One of the main benefits in a house or apartment is the availability of hot water. The absence of a central warm water supply system forces the owner of the house or apartment to install a particular water heating system. If there is gas in the housing, then often the best choice for solving the problem of hot water supply is a gas column. In this case, it will be the most economical to use, in comparison with electric water heaters.

Any specialized company will be able to offer you a huge selection of gas column models of different capacities and prices. Not a specialist can easily get lost among them, not knowing all the subtleties and features of such equipment. So that you can unambiguously decide which model will be a successful acquisition for your home, we have compiled a rating of gas water heaters for reliability and quality. The rating is based primarily on the reviews and ratings of users of this equipment, as well as their main technical characteristics.

Rating of geysers for an apartment or a house

Which geyser is better flowing or storage

To begin with, we find out what kind of gas water heaters are on sale in general and tell about their main advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, experts divide them into two groups:

  • Flowing;
  • Cumulative.

The device and principle of operation of flowing gas water heaters (geysers)

The geyser has small dimensions, making it well suited for urban apartments. The gas column is connected directly to the cold water supply system. Such units can work both on natural and on liquefied gas. Passing through the heat exchanger, the water quickly heats up from the high temperature of the gas being burned and already heated is immediately fed to the mixer. Geysers are equipped with advanced safety systems ensuring reliable and safe operation.

Flowing gas column device:

Flowing gas column device

1. Traction detector;
2. Overheat detector;
3. Gas-burner;
4. Gas flow regulator;
5. Hot water outlet

6. Exit for a chimney;
7. Manifold for combustion products;
8. Heat exchanger;
9. Gas pipe;
10. Water intake regulator;
11. Outlet for cold water.

The device and principle of operation of the storage gas heater

The main difference in the device and the principle of operation of the storage gas heater is that the heated water in it does not go into the water supply, but is stored in a special container. Water heating does not occur simultaneously, but gradually. The storage tank has good insulation, which contributes to a longer preservation of the temperature of the prepared water. As it runs out or cools, the water in the tank is automatically heated to the set temperature. Among the many models on the market, you can easily choose the one that will provide you with the right amount of water. You can find both a column for the kitchen, the tank of which is about 50 liters, and a bath device with a tank of 100 liters or more.

The device of the storage gas heater:

The device of a flowing gas water heater

1. Gas check valve;
2. Gas adjustment knob;
3. Water temperature adjustment;
4. Gas-burner;
5. Ignition gas wick;
6. Thermocouple;
7. Nozzle of the main gas burner;
8. Inner protective coating;
9. Thermal insulation of water tanks;
10. External protective cover;
11. Damper;

12. Anode to prevent scale and corrosion;
13. Drain cock;
14. Cable from the traction detector;
15. Chimney base;
16. Divider;
17. Cold water supply pipe;
18. Water flow swirl to intensify mixing;
19. Emergency Relief Valve Socket;
20. Pipe leaving for hot water;
21. Traction stabilizer.

In which case it is advisable to install a flowing gas column

There is no place to install surround equipment. In contrast to the storage column, which includes a tank with a volume of tens, or even hundreds of liters, the flowing column is small in size, which allows you to install it with minimal space requirements.

Limited budget. Flowing gas water heaters are much cheaper than storage. The difference in cost can reach up to 3-6 times. It is this factor that contributes to the greater spread of flowing gas columns.

Reliability and durability. If we compare two heaters, then flowing will be more reliable, due to the fact that it uses fewer diverse systems and mechanisms.

Flowing gas column

In which case is it advisable to use a gas storage heater

The presence of a large number of water consumption points with a high probability of simultaneous use. If it is assumed that several people will use hot water at the same time, then in the case of using a flowing column, a decrease in water pressure and an increase in its temperature will be observed. Storage heaters are devoid of this drawback. In this case, the storage water heater will be your best choice.

Unstable gas pressure. Heating does not occur immediately, but gradually - depending on the power of the model and the volume of the tank, this takes from several minutes to several hours. Therefore, there is no need to consume a large amount of gas in a short time, which means that there will be no sharp load on the gas pipeline. In the case of a flowing column, all gas pressure surges will affect the water temperature; in the case of a storage heater, this will only affect the rate of heating the water in the tank.

The need to heat water to higher temperatures. The water in the storage water heater is able to heat up to a higher temperature. All models have a function for adjusting the maximum temperature. The user can set the optimal heating level to reduce gas consumption and lower costs when paying for utility bills. High-quality thermal insulation ensures that even a few hours after heating, the water will maintain a high temperature.

Low pressure cold water. If a low water pressure is observed in a cold water supply system, then the operation of a flowing gas column will be difficult or even not possible. In turn, the storage water heater is able to operate at a fairly low pressure.

Weak smoke system. Flowing heaters are more powerful devices and require a chimney of a larger diameter (110 - 130 mm). Gas boilers are less powerful devices and do not simultaneously form such an amount of exhaust gas that allows them to be used with a chimney diameter of 90 mm.

Low quality cold water. In hard water regions, scale formation may occur. Over time, the salt layer on the inner walls of the spiral heating element of the flowing gas column will increase, due to which the efficiency of the heater will decrease, as well as its heat transfer. In the case of storage gas heaters, this problem is less acute.

Cumulative gas heater

The best flow-type gas water heaters

Of the many flowing gas columns on the market, we have identified the following:

 Bosch WR 10 2P 180Vaillant MAG OE 11 0 0 XZ C 180Bosch W 10 KB 180Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte 180
Bosch WR 10 - 2P Vaillant MAG OE 11-0 / 0XZ C + Bosch W 10 KB Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
3 mesto 
7 oc
4 mesto
8 oc
Rated power kW 17,4  19,2  17,4  18,5
Productivity, l / min 10  11  10  10
Ignition piezo piezo electronic electronic
Auto ignition  no  yes  yes  yes
Gas control  yes  yes  yes  yes
Maximum water temperature 0FROM 60  55  -  -
Type of combustion chamber open open open open
Inclusion indication  yes  no  -  yes
Heating indication  no  no  -   yes
Minimum water pressure, bar  0,1  -  0,15  0,15
Gas consumption (liquefied / natures), m³ / hour  1,5 / 2,1  -  1,5 / 2,1  -
Display  no  no  no  yes
Diameter of the chimney, mm 110  110  112,5  110
Dimensions, mm 580 × 310 × 220  634 × 310 × 230  400 × 850 × 370  550 × 330 × 189

Serious world-renowned manufacturers have tried to create truly high-quality equipment that will not let users down. And yet, each of these models has certain advantages and disadvantages, which will be useful for every potential owner to know so that after a few days or even years of operation do not have to be disappointed in the purchase.

Bosch WR 10 - 2P

Bosch WR 10 2P


+ Pros of Bosch WR 10 - 2P

  1. The ability to heat water to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius;
  2. It works extremely quietly, so it won’t be a hassle even in families with small children and elderly people who have trouble sleeping;
  3. Beautiful appearance - small size (242x640x340 millimeters) in total with a carefully designed design, makes this model a successful acquisition for many potential buyers;
  4. The minimum amount of electronics reduces the risk of breakage and the cost of repairs;
  5. Ease of use - even a user who has never encountered a geyser before will easily understand the device.


- Cons Bosch WR 10 - 2P

  1. Lack of automatic ignition function;
  2. The inconvenient location of the igniter - it is difficult for a person of average height standing on the floor to see if the gas is burning or not;
  3. Relatively high cost - if you wish, you can find high-quality models (including those from the same manufacturer);
  4. Hard water often causes problems leading to the replacement of the heat exchanger.

Summary. Reliable, easy to use, gas water heater, it will not cause unnecessary problems, even after serving for many years. The column is characterized by quiet operation and the presence of ionization control of the flame, which makes it possible to turn off the gas during attenuation.


Vaillant MAG OE 11-0 / 0XZ C + 311187

Vaillant MAG OE 11 0 0 XZ C


+ Pros Vaillant MAG OE 11-0 / 0XZ C + 311187

  1. High productivity - 11 liters per minute. This is enough even for very demanding users who are used to having a large amount of hot water at their disposal;
  2. Piezo ignition is reliable and easy to use - the user ignites the gas at the touch of a button;
  3. A rated power of 19.2 kW allows you to quickly heat water to the desired temperature, but at the same time, unlike most analogues, it does not scald the user in the first seconds of water supply;
  4. The power can be regulated in the range from 10 to 19.2 kW, which allows the user not only to save gas, but also to get water of the right temperature;
  5. Extremely simple and intuitive control, which makes the column a successful acquisition for users who have not previously dealt with such equipment.


- Cons Vaillant MAG OE 11-0 / 0XZ C + 311187

  1. High cost - one and a half to two times more expensive than models from other manufacturers with comparable power and functionality;
  2. Many users noted a high noise level when operating at maximum power;
  3. It works poorly with low water pressure.
  4. Noisy pizzerozig.

Summary. If you want to purchase a powerful, convenient and easy-to-use gas column, then this model will be a truly successful acquisition. Users note that the column works well only with a sufficiently powerful water pressure. The manufacturer guarantees stable operation of the device at a gas pressure of 13 mbar.


Bosch W 10 KB

Bosch W 10 KB


+ Pros of Bosch W 10 KB

  1. Affordable cost - significantly lower than the models considered above;
  2. Electronic ignition (gas ignites when the hot water tap is opened) not only guarantees maximum convenience and a high level of safety, but also saves the owner's money, reducing fuel consumption;
  3. The presence of a water drainage system makes it easy to cope with this difficult task, if necessary, replace the gas column or if tenants temporarily leave the house and will not use the gas column;
  4. Small size and elegant design;
  5. If necessary, it can be reconfigured to work on liquefied gas, which is very important for small towns where gas is supplied intermittently during the winter season;
  6. Thanks to the smoke control system, the column is switched off if the gas concentration exceeds the norm, ensuring safety for the inhabitants of the house.


- Cons Bosch W 10 KB

  1. A very loud and unexpected click on ignition (noted by almost all users);
  2. If the water pressure is weak, it may not turn on - especially relevant for residents of 4-5 floors.
  3. Does not know how to maintain a certain temperature.

Summary. We can say that Bosch W 10 KB will be a successful acquisition for many residents of private houses and cottages who do not want to spend extra money on functions that they will not use. Certain disadvantages are manifested only in some owners of the column. For example, some complain about certain flaws in the quality of the assembly.


Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte

Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte


+ Pros Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte

  1. Existence of the display allows to receive information on water temperature;
  2. The weight of 8.2 kilograms greatly facilitates the process of transportation and installation;
  3. Electronic ignition has established itself as a reliable, convenient and most secure - the column does not connect to a 220 volt mains. In addition, the gas ignites only after the user opens the water - you have to wait a few seconds until the water becomes warm enough, but the fuel consumption is significantly reduced;
  4. The copper heat exchanger provides fast heating of water;
  5. Ability to work with a water pressure of only 0.15 bar;
  6. Surprisingly, with all these advantages, a geyser has an extremely low cost - this model costs one and a half to two times cheaper than the ones discussed above.


- Cons Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte

  1. Low build quality
  2. Short service life;
  3. The high cost of batteries from which the ignition is powered.

Summary. Nevertheless, Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte may be the best choice for users who are very limited in budget when buying equipment. Especially it can be recommended to the inhabitants of the upper floors - low weight and work at low water pressure in this case are especially relevant.

Which geyser did you decide to buy?

The best gas storage heaters

 American Water Heater PROLine G 61 180BAXI SAG2 300 T 180
American Water Heater PROLine G-61-50T40-3NV Baxi SAG2 300 T
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
power, kWt  11,7  17,4
Tank volume, l  190  300
The maximum temperature of water heating, 0FROM  70  90
Type of ignition piezo ignition electric ignition
LPG operation  no  yes
Gas control  yes  yes
overheat protection  yes  yes
Safety valve  yes  yes
Tank inner cover glass ceramic enamel
Depth / Width / Height, mm  508 / 508 / 1450 760 / 760 / 1820
Weight, kg  67,2 117


American Water Heater PROLine G-61-50T40-3NV

American Water Heater PROLine G 61


+ Pros of American Water Heater PROLine G-61-50T40-3NV

  1. The maximum water temperature is 70 degrees Celsius. This is quite enough even for the most picky users;
  2. Weight of 67.2 kilograms - significantly less than most similar models;
  3. The glass-ceramic inner coating of the tank reliably protects the column from corrosion and other unpleasant consequences;
  4. Overheat protection significantly increases the life of the equipment;
  5. The maximum heating temperature is easily adjusted to the tastes of the user.


- Cons American Water Heater PROLine G-61-50T40-3NV

  1. Quite a high cost - analogues in volume and power can be purchased cheaper.
  2. The threads on the water inlet and outlet are recessed into the body, so 3/4 runs will be needed to connect.
  3. All threaded connections are screwed in very tight.

Summary. If you need reliable equipment that will last for many years (warranty period is 6 years), and you are ready to pay for quality, then the American Water Heater PROLine G-61-50T40-3NV will not disappoint you.


Baxi SAG2 300 T



+ Pros of the Baxi SAG2 300 T

  1. A tank of 300 liters is enough even for a very large family;
  2. The maximum heating temperature is unusually high - 97 degrees Celsius. However, it is easy to reduce power by providing the desired temperature;
  3. A power of 17.4 kW allows you to heat 300 liters of water to 60 degrees Celsius in just an hour;
  4. Piezo ignition allows you to not connect the column to a network voltage of 220 V.
  5. The recirculation system provides hot water even when the column is far from the mixer.


- Cons Baxi SAG2 300 T

  1. Some users report that the maximum temperature of water heating does not exceed 60-70 degrees, however, this is a limitation of the manufacturer and it can be adjusted.
  2. The non-standard size of smoke exhaust pipes is 140 mm.

Summary. The model may be a good choice for users who need a large amount of hot water. Users note that the choice of such devices is quite limited.

Which gas storage heater did you decide to buy?

The selection of goods was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

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