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In this article: a comparison of secondary housing and new buildings in various ways; in which case you can buy a new building, and in which to give preference to secondary housing.

In this article: features of the layout of studio apartments and their varieties; what housing will be cheaper; where utility and tax payments are cheaper and which housing has the best investment potential.

In this article: what you need to know about the documents for the acceptance of the apartment and how to prepare for the inspection; features of inspection of the apartment without decoration and decoration; how to check the layout and communications; who can help with the acceptance of the apartment and what to do if you are not satisfied with the quality.

In this article: what is the transfer of ownership of real estate; types of assignment; the attitude of developers and the risks of assignment; how to carry out the reassignment procedure when purchasing housing in a mortgage.

In this article: what is the legal status of the apartment; the difference in the cost of apartments and apartments; where taxes and the cost of housing services are cheaper; what is the difference in the comfort of living in apartments and apartments.

In this article: where to start the inspection of the house; what points you need to pay attention to when checking the roof, walls, foundation, basement, doors, windows, engineering communications; what documents should be presented by the seller and how to check them.

In this material: types of materials used for the construction of a wooden house; comparison of different types of wood; features of construction technologies from various materials; Comparison of various materials used for the construction of a wooden house.

In this material: requirements for cement, sand, gravel and water used for the manufacture of concrete; how to calculate the composition and proportions for the preparation of concrete of the desired strength; how to make manual and mechanical mixing of concrete.

In this material: options for finding your own home; what is more profitable to build a house or buy a finished one; what are the options for saving when building and buying a house.

In this article: recommendations for painting walls; preparation of the room and walls for painting; how to paint walls, corners and doorposts.

How to make a metal or wooden frame for a plasterboard arch; how to cut drywall sheets of the required size; how to finish the arch putty.

How to bend drywall and metal profiles for it

What are the ways to bend drywall; what tools may be needed for this; how to bend a profile for curvilinear fastening of drywall.

How to cut drywall

What tools will be needed to cut drywall; how to lay out a drywall sheet; how to cut drywall; how to make rectangular and round holes in a drywall plate.

What is better to build a private house or apartment

In this article: the main aspects of choosing a house or apartment; what are the advantages of the house and what difficulties their owners may face; where it is safer to live; where there are more maintenance costs and utility bills; who might like to live in a country house.

Where to start building your home

In this article: how much money will be needed to build a house and how to save it; how to correctly allocate the time for construction work; how to choose the best house size; what material to choose for walls and roofs; how to decide who will build it and where to find a house project.

Wall insulation with foam

In this article: how to prepare the surface of the walls and set the starting profile; how to apply the adhesive, depending on the evenness of the surface of the walls; technology, nuances and tips for installing foam boards on the walls; installation rules for dowels; technology for creating a reinforcing layer of mesh; Useful tips on how to do the job.

How to warm the attic

In this article: how to choose a heater for the attic; how to make insulation of ramps, floors, partitions, walls near dormers; how to make hydro- and vaporization insulation

Video selection: Warming of a balcony or loggia

In this material, we present to your attention a video selection of materials in which the processes of insulation and decoration of balconies and loggias are described and graphically shown.

Basement insulation polystyrene foam

In this article: we prepare the foundation for insulation; waterproofing the foundation; we warm the foundation with polystyrene foam boards and apply a protective reinforcing layer.

Vapor barrier - which side to the heater should it be laid correctly

What are the types of building membranes; on which side of the insulation you need to mount this or that membrane; which side to the heater you need to mount the membrane; what should be the air gap; what should be the overlap of adjacent sheets and how to properly fasten and glue them.

How to insulate walls from the inside of an apartment or house

In this article: do walls generally get insulation from the inside; what are the disadvantages of such insulation; what processes occur inside the insulated wall; how to avoid negative consequences when insulating walls from the inside; how to choose a heater and calculate its thickness.

How to insulate a balcony

How to insulate the floor, walls and ceiling of a balcony, what types of insulation in which cases to use and how to fix them.

Bathroom decoration

Wall and ceiling decoration of the bathroom with plastic panels is one of the cheapest ways to get a beautiful practical coating in this complex room. How to finish the bathroom with PVC panels and consider in this article.

Consider the step-by-step instructions for installing plastic panels, as well as the features and methods of their mounting on the walls and ceiling.

Plasterboard sheets are a very popular way of leveling walls, and wallpapering is one of the most common methods for finishing walls. How to prepare the surface of drywall for sticker wallpaper and how to glue them and consider in this article.

How to calculate the area of ​​a room

To carry out various repairs, it is simply necessary to know the area of ​​various elements of the room. The calculation of the floor, ceiling and walls of rooms of various configurations and the necessary formulas are given in this article.

How to start kitchen repair

The kitchen is a very important room, which experiences great daily stress. The repair of this room must be approached with the utmost care. In order to prevent all kinds of mistakes that will be difficult to fix in the future, we will consider a step-by-step plan for repairing the kitchen.

Repair in the bathroom

A bathroom is a room that is experiencing increased stress and can be repaired more often than the rest of the apartment. Where to start and how to correctly choose the sequence of repair work in the bathroom is discussed in our next article.

Apartment Repair

In order for the repair not to drag out for a long time and go without errors that would entail unnecessary financial waste, before it starts, you need to carefully think through everything, including the sequence of repairs of the entire apartment and individual rooms.

How to glue non-woven wallpaper

A step-by-step instruction on the high-quality gluing of fleselin wallpaper, which is so often used to decorate the walls of absolutely any room.

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