The market has a huge number of manufacturers producing toilet bowls of various price segments and quality. The models themselves are presented even more, from the simplest and most compact to complex multifunction devices. To make it easier for you to navigate this variety, we have compiled a rating of toilets in terms of quality, which are the best based on user reviews, and also provide an overview of the best manufacturers of toilets.

Rating of toilet bowls and manufacturers

The best manufacturers of toilet bowls

To understand which company is best to buy a toilet, it will be useful to find out what its manufacturer is - what country it works in, which technology it uses and how long it has been on the market.



Some customers may be surprised at the packaging of products by the Swedish manufacturer Gustavsberg, where you can often find the logo of the international concern Villeroy & Boch, which at one time acquired this brand.

Changes in marketing did not affect the distinctive qualities of this brand. At the forefront are product reliability, which is guaranteed for 25 years, its versatility, because the design is developed as simple as possible to fit any interior, as well as convenience for its owners.

Gustavsberg toilets are made of glazed porcelain, which is processed at temperatures of about 12 thousand ° C - this gives the entire plumbing fixtures of this brand high density and wear resistance.


Spanish brand with representative offices and production facilities in most countries of the world, including the CIS countries.

The company's specialization is the production of a variety of ceramic sanitary ware: bathtubs, showers, faucets, etc. Those buyers who look after the toilet may also be interested in the urinals and bidets of attached, classic floor and pendant designs.

Mostly, Roca products are manufactured in a traditional design, which allows them to be selected for a variety of interior solutions and, in addition to home use, be used in public places and offices. Plumbing "Roca" on the market since the beginning of the XX century, which determines the established traditions of production and high quality products.



The Swedish manufacturer of sanitary ceramics offers customers complete sets of sanitary ware that can equally well be used at home and in public places.

Products manufactured under the Ifo trademark are more than a century of production history, combined with the use of modern technologies aimed at constantly improving ergonomics and product reliability. A wide network of dealerships allows you to purchase not only whole sets, but also individual accessories to them. Any ceramic product is guaranteed for 10 years and five for components.

TOP fixtures for “Ifo” toilets are silent draining, preventing condensation, the ability to stop draining to save water, seamless tanks, easy placement of tablets to refresh the water - all that creates comfort when using plumbing.



The Czech company for the production of sanitary ware, part of the holding Roca, the founder of which is the Spanish brand of the same name. The production facilities of the company are located in the homeland of the brand and in Russia, which provides an acceptable cost of products for the domestic buyer.

Jika offers a wide range of sanitary ware with a diverse design and functionality. In the catalogs you can find floor, side and hanging toilets with vertical, horizontal or oblique outlet - for any of the existing installation methods.
The basis of design from Jika is simple and concise forms - elegant, functional and ergonomic, which is especially important for children's models that can be used in preschool institutions.



The Turkish brand, which has grown into a concern for the production of sanitary products and accessories. One of the main features of the brand is innovation in production - everything is as automated as possible, and quality control using bar-coding equipment is a real pride of the company's engineers.

Special attention is paid to their design when creating new models. In addition to universal solutions, the Vitra assortment offers original models that will fit even into modern Hi-Tech-style interiors and the like.

Vitra is installed not only in a private house - the products of this brand are widely used in public places and medical institutions, and a separate line of sanitary ware has been created for people with disabilities.



A domestic company, since 2007 consisting of the Roca concern, which allows using international experience and maintaining reasonable prices for its products. German lines are used for production, and quality control is carried out according to European standards.
Santek's biggest asset is versatility. Even classic design solutions are lightweight and can be used in home plumbing or public places. For the design of latrines in hotel rooms or office premises, there are corresponding series of products of more aristocratic forms.

Circular drain, antibacterial components, reliable fastening of the lid and seat with a micro-lift, various water discharge systems and installation options - all modern technologies are used in production, which will always make it possible to choose a model for every taste and budget. As a result - the products of this brand regularly fall into the rating of toilet bowls in terms of cost and quality



It exists since 1892 and now confidently takes its place not only in his native Switzerland, but also on the international market of sanitary ceramics. In addition to the parent company, production facilities are located in the Czech Republic and Austria, and distribution offices are located on all continents.

The centuries-old experience in the manufacture of sanitary ware allows not only to maintain a high standard of product quality, but also to use the latest technologies in production, some of which were developed directly by the company's engineers. One of these “tricks” is the use of WonderGliss water-repellent coating, which allows customers to guarantee high hygiene of products and less effort to maintain their cleanliness.



The owner of the brand is the Samara Stroyfarfor enterprise, one of the leaders among domestic manufacturers of ceramics and sanitary ware. High-quality raw materials and equipment of the enterprise by German and Italian production lines allow you to constantly expand the line of models without compromising the overall quality of the products.

Depending on the class, ceramic products are made using traditional gypsum molds, polymer patterns, which are increasingly used in world practice, or an innovative method of injection molding. Ceramics are coated with a wear-resistant and self-cleaning layer, which keeps the surface longer from dirt deposits, and washing makes it easier. The combination of all these methods allows for a democratic pricing policy in combination with the introduction of new design developments.

Jacob delafon

jacob delafon

Refinement and completeness of external forms, functionality and reliability - this is a luxury class sanitary ware from the French manufacturer Jacob Delafon.

Top class in everything - according to this simple rule, toilets and bidets of this brand are made. A large selection of models, structural solutions and connection methods, silent tanks, intermittent dual-mode drain, smooth lowering of the seats (lifter) and antibacterial surface coating - all this is not a complete list of what the French brand products are equipped with.

High quality plumbing from Jacob Delafon is recognized at a high level - it is she who is preferred when equipping bathrooms in the Moscow Olympic Village.


am pm

The birthplace of this brand is three countries at once and the best decisions are made from each of them - the design is designed by Italian specialists, German engineers are responsible for the quality, and the overall functionality of the devices is calculated and provided by the creators of English plumbing.

Depending on the collection, Am Pm uses high-quality sanitary porcelain for the production of toilets, which, in addition to traditional white, is painted in stylish black.

The brand is positioned on the market as an elite product not for everyone, but those who decide that they can afford it will receive truly exclusive and high-quality sanitary ware with a warranty period of 25 years and accompanied by the highest possible level of service.

Which toilet manufacturer's products did you decide to buy?

The best floor toilets of the high price segment

Finding flaws in such devices is obviously a thankless task - these are really the best toilet bowls, the rating of which is based not only on the brand name. All of them are made of durable materials and are equipped with high-quality fittings that can last for more than a dozen years. If there are any negative opinions about such products, then these are most likely subjective impressions.

 Gustavsberg Artik 200AM PM Joy C858607SC 200
Gustavsberg Artik GB114310301231 AM.PM Joy C858607SC
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
Product Material sanfarfor sanfarfor
Anti-complex yes yes
Release horizontal horizontal
Flush mode double double
Flush mechanism mechanical mechanical
Tank included yes yes
Tank volume, l 3/6 6
Water supply bottom of the tank bottom of the tank
Seat included yes yes
The form oval oval
Dirt repellent coating yes no
Width / Depth / Height, cm 37 / 67 / 84,5 34,6 / 64,5 / 76

Gustavsberg Artik GB114310301231

Wall-mounted toilet with floor installation and horizontal water outlet. A one-piece design, with a debugged double-drain mechanism - to release half the contents of the tank or all the water collected into it.

Gustavsberg artik 

Gustavsberg artik1m

Gustavsberg artik2m


+ Pros of Gustavsberg Artik GB114310301231

  1. Ready-made equipment - you just need to install.
  2. Pleasant minimalist design - the eye does not "cling" to anything superfluous.
  3. It is possible to order a lift to the seat - the lid does not pop when lowering.
  4. The overall reliability of the design - there is not even a "feeling" of fragility.
  5. A seat matched to the overall design is included.


- Cons Gustavsberg Artik GB114310301231

  1. It will be difficult for a person who does not understand the intricacies of modern plumbing, even a minimum adjustment, if necessary.
  2. Heavy weight - adds stability, but creates certain problems during transportation.

The toilet combines classic forms and modern functionality, which allows you to easily fit it into almost any interior. If it is possible to pay an appropriate price for quality, then this is definitely a good choice.


AM.PM Joy C858607SC

A classic wall-mounted toilet with a cistern and seat with a micro-lift. Horizontal discharge of water does not limit the installation too much and a double discharge mode helps to save water. Sanitary porcelain is resistant to dirt and easy to clean.

AM PM Joy C858607SC

AM PM Joy C858607SC1


+ Pros of AM.PM Joy C858607SC

  1. The price is more than reasonable for a device of this class.
  2. Classic compact design fits most interior solutions.
  3. A powerful drain of water, but it is made in a circle and does not spill water.
  4. The surface of the toilet is easy to clean.
  5. Streamlined shape - not only looks good, but also delivers less trouble during transportation.


- Cons AM.PM Joy C858607SC

  1. It is not possible to completely get rid of the spray when draining - if something sticks to the walls of the toilet, you will have to use a brush.
  2. The seat mounts can give a slight backlash - if there is a need to turn to the side, the saddle will also shift.
  3. It is advisable to check the passport equipment with the one that is available - if fasteners are lost in the store, then it is better to find it on the spot, not at home.

The toilet is relatively small in size for small to medium sized rooms. In addition, it will be appreciated by those who are looking for products of good quality for relatively little money.


What high-end floor toilet did you decide to buy?

The best inexpensive floor toilets

Cheaper does not always mean worse. In some cases, the price can only talk about the complete set of the device - a seat without a microelevator, a shape made of good ceramics, but without an additional layer of glaze, an excellent tank mechanism, but without the possibility of partial draining and similar trifles.

 Santek Rimmi 1WH110128mJika Vega 824514000242 200
Santek Rimini 1WH110128 Jika Vega 824514000242
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
Product Material faience faience
Direction of issue oblique oblique
Water supply lower lower
Toilet shape oval oval
Bowl shape funnel-shaped funnel-shaped
Flush modes 2 modes 2 modes
Flush Type circular circular
Flush Type mechanical mechanical
Anti splash yes no
Tank volume, l 6 6
Width / Length / Height, cm 34 / 58 / 73,5 36 / 68 / 78


Santek Rimini 1WH110128

Floor-mounted toilet of a classic wall-mounted oval design with an oblique discharge of water. Sold as a turnkey solution - the kit includes a drain tank and seat. Water saving is provided by a double drainage system.

Santek Rimmi 1WH110128


+ Pros Santek Rimini 1WH110128

  1. Compact model - does not take up much space.
  2. Classic design - no installation difficulties.
  3. Quiet set of water in the drain tank.
  4. Partial drain to save water.
  5. Oblique outlet is suitable for most sewers
  6. Glazed coating is easy to clean.
  7. Good value for money, compared with competitive models.


- Cons Santek Rimini 1WH110128

  1. Rounded forms of the toilet may not appeal to lovers of clear lines in the interior.
  2. The drain tank tapering towards the top creates certain difficulties if adjustment is necessary.

If you do not require a silent drain, antibacterial cover from the toilet, and there is a need to invest in a certain budget, then Santek Rimini will definitely be a worthy solution.


Jika Vega 824514000242

Wall-mounted toilet with floor installation and horizontal discharge of flushed water and a circular drain. You can purchase a model with a tank and seat, or order them separately.

Jika Vega 824514000242


+ Pros of Jika Vega 824514000242

  1. Powerful drainage - if too much pollution does not appear on the walls of the toilet bowl, then the use of a brush is minimized.
  2. Quiet set of water in the drain tank.
  3. Circular flush minimizes splashing.
  4. Ergonomic design - the toilet is made as compact as possible.
  5. Given the quality of installation in general, the operation of the toilet is not satisfactory.


- Cons Jika Vega 824514000242

  1. A certain percentage of products with defective castings fall into stores. When buying, be sure to check that the toilet is level and that there are no burrs on the mounting holes.
  2. If you purchase a model equipped with a tank, then you also need to check the factory gasket between it and the toilet.
  3. If you come across a model with minor defects, then you will have to tinker with the installation.
  4. Not all service centers marked in the warranty card can make a warranty replacement, if necessary.

Good quality at a low cost. This model has no negative reviews on the work itself, so it can be safely recommended as a budget solution.


What toilet seat of the budget price segment did you decide to buy?

The best wall hung toilets

The main advantage of these models is their compactness, since the tank for them is mounted behind a false wall or mounted on top.Since the toilet bowls are hanging, you can mount them at different heights, but to use this advantage is better only if it is operated by one person. In other cases, it is necessary to be guided by the usual "golden mean" for which all toilets are designed - the seat should be at a height of 40 cm from the floor. This is a generally accepted, familiar to all standard.

Also a common minus of such devices is the difficulty with installation. You can not do without buying an additional installation, which can cost more than the toilet itself.

 Roca victoria 180Cersanit New Clean On 548 200JIKA Mio 200
Roca Victoria 34630300R Cersanit New Clean On 548 JIKA Mio 2571.6
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
3 mesto 
7 oc
Material faience faience china
Tank included no no no
The form oval rectangular oval
Release horizontal horizontal vertical
Anti splash no yes no
Dirt repellent coating no no no
Method for installing the drain tank into the wall (hidden) into the wall (hidden) into the wall (hidden)
Seat included no yes yes
Width / Height / Length, cm 35,5 / 39,5 / 52,5 35,5 / 35,5 / 52,5 36 / 40 / 56


Roca Victoria 34630300R

Faience hanging toilet with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. The basic equipment does not include a tank and a seat, but these parts are always available at points of sale of authorized dealers of the brand.

Roca victoria


+ Pros of Roca Victoria 34630300R

  1. Since the tank is not visible, all questions on the choice of its design are removed.
  2. Compact - the toilet occupies the smallest possible space without compromising functionality and ease of use.
  3. The toilet is made of sanitary faience, which, after firing, acquires increased strength.
  4. Even though the installation is installed, significant space savings are obtained. In addition, hoses, faucets and other plumbing fixtures are hidden in the wall.


- Cons Roca Victoria 34630300R

  1. After draining, heavy fractions may remain at the bottom of the toilet bowl if sand or similar debris enters it.
  2. Installation is difficult for a person without skills in plumbing - you need to invite a specialist.

When you need a truly functional and practical solution, Roca Victoria has few competitors. If you are not afraid of difficulties with installation, then this is the right choice for rooms of any sizes and types.


Cersanit New Clean On 548

Rectangular bezelless faience toilet bowl. The duroplast seat with a microelevator is included in the package, and the tank must be purchased separately with the installation. Warranty from the manufacturer - 10 years.

Cersanit New Clean On 548

Cersanit New Clean On 548 1


+ Pros of Cersanit New Clean On 548

  1. A rimless toilet is easy to clean and simple to maintain.
  2. The rectangular shape is suitable not only for classic but also for Hi-Tech style interiors.
  3. A duroplast seat with a micro-lift is included with the toilet. This in itself is a durable material, and the smooth lowering mechanism negates the likelihood of cracks appearing on it.


- Cons Cersanit New Clean On 548

  1. It requires additional setup of the installation - most of them are designed for nine liters of water, and Cersanit New Clean On is enough for seven. And although this is undoubtedly an economical solution, but if you do not make the correct settings, then water can be sprayed when flushing.
  2. Since additional adjustment is most likely to be necessary, it is better to entrust the assembly to a specialist and carefully check the drain operation after installation and connection.

Despite the fact that the built-in toilet is designed to take up less space, it is tactile no different from the usual floor model, so there are no restrictions on its placement and use.


JIKA Mio 2571.6

A porcelain wall-hung toilet, designed to become a more functional replacement for conventional models, to which it is not inferior in size of the seat, but all early visually takes up less space due to the installation of a flush tank in the wall. The manufacturer gives a 7 year warranty on his product.

Jika mio


+ Pros of JIKA Mio 2571.6

  1. Despite the shape close to the classic, the very design of the body contours allows you to fit this model into almost any interior.
  2. One of the best balance between quality and value.
  3. The glazed surface is very smooth and dense - there is nothing to fix on dirt, dust or microbes and they are easily washed off as a result of ordinary wet cleaning.
  4. Reliability of the design - the manufacturer claims that the installation can withstand weight up to 500 kg.


- Cons JIKA Mio 2571.6

  1. There is no seat in the kit - it must be ordered separately.
  2. The dimensions of the toilet are slightly larger than the rest of the hanging models, but this is rather a feature of the model.

Despite the fact that Jika brand products are positioned as mid-range devices, they are not inferior in quality to eminent brands.


The selection of goods was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

Which wall-hung toilet did you decide to buy?

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