Repair of premises - articles and instructions

The atmosphere that will reign in the room depends on the quality of the interior decoration. If you want all the work to be done perfectly, pay attention to the interior decorating tips presented in this section. How to properly putty, paste wallpaper on walls, paint walls, apply decorative plaster - these and many other tips can be found on our website.

What to consider when choosing a fan for the bathroom; Overview of the most successful fan models.

What requirements does the bathroom have for ceiling coverings; what is the suitability of a ceiling for use in the bathroom; how to choose a ceiling covering for the bathroom.

In this article: the main aspects of choosing a house or apartment; what are the advantages of the house and what difficulties their owners may face; where it is safer to live; where there are more maintenance costs and utility bills; who might like to live in a country house.

In this material, we present to your attention a video selection of materials in which the processes of insulation and decoration of balconies and loggias are described and graphically shown.

How to insulate the floor, walls and ceiling of a balcony, what types of insulation in which cases to use and how to fix them.

Wall and ceiling decoration of the bathroom with plastic panels is one of the cheapest ways to get a beautiful practical coating in this complex room. How to finish the bathroom with PVC panels and consider in this article.

To carry out various repairs, it is simply necessary to know the area of ​​various elements of the room. The calculation of the floor, ceiling and walls of rooms of various configurations and the necessary formulas are given in this article.

The kitchen is a very important room, which experiences great daily stress. The repair of this room must be approached with the utmost care. In order to prevent all kinds of mistakes that will be difficult to fix in the future, we will consider a step-by-step plan for repairing the kitchen.

A bathroom is a room that is experiencing increased stress and can be repaired more often than the rest of the apartment. Where to start and how to correctly choose the sequence of repair work in the bathroom is discussed in our next article.

In order for the repair not to drag out for a long time and go without errors that would entail unnecessary financial waste, before it starts, you need to carefully consider everything, including the sequence of repairs of the entire apartment and individual rooms.

In addition to various design and color preferences, wallpaper for the kitchen has a number of requirements that are associated with the features of the kitchen. Let's consider all aspects of choosing wallpaper for the kitchen in order.

The recommendations given in this article will help you competently start and complete apartment renovation as soon as possible and without unnecessary financial investments.

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