that reports the level of pollution in different tones. Pre-filters and fine filters, HEPA 12 and a photocatalyst work inside. There is an ionization function. With all this, the device consumes only 60 watts per hour.


  • Productivity - 350 m³ / h.
  • For the area - 40 m².
  • Dimensions - 35x47x18 cm.

Yamaguchi Oxygen


+ Pros of Yamaguchi Oxygen

  1. Not very noisy.
  2. Dust in the rays of sunlight does not fly.
  3. Furniture began to stay clean longer after cleaning.
  4. The light display shows the level of contamination.
  5. Convenient control by remote control.
  6. Plastic doesn't stink.


- Cons Yamaguchi Oxygen

  1. Auto mode does not turn on by itself.
  2. It cannot change speed itself depending on air pollution.
  3. There is a package on the filter that needs to be removed before the first start - not a word about this in the instructions.
  4. Dear replacement filter.

Output. Users like the product by the presence of a lamp that emits ultraviolet light. It turns on from the remote control and periodically goes out according to a given schedule. Thanks to this, the device not only removes dust from the air, but also disinfects it from germs. The cleaner is especially recommended for children's rooms.


Tefal PU4025

The French brand offers a cleaner for an apartment with a power of 35 watts, which ionizes the air and drives it through a charcoal filter and HEPA.The device has a timer that sets the period until it is turned on in the inactive state or the duration of operation in the active phase. The fan speed is set in manual mode or automatic.


  • Productivity - 180 m³ / h.
  • For the area - 35 m².
  • Dimensions - 30x54x28 cm.

Tefal PU4025


+ Pros of Tefal PU4025

  1. Futuristic design.
  2. Four steps of cleaning.
  3. There are manual, automatic and night modes.
  4. Convenient carry handle.
  5. Protection against incorrect installation of cassettes.
  6. The infrared particle sensitivity sensor can be adjusted.


- Cons Tefal PU4025

  1. A buzz is heard next to the bed.
  2. The high cost of a replacement cartridge.
  3. There is no gas sensor.
  4. Consumables need to be ordered only through the Tefal website - partners do not have them

Output. This cleaner is notable for the presence of the fourth stage of cleaning in the form of a NanoCapture filter. It is a chemisorption element that absorbs formaldehyde from the air. The goods should be paid attention to those whose apartments are located near factories.


Shivaki SHAP-5010B

Shivaki performed a model of the cleaner in an unusually narrow case, where suction takes place through the front panel, behind which there is a carbon filter and HEPA. At the top there is a light indication and control buttons. The outlet of purified air is carried out from the sides. The functions include a timer and adjustment of the cleaning speed. The appliance stands firmly on the floor due to a weight of 10.5 kg.


  • Productivity - 221 m³ / h.
  • For the area - 35 m².
  • Dimensions - 42x68x11 cm.

Shivaki SHAP 5010v


+ Pros of Shivaki SHAP-5010B

  1. It eliminates odors and even tobacco smoke.
  2. Quietly copes with its function.
  3. There is a timer for programmable time.
  4. Special design.
  5. Light indication of air condition.
  6. Low power consumption.


- Cons Shivaki SHAP-5010B

  1. It is difficult to find replacement filters for sale.
  2. The HEPA surface is covered with a dense layer of dust in a month - this is good, but will have to be changed often.
  3. No remote control.
  4. It does not give out “fresh mountain air”, as stated in the advertisement of the ionizer.

Output. The cleaner stands out with a narrow case with a thickness of 11 cm, which resembles a giant smartphone. This will be relevant for a small apartment, so that the device does not take up much space on the floor, but imperceptibly stands against the wall and fulfills its role.


Timberk TAP FL600 MF

Air purifier with horizontal layout. The touchpad is located on top and intuitive to operate. On a large display, the fan power level and the degree of dustiness of the air are clearly visible. Users in reviews like triggering automation in case of unpleasant odors (tobacco, frying fish, etc.).


  • Productivity - 120 m³ / h.
  • For rooms - 25 m².
  • Dimensions - 37x16x27 cm.

Timberk TAP FL600 MF


+ Pros Timberk TAP FL600 MF

  1. There is a UV lamp and an electrostatic grill.
  2. The fan speed is adjustable.
  3. The light weight of 3.5 kg makes it easy to reposition the cleaner.
  4. The housing has a compartment for the cord.
  5. Two versions in white and black.
  6. In night mode, the brightness of the backlight decreases.
  7. “Turbo” is automatically switched on in case of heavy pollution.


- Cons Timberk TAP FL600 MF

  1. Some are embarrassed by the lack of a certificate that sellers refuse to provide for the product.
  2. No remote control.
  3. Need enough floor space.

Output. The users in the reviews love this air purifier for its low power consumption of just 14 watts per hour. Such characteristics contribute to low energy costs, even if you use the device around the clock.


AIC CF8005

Compact cleaner for a single room apartment. It has three fan speeds, a UV lamp and an ionization function. The device can be installed both on the floor and on the table. A small blue light at night can serve as a night lamp. The timer is programmed at intervals of 2, 4 or 8 hours. The indication indicates the condition of the apparatus and the degree of contamination of the filter.


  • Productivity - 110 m³ / h.
  • For rooms up to 21 m².
  • Case dimensions - 27x30x17 cm.

AIC CF8005


+ Pros AIC CF8005

  1. Durable plastic case.
  2. The cord bends well.
  3. Soft button presses.
  4. The housing has a recess for the network cable.
  5. There is a UV lamp and ionization.
  6. It is easy to breathe indoors.


- Cons AIC CF8005

  1. Loud work at the third speed.
  2. In practice, it is better suited for a room with an area of ​​15 m².
  3. Slow odor removal.
  4. HEPA 14 is not as effective as HEPA 11 or 12.

Output. Judging by the reviews, the owners of the cleaner like the possibility of self-service. The cassette has a 3 in 1 design and is easily detachable. The Velcro prefilter can be washed and dried altogether. Finer filters pass through a vacuum cleaner. After that, everything is assembled and installed in place. It will turn out to extend the cartridge life up to 1.5 years, instead of buying a new one every 6 months.


AIC CF8500

And here is another air purifier from the same brand, only in a more compact design. It is conveniently located along the wall in a small apartment. Inside there is a HEPA filter, coal cleaning, a UV lamp and an ionization unit. There is a timer and speed control. For an hour of operation, the device consumes 55 watts. Touch buttons with diodes are placed on the front panel and allow you to see the settings of the device from a distance.


  • For an area of ​​40 m².
  • Productivity - 210 m³ / h.
  • Dimensions - 32x41x16 cm.

AIC CF8500


+ Pros of AIC CF8500

  1. Silent work.
  2. Interesting design.
  3. Takes the role of the hood in the kitchen, eliminating the smell.
  4. Powerful fan with three modes of operation.
  5. Does not break during daily work for 10 hours.
  6. Acceptable price.


- Cons AIC CF8500

  1. There is no automatic mode.
  2. At night, the diodes shine too brightly.
  3. No remote control.
  4. After the purchase, the first time you smell plastic.

Output. This is the best air purifier in terms of price and quality, since it uses a Korean-made HEPA filter. He really carefully captures epithelial particles and eliminates allergic rhinitis, as evidenced by customer reviews.

Which apartment air purifier did you decide to buy?

The best humidifiers-air purifiers (air washes) for an apartment

Sinks use a contact cleaning method, where the fan drives air onto plastic discs immersed in a water tray. This facilitates mechanical cleaning and automatically humidifies the air in the room.

Sharp KC-D51RW

Air washing works with natural moisture and saturates the room with moisture up to 600 ml per hour (approximate flow rate). In parallel, the device carries out ionization. The system has three stages of cleaning, including HEPA. To move on a flat floor there are wheels. A bonus is a digital temperature sensor that displays its readings on the display. In addition, the model is capable of measuring the level of humidity and dirtiness of the filter. When the liquid level in the tank is low, a warning is triggered.


  • Productivity - 306 m³ / h.
  • The capacity of the pallet is 2.5 liters.
  • Designed for an area of ​​38 m².
  • Dimensions - 30x61x23 cm.

Sharp KC D51RW


+ Pros of Sharp KC-D51RW

  1. It is quiet.
  2. Does not take up much space.
  3. Intuitive interface.
  4. The water tank can be changed without turning off the device.
  5. High sensitivity in auto mode - triggered by spraying aerosol deodorant.
  6. No mineral plaque on furniture surfaces.


- Cons Sharp KC-D51RW

  1. It is difficult to rearrange through the sills due to the weight of 9.2 kg.
  2. It can suddenly increase in speed, although there is no visible increase in dustiness or dryness of air.
  3. Drains capacity in 3 hours at maximum speed.
  4. If you use tap water, then the rollers creak.

Output. The model features an ultra-modern design in a thin vertical case. Customers like the air washer with a narrow design with a display at the top. An electronic control circuit with a moisture meter helps to more accurately control the climate in the apartment. If you want to furnish an interior in an unusual style, then pay attention to this product.


Panasonic F-VK655

Japanese concern "Panasonic" offers a cleaner with 3 dry filters and one wet. For an hour of operation, the device consumes 500 ml of liquid. There is a remote control for control.Air washing is able to additionally ionize the flow. For an hour, the device consumes 57 watts. The case has touch buttons and a small display. Separately, a place is provided for attaching the remote control so as not to lose it.


  • Productivity 330 m³ / h.
  • Designed for an area of ​​40 m².
  • The volume of the tank is 2.3 l.
  • Dimensions - 39x77x36 cm.

Panasonic F VK655


+ Pros of Panasonic F-VK655

  1. Less dust on the floor.
  2. There are several intensity modes.
  3. Automatic sensors trigger when the humidity level drops below 50%.
  4. All components of the cartridge can be washed by yourself.
  5. Four steps of cleaning.
  6. Refill the tank without shutting down the humidifier.


- Cons Panasonic F-VK655

  1. If the water quality is poor, you have to do the cleaning every 3 months.
  2. If you need to replace the F-ZXHE50Z filter, it is difficult to find on sale.
  3. A lot of plaque settles under the float, which is difficult to get to.
  4. No wheels to rearrange.

Output. Humidifier cleaner is notable for the presence of a light sensor. The detector reacts to a decrease in light, perceiving it as night, and goes into silent mode automatically. You do not need to change anything in the settings before going to bed.


Panasonic F-VXR50R

And here is another model for cleaning and humidifying the air from the Japanese brand Panasonic. The device consumes 45 watts per hour and 500 ml of liquid. All control buttons are located on the top of the front panel. The housing opens to the side in the form of a rolling panel, which is convenient for replacing or washing the filter. Sale of goods in white and black.


  • Productivity - 306 m³ / h.
  • For rooms up to 40 m².
  • Dimensions - 36x56x24 cm.
  • The capacity of the pallet is 2.3 liters.

Panasonic F VXR50R


+ Pros of the Panasonic F-VXR50R

  1. More precise electronic control.
  2. There is less dust on the shelves.
  3. Mucous in the inhabitants of the apartment is not too dry.
  4. Quickly brings the room to the desired humidity level.
  5. The indicator shows humidity and pollution.
  6. The deodorizing filter eliminates odors.


- Cons Panasonic F-VXR50R

  1. Missing display.
  2. No remote control.
  3. Only two stages of cleaning (HEPA and water).
  4. It is difficult to rearrange due to the weight of 8.6 kg.

Output. Those who have small children in the apartment should pay attention to the air washing. There is a lock mode that does not allow you to change the settings. The cleaner can be left unattended in the children's room without worrying about its work.


Winia AWX-70

This cleaner contains 38 rotating discs immersed in a container, which speeds up the washing process. A small appliance is enough for a spacious apartment with two rooms. The dust sensor shows air pollution in three levels. Electronic control provides precise adjustment in auto mode. When the liquid level is low, a signal will sound. The timer can program the interval.


  • For the area - 50 m².
  • Productivity - 150 m³ / h.
  • The capacity of the tank is 9 liters.
  • Dimensions - 41x42x32 cm.

Winia AWX 70


+ Pros of Winia AWX-70

  1. Very quiet night mode - 32 dB.
  2. The screen backlight turns off for a night's rest.
  3. Neat assembly.
  4. Ionization function with the ability to turn off.
  5. Economical absorption of electricity 24 W / h.


- Cons Winia AWX-70

  1. Heavy for rearrangement - 10 kg.
  2. No remote control.
  3. There are small gaps on the housing through which dust can pass the filters.

Output. A feature of this air washer is a 9 l pallet capacity. Even when operating at full capacity, it can function up to 13 hours, which is enough for the whole night. Even in the design there is a biofilter with silver-plated balls that effectively kill microbes.


Polaris PAW 2202Di / PAW 2203Di

The humidifier cleaner is made in a cylindrical form, where nets for suction of air are located around the circumference, and the already purified one is emitted from above. At the end there is a touch panel with backlight. The kit comes with a brush for cleaning discs, which simplifies maintenance.The device operates in three modes, including night mode. To set the period of validity or inactivity, a timer is provided.


  • Productivity - 60 m³ / h.
  • Area - 20 m².
  • Water capacity - 2.2 l.
  • Dimensions - 15x15x30 cm.

Polaris PAW 2202Di PAW 2203Di


+ Pros Polaris PAW 2202Di / PAW 2203Di

  1. If you press the timer twice, the button lock is activated.
  2. Touch control panel.
  3. Accurate electronic hygrometer.
  4. Automatically shuts off when there is no water.
  5. Light weight 3.5 kg.
  6. There is a separate ionization function.


- Cons Polaris PAW 2202Di / PAW 2203Di

  1. For a long time it pumps up humidity - it barely reaches 40% during the night.
  2. When ionization is on, the static voltage on the case is slightly felt.
  3. "Mountain air" does not appear from advertising.
  4. No HEPA filter.

Output. This humidifier cleaner is notable for several items at once. He has a very quiet night operation - 25 dB. The device consumes only 15 W per hour, which is comparable to an LED lamp. With a capacity of 2.2 liters, it can function up to 15 hours, because it absorbs up to 150 ml per hour, releasing them into the air. But such a cleaner is only suitable for a small room, so be careful.

Which humidifier-air purifier did you decide to buy?

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