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What is a vinyl floor covering, its structure and varieties; advantages and disadvantages of vinyl floors.

What components make cork flooring. Varieties of cork flooring and features that must be considered when choosing. Comparison of adhesive and castle floor cork flooring, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

What factors complicate the joining of tiles and laminate; options and methods for designing straight and curved joints of tiles and laminate.

In this article: types of terrace boards, their advantages and disadvantages; how to choose a terrace board; what are the areas of application for terrace flooring.

In this material: what is the chamfer of a laminate; how the chamfer affects the wear and moisture resistance of the laminate; Are there any difficulties with laying and cleaning the laminate with a bevel.

In this material: structure and design features of vinyl flooring; What is vinyl tile and vinyl laminate; what wear resistance classes does this flooring have; advantages and disadvantages of vinyl coating.

In this material: what are the types of laminate in terms of design, surface, shape, joint locks and wear resistance classes.

What types of commercial linoleum exist and what is their structure; what characteristics does commercial linoleum have; commercial linoleum for special purposes - what it happens and where it can be applied.

What types of linoleum are produced by Tarkett; what characteristics emit from linoleum and what they affect; what characteristics are collections of household, commercial homogeneous and heterogeneous Tarkett linoleum.

The device of the material and its application; how semi-commercial linoleum is classified by wear resistance; abrasion group; protective layer thickness; the length and width of linoleum; coating thickness; linoleum weight, fire safety.

What is the substrate for; what are the requirements for substrates; features of substrates that need to be considered when choosing them.

The device of a laminate board and its locks; what characteristics does a laminate have; what is remarkable for a laminate with a bevel; technical characteristics, properties and applications of the laminate of various classes.

How to install plinths made of plastic, wood or MDF; what materials and tools will be needed for this; how to properly carry out all work on installing external and internal corners, as well as docking skirting boards.

How to eliminate scratches on the laminate; how to replace a damaged laminate board; how to eliminate the gaps between the joints of the laminate; how to prevent and correct swelling of the laminate; how to prevent delamination of the laminate.

What tools and materials will be needed for laying the substrate; instructions for laying the hog.

What you need to do before starting the preparatory work; how to prepare and clean the base for future laying of the laminate.

Choose and stack the cork backing

In this material: technical characteristics, properties and varieties of a cork substrate; what thickness to choose a substrate for laminate flooring; cork flooring.

What is better parquet or parquet board

In this article: what features does parquet and parquet board have; comparative characteristics of floor coverings.

How to choose a parquet board

In this article: how to make a parquet board; varieties and selection of the upper layer of the floorboard; how to choose a parquet board with excellent appearance and good performance; what points you should pay attention to in the store immediately before purchasing the material; what parameters of the floorboard is not possible to see, but it is necessary to know about them.

What is better parquet board or solid board

In this article: comparison of parquet and solid boards, their advantages and disadvantages; comparison of prices for these floor coverings; which flooring is more practical and reliable.

What can be the thickness of the floorboard

In this article: what is the thickness of each layer of the floorboard; within what limits the total thickness of a parquet board can vary and where it is best to use one or another option; how many millimeters can be the thickness of the parquet floor, taking into account the substrate and the leveling layer.

Laminate classification

In this article: what are the classes of laminate; what is the difference between the main 2 groups into which the laminate is divided by wear resistance.

Laminate which company is better

In this article: laminate brands; their advantages and disadvantages; which brands have the best quality; which brands have a good price - quality ratio; which brands of laminate flooring are the most popular.

Laminate Dimensions

In this article: what you need to know about the size of the laminate; what sizes are different brands and collections of laminate flooring.

How and with what to saw a laminate

In this article: what tools you can saw the laminate; in which case you can use one or another tool and how to properly make this sawing.

Laminate Laying Technology

In this article: how to calculate the amount of material needed for a laminate flooring diagonally; step-by-step instructions for laying the laminate diagonally.

Laminate floor leveling

In this article: what are the requirements of the laminate to the quality of the base; methods of leveling the base of concrete; Methods of leveling a wooden floor for laying laminate.

Laminate or parquet board

In this article: the structure, advantages and disadvantages of the laminate and parquet board; comparing specifications and debunking myths about these flooring.

DIY linoleum laying

In this article: what needs to be done before laying linoleum; how to prepare the base for laying; detailed technology and nuances of laying linoleum with or without glue.

Is it possible to put linoleum on linoleum

In this article: in which cases you can put a new linoleum on the old; what are the disadvantages of this method of laying; what needs to be done before such laying of linoleum.

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