Timber and lumber - articles and instructions

Wood remains the most popular material for building and decorating houses. The fashion for an environmentally friendly home, natural and safe materials for health has been around for more than a year. Lumber and forest products can be different in their characteristics and price. The recommendations of our site will help you decide on the suitable material, learn about its pros and cons.

In this article: types of terrace boards, their advantages and disadvantages; how to choose a terrace board; what are the areas of application for terrace flooring.

In this article: a comparison of framework and timber houses on the speed of construction, strength and durability of the house, thermal conductivity, environmental friendliness and fire safety, the possibility of planning and cost of the building.

In this material: when you can start decorating a wooden house; which materials are best suited for the interior decoration of a wooden house, and which are not recommended.

In this material: what is euro lining; varieties of lining profiles; varieties and requirements for product quality; from what types of wood lining is made; what sizes of lining are and which are best to use.

In this material: types of materials used for the construction of a wooden house; comparison of different types of wood; features of construction technologies from various materials; Comparison of various materials used for the construction of a wooden house.

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