This rating will help you choose the best convector heater for rooms of various sizes. A selection of convectors is based on customer reviews and equipment specifications.

Rating of the best convector heaters based on user reviews

Convector heaters with a capacity of 1000 watts per 10-15 square meters

When choosing a convector type heater, it is important to pay attention to its power. What directly depends on what area the device can heat. Incorrect decisions will lead to the fact that the device will not cope with the available air volume and it will be cool in the room.

The most inexpensive models have an indicator of 1000 watts and are suitable for heating an area of ​​10-15 m2. It is necessary to position the device on a wall or floor so that there is free air access to it, not blocked by furniture. Equipment in this category most often has only a heating element and a thermostat in its design. More advanced models are additionally equipped with a timer and display.

 Hyundai H HV16 10 UI620 sElectrolux ECH AS 1000 ER sBallu BEC ETER 1000 s
Hyundai H-HV16-10-UI620 Electrolux ECH / AS-1000 ER Ballu BEC / ETER-1000
Power of heating, W  1000 1000/500  1000/500 
Heating area, sq. M. 13 15 15
Dimensions (WxHxT), mm 460x400x80 460x400x97 460x400x113
Weight, kg 3 3,3 3,3
Timer no yes yes
Thermostat yes yes yes
Control Mechanical adjustment
Electronic display Electronic display

Hyundai H-HV16-10-UI620

A simple model with perforation in the upper part of the casing of six rows, which contributes to the speedy and natural exit of hot air. In the lower part there are two arched legs for stable placement on the floor. The power of the device is 1000 watts.

Hyundai H HV16 10 UI620


+ Pros of Hyundai H-HV16-10-UI620

  1. Does not overheat the room in the morning - maintains an even temperature all night.
  2. After 20 minutes, the temperature in the room rises by a couple of degrees.
  3. There is a wall mount on the rear panel, so you can hang it stationary and it will not take up usable space or interfere with movement.
  4. The case is of a special shape and design that protects internal elements from moisture.
  5. TEN is monolithic and has a long service life.
  6. A light weight of 3 kg makes carrying easy.
  7. It is only 80 mm wide, which allows it to be used in narrow corridors.


- Cons Hyundai H-HV16-10-UI620

  1. There is no transfer handle - when it is working, the case is very hot and it’s problematic to transfer it even to a corner to another room.
  2. Uninformative instruction with information immediately to many models.
  3. The keys for adjusting the power have a weak backlight - during the day it is not visible at all and you have to look closely at their position in order to understand what power mode is currently working.
  4. If the heater is hanging on the wall, it is inconvenient to get the thermostat switch behind the outer panel.
  5. No wheels.

Output. This heater is suitable for a spacious bathroom up to 13 mor any other room. The housing is protected against water droplets. He has two toggle switches that distribute the power of the heating element in half (500 W each). By setting one of them on, you can achieve economical energy consumption and maintain a comfortable temperature until the main heating works.


Electrolux ECH / AS-1000 ER

This is a beautiful convector heater with electronic control, equipped with a display and overheat protection. The wedge-shaped shape of the casing with the expansion upwards facilitates the accelerated return of heated air.

Electrolux ECH AS 1000 ER


+ Pros of Electrolux ECH / AS-1000 ER

  1. Selecting a power level of 500 or 1000 W allows you to simulate the microclimate depending on the time of year.
  2. Electronic temperature control for more accurate readings.
  3. A timer with a range of 24 hours to set the shutdown in the middle of the night or pre-enable in the morning.
  4. Convenient wheels for transporting to another room rotate 360 ​​degrees.
  5. There is a wall mount.
  6. So that children do not make their own corrections, there is button protection.
  7. Compact dimensions of 46x40x9.7 cm and a weight of 3.3 kg allow you to mount walls on the GVL.


- Cons Electrolux ECH / AS-1000 ER

  1. Suitable only for seasonal heating, when the street still has a plus temperature, or as an addition to the main heating.
  2. There is no handle to move to transport the hot appliance on casters to another room.
  3. Some users do not have enough remote control, given the presence of a timer and electronic control.
  4. Ax holes for fixing the legs - the edges are sloppy and there is no alignment.
  5. The platform with rollers is fixed on one self-tapping screw - over time, it loosens and a backlash appears.
  6. A very bright blue display reflecting the ceiling at night - this disturbs some.

Output. This heater is suitable for a rectangular shape. It can be hung on the end wall and it can start the circulation of hot flows along the entire length of the room. The built-in anti-freeze function will be able to control the temperature itself and turn on the device if necessary.


Ballu BEC / ETER-1000

A modern convector heater with original slots in the upper part of the body, pressed through on a flat metal panel. This contributes to both air exchange and the protection of internal parts from the ingress of dust.

Ballu BEC ETER 1000


+ Pros of Ballu BEC / ETER-1000

  1. Convenient movement on casters - no excessive efforts are required to move it.
  2. Creative design of the front panel.
  3. Power adjustment from 500 to 1000 watts.
  4. Electronic control with a display is more convenient and accurate.
  5. The internal electronics are protected against moisture.
  6. Timer for setting the period of work.
  7. Can be placed on the floor or attached to the wall.
  8. When capsized, it switches itself off.


- Cons Ballu BEC / ETER-1000

  1. The brackets are fastened with short self-tapping screws and can break off under load or careless handling.
  2. Dust or greasy spots are immediately visible on the body.
  3. When installing on a wall, a remote control would be useful, but it is missing even optionally.
  4. There is no handle to carry it hot.

Output. The heater is suitable for a children's room up to 15 m2. An air ionizer is provided in his device, which contributes to the good health of the child. The presence of a timer will help parents control the heating time so that the baby is comfortable. All settings are saved and remembered, and the buttons are easy to block from inquisitive little users.

Which 1000 W convector heater did you decide to buy?

1500 W convector heaters for 15-20 sq. M.

To warm rooms with an area of ​​15-20 m2 choose convection heaters with a power of 1500 watts. Such devices use heating elements with a large cross section or length, which contributed to the increase in the body. Typically, models are 1,500 watts 10 cm longer than their “younger” counterparts.

 Hyundai H HV15 15 UI618 sTimberk TEC E0 M 1500 sElectrolux ECH AG2 1500 T s
Hyundai H-HV15-15-UI618 Timberk TEC.E0 M 1500 Electrolux ECH / AG2-1500 T
Power of heating, W  1500 1500/900/700 1500
Heating area, sq. M. 18 18 20
Dimensions (WxHxT), mm 595x400x80 630x450x80 560x404x91
Weight, kg 3,4 3,8 3,2
Timer no no no
Power adjustment yes yes yes
Control Mechanical, temperature control Mechanical, temperature control Electronic display

Hyundai H-HV15-15-UI618

One of the simplest models of convector heater with dimensions of 59.5x40x8 cm. It has a mechanical control type and can be attached to the wall or stand on its own legs.

Hyundai H HV15 15 UI618


+ Pros of Hyundai H-HV15-15-UI618

  1. Fast heating of the room due to the increased power of the heater.
  2. There are no extraneous odors during operation.
  3. High-quality assembly of the case without cracks.
  4. Relatively low price in this category of equipment.
  5. Aesthetic appearance is suitable for any environment.
  6. Stable legs will prevent tipping over with light strokes.


- Cons Hyundai H-HV15-15-UI618

  1. There are no wheels in the kit, so moving in a hot state is difficult.
  2. There is constant low-frequency sound (like cracking transformer), which can interfere at night or while working at the table.
  3. The temperature controller has a large error and periodically it is necessary to adjust its position in order to achieve a comfortable temperature.
  4. At maximum power, the top of the case becomes very hot and can be burned if you touch it.
  5. Some users experienced bloating on the case.

Output. Such a convector heater is well suited for heating a medium-sized room. The design of the holes has bevels at an acute angle, which prevents accidental penetration of moisture inside.


Timberk TEC.E0 M 1500

An interesting model with three rows of perforation for the exit of heated air. The side panels are finished with plastic and create a stylish decorative edging. Endowed with a mechanical type of control. It can be placed on its own legs or hung on a wall.

Timberk TEC E0 M 1500


+ Pros Timberk TEC.E0 M 1500

  1. When mounting on a wall, it’s easy to reach the power adjustment toggle switches, since they are not blocked by a massive external panel.
  2. Legs with a wide base stand confidently on a slippery laminate.
  3. The price is fully consistent with the quality.
  4. It tolerates voltage drops - it can be used in the private sector.
  5. Wall mount is included - no additional purchase is required.
  6. The toggle switches are well illuminated and you can immediately see which mode is now on.


- Cons Timberk TEC.E0 M 1500

  1. The legs are not connected to the body - these are supports that each time must be pulled along when moving the device to another place.
  2. Around the holes for the passage of hot air paint is covered.
  3. There is no thermostat in the device circuit - only toggle switches for power limitation.
  4. During operation, the convector heater emits a low-frequency hum, irritating to hearing.
  5. The power cord is short and requires carrying, unless you put it in close proximity to an outlet.

Output. This convector type heater is characterized by a power adjustment of 700, 900 and 1500 watts, which helps to finer adjust the temperature in the room. If a dog or a large cat lives in the house, this will not lead to dangerous situations, since the device automatically turns off when capsized.


Electrolux ECH / AG2-1500 T

One of the most popular convectors with a power of 1500 watts. It has moisture protection and automatic shutdown when overheating. The original form with a wide mesh outlet for air improves convection.

Electrolux ECH AG2 1500 T


+ Pros of Electrolux ECH / AG2-1500 T

  1. Reliable model with a minimum of internal elements, which ensures long-term operation and less chance of breakdowns.
  2. The case is waterproof, so water droplets do not harm the heater.
  3. Heats a small room of 10 m2 to 22 degrees in 7 minutes.
  4. Inside the inverter unit, so electricity is consumed economically.
  5. The thin 9 cm case does not protrude too much from the wall.
  6. There are no odors or sounds during operation.


- Cons Electrolux ECH / AG2-1500 T

  1. The color of the heater panel is easily soiled and often has to be wiped, especially if it is installed in the kitchen.
  2. Only wall mounting - no wheels and stands included.
  3. If you set it to maximum power, it often triggers overheat protection, so for a long time you can use only lower values.
  4. The cord for the outlet is short.

Output. The convector heater is characterized by accelerated heating and the start of convection due to the X-shaped heating element inside. This is the best model for arranging alternative heating in a guest house for vacationers to warm it in early spring or late fall.

Which 1500 W convector heater did you decide to buy?

2000 W convector heaters for 20-25 square meters. m

If you want to heat spacious rooms or office rooms, then choose convectors with a capacity of 2000 watts or more. This indicator is enough to heat an area from 20 to 25 m2. Due to the increased power, the dimensions of these devices are larger in order to accommodate heating elements with such characteristics.

Most often, their length is 800-900 mm, and the width remains standard at about 400 mm. Management is electronic or mechanical. Other functions depend solely on the manufacturer, the specific model and its price.

 Electrolux ECH AG2 2000 T sTimberk TEC E3 M 2000 sHyundai H HV15 20 UI619 s
Electrolux ECH / AG2-2000 T Timberk TEC.E3 M 2000 Hyundai H-HV15-20-UI619
Power of heating, W  2000 2000/1150/850 2000 
Heating area, sq. M. 25 24 22
Dimensions (WxHxT), mm 670x404x91 775x440x130 920x400x80
Weight, kg 3,6 5,3 4,1
Timer no no no
Power adjustment yes yes yes
Control Electronic display Mechanical Mechanical

Electrolux ECH / AG2-2000 T

Powerful 2000 W convector-type heater with protection against water and its own overheating. Designed for installation in rooms up to 25 m2. Thanks to its weight 3.6 kg is hung on any wall.

Electrolux ECH AG2 2000 T


+ Pros of Electrolux ECH / AG2-2000 T

  1. Fast heating of the room thanks to the powerful TENU.
  2. Presentable appearance.
  3. Fine mesh air filtration and integrated filter inside.
  4. The control module is selected depending on the needs of the user.
  5. The outer surfaces are well insulated, so it is impossible to burn themselves.
  6. No squeak, odors, buzz.
  7. The heating element is monolithic and its service life is 25 years.


- Cons Electrolux ECH / AG2-2000 T

  1. To the price of the heater you need to add the cost of the control unit, which varies from 800 to 3000 rubles, depending on the type.
  2. If you want to have a portable model, then the wheels will need to be purchased separately.
  3. Color easily soiled.
  4. At night, the indicators shine very brightly and interfere with closed eyes, so installation must be done so that the convector is not next to the bed.

Output. The manufacturer initially produces convection blocks with removable control, which the buyer chooses in accordance with his needs. For a summer residence, you can take a mechanical toggle switch, and a feedback device in the apartment to remotely turn on and off the heating. This is ideal for those who often travel on business trips.


Timberk TEC.E3 M 2000

An interesting model of convector heater with thermal relay and two toggle switches. The outer panel is equipped with numerous perforations on the front side and at the top, which is supplemented by air intakes on the sides. This contributes to the rapid circulation of indoor air.

Timberk TEC E3 M 2000


+ Pros Timberk TEC.E3 M 2000

  1. The quality of the connection of the parts on the case is high - there are no gaps or rattles from loosely fitted parts.
  2. Quick heating of a room of 17 m2 from 21 to 27 degrees (in about an hour).
  3. Uniform warming up - there is no sharp hot stream causing discomfort to the eyes and other mucous membranes.
  4. Combined with a variety of room decoration designs.
  5. Silent operation - only clicks the relay when the set temperature is reached.
  6. If you use four such models at once, they will replace the heating in a country house.


- Cons Timberk TEC.E3 M 2000

  1. Due to the numerous drilled holes, they inevitably have an error - there are curved rows and asymmetric intervals.
  2. Short network wire.
  3. Complex wall mount - other manufacturers have a simpler design.
  4. Humidity drops from 65 to 54% at a distance of 2 m from the device.
  5. On the first day of work, you may smell and even smoke.
  6. The metal of the front panel is soft, so careless handling near solid objects can leave a dent.
  7. After dusting, stains remain on the body.

Output. Such a convector heater is optimal for a large living room area of ​​up to 24 m2. A huge panel of 77.5x44x13 cm will cope with the work of the main heating or will be a good addition in the spring and autumn, with idle central heating. Power can be adjusted from 850 to 2000 W with an intermediate mode of 1150 W, which is convenient for various seasons.


Hyundai H-HV15-20-UI619

This is the “older” model from the Korean brand, fully copying the design of low-power devices, but differing in dimensions of 92x40x8 cm. Mechanical control and thermostat make it possible to adjust the temperature and do not break for a long time.

Hyundai H HV15 20 UI619


+ Pros of Hyundai H-HV15-20-UI619

  1. The body is painted with high-quality powder spraying, which retains an attractive appearance for a long time despite the temperature of the exhaust air.
  2. The cord in the kit is long, which is rare.
  3. It does not magnetize dust.
  4. It reliably stands on its own legs - if by chance it is easy to hurt, then it will not fall.
  5. Optimum price and reliable manufacturer.
  6. Despite the dimensions, it weighs 4.1 kg, which allows it to be mounted on thin partitions.
  7. Available in two colors - white and gray, facilitating the selection of wall decoration.


- Cons Hyundai H-HV15-20-UI619

  1. The first time after the start of work may crack inside, but then it passes.
  2. Users are afraid to hang it on a wall in a frame house, because the back wall of the device is very hot.
  3. If left on all night with maximum power, the power cord is also very hot - in the device 9 A.
  4. The fixation of the legs to the body is weak - you can accidentally break it off.
  5. It’s inconvenient to turn the thermal relay when mounting on the wall - the outer panel partially closes it and you have to crawl behind it.

Output. Such a convector is suitable for a spacious office. A large 920 mm panel heats well the air entering it and quickly spreads heat throughout the room. The stylish case is fully consistent with the business design.

Which 2000 W convector heater do you plan to buy?

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