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To equip the bathroom, a wide variety of plumbing fixtures and items are required. There are many varieties of plumbing equipment with different characteristics and their own characteristics. Do not get confused in the rich assortment, pick up the suitable faucets and siphons, showers and bathtubs, toilet bowls and sink will help you recommendations posted on our website.

In this article: which faucets can best save water; how aerators can achieve water savings; economical showers and toilets.

In this article: a comparison of the bath and shower cabin for various parameters; in which case it is better to install a bath, and in which to give preference to a shower cabin.

In this material: a selection of the best showers of open, closed and combined models; reviews, comparisons, advantages and disadvantages.

In this article: a review of the best manufacturers of toilets; A selection of the best models of floor and wall-mounted toilets, comparisons, advantages and disadvantages.

In this article: which manufacturers of acrylic bathtubs are considered the best on the market; A selection of the best models of acrylic bathtubs of various types, their comparisons, reviews, advantages and disadvantages.

In this article: a selection of the best manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen faucets, based on user reviews and ratings, as well as technical features of the products of the most famous world brands.

In this material: a comparison of steel, acrylic and cast-iron bathtubs for installation, care, service life, degree of protection of coatings, a variety of shapes, sizes, installation types, ease of use and price.

How to choose a toilet considering: purchase budget, mounting method, bowl shape, flushing system, sewer outlet, tank mounting method and manufacturing material.

How to make acrylic bathtubs and how the methods for their manufacture differ; what are the pros and cons of acrylic bathtubs; tips for choosing an acrylic bathtub.

In this material: how to assemble a shower tray, align it and connect to the sewer; how to assemble the shower enclosure frame and fix it on the wall; how to install shower doors.

In this article: how to assemble the toilet flush tank and install it on the toilet; what you need to connect the toilet at the sewer and how to do it; how to fix the toilet on the floor and connect the water.

In this material: what are the types of faucets for the sink, kitchen and bathroom; how the mixers differ in the place of installation, type of spout and material of manufacture.

In this material: what type of taps is best used for a bath with a shower; What is the most reliable and practical shower overflow switching mechanism? which spouts are most convenient for bath-shower faucets; choice of nozzle for spout and shower head; in which case it is better to use this or that way of fastening the mixer.

In this material: what type of faucets is best for the kitchen; what are the spouts of the faucets and which are most convenient for a kitchen sink; how to choose a spout nozzle and which one is better; what material for the production of mixers is the most durable.

In this material: how to determine the type of shower; how to choose a shower cabin based on its size, shape and material of manufacture of the pallet; choose a door opening system and material for their manufacture; what additional features you may find useful; which shower manufacturers deserve attention.

In this material: how to choose a bath material; How to choose a bathtub of optimal size; the choice of form and type of installation of the bath; what additional features of bathtubs can be useful to you; how to determine the manufacturer of the bath.

What materials can be used to create acrylic bathtubs and which one is better; what you need to know about acrylic sheet thickness and reinforcement; how to choose the size and shape of the bath; what structural elements of the frame (frame) of the bath should you pay attention to; how to decide on additional options and the manufacturer.

Installation device for hanging toilet; what to consider when choosing an installation for a toilet, depending on the installation location, type of construction and method of mounting the device.

What are the types of bathtubs according to the material of manufacture, shapes, sizes and massage system, what is the difference between different types of bathtubs.

What are the characteristics of the toilet, what are the types of toilets in the bowl, flush, drain, material of manufacture, the method of fastening the toilet and flush tank.

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