The article provides a rating of instantaneous water heaters based on user reviews and electrical equipment specifications. This will help you choose proven models for seasonal washing in the shower or washing dishes in the country, as well as for permanent use in the apartment for the bathroom and kitchen.

The best electric instantaneous water heaters

The best non-pressure electric instantaneous water heaters

Non-pressure models are characterized by simple installation and unpretentiousness in work. Their internal structure is designed to pass and heat the water coming from the water supply. But the design does not imply holding the liquid under pressure in the closed position, therefore, before entering the device, a crane must be installed to exclude the accumulation of pressure when the water heater is not used. You can connect the device to a mixer, replacing the role of shut-off valves and simplifying installation.

Non-pressure water heaters are designed for seasonal use and a single point of selection. They are usually installed next to it. Models are available with a gander or shower head. This is an excellent and inexpensive option for organizing water heating in the country or during seasonal outages. The main characteristics when choosing are power consumption and performance.

The best models for a washbasin or kitchen sink

To wash your hands or dishes in hot water, you do not need to perform complex installation work on the water supply. It is enough to attach a flowing water heater to the tap so that its gander gets into the sink. Large hot water productivity is not needed here, so models with power up to 5.5 kW are suitable.

 Zanussi 3 logic 55 TS sElectrolux Smartfix 2.0 5 s
Zanussi 3-logic 5.5 TS Electrolux Smartfix 2.0 5.5 TS
Productivity, l / min  3,7 3,1 
Power consumption kW  5,5 5,5 
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm 270x135x100 270x135x100
Weight, kg 1,5  1,3 
Maximum temperature, oC  +50 +43 

Zanussi 3-logic 5.5 TS

The compact non-pressure water heater with dimensions of 270x135x100 mm fits easily on the wall next to the sink. The copper heating element transfers heat quickly and is not susceptible to corrosion.

Zanussi 3 logic 55 TS


+ Pros of Zanussi 3-logic 5.5 TS

  1. There is built-in protection against overheating of the heating element and switching on with an empty system.
  2. The power has three heating levels, set by buttons on the case - convenient for different times of the year and temperature simulation.
  3. Easily removed and transported to a new location.
  4. For temporary placement, you can not spoil the tile on the wall, but fix it on a wooden base.
  5. Weight 1.5 kg simplifies installation.
  6. Everything you need for fasteners is included.


- Cons Zanussi 3-logic 5.5 TS

  1. It is sold without a power cord, so you won’t be able to use it right away - you need to buy a wire and disassemble the case for connection.
  2. Due to the powerful heater, to connect to the mains, you need a wire with a cross section of at least 4 mm2.
  3. Only for one point - while using the shower head and tap, the jet is cool even in summer.

Output. This instantaneous water heater is well suited for a country house, in which people come to relax for a couple of days. With it, you can organize warm water for brushing, washing and even bathing in the summer. TEN with a capacity of 5.5. kW provides heating to a temperature of 50 degrees with incoming water +15 degrees.


Electrolux Smartfix 2.0 5.5 TS

Wall-mounted instantaneous water heater with bottom pipe feed ½ inch. Ergonomic and intuitive control panel with three-stage adjustment and light-on indicator.

Electrolux Smartfix 2 0 5 5 TS


+ Pros of Electrolux Smartfix 2.0 5.5 TS

  1. The water supply can be connected through a shower hose - it fits in the thread and allows you to choose a free place for installation.
  2. Spare rubber gaskets for joints are supplied.
  3. Long service life (for some users up to 7 years).
  4. Simple installation.
  5. Protection against switching on with an empty system.
  6. Copper heating element.
  7. Nice looking.


- Cons Electrolux Smartfix 2.0 5.5 TS

  1. Comes without wire.
  2. Even with 4 mm cable connection2 The plug warms up after five minutes of operation. Not suitable for homes with poor wiring.
  3. If there is a 16 A circuit breaker at the input, it can periodically be knocked out - it must be changed to a more powerful one.
  4. Not very high-quality plastic housing.
  5. The flask manages to heat the water sufficiently only in the 3rd mode (maximum).
  6. Most users note that it is better to connect directly to the dashboard, and not to the outlet, which complicates the connection.

Output. The model is well suited for a small workshop or garage, so that you can wash your hands and face in warm water in the winter season. The water heater can operate even at a pressure of 0.70 bar, which allows the organization to flow without gravity from the water supply system, but only from the tank, by gravity.

Which instantaneous non-pressure water heater for a washbasin or a kitchen sink did you decide to buy?

The best non-pressure shower water heaters

To wash in the shower under a stream of hot water, you need enough pressure and heating. To do this, use instantaneous water heaters with a heating element power above 5.5 kW at maximum mode.

 Timberk WHEL 7 OSC sElectrolux Smartfix 2.0 6 sAEG BS 60E s
Timberk WHEL-7 OSC Electrolux Smartfix 2.0 6.5 TS AEG BS 60E
Power consumption kW 6,5  6,5 
Productivity, l / min  4,5 3,7 
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm 272x159x112 270x135x100 222x360x105
Weight, kg  1,2 1,3  2,4 
Inlet pressure, atm until 6 until 6 to 10

Timberk WHEL-7 OSC

Stylish instantaneous water heater with rich equipment. He has a shower head, watering can, rubber bands for connecting the fitting and fasteners to the wall. The temperature is set with one rotary switch.

Timberk WHEL 7 OSC


+ Pros of Timberk WHEL-7 OSC

  1. It is easily installed in the system at the right time and then just as easily removed for the next season.
  2. Detailed installation and use instructions.
  3. Heats water well at any time of the year.
  4. Three modes are convenient for temperature simulation.
  5. Productivity 4.5 L per minute.
  6. Comes with a protective filter at the inlet, which prevents the build-up and debris from the system.


- Cons Timberk WHEL-7 OSC

  1. The material of the bolts for clamping the contacts is soft - the faces slip together even under light load.
  2. Although the apparatus heats water well thanks to the powerful heating element, the thickness of the jet is much less than from the central hot water supply.
  3. In order not to spoil the wall for temporary use, you need to think about how to fix the device near the bath.
  4. All construction flanges are plastic.
  5. It is difficult to wash the shampoo for girls with long thick hair when you turn on the device in maximum mode.

Output. This instantaneous water heater is suitable for an apartment during the period of maintenance work in the hot water supply system. Power TENA 6.5 kW will provide sufficient heating of water, not only in the summer, but even in winter, if a breakdown occurs on the line.


Electrolux Smartfix 2.0 6.5 TS

The capacity of the water heater is 3.7 l, but thanks to the power of 6.5 kW, the jet will be very hot in the summer. The lower eyeliner can be either open or hidden, for a permanent place of operation. Dimensions of 270x135x100 mm are easy to place above the sink or next to the bath.

Electrolux Smartfix 2 0 6 5 TS


+ Pros of Electrolux Smartfix 2.0 6.5 TS

  1. If the heater will overheat, the device will turn off the power by itself.
  2. The buttons are flush with the surface of the case and are protected as much as possible from splashes inside the electronics.
  3. It works even with low water pressure in the system.
  4. The kit already has a long hose with a shower head and a faucet.
  5. Most users like its appearance.
  6. The diameter and thread pitch at the inlet are suitable for connecting a flexible hose from a shower connected to a stationary mixer (from a hot water supply and a hot water supply).


- Cons Electrolux Smartfix 2.0 6.5 TS

  1. Cable not included.
  2. Special conditions for connection are required: a socket with grounding and wiring with a cross section of at least 4 mm2, automatic 32 A.
  3. Buying a cable with a plug to it costs about 600 rubles.

Output. Such a flowing water heater will be a good solution for a seasonal stay in the country, to wash after gardening. Due to its weight of 1.3 kg, it is easy to install even on a drywall wall finished with tiles.



Vertical flow heater with a power of 6.0 kW. Productivity is 3 l / min. The housing is equipped with four diodes to indicate the inclusion and indication of the power level.



+ Pros AEG BS 60E

  1. The presence of the switch in the recess on the housing protects the internal electronics from the penetration of dripping drops.
  2. Simple interface with increasing diameter of the dots, showing the temperature change.
  3. Protected against overheating.
  4. The pressure is sufficient to take a shower, and the temperature is comfortable to wash your hair.
  5. It can be connected to an electrical outlet, which eliminates the need for a separate line to the shield.


- Cons AEG BS 60E

  1. The cable is very hot while the heater is working.
  2. Need a 32 A.
  3. If placed in front of the tap, the body will begin to flow.
  4. To steam in a hot shower you need to reduce the pressure to a minimum, but then the device will work only about 5 minutes and turn on the protection against overheating.

Output. This water heater is perfect for arranging a shower in the summer. The model is equipped with a shower nozzle and a hose. The vertical housing is conveniently placed next to the shower and quickly adjust the temperature with one rotary switch.

What free-flow instantaneous water heater for a shower did you decide to buy?

The best pressurized electric instantaneous water heaters

Deciding which instantaneous water heater is better One cannot but consider pressure models, which are more expensive and differ in connection method and functionality. Their internal design is designed to withstand high pressure of 6-10 atm, so they are installed in the water distribution unit to the mixers.

Several pressure points (shower, sink) can be diverted from pressure water heaters. Users do not have to see the device, but ordinary taps in an apartment or house are used to open the water. Such devices are optimal as the main sources of hot water for operation all year round.

 Electrolux NPX6 Aquatronic Digital sCLAGE CEX 9 sStiebel Eltron DHC 8 s
Electrolux NPX6
Aquatronic digital
CLAGE CEX 9 Stiebel Eltron DHC 8
Power consumption kW  6
Productivity, l / min  2,8 4,1 
Size (WxHxD), mm 191x141x95 180x294x110 200x360x104
Weight, kg 1,67  2,7  2,4 
Electric heating element spiral spiral TEN
Inlet pressure, atm up to 7 to 10 to 10

Electrolux NPX6 Aquatronic Digital

Creative pressurized water heater with a minimalist design. On the body there are three narrow chrome buttons for switching on and selecting a mode. The temperature is shown on a display disguised as the white color of the case. The device power is 6.0 kW.

Electrolux NPX6 Aquatronic Digital


+ Pros of Electrolux NPX6 Aquatronic Digital

  1. Modern design with a beautiful display.
  2. Electronic temperature control ensures stability.
  3. Convenient top connection to branch pipes.
  4. All ½ ”threads - easy to find couplings for mounting.
  5. Automatic inclusion when opening the mixer.
  6. Withstands pressure up to 7 atm.
  7. Good pressure with a shower head.


- Cons Electrolux NPX6 Aquatronic Digital

  1. The duct restrictor bushings are plastic and easy to twist during installation.
  2. Sometimes automation does not work and users have to click on a button.
  3. Need a powerful 32 A.
  4. It is not recommended to connect hoses to the water supply system, which complicates the installation (metal-plastic or plastic pipes need to be connected).

Output. This water heater is well suited for an apartment or house in which there is no domestic hot water. To wash dishes or take a shower in hot water, you don’t need to “play” with the power and thickness of the stream - the user just needs to set the desired temperature, and the device will maintain it, regardless of changing factors (pressure, inlet temperature).



Flow-type vertical water heater with a liquid crystal screen displaying temperature and other settings. Able to warm water to +55 degrees. The small dimensions of 180x294x110 mm make it easy to place in a closed niche next to the pipes.



+ Pros of CLAGE CEX 9

  1. The high power of 8 kW perfectly heats water even with simultaneous intake in several places.
  2. The built-in thermometer shows the current water temperature, which is convenient for choosing the optimal mode and quick subsequent settings.
  3. There is a self-diagnosis function that helps to find a malfunction if something happened to the device.
  4. Withstands pressure up to 10 atm, but will warm water at 0.5 atm.
  5. Electronics is reliably protected by the case from a direct hit of a stream of water.
  6. TEN from stainless steel.
  7. Water filter included.
  8. Excellent build quality.
  9. Installation instructions with a card and notches on the case for transferring marks of fixation points.


- Cons CLAGE CEX 9

  1. It is optionally possible to control via the remote control, so as not to open a niche each time to enter the settings, but the remote control itself is bought separately.
  2. To connect you need a cable with a cross section of 6 mm2 - costs about 800 rubles.
  3. To prevent the machine from knocking out, a device with a threshold of 40 A.
  4. To heat to 55 degrees, the jet must be thin.
  5. The network cable is warming.

Output. Such a pressure water heater is suitable as the main source of hot water for an apartment or house. It tolerates pressure well up to 7 atm, and a power of 8 kW is enough to supply the kitchen, bathroom and bathroom with hot water.


Stiebel Eltron DHC 8

A simple and powerful model of a flow-through pressure heater. Productivity is 4.1 l / min, and power is 8 kW. The device is no frills, so it does not have a display, and the temperature control method is mechanical (controlling the power of the heating element and pressure).

Stiebel Eltron DHC 8


+ Pros of Stiebel Eltron DHC 8

  1. High quality German assembly.
  2. A pressure of 4 liters of water per minute allows you to wash comfortably at any time of the year.
  3. Between March and May and September, October runs on 4-6 kW (this is sufficient for most users), although it has a reserve of 8 kW.
  4. Compact sizes fit in a niche with pipes and do not spoil the interior of the bathroom.
  5. Hot water appears 10 seconds after switching on.


- Cons Stiebel Eltron DHC 8

  1. The permutation of the 4/6/8 kW power level occurs inside the device (jumpers are switched), so you need to open its cover every time for such an operation.
  2. The jumpers for connecting different capacities are tiny and inconvenient to take, as well as easy to lose - you need to put plastic clamps on them for convenience.
  3. When you turn it off and then turn it back on for 5-10 minutes, it gives a stream of boiling water heated in a turned off heater.
  4. The light “blinks” a little during the opening of the crane despite the RCD installed in the circuit.

Output. This model is the best for integration into the water supply network of an apartment or house, both for permanent use and for use during a hot water shutdown period without any inconvenience. The heater of the device is designed for pressure up to 10 atm, so it can pass water through itself all year round, and when necessary, heat it for all taps installed in the system after it.

What kind of pressurized electric instantaneous water heater did you decide to buy?

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