Sheet construction materials - articles and instructions

In this article: what tools are used to carry, fasten, process, cut, putty and grind gypsum board structures.

In this article: how to make DSP; varieties of cement-bonded particleboards, their sizes and characteristics; areas of application of DSP.

In this article: grades and grades of plywood; what kind of plywood can be by type of front surface, environmental safety, composition of raw materials and purpose; standard sizes of plywood sheets and their marking.

In this material: what harmful substances can be contained in OSB; formaldehyde content in OSB boards; how to choose environmentally friendly OSB; ways to protect against formaldehyde fumes.

In this article: types and characteristics of particleboard; manufacturability and applications of chipboards.

In this article: what is the difference between chipboard and chipboard; Comparison of materials for all major parameters; The best areas of application for chipboard and OSB.

In this article: how to produce plywood; what brands and grades of plywood exist; how labeling is deciphered; technical specifications and applications of plywood.

In this material: composition and structure of drywall and gypsum fiber sheets; comparison of technical characteristics of GVL and GKL, as well as the scope of materials.

In this material: classification and grades of OSB boards; what types of OSB boards are there by type of surface finish; what size plates do popular manufacturers produce?

In this material: similarities and differences in the structure of OSB and plywood; the influence of the structure and method of production on the strength and moisture resistance of materials; features of the use of materials, comparison of plywood and OSB for various physical and technical parameters.

In this material: what features of the OSB board should be considered when choosing a paint; what coatings are suitable for painting OSB boards outside and indoors; how to prepare the surface of the OSB plate for staining.

In this article: comparing wall plaster with gypsum plasterboard; which wall decoration method is preferable in a particular case.

In this material: composition, structure and features of the production of OSB boards; technical characteristics of the OSB and the scope of the material.

In this material: a comparison of particleboard and MDF in terms of density, fire resistance, environmental friendliness, moisture resistance, complexity of processing and decoration, as well as retention of fasteners.

What does the drywall sheet consist of? GCR varieties and their applications; flammability, attitude to low temperatures, water absorption, thermal conductivity, withstand loads, weight 1m2, sheet thickness and symbols of drywall sheets.

The device of drywall sheet, its types and their application; what types of edges a plasterboard sheet can have; drywall sheets of what size are produced by manufacturers, instructions for the correct choice of drywall.

Types of profiles, components and fasteners for drywall, their sizes, purpose and the right choice.

What must be taken into account and calculated before the installation of a two-level ceiling; how to mount a two-level frame; how to sheathe the frame with drywall.

How to make a metal or wooden frame for a plasterboard arch; how to cut drywall sheets of the required size; how to finish the arch putty.

What are the ways to bend drywall; what tools may be needed for this; how to bend a profile for curvilinear fastening of drywall.

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