In this review, we will examine the positive and negative qualities of the most popular manufacturers of washing machines. After reading it, you will find out which washing machine company is better, what you can count on for the amount available and the models of which manufacturers can safely buy.

The best manufacturers of washing machines - an overview and secrets

What you need to know about washing machine manufacturers

Buying a new “assistant” is one of the most enjoyable acquisitions. It should serve as “faith and truth” for the entire life period specified by the manufacturer, it is imperative to cope with its main function and please with additional options. Even if repairs are required (small or large), it should not cost more than the minimum price for a new washing machine.

In recent years, without exception, manufacturers have sought to reduce the cost of production, while trying to satisfy at least part of these needs of customers. But what happened in the end? The quality of technology of almost all manufacturers has become worse. Of course reliable washing machines are on the market, but their quality differs from older models.

Comparison of manufacturers of washing machines by price policy

Some of the most expensive washing machines are produced by the German company Miele. She owns all the newest and highest-quality developments in this area. The prices of some models of these washing machines are only increasing from year to year.

Washing machines of such manufacturers as Bosch, Siemens, AEG cost a little cheaper. But they, as a rule, are designed for the buyer without material problems.

The greatest demand is observed in the middle and lower price range. This segment represents the largest number of manufacturers and models of washing machines. The middle price group includes such manufacturers as: Zanussi, Candy, Eurosoba, Ariston and others.

The lowest price level is mainly represented by Russian-made washing machines worth up to 10 thousand rubles. But in the same category can be attributed a number of other manufacturers with models priced at 11-30 thousand. For example: Beko, Ardo, Hansa.

A wide range of prices can be observed at companies such as LG and Samsung. These manufacturers can be attributed to several groups at once.


Which company is better to choose a washing machine based on its price?

Each of the existing manufacturers has long defined for itself and now focuses on a specific social category of consumers. For example, washing machines of a high price range are designed for wealthy customers who have no material problems.

At the same time, models of expensive brands often have characteristics similar to other (cheaper) models, but the difference in price is established by maintaining the company's image and focus on respectability. Expensive equipment is a symbol of prosperity in the homes of successful people.

Some manufacturers launch several brands of various price categories on the market. Manufacturers take such a step to conquer other price niches.

for example, Electrolux with its three brands - AEG, in whose models the latest developments are introduced and they have a high price, as well as Electrolux and Zanussi, which can be attributed to the middle price category. Another example is the Merloni Elettrodomestici concern, which is represented by brands such as Ariston (middle price category) and Indesit (the brand is aimed at young people and has a lower price). And also Candy: Zerowatt, Candy and Hoover.

Moreover, observing changes in the production of washing machines, one can notice a clear trend. Companies promoting different brands first introduce new developments to more expensive models, and then gradually to more affordable ones. So it was with Bosch (Siemens technology applied) and Indesit (from Ariston).

Brand affiliation and country of manufacture

Manufacturers of washing machines have factories not only in their country - the geography of production is much wider. Models of different brands are assembled much closer than the country of manufacture - in Italy, Malaysia, Poland, China, Korea and Russia. So manufacturers save on transportation costs and labor. Therefore, concepts such as German Bosch or Swedish Electrolux are very arbitrary and speak only of the brand’s affiliation to a particular country.

The role of the manufacturing country.

Brand owners are in no hurry to disclose the country of manufacture, because they understand that consumer confidence will decline sharply and not without reason. Practice shows that the service life of washing equipment varies depending on the place of production and the country of manufacture of components. The vast majority of washing machines present on the Russian market are foreign companies that have opened their production here.

So, they opened their production in Russia:

Bosch factory
Bosch & Siemens (near St. Petersburg).

LG factory
LG (Moscow Region, Ruza).

Samsung factory
Samsung (Kaluga Region, Borovsky District).

Indesit Factory
Indesit (Lipetsk).

Beko Factory
Beko (Vladimir region, the city of Kirzhach).

Vestel Plant
Vestel (Vladimir region, Alexandrov).

 Candy Factory
Candy in a factory formerly owned
domestic enterprise “Vyatka” (Kirov).

However, do not refuse washing machines manufactured in our country. Firstly, their price is much lower than that of assemblies assembled at home, moreover, savings on labor costs do not always go to the detriment of quality. Secondly, the organization of production in Russia is a deliberate step by most foreign manufacturers, made for the full orientation to the new market, the interests of the Russian consumer (the models assembled on the territory of the Russian Federation meet the requirements of Russians more than those brought from abroad).

Production transferred to another country is subject to strict control by the manufacturer. Large companies, having achieved a high level of production, cherish their reputation, are fully responsible for the build quality of their models and it does not matter where they are made. On the contrary, the “remoter” the production, the stricter the control. And it's not just about reputation. For example, any plant in a country that has joined the European Union and works for export is obliged to work in accordance with the European standards of the ISO quality system.

Other companies are in no hurry to advertise the location of their plants, fearing (and not without reason) a negative reaction from customers. The country of manufacture is excellent, from the homeland of the brand, according to consumers, is less prestigious. That is why premium cars are still only assembled in the brand’s homeland.

Assembly of washing machines

"From one test."

In addition, secrecy is connected with another secret of manufacturers - with their close cooperation. The current market conditions are such that many manufacturers have found it necessary to join forces. Brand collaboration has proven beneficial to each side. But these relationships are carefully hidden so that the consumer does not have the impression that "everything is made from one test." How do brand owners interact?

1. Cooperation is widespread in which individual nodes of washing machines of one manufacturer are installed in washing machines of another manufacturer. Specialists noticed signs of collaboration between Brandt (France) and Bosch & Siemens (Germany). Bosch vertical units are equipped with the same parts as the French Brandt cars. Models of washing machines manufactured under the brands Beko and Ardo have the same filling.

2. Another option for mutually beneficial cooperation - one manufacturer orders another batch of washing machines from a product group that is not in its range, but which I would like to introduce on the market. And realizes it under his "label". It is easier to do so than to establish a new production line. So, the successful Italian concern Iar-Siltal is assembling some models of narrow washing machines, such as manufacturers such as Siemens, Candy, Whirlpool, Bosch, Indesit, in its factories.

There is nothing reprehensible in such an interaction between manufacturers, because the quality of products always remains in the first place. And every concern that has won a good reputation in the market is ready to answer for it. But consider these features when choosing a brand of washing machine, it is still necessary.

What is this rating based on?

The rating is based on data obtained from large service centers for the repair of washing machines, as well as on the basis of consumer feedback. The most reliable washing machines were brought out due to failure statistics during operation.

When compiling the rating, such indicators as:

  • number of breakdowns
  • quality,
  • life time,
  • some performance characteristics
  • price.

The last criterion is almost the most important. Most Russians are guided by the price based on their own income level. If there was such an opportunity, then, without exception, everyone would prefer premium washing machines, but, unfortunately, many have to consider budget models.

Since each brand has one way or another demand, it makes no sense to make a rating based on sales volumes (cheaper ones sell better). It is much more important to identify models that work seamlessly in the first three years after acquisition.

The absence of a particular brand of a washing machine in the rating does not mean anything, it was simply not enough information to add it to a particular group. Perhaps the percentage of sales of this manufacturer on the Russian market simply turned out to be low (or the brand is not represented at all in Russia). In the ranking you will not find Smeg, Schulthess cars, Russian-made units and other less common models. Also, do not find in the list of the best expensive cars of the Kaiser, Hoover and Asko brands, since they are also not well represented on the Russian market.

Highly reliable washing machine manufacturers

It is no accident that the rating of manufacturers of washing machines is headed by premium-class appliances. “Luxury” models are developed by leading engineers, assembled from unique parts, which is why not all Russians can afford them. But the premium class washing machines have a large margin of safety and are of impeccable quality. Such an aggregate will serve “faithfully” not only in the first 3 years, but also in the next 15–20 years, it will not fail and will not fail.


For the money for which Miele brand models are sold, you get an almost perfect washing machine, which is the embodiment of innovative solutions and has unique useful features. Machines of this brand are able to work out properly for 15 years or more. But the price of such equipment is not justifiably high.

Is it worth it to pay so much for household appliances? Some specialists of service centers agree that this is just a status technique and for this price you can buy several decent washing machines. Moreover, it is still not insured against breakdowns, and repairs will prove costly. The final choice is yours. Those who have already done it did not regret their decision (the owners leave praising reviews on the network).

Washing machine mile

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Bosch & Siemens

Siemens and Bosch models can be considered together, because they demonstrate the same high quality and use the same components. Manufacturers make all decisions in favor of cheaper production process and lower costs, but not at the expense of product quality.

Siemens and Bosch washing machines are reliable (both the main components and individual connections, and the electronics are rarely “buggy”), are stable, efficiently perform their main function and can boast of additional “chips” (SMS notification, informative display and other). Moreover, you can purchase these models at very affordable prices.

These machines have to be repaired extremely rarely, but the parts are very expensive (experts call their cost “sky-high”). Particularly in the event of a breakdown, rare parts, such as a hatch or drain plugs, are rare. Carbon-graphite brushes do not last long, but it is not difficult to replace them. Quite rarely, specialists have to change drum bearings.

All these statements are true regardless of the country of origin (assembled at different plants). Specialists see the difference between the two brands only in external differences (in design), in the details of management, functions. But not everything is so simple.

Bosch brand washing machines are more common in the Russian Federation. Unlike Siemens, Bosch washing machines are only equipped with spare parts imported from Germany. At the same time, the assembly process of the unit in another country is minimized. That eliminates the reduction in service life.

Bosch washing machines

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Siemens brand machines are more popular in their homeland - in Germany, the share of demand is 75%. The fundamental difference between these models from Bosch units in the optional AquaStop system (if necessary, blocks the water supply) and the AquaSensor sensor (reacts to cleanliness, turbidity of the water), the rest of the models have similar functionality.

Siemens washing machines

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The AEG brand belongs to the Electrolux concern, experts note that the connection with the concern is clearly visible when disassembling washing machines. Consumers like the “not worn out” design in AEG machines, additional functions (there is drying in more expensive models), and quiet operation.

Repair specialists caution: if drying fails, a significant amount will have to be spent on repairing the breakdown. But at the same time, it is recognized that AEG washing machines rarely get into service services.

If financial opportunities allow you to purchase a premium washing machine, you should opt for the AEG brand.

AEG washing machines

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Reliable washing machine manufacturers

Next, we consider the best manufacturers of washing machines with an average reliability indicator.

Brands from the previous category are only slightly behind brands such as Electrolux and Zanussi. These brands are at the top of the list of washing machines with an average level of reliability. The number of failures in these models is only 7.1%.

A good representative can be called LG models. They are sold at an affordable cost, and feature a wide range. The percentage of breakdowns is 8-9%.

The Italian brands going to Russia Ariston and Indesit show a higher percentage of breakdowns than the “Koreans" - 20-25%. Experts suggest that the matter is not in the manufacturer, but in poor-quality assembly (they call the Russian assembly “not predictable”). Based on their experience, they also note that the used parts “do not shine with quality”, it is because of them that washing machines fail after 3 years of operation, only some of them “survive” up to 8-10 years.


The manufacturer owns brands of different price ranges - AEG, Electrolux and Zanussi. Electrolux units are similar in quality to models of the Bosch brand. At Bosch, the percentage of breakdowns is no more than 5%, and for Electrolux models - 7.1%. Specialists call the units of this manufacturer “not killed” (they serve for years without failures), and note their low price.

The homeland of the Electrolux brand is Sweden, but washing machines are assembled in different countries of the world. The manufacturer is vigilantly monitoring the quality of its equipment. The buyer can choose from a variety of models that incorporate the latest developments such as technology for the efficient distribution of detergent and its economy, steam treatment during washing and / or separately,memory function for frequently used modes.

Much more can be said about the capabilities of Electrolux washing machines, but the main thing is a high level of reliability.

Washing machines Electrolux

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Specialists separately distinguish Zanussi units, since among them there are models worthy of admiration - with a minimum share of failures in work and newer ones, which come with a large number of complaints. Nothing good can be said about the latter in service services: it is "an unthinkable symbiosis of European ideas, Russian assembly and Chinese components."

The main advice regarding Zanussi washing machines is to find out where the unit was manufactured before buying: if in Europe, you can try taking it. Most likely you will get a reliable unit.

Washing machines Zanussi

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Italian design, a decent level of reliability and washing efficiency - the owners are very pleased with the unit.

Masters also give Gorenje machines an assessment: in their opinion, Slovenia makes good washing machines. Consumables are not difficult and inexpensive to replace. But the details that are not included in the category of consumables are better not to break. Such parts are almost never available. Yes, and they cost a lot, but delivery has to wait about a week.

The main disadvantage of Gorenje washing machines is the price. Slovenian cars are not in high demand due to overpriced. The equipment of this brand is bought by a very limited circle of people. There are cheaper samples on the market, but of the same quality.

Washing machines Gorenje

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Eurosoba washing machines, although sold in Russia, are little known to the domestic consumer. And by the way, not deservedly.

Masters note the excellent quality of Swiss cars. Accessories are supplied from Italy or Germany. Assembly is carried out manually, the procedure is strictly controlled. The result is an assembly with neatly connected assemblies and reliable parts, carefully screwed in with screws and bolts, which lasts for decades (up to 20 years). Even problems with drum bearings are rare for these machines.

Washing machines Eurosoba

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Specialists and owners could say a lot about Hansa washing machines. Of the advantages, it should be noted that the units rarely fall into service services (rarely fail). When disassembling machines, the fruits of effective modern production technology are noticeable. Units have a unique drum cushioning system that ensures “quiet” operation of the machine (it will not “jump” and “roar” loudly). It should be noted high-quality washing (the Aqua Spray system helps to cope with pollution).

But there is a fly in the ointment. Cars have a rather weak electronic control module. If the drum bearings are not replaced in time, the shaft will “fly”, because it is made of low quality steel. Masters advise at the first sign of bearing failure to contact the service so as not to lose the “assistant” - repairs can be so expensive that it will be easier to buy a new machine.

Hansa washing machines are a great option for purchase, rarely cause concern for owners, it costs its money.

Hansa washing machines

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Specialists of service centers assure that washing machines (judging by their technical condition) deserve the attention of consumers and meet the expectations of most owners. Korean technology is distinguished by the quality of components and the stable operation of electronics.

Most of the shortcomings are observed in direct-drive washing machines. In case of wear of the drum bearing gland, water flows to the very direct drive, which ultimately leads to damage to electrical parts and costly repairs. Masters do not recommend buying LG cars with direct drive.

Owners, in turn, note the high quality of washing, low noise and an understandable “interface” (any user will understand the controls). And also excellent value for money: a reliable washing machine is sold at an affordable amount.As a drawback, only creaks during the discharge are noted, which appear over time due to plastic sheathing.

LG washing machines

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Masters of service centers assure that most models of this brand work well. But much better quality can be observed among units of earlier releases.

It is worth noting that the “roots” of Brandt are originally French. Cars differ from competitor models due to the high rate of energy saving, they are compact, but at the same time quite roomy.

Launched in their homeland washing machines are in high demand. The only complaint against French technology is sensitive to power surges.

Brandt washing machines

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Ariston and Indesit

In this rating, Ariston and Indesit brand cars are combined, because they are created from the same components at the same factory.

Of the advantages, experts note the stability during the spin cycle, the user-friendly interface of the control panel, a low noise level and an affordable price.

As for the shortcomings, because of the cast drum, solving a standard problem - a failed bearing - is expensive. Electronics is very raw and does not meet expectations.

Ariston and Indesit washing machines correspond to the middle segment in terms of price and quality. In relation to them, the masters declare one thing - it’s definitely worth buying, but they do not recommend using hard water for washing.

Washing machines Ariston

The difference between the washing “helpers” of the Ariston and Indesit brands is not significant (actually only in the “firmware”), but at the same time the models of the first brand are much more expensive - 1.5 times, if we compare the assemblies of the Russian assembly. Ariston 3.5 kg models and Indesit 6 kg models are sold at the same price.

Indesit washing machines

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Unexpectedly, the masters contrast many disadvantages with only one advantage of the Korean washing machines of the respected Samsung brand. Of the advantages, they note only good electronics and a friendly menu.

Minuses, employees of service centers, note much more. This is a poor price / quality ratio - the cost is higher than the expected life. Unpleasant noise during operation (especially with narrow washing machines).

They work without problems up to the end of the warranty period (3 years and an additional 10 for maintenance of the electric motor). Then leaks often occur, immediately finding it is not always possible, which exacerbates subsequent repairs (moisture can get on the tank mounts, damage the damping system). Shock absorbers and drum springs wear out quickly. The dispenser tray often fails due to the poor quality of the plastic (bursts), after which it must be completely replaced. Rupture of the drive belt will damage the wiring.

The conclusions are obvious, but the decision to buy a famous manufacturer of cars is only up to you.

Samsung washing machines

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Like other manufacturers, experts noticed at Candy the deterioration of product quality with the release of a new lineup (unlike older washing machines - they worked flawlessly). Units are distinguished by a complex design, which never caused enthusiasm in service centers (it is more difficult to work with them).

Masters pay attention to the "good margin of safety" and high-quality components. Without breakdowns, the unit works on average for about five years. Experts attribute Candy washing equipment to the segment of inexpensive super compact machines.

Unfortunately, repairs are expensive. It's all about the compactness of the machines - the simplest operations take more time and effort than in the case of repairing a machine of another brand. I am glad that the owners will not have to worry about this soon (the "margin of safety" is enough for a long time).

The service life can be drastically reduced due to breakage of the drum, since glued drum is used in the machines, and this is not the best solution of the manufacturer.

Users note a complicated menu and a slightly inhibited command processing system.

Candy washing machines are worth buying, but this solution would be rational if the machines were cheaper and the manufacturer would solve a number of technical problems complicating the repair.

Candy washing machines

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Lower than average washing machine manufacturers

Manufacturers of budget models of washing machines are trying to attract the attention of customers due to the low noise level, additional features, modern design, a wide range of products and most importantly the price. But at the same time, economy-class models “sin” in the low quality of assembly and components.


According to experts and users, Ardo washing machines have sufficient stability in all operating modes, low noise and affordable price. Some models have an interesting modern design.

The main disadvantage is frequent breakdowns. Most of all, shock absorber mounts fail, often a breakdown leads to serious consequences. In second place there are problems with the electronics, while if you need to replace the entire unit, it will be cheaper to buy a new washing machine. Often the suspension of the tank breaks, as a result, the repair is delayed in time, while it requires serious costs and there is no guarantee that the new unit will not break as quickly.

The conclusion of the masters is unequivocal - it is worth spending more money, but buying a more reliable "assistant".

Washing machines Ardo

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The interiors of Beko washing machines, according to service center specialists, are no different from the “filling” of Ardo and Wirlpool models. Accordingly, the same can be expected from Beko models as from the cars of the brand described above (frequent repairs and workshops often issue such bills that it makes no sense to restore the car).

We only note that the product belongs to Turkish-Chinese-Russian production. The alliance tried to attract customers due to the low price and functional equipment of Beko washing machines.

However, the masters warn against the purchase (advised to look for a suitable model among competitors).

Beko washing machines

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Vesten washing machines - a product of the largest manufacturer, which appeared on the Russian market in 2003. Turkish company models have both general and unique characteristics.

Among the positive qualities, it should be noted many programs, the presence of a mode of energy saving and protection against differences in the power supply, as well as a wide range.

The main drawback is the same as with all budget models - a minimum margin of safety, "weak" electronics. If you plan to save on the purchase of a washing machine and opt for this model, know the joy of the purchase will not be long, and the repair will cost a pretty penny. Do not be surprised if the master says that the machine cannot be restored.

Washing machines Vesten

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The main advantage of the washing equipment Atlant (Belarus) is the price (corresponds to the economy class). Also, owners note compactness, a modern appearance, useful functions.

The specialists of the service center are doubtful about the connection of units and parts, the quality of the components themselves, electronics of unknown origin (possibly from a mediocre factory in China). The machines use glued drum and medium quality bearings.

The first repair will cost more than the amount saved during the purchase. Specialists of service centers do not recommend this brand.

Atlas washing machines

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So, what can you advise customers based on the foregoing?

  • Of all manufacturers of the highest price category, it is necessary to “sweep away” those who inflate the cost due to the “untwisted” brand (Miele), other brands (Bosch & Siemens, AEG) can be considered.
  • If you prefer to save money, but in the end to win, look for a decent option among mid-priced models (Electrolux, Eurosba, Hansa, LG, Brandt, Ariston and Indesit).
  • Do not choose washing machines among budget options - the masters are convinced. And they should take a word, because it is with economy-class models that specialists are most often faced. And it is not uncommon that a breakdown ends with a deplorable "diagnosis": "it cannot be restored."

All information is taken from service centers and open sources.We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

Which manufacturer's washing machine do you plan to buy?

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