This rating of oil heaters for a house or apartment, compiled taking into account user feedback and key characteristics of devices, will help you choose a proven model for heating a room of various sizes.

The best oil heaters

1000 W oil heaters

1000 W oil heaters are suitable as the main heating for a small room 4-6 m2. Such a heater will cope with its task even in cold weather and will not constantly operate at full capacity. If the room already has a different type of heating, then as a pre-heating to the required temperature they are used on an area of ​​up to 10 m2.

  Hyundai H HO9 05 UI846 sTimberk TOR 21 1005 SLX s
Hyundai H-HO9-05-UI846 Timberk TOR 21.1005 SLX
Power adjustment  yes  yes
Heating power, W 1000 1000
Area of ​​heating, sq.m 10 15
Number of sections 5 5
Dimensions (WxHxT), mm 240x620x255 235x620x250
Weight, kg 4,2 4,8

Hyundai H-HO9-05-UI846

Beautiful and compact oil heater with a power of 1000 W and 5 sections. The radiator is stable and maneuverable thanks to the platform on 4 wheels. There is a temperature adjustment and a choice of power level (minimum / average / maximum).

Hyundai H HO9 05 UI846


+ Pros of Hyundai H-HO9-05-UI846

  1. Self-switching off after reaching the set temperature and subsequent switching on when it cools down a little.
  2. Built-in overheat protection.
  3. Compact for transportation from one room to another.
  4. The Korean assembly is better than in other Asian countries.
  5. Thanks to 5 sections it does not take up much space in a small room.
  6. Energy saving - at maximum power of only 1 kW.
  7. Does not stink or vibrate during operation.


- Cons Hyundai H-HO9-05-UI846

  1. On a light body, fingerprints from dirty hands and trash from the air quickly become noticeable.
  2. It cools quickly, so the relay often clicks, and this can interfere at night.
  3. The narrow vertical case is easy to overturn if you accidentally push or catch the wheel on a carpet fold during transport.
  4. Not effective when the voltage drops below 220 V - almost no heat.

Output. This oil heater is well suited for heating small rooms. Built-in overheat protection allows you to leave it on all night without fear of fire.


Timberk TOR 21.1005 SLX

Five-section radiator with electronic control that allows you to precisely set the temperature. Maximum power 1000 watts. For adjustment, a thermostat and a rotary switch are provided, as well as two toggle switches for power control.

Timberk TOR 21 1005 SLX


+ Pros Timberk TOR 21.1005 SLX

  1. In the upper part of the case there is a recess for the handle, and at the bottom, on the opposite end of the case, wheels are provided - this simplifies moving to another room even when the heater is on.
  2. Multifaceted thermostat adjustment - selection of temperature and speed of its achievement.
  3. Completely silent work - it is not audible how oil boils.
  4. Auto shut off when temperature set.
  5. Weight 4.5 kg is convenient for transporting the heater to the country.
  6. Does not burn oxygen.


- Cons Timberk TOR 21.1005 SLX

  1. The instruction is supplied to him universal (for many models of heaters from this manufacturer), and there is no information on the management of two toggle switches - you have to understand it through experiments.
  2. You can get burned if you accidentally touch a preheated heater - it is important to set it so that the child cannot approach him.
  3. For some users, a year after the purchase, one of the sections with oil was leaking.
  4. At first, the smell of plastic may be present when heated.
  5. Comes with unscrewed wheels - you need to figure out how to attach them.

Output. Such a heater is suitable for a small bathroom. Its body, including electronics, is well protected from splashes, and the platform is more stable thanks to two wheels on one side and a support stand on the other.It is perfect for warming up a room when bathing or drying laundry.


Oil heaters with a capacity of 1200-1500 W

Oil radiators with a power of 1200-1500 W have a similar design with their "younger" devices, but only the number of sections in them varies from 7 to 9. The control is mechanical or electronic. Of the additional functions, everyone has a work indicator light, and some have power toggle switches illuminated to visually control the power consumption of the device and understand what temperature it is set to.

Such radiators are suitable for an area of ​​7-10 m2if they need to be used as primary heating. The device will be able to heat the room to 20-24 degrees in mild frost on the street. If you only need to heat an already heated room, then this heater is suitable for an area of ​​12-15 m2.

Here are the TOP of the best oil heaters in this category, which are already verified by users and have positive reviews.

  Hyundai H HO9 07 UI847 sPolaris CR 0512B sTimberk TOR 21 1507 BC BCL s
Hyundai H-HO9-07-UI847 Polaris CR 0512B Timberk TOR 21.1507 BC / BCL
Power adjustment  yes  yes  yes
Heating power, W 1500 1200 1500
Area of ​​heating, sq.m 15 12 20
Number of sections 7 5 7
Dimensions (WxHxT), mm 240x620x330 130x640x350 235x625x350
Weight, kg 5,3 8,8 7,5

Hyundai H-HO9-07-UI847

1500 Watt heater with seven sections. Installed on 4 wheels rotating 360 degrees. The method of controlling the thermostat is mechanical. The start of work is accompanied by a light on.

Hyundai H HO9 07 UI847


+ Pros of Hyundai H-HO9-07-UI847

  1. Much cheaper than analogues from other manufacturers.
  2. No smell of oil or crackles from expansion and contraction of the body.
  3. It warms up the room well due to the effect of the fireplace (convection of air flows in a circle).
  4. It does not take up much space due to the dimensions of 24x62x33 cm.
  5. It is convenient for transportation to another house, because its weight is only 5.3 kg.
  6. There is a compartment for the cord.


- Cons Hyundai H-HO9-07-UI847

  1. When it is hot, it is inconvenient to move it to another place - a shallow handle to pull the platform on wheels (just push, but it’s more difficult to set the trajectory).
  2. A short power cord, in most cases, needs an extension cord.
  3. Mechanical adjustment has a large error in temperature (it will turn on and off in different ways, without adhering to strict temperature limits).

Output. The oil heater is optimal for rooms with an area of ​​10-15 m2to compensate for the disadvantages of central heating. Silent inclusion of the relay and its rare clattering will not interfere with sleep.


Polaris CR 0512B

Stylish oil cooler with black powder coating. The heating power is 1200 watts. The device has mechanical control with three power modes and overheat protection.

Polaris CR 0512B


+ Pros of Polaris CR 0512B

  1. Nice appearance, different from most similar models from other manufacturers.
  2. Long service life.
  3. It does not dry out the air and quickly gains temperature.
  4. It saves energy.
  5. When the device is not used, the cord can be wound around a special ledge - you won’t have to trip over the wire or lay it on top of the case.
  6. Reliable castors - withstand multiple moves around the rooms.


- Cons Polaris CR 0512B

  1. On the black case, dust immediately becomes visible, so you have to wipe it more often.
  2. A short power cord, in most cases, does not reach the outlet.
  3. Loud clicks when switching the thermostat.
  4. It is necessary to fence off if there are small children in the house.
  5. Loses efficiency with a slight voltage drop.

Output. Well suited for heating rooms with an area of ​​10 - 12 m2. Due to the presence of four wheels and a handle on the case, it is convenient to move it to the place of work or rest. Multistage power adjustment helps to customize the operation of the heater in accordance with the season and user needs.


Timberk TOR 21.1507 BC / BCL

The heater is available in two body colors (white and black). It has a power of 1500 watts and protection against overheating. The design contains 7 sections. Four rollers and a wide convenient handle are provided for transportation on the floor.

Timberk TOR 21 1507 BC BCL


+ Pros Timberk TOR 21.1507 BC / BCL

  1. Compact size 23x62x35 cm will not take up much space in the room.
  2. With additional heating, it reaches the set temperature in a room of 15 m2 in 30 minutes.
  3. Auto power off works clearly - do not be afraid to leave it overnight.
  4. Three power modes are convenient for modeling the microclimate depending on the needs.
  5. The large handle facilitates the use of the radiator in several rooms in turn: you can first warm up one room and transport the device to another in a hot state.
  6. High-quality assembly without gaps and looseness.
  7. Good anti-corrosion paint.


- Cons Timberk TOR 21.1507 BC / BCL

  1. When cooled, it emits crackles from tapering metal.
  2. Users complain about a very short power cord.
  3. After unpacking and turning on, it emits an unpleasant odor.
  4. Dust is very visible on the black case.
  5. The cord winding compartment is designed so that the cable will rub and cling to the floor when moving.

Output. This is the best oil heater for a small workshop or porch at home. It has a frost protection mode, which allows it to be left in a cold room at night, and it will turn on itself to prevent the oil from cooling down very much.


Oil heaters with a power of 1900-2000 W

Oil heaters of increased power are produced with 9-10 sections. They are suitable for an area of ​​15-20 m2. If the heater is needed as the main source of heat, then it should be used as much as possible in rooms up to 15 m2so that it does not function continuously at full capacity and does not fail prematurely.

For additional air heating, in the presence of centralized or individual heating, or in the off-season, it is allowed to use on an area of ​​up to 20 m2.

  Hyundai H HO9 09 UI848 sTimberk TOR 31 1907 QT s
Hyundai H-HO9-09-UI848 Timberk TOR 31.1907 QT
Power adjustment  yes  yes
Heating power, W 2000 1900
Area of ​​heating, sq.m 20 20
Number of sections 9 7
Dimensions (WxHxT), mm 240x620x405 235x625x340
Weight, kg 6,5 8,4

Hyundai H-HO9-09-UI848

The "older" model from a South Korean manufacturer with a capacity of 2000 watts. The equipment is completely identical with the "younger" devices - a mechanical type of control and protection against overheating. It has 9 sections for efficient heat distribution. Weight is 6.5 kg.

Hyundai H HO9 09 UI848


+ Pros of Hyundai H-HO9-09-UI848

  1. It wins in terms of price / quality for most domestic models with the same number of sections.
  2. Long service life despite frequent use.
  3. Stable positioning thanks to a long body and wide rollers extending on the sides.
  4. Simple switching of power modes with one wheel-regulator.
  5. A set of heat is already 15 minutes after switching on.
  6. The plastic insert at the handle is almost not heated and is safe for transporting a working heater.


- Cons Hyundai H-HO9-09-UI848

  1. A short wire must be equipped with an extension cord.
  2. Less accurate setting of the desired temperature.
  3. It is delivered with unscrewed rollers (does not fit assembled in the box), which requires a tool for commissioning and takes extra time when transporting to another building in a box.
  4. The clicks of the relay are accompanied by light flashes of electricity, visible through perforations on the case - it can interfere at night.

Output. This one is great for the office. A power of 2000 W is enough to maintain a comfortable room temperature of up to 25 m2. The wheels allow you to easily transport it to another part of the room for local heating.


Timberk TOR 31.1907 QT

7-section oil cooler with 1900 W power and thermostat. Additional options include frost protection and a fan. Type of control - mechanical. Due to the presence of an additional motor, the mass is 8.2 kg.

Timberk TOR 31 1907 QT


+ Pros Timberk TOR 31.1907 QT

  1. Fast heating and heat distribution.
  2. There is a silent mode for use at night.
  3. Three fan speeds.
  4. The electronic unit is reliably protected from moisture.
  5. Room heating of 45 m2 in 20 minutes.
  6. Economical in terms of energy consumption compared to fan heaters.
  7. There are no unpleasant odors and sounds.


- Cons Timberk TOR 31.1907 QT

  1. It is impossible to sleep when the fan is on.
  2. If the floor is uneven, then during transportation it sways and rolls to the sides.
  3. The balance is incorrectly distributed at the points of attachment of the legs - the first support is installed behind the heavy part, and should be in front of it.
  4. Inconvenient handle for movement.
  5. Faster dust cover due to fan.
  6. Overheat protection is triggered too soon.

Output. Such a heater is good for accelerated heating of a bedroom or a hall with high ceilings. A heater is provided in the heater design, which contributes to enhanced convection of air flows and the rapid spread of heat.


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