Many people do not want to use tap water for food. Indeed, without cleaning it can give an unpleasant taste and smell of coffee and tea, make soups and broths not so tasty and aromatic. Therefore, water filters for washing became so popular - which one will better cope with its tasks, which manufacturers should pay attention to products and which models should be considered for purchase. We will answer all these questions in this material.

Comparison: which water filter for a sink is better to buy

Features of filters for water purification with placement under the sink

In fact, their distinguishing feature lies in the name. Filters are installed under the kitchen sink and are connected to water pipes using special connections. A separate tap is displayed upwards, from which it will be possible to collect purified water. If there is not enough space under the sink, then wall placement is used as an alternative. A faucet connected to the filter by flexible eyeliner is also mounted on the sink.

If you look at the variety of these systems, it may seem that choosing the best filter is very difficult.

But, in fact, the whole choice consists of three stages:

Select filter type.

Manufacturer's choice.

Model selection.

Varieties of filters "under the sink"

Before deciding which filter to clean water for washing is best for you, you need to know which ones are generally available. There are only two types of such devices, outwardly very similar to each other, but differing in their internal “stuffing”. The first type is flow-type filtration systems. The second - filters using the principle of reverse osmosis. Further - in detail about each variety.

Flow filters

The composition of such a system includes from three to four modules that are connected together in series. That is, first there is a preliminary purification of tap water, then - the main, and at the final stage - the finish. Due to the presence of several steps using different cleaning methods (using a mechanical filter, sorbent, silver particles, etc.), the water is qualitatively filtered.

Pieces of rust and dirt, as well as microorganisms, unpleasant odors (in particular, the smell of chlorine) are removed from it. If there are such harmful substances in the water as petroleum products, heavy metal salts or pesticides, the filter system also safely removes them.

The modules that make up the filter can be filled with various types of cartridges.

They are:

  • for mechanical cleaning;
  • universal, suitable for ordinary tap water itself, not burdened by a large amount of any impurities;
  • designed for too hard water;
  • intended for water, which contains an excessive amount of metals;
  • antibacterial, purifying water from various microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, cysts).

Thus, you can always choose the option that is most suitable for a particular case. But it is worth noting that if the house has very hard water, the maintenance of such a filter will cost a pretty penny. Consumables - cartridges - will require frequent replacement.

Flow filter
Flowing water filter with installation under the sink.

Reverse osmosis systems

The design of such a system is similar to flow-through sorption filters, but has several additional nodes. Here, on a common console, several filter modules are mounted, which can be from one to four, and in premium models of a high degree of purification, even five. Each of the modules, which is a plastic container with filter cartridges inside, is designed to do its job. The main feature of such systems is the presence of a module with a reverse osmotic membrane, passing through which water is subjected to ultrafine cleaning.

Here are the main types of cartridges used in such systems:

  • filters (usually made of polypropylene) that handle a variety of mechanical impurities in water.
  • filters containing carbon sorbent inside can cope with organics, hydrocarbons, salts of heavy metals, taste and smell of chlorine.
  • Filters that remove excess iron from water are called iron removers; inside is an active substance that reacts with iron dissolved in water.

After preliminary cleaning, using the above cartridges, water enters the module with a reverse osmosis membrane. It is on this membrane that only water molecules pass through itself that the principle of the reverse osmosis system is based. To pass through the membrane in the water system must be a pressure of the order of 3 - 3.5 bar. Therefore, often an electric charge pump is included in the package. In some models for the disinfection of water and the destruction of harmful microorganisms is an ultraviolet lamp.

Water purified by this method is akin to distilled. To replenish minerals, a number of reverse osmosis systems have a special mineralizer. Since water passes slowly through the membrane, reverse osmosis systems are equipped with a storage tank - usually up to ten liters. It turns out to be very convenient when a large amount of water is required immediately, but there is no time to wait when it will be cleaned.

To summarize what has been said, we note that it is the reverse osmosis systems that produce the purest water. Exactly the same that is sold in stores in a bottled form. Only the cost of one liter will be many times lower. So there is a saving - many zealous owners have long understood this, having acquired similar systems and enjoying clean, transparent, like a tear, water.

Reverse osmosis system
Reverse osmosis system with installation under the sink.

Determine which wash filter is best for your water.

Now we need to determine what type of water filters “mod washing” we need to choose. The first thing you need to look at is just not a filter, but the quality of the water. In each house and apartment, the quality of water may be different. It depends not only on the source from where it comes into the water supply, but also on other factors. In particular, the quality of the water pipes (if they are old and rusty, then there will certainly be an excess of iron and pieces of rust in the water). Or there may be bacterial contamination, which can lead to intestinal infections and stomach upsets.

To determine exactly which system (and which cartridges) will better deal with pollution, it is worth doing an examination of your tap water. Taking a clean bottle (best of all from purchased water), fill it with a tap and go to the sanitary and epidemiological station. True, there will have to wait for the results for a while. Want fast - go to the test center. You have to pay, but the result is immediately.

You will analyze the water in the most detailed way, checking thirty points. You can find out if radiation is present in the water (which is the biggest threat), excess salts, iron or lime, organic matter (microbes, viruses and bacteria). It also checks the pH level of pH, color, smell, transparency. Other characteristics are also determined - everything will be given to you in writing. And you can find out what got into your body.

Having obtained the results, we can safely proceed to the choice of a water treatment system:

#1. If there is an excess of iron, chlorine or any chemical compounds in the water, but at normal hardness, you can install a flow system with approximately the following set of cartridges:

  • cartridge for mechanical water treatment;
  • sorption cartridge containing activated carbon;
  • deferrization cartridge.


#2. But if the water is too hard, then flow-through devices should be abandoned. Despite the fact that flow systems can be equipped with cartridges designed to soften water, they have a very limited period of use, after which they should be restored. Such cartridges can handle only if the water has a little stiffness. They will become clogged too quickly, as a result, it will fly into your penny. Therefore, only a reverse osmosis system will help you out in the case of hard water. The entire function of water softening, in this case, takes on the reverse osmosis membrane.

zhestkaya voda

#3. The presence of organic matter (microbes, bacteria, viruses) in water can greatly harm babies, the elderly and allergy sufferers. A reverse osmosis system will come to the rescue - its membrane will reliably hold any bacteria with microbes, as well as parasite eggs. For one hundred percent effect (sometimes extremely small bacteria still slip through the pores of the membrane), an ultraviolet filter is placed at the outlet, which completely disinfects the water. In some cases, you can consider a flow filter, which is equipped with a module with ultraviolet cleaning.

bakterii v vode

Top Filter Manufacturers

As can be seen below, these are mainly domestic companies that produce high-quality and well-made world-class products. And often it is their products that top the rating of water filters for washing.


Manufacturer of water filters Barrier

This brand belongs to the Russian company METTEM Technologies (it has been operating since 1993). It has its own research center and four plants equipped with modern German robotic equipment. Filters for washing are available both flow-through and reverse osmosis.

Systems, as a rule, are three-stage, closed on top with an integral leak-proof lid. They process up to two liters of water per minute. The company produces many types of different cartridges that are easily replaced (with one easy movement of the hand)


Filter manufacturer Aquaphor

This is the main domestic competitor of the manufacturer described above. The company has been successfully working on the manufacture of filters since 1992. Production facilities - two plants in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Both trunk and reverse osmosis systems are available. The company's specialists have developed their own unique sorbent - Aqualen carbon fibers, which are very thin and have a high degree of purification.

New water

Water Filter Manufacturer New Water

This brand is a little younger than the two previous ones, but also has already become well-recognized. The company was founded in Ukraine in 1996, becoming in 2006 a member of the world Water Quality Association. It also manufactures filters for washing both varieties (flow and reverse osmosis) and several types of cartridges for them.


Geyser Filter Manufacturer

The company from St. Petersburg is one of the oldest - it has been operating since 1986. She has a lot of her own scientific developments, which she uses in her filters. He has more than twenty patents. Particular recognition was given to the special microporous ion-exchange polymer, which allowed the company to enter the top global manufacturers of water purifiers. Makes both types of systems for washing and cartridges, interchangeable with Aquafore.


Atoll Water Filter Manufacturer

This brand comes from America, however, filters are assembled (from American components) at the Russian company Kominteks-Ecology, which has been operating on the market for more than ten years. All products have international NSF certification, which guarantees notoriously high quality. A-313 line of three-stage filters is available (there are four modifications for different water).

Rating of filters for water treatment for washing

Next, we present to your attention a selection of the best filters of this type, based on the opinion of those who have been using various models of popular manufacturers for a sufficient time.

The best flow filters for washing, according to user reviews

 barer expert ferrumbarer expert hardakvafor kristal hnovaya voda expertakvafor kristal kvadro
9 oc 8 oc 8 oc 8 oc 7 oc
The number of cleaning steps 3  3  3 5 5
Mechanical filtration yes yes yes yes yes
Ion exchange yes yes yes yes no
Carbon filtration yes yes yes yes no
Resource of the standard filtering module (l) 1000 1000 1000 there is no data there is no data
Mechanical filter porosity (μm) 5 5 0,8 5 0,1
Iron removal yes no no no no
Softening no yes yes yes no
Free chlorine removal yes yes yes yes no

EXPERT Ferrum Barrier - Effective Iron Removal

Barrier EXPERT Ferrum

barer expert ferrum 3m

barer expert ferrum 4m

barer expert ferrum 5m

+ Pros Barrier EXPERT Ferrum

  1. It well purifies tap water from chlorine, iron, and other substances.
  2. The system is easy to install, it is quite inexpensive.
  3. Does not affect the total pressure of water.
  4. Cartridges are easily and quickly replaced thanks to a unique proprietary system of their replacement.
  5. Nothing leaks anywhere.
  6. The filter is compact, has a nice design.
  7. Compared with a jug, the cartridges need to be changed much less frequently.

- Cons Barrier EXPERT Ferrum

  1. From scale (increased rigidity) water relieves weakly.
  2. Replaceable cartridges are quite expensive. They can not always be found in the nearest store. You have to call or order them on the Internet.
  3. If you do not use the filter too often, a tangible taste of coal appears in the water. Passes only after draining from three to five liters.

The results. This three-stage flow model is ideal for those who are tired of washing rusty stains from the sink and feeling an unpleasant glandular taste in the mouth, quenching thirst. The system is inexpensive, fits under the sink, it easily changes cartridges. But hard water is not good.


EXPERT Hard Barrier - Best Price

Barrier EXPERT Hard

barer expert hard 3m

barer expert hard 4m

barer expert hard 5m

+ Pros Barrier EXPERT Hard

  1. Makes water absolutely clear, clean and tasty. There is no scale in the kettle. The smell of bleach disappears.
  2. The model is compact, with thin flasks, it looks very beautiful and fits under any sink.
  3. Excellent water softening.
  4. Cartridges serve for a long time, at least six months, they are very simple to change. The One Touch replacement system greatly facilitated this process - even a small child can do it.
  5. The filter installation process is quite simple.
  6. Not too high price.
  7. Good filtration rate - more than one liter per minute.

- Cons Barrier EXPERT Hard

  1. After filtering, the device becomes quite heavy. Better to put it on the bottom of the cabinet or on the floor.
  2. Included is a not very convenient ball valve. It is made of an alloy like silumin, does not have a nut for screwing in and out.
  3. If you do not set the faucet included in the kit, the adapter may not fit the mixer.
  4. At first, the water flows out a bit unclear (however, the manufacturer recommends draining the first ten liters into the sewers).
  5. If the water is too hard, the softener cartridge lasts for a short time.

The results. This flow-through three-stage model is designed to soften and clean free chlorine. Suitable for those who want not too expensive and without unnecessary trouble with installing the system and replacing the cartridges to get excellent water, no worse than bottled. But the tap should not have too hard water.


Aquaphor Crystal N - effective water softener

Aquaphor Crystal H

+ Pros Aquaphor Crystal N

  1. The filter is made soundly and efficiently, its design is convenient.
  2. The water is very tasty (no worse than the one sold in bottles).
  3. The average declared cartridge life is one and a half years.
  4. It softens the water well, a replaceable special cartridge designed for this is easily regenerated.

- Cons Aquaphor Crystal N

  1. The resource of the softening module is not too large - it corresponds to somewhere between 200-250 liters. However, it depends on the individual characteristics of the water.
  2. Those who do not like excess body movements will not like to wash the cartridge to soften the water every two months to restore it. Buying a new one regularly is too expensive.

The results. The model is positioned as softening water. It is inexpensive, it looks beautiful, it copes with its tasks with a bang. Tasty, clean, soft water is a great alternative to the purchased one. But you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to regularly regenerate the softening module. If this does not scare you, then feel free to buy a filter.


New Water Expert M410 - compact dimensions and high-quality cleaning

New Water Expert M410 

+ Pros New Water Expert M410

  1. The device is compact. Its width is not more than ten centimeters. There is enough space under the sink for other household items (a bin, for example).
  2. High-quality and strong plastic, all connections are very reliable.
  3. A beautiful, solid and stylishly designed faucet that will decorate any kitchen.
  4. Low price.
  5. Complete with everything you need.
  6. It copes well with chlorine, gives clean and clear water that tastes similar to spring water.
  7. The filtering speed is quite decent.
  8. There is ultrafiltration, there are five stages of purification.
  9. Cartridges are easy to change.

- Cons New Water Expert M410

  1. If the water is too hard, softening lasts for about a month. Then scum appears.
  2. Replaceable cartridges are quite expensive.

The results. This reliable, quite affordable and very compact flow model boasts as many as five cleaning steps (including ultrafiltration). Many are pleased with the beautiful crane that comes with the kit. If your water is not too hard, you can opt for this filter. Otherwise, you will have to buy cartridges too often (and they are not cheap).


Aquaphor Crystal Quadro - for home cleaning experts

Aquaphor Crystal Quadro 

+ Pros Aquaphor Crystal Quadro

  1. The ability to purchase any set of modules (including the K1-078 module cleaning with an accuracy of 0.1 microns).
  2. Easy replacement of cartridges - immediately with the case together. You just need to make an easy turn.
  3. Small dimensions of the device.

- Cons Aquaphor Crystal Quadro

  1. A fourth filter is not always needed, which significantly increases the price (compared to triple models of the same manufacturer).
  2. Replaceable items are expensive because they include a cartridge with the bulb.
  3. Not too high-quality fasteners - it’s possible to flood the neighbors too. The heavy filter, filled with water, is held on thin plastic.
  4. With hard water, scum appears after two months. It is necessary to constantly regenerate the softening module.

The results. The model is compact and the ability to adjust the set of cartridges for your water. It’s convenient to change them, but at the price they are quite expensive (since they are sold in the case). At installation check reliability of fastenings. If you have hard water, then too often you will have to regenerate the softener module. So in this case, a similar model will not suit you well.


The best reverse osmosis systems for washing, according to user reviews

 geizer prestizh 2 satol a 550 std sbarer profi osmo 2 snovaya voda expert mo510 s
9 oc 8 oc 8 oc 8 oc
Reverse osmosis  yes  yes  yes yes
The number of cleaning steps 2 5 5 3
Mechanical filtration yes yes yes yes
Ion exchange no yes no yes
Carbon filtration no yes yes yes
Storage capacity no yes yes yes
Volume of storage capacity (l) - 8 8 3,25
Recommended Productivity (L / min) - 0,159 0,2 -
Max.productivity (l / min) 0,3 - - 0,13
Filter module included yes yes yes yes
Resource of the standard filtering module (l) 3500 - 5000 -
Min inlet water temperature (° C) 4 5 5 5
Max. inlet water temperature (° C) 40 40 35 35
Min inlet pressure (atm.) 1,5 2,8 3 2
Max. inlet pressure (atm.) 8 6 7 8
Porosity (μm) 0,0001 - 1 5
Mineralization no no no no
Oxygen enrichment no yes no no
Iron removal yes yes yes yes
Softening yes yes yes yes
Free chlorine removal yes yes yes yes
Pressure boosting pump no no no no

Geyser Prestige 2 - excellent value for money cleaning

Geyser Prestige 2

+ Pros Geyser Prestige 2

  1. The filtering speed is very high (when compared with similar models).
  2. Perfectly purifies water, making it absolutely neutral in taste and allowing you to fully enjoy coffee and tea.
  3. Small dimensions, not too high price.
  4. Filters are quite simple and inexpensive to change.
  5. An impressively large resource cartridges - for some they regularly serve up to three years.
  6. Easy to install, detailed glossy instructions on how to do this.

- Cons Geyser Prestige 2

  1. The tee included in the kit has a not too tight connection. FUM tape will help solve this problem.
  2. The crane is not too beautiful design.
  3. Replaceable cartridges are not always available.
  4. A lot of water goes into drainage. Five liters clean - from ten to fifteen liters. If you have a water meter, this is expensive.
  5. Ball valve does not fit well with the sleeve - manufacturer's defect. We have to use tow, tape, other materials.

The results. This is a good reverse osmosis system in a harmonious ratio of workmanship and cost. Resource-intensive cartridges do their job well. But you can not always buy them. The installation should be entrusted to a master or a person whose hands “grow from that place”, as there are problems with the seals of the joints.


Atoll A-550 STD - the choice for a large family

Atoll A-550 STD reverse osmosis system

+ Pros Atoll A-550 STD

  1. Multi-colored inlet hoses are very convenient. Do not confuse which one to insert.
  2. The quality of cleaning is at the highest world level, as certified components of foreign production are used.
  3. Great quality plastic.
  4. High performance.
  5. Compact, easy installation.
  6. Elegant, soft working crane.
  7. Replacement kits include FUM tape and silicone grease - the connections do not leak.

- Cons Atoll A-550 STD

  1. A rather flimsy plastic key that is easy to break. Therefore, it is better to twist and unscrew the flask by hand.
  2. The sealing gum on the spout of the drinking tap will quickly wear off if twisted. Therefore, it is better not to touch the nose at all.
  3. A large number of connections.
  4. Lack of spare lock rings.
  5. Fairly high price. The model pays off only with a large daily water consumption - more than twenty liters.

The results. If you want to get perfectly purified water, not paying attention to the cost of the filter, you can safely turn your eyes to this model. Indeed, during its assembly, the best components of well-known foreign manufacturers were used. Solidly made of metal and plastic, the system has high performance. Well suited for a large family spending more than twenty liters per day.


PROFI Osmo 100 barrier - a good resource for filter modules

Reverse Osmosis System Barrier pros OSMO

barer profi osmo 2 2m

barer profi osmo 2 3m

+ Pros Barrier PROFI Osmo 100

  1. Low price in comparison with other manufacturers.
  2. The presence of collapsible flasks - this in the future will serve as a good saving.
  3. Good quality cleaning in five steps. The water is tasty, without extraneous odors and impurities.
  4. Installation is simple - you can do it yourself.
  5. Filtered particles go through a special tube - conveniently.
  6. Cartridges do not need to be changed frequently.

- Cons Barrier PROFI Osmo 100

  1. The fittings are not of the best quality - obviously Chinese. They do not have latches that prevent the connection from opening. Yes, and other components come across with flaws (clamps, tee).
  2. The plastic of the filter itself is at an average level.
  3. When the storage tank is empty, the four-way valve buzzes.
  4. Not too compact model - the place under the sink “eats” completely.
  5. There are no branded mineralizers. There is no double tap (for clean and saline water).
  6. A lot of water is drained during the filtering eighty percent.
  7. The system is quite demanding on the level of pressure.

The results. This reverse osmosis model is suitable for those who save money, but want to get high-quality purified water (which the filter successfully copes with). But the pressure level in the water supply system must be at the level - otherwise purchase a pump right away (or a more expensive version of this model with a pump in the kit). Otherwise, you will have to get very nervous, waiting for the water to slowly and slowly filter out. And one more thing: get ready for a large water flow - here a lot of mediocre leaves into the sewers.


New Water Expert Osmos MO510 - compact and great design

New Water Expert Osmos MO510

+ Pros New Water Expert Osmos MO510

  1. Excellent quality hologram membrane - Japanese production.
  2. Original construction and design (both the filter itself and a large convenient crane).
  3. Compactness.
  4. Self-assembly is not difficult.
  5. The quality of the cleaning is excellent.
  6. Good and responsive support service on the company's website.
  7. Membrane and cartridges are easy to replace.

- Cons New Water Expert Osmos MO510

  1. Not at all a low price.
  2. Consumables (cartridges) are also quite expensive.
  3. K871 cartridge with clogged water quickly clogs. As a result, the pressure drops and the filtration is slow.
  4. The factory does not pass pressure tests for leaks inside the box. Because of this, leaking specimens are found.
  5. Tanks are usually pumped, which is why less water comes into them than stated (two liters instead of three and a half). An experienced master will solve this problem.

The results. A model that does a very good job of cleansing is perfect for a family of two or three. But only where tap water is not too polluted with mechanical impurities (this often makes it necessary to change a polypropylene cartridge, quickly clogging). And one more thing: it is better to entrust the installation of the system to the master, who will immediately eliminate the shortcomings, if any. For example, a leak or pumped tank, which reduces the amount of accumulated water.


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Which water filter for washing did you decide to buy?

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