Ceiling coatings

Features of the use of suspended ceilings in the bathroom, the advantages and disadvantages of this material.

What can be considered harmful in suspended ceilings and what safety certificates exist; what harm to human health can stretch PVC ceilings do and how to prevent it; how harmful are fabric stretch ceilings.

What must be taken into account and calculated before the installation of a two-level ceiling; how to mount a two-level frame; how to sheathe the frame with drywall.

What are the types of suspended ceilings, from what materials they are made and what designs are used; in which case it is better to use one or another type of suspended ceiling.

What are the types of drywall ceilings

What are the types of single-level, multi-level and complex plasterboard ceilings.

How to choose a stretch ceiling

What is a stretch ceiling and what are the advantages of a stretch design; how to choose the material for manufacturing the stretch ceiling canvas; what texture of the stretch ceiling to choose; which manufacturer to choose; what to consider when manufacturing and installing the ceiling.

Armstrong Ceiling - Specifications and Properties

What are Armstrong ceilings; how they are arranged, what characteristics the plates and the Armstrong ceiling suspension system have; varieties of Armstrong ceilings and their use in various rooms.

Pros and cons of fabric and PVC stretch ceilings

What are the advantages and disadvantages of stretch ceilings made of PVC film and woven fabric; what disadvantages of suspended ceilings may appear in case of violation of the installation rules; Features of fabric and PVC ceilings.

Varieties of suspended ceilings

What are the types of suspended ceilings, depending on the material from which the canvas is made, type of construction, shape and design.

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

What requirements does the bathroom have for ceiling coverings; what is the suitability of a ceiling for use in the bathroom; how to choose a ceiling covering for the bathroom.

Which ceiling is better than suspended or suspended - practical tips

Design features of suspended and suspended ceilings; comparison of suspended and suspended ceilings by the most important parameters; in which case it is better to use one or another ceiling.

Do-it-yourself ceiling putty

What tools and materials can come in handy when performing puttying on the ceiling, how to prepare the surface and technology of puttying with practical tips and tricks.

DIY whitewashing the ceiling

How to prepare the ceiling surface for whitewashing, how to prepare lime or chalk solution and what material, chalk, lime or water-based paint to use for whitewashing, read about this in our new article.

Types of ceilings

Today, there is a wide variety of finishing materials and technologies for decorating ceilings. It is often difficult for an ordinary consumer to understand this variety and choose the best option for their premises. Therefore, we will consider what types of ceilings are generally and consider their advantages and disadvantages.

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