Heating Radiators - Articles and Reviews

In this material: what to consider and what parameters to rely on when choosing radiators for a private house; Features of using steel, aluminum, bimetal and cast-iron radiators for the heating system of a private house.

Overview of the model range, design features, advantages and disadvantages of the best bimetal heating radiators for an apartment.

In this article: the device and principle of operation of water convectors; varieties, advantages and disadvantages of water heating convectors.

In this material: what types of radiators are on the market; selection of heating radiators according to various parameters; the choice of a specific radiator model for a specific room.

In this material: device and principle of operation of a vacuum radiator; Are there really any advantages to vacuum radiators?

In this article: what types of steel radiators are there, their advantages and disadvantages; Features of some popular manufacturers of panel radiators.

In this material: which type of aluminum heating radiator is best to give preference to; which manufacturers should pay attention to.

In this material: which bimetallic heating radiators are better - semi-metallic or true metal, sectional or monolithic, and the products of which companies should be paid attention to when choosing a bimetallic radiator.

In this article: what types of heating radiators are produced by Kermi; technical characteristics of steel panel and tubular radiators.

In this material: Design differences of cast-iron bimetallic radiators; comparison of technical characteristics of bimetallic and cast-iron radiators according to the most important parameters.

In this material: what types and types of radiators are there; their advantages, disadvantages and main characteristics.

In this material: design features and varieties of heating radiators; the most important technical characteristics of steel radiators that you need to know before using them; characteristics and features of steel radiators of popular manufacturers; advantages and disadvantages of steel heating radiators.

In this material: what you need to know about the sizes of aluminum heating radiators; what is affected by the size of the radiator, its sections; sizes of sections and standard aluminum radiators produced by the most popular manufacturers.

In this material: criteria that must be considered when choosing bimetal heating radiators; how to calculate the required number of sections of the radiator.

In this material: comparison of bimetallic and aluminum radiators in all parameters and technical characteristics; we determine which radiators for which heating systems are more suitable.

In this material: what are the disadvantages of a central heating system; what criteria should be considered when choosing radiators for an apartment; comparison of radiators of various types and the choice of the optimal, safe radiator.

In this material: what are the aluminum radiators and how are they made; what are the technical characteristics of aluminum radiators; advantages and disadvantages of aluminum radiators.

In this material: what are the construction of cast-iron radiators; the most common manufacturers and models of cast iron radiators and their characteristics; advantages and disadvantages of cast-iron radiators.

In this material: what are the varieties and design features of bimetallic radiators; details of the technical characteristics and disadvantages of bimetallic radiators; features of radiators produced by various manufacturers; how to calculate the required number of sections.

The market offers us a fairly large number of different heating radiators, what they are and which one is better to choose for heating a private house or apartment and we'll talk in this article.

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