Construction and reconstruction of houses - articles and instructions

The first step in any construction and repair work is planning. How to clearly and competently draw up a project, carry out repair planning, plan for building a house, as well as how to make the right choice of material for building a house will be prompted by articles placed in this section.

What are the requirements for heaters for a wooden house; what heaters are best used to warm the walls of a timber house for siding; what features of a hinged ventilated facade you need to know before conducting insulation.

In this article: what is the difference between the different types of timber used for building a house; Comparison of different types of timber in cost, complexity of building a house, thermal conductivity, environmental safety, durability and the need for additional finishing materials.

In this article: what is the technology of building a house from a double beam; how much is a house from a double beam warmer than a house from an ordinary beam; advantages and disadvantages of a house built of double timber.

In this article: features of the construction of houses from timber; what types of timber can be used for building a house; advantages and disadvantages of timber houses.

In this article: features of the interior decoration of the house made of wood: shrinkage of the house, taking into account seasonal fluctuations in size; Overview of materials for ceiling decoration - from traditional to the most modern.

In this article: types of timber for building a house, their positive and negative sides.

In this article: how a round log is made; Features of the construction of houses from logs, the advantages and disadvantages of the material.

In this material: what requirements should be met interventional seal; types and forms of seals; which materials are best suited for sealing inter-crown seams.

In this article: what factors influence the choice of foundation; how to choose the right type of foundation for a house from a beam, depending on the base and climatic conditions.

In this article: a comparison of framework and timber houses on the speed of construction, strength and durability of the house, thermal conductivity, environmental friendliness and fire safety, the possibility of planning and cost of the building.

In this material: the rules for selecting material for the exterior decoration of the walls of a wooden house; what materials from natural wood and artificial materials are used for exterior cladding of a house.

In this article: where to start the inspection of the house; what points you need to pay attention to when checking the roof, walls, foundation, basement, doors, windows, engineering communications; what documents should be presented by the seller and how to check them.

In this material: types of materials used for the construction of a wooden house; comparison of different types of wood; features of construction technologies from various materials; Comparison of various materials used for the construction of a wooden house.

In this material: options for finding your own home; what is more profitable to build a house or buy a finished one; what are the options for saving when building and buying a house.

In this material: from what and how silicate brick is made; brands and types of silicate brick; Pros and cons of using silicate bricks as a building material.

What you need to consider when choosing material for the construction of the walls of the house; comparative characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of bricks, ceramic blocks, aerated concrete, wood and frame structures.

In this article: what affects the longevity of a home; from what materials is building a house cheaper; how the selected material for construction affects the speed of construction; which materials are more fire resistant; in which case you can invest in parts of the construction; which materials are warmer and more environmentally friendly.

In this article: the main aspects of choosing a house or apartment; what are the advantages of the house and what difficulties their owners may face; where it is safer to live; where there are more maintenance costs and utility bills; who might like to live in a country house.

In this article: how much money will be needed to build a house and how to save it; how to correctly allocate the time for construction work; how to choose the best house size; what material to choose for walls and roofs; how to decide who will build it and where to find a house project.

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