The use of equipment operating on natural or liquefied petroleum gas for space heating is the most profitable. In this article we will talk about the exceptional properties that gas heaters possess, and also give an overview of the best gas heaters that have proven themselves in the process of operation.

The best gas heaters

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The selection of goods was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

Which gas heater is better to buy

If for any reason there is no stationary heating system in your workshop, garage or country house, you need to think about a mobile heat source. Electric heaters are expensive to operate, and the electric grid is far from everywhere. In such a situation, a cylinder of liquefied gas with a gas heater will be the optimal solution to the problem. The user will only need to strictly follow the instructions of the manufacturer of such equipment, do not forget about the need to comply with fire safety rules and ensure stable ventilation.

Attention! Gas heaters can only be operated in rooms with good supply and exhaust ventilation.

Types of gas heaters

The operation of a typical gas heater is based on the combustion of liquefied petroleum gas. It enters through a flexible hose from a standard cylinder through a reduction gear. Oxygen is taken from the surrounding air.

There is no need to equip a special chimney for the removal of combustion products. Their number is small. In some gas heaters, the gas analyzer monitors the carbon monoxide content in the atmosphere, which stops the gas supply to the burner long before the concentration limit is reached. In practice, it turned out that the natural exhaust ventilation was enough to prevent this from happening.

By design features, gas heaters for indoor are divided into two large groups:

  • gas panels
  • gas stoves

Gas panels

Gas panels are mobile devices. They are made of lightweight materials, have small dimensions and an open design. Such devices consist of:

  • a wide heating element enclosed by a protective grill;
  • frames or supports with a stable base that reduces the risk of accidental tipping over.

Gas panel heater
Gas heater powered by a small cylinder.

Gas heater
Gas heater powered by a large cylinder.

The gas bottle must be installed aside at a safe distance. Heat transfer from a flameless burner is carried out in all possible ways: heat transfer, convective transfer of air masses and infrared radiation. Heating power is usually manually controlled by a valve. Such a heater is quite quickly able to raise the temperature in the room, garage or small workshop.

Gas stoves

The gas furnace has a stable housing made of durable materials. A liquefied gas cylinder is placed inside it. To increase mobility, the entire structure has rollers or wheels. The source of heat is ceramic panels mounted on the front wall of the device.

Gas oven

The choice of operating mode is carried out using the control unit.Most models from well-known manufacturers are equipped with automatic rollover protection. Such heaters usually develop high power and are able to maintain a comfortable temperature in large residential or utility rooms.

How to choose a heater power

The main technical characteristic of the heater is power.

She must match:

  • the size of the heated room;
  • degree of insulation of the building;
  • climatic conditions.

All these indicators are taken into account in the calculation according to the simplified formula:

Q = V * dt * K


  • Q - minimum thermal power of the purchased heater (kcal / hour);
  • V is the total volume of the heated room (m3);
  • dt is the temperature difference between the air inside and outside the house (aboutFROM);
  • K - coefficient taking into account heat loss through the outer walls of the building.

The value of K take:

  • 3.0-4.0 for thin-walled pavilions, garages and outbuildings;
  • 2.0-2.9 for brick buildings with walls one brick thick;
  • 1,0-1,9 for brick cottages with external walls in two bricks, an attic or an insulated roof;
  • 0.6-0.9 for well insulated buildings.

For example, we will calculate the minimum heater power for a small workshop located in a separate brick building with two brick walls. The length of the room is 12 m, width 6 m, height 3 m.

Workshop volume 12 * 6 * 3 = 216 m3.

Suppose the workshop is used during the day. We believe that in winter afternoon the air temperature in this area rarely drops below -15about C. Comfortable temperature for work +20about C. The difference is 35about C. The coefficient K is taken equal to 1.5.

The calculation of the minimum power gives:

216 * 35 * 1.5 = 11340 kcal / hour.

1 kcal / hour = 0.001163 kW. Multiplying this value by 11340, we obtain the required power of 13.2 kW. If during the work you often have to open the entrance gate, then it is better to purchase a 15 kW heater.

Having decided on the technical requirements for the equipment, you can begin to search for a suitable model. The rating of gas heaters presented here will help you save your time and avoid making the wrong decision.

The best gas panels

Ballu BIGH-3

A compact Dutch-made heater made in China is a metal disk mounted on two triangular legs and reinforced at the edges with a heat-resistant ceramic coating. Inside it is a Class A heating panel that can withstand water splashes on it. Outside it is protected by a stainless mesh.

Threaded lateral latches allow you to rotate the panel in any direction. In horizontal position it can be used for cooking. The product is sold complete with a gas hose and gear.

Main characteristics:

  • thermal power 3 kW;
  • nominal gas flow rate 0.2 kg / h;
  • dimensions 115x225x210 mm;
  • weight 1.6 kg.

 Ballu BIGH 3


+ Pros of Ballu BIGH-3

  1. Quick warm up.
  2. The collapsible design with the minimum dimensions of the parts makes it easy to store and transport.
  3. Silent work.
  4. The possibility of cooking.
  5. Resistance to external influences.
  6. Beautiful design.
  7. Long service life.
  8. 1 year warranty.


- Cons Ballu BIGH-3

  1. The hose length is only 1.5 m.
  2. It is necessary to regulate the combustion rate with a valve on the cylinder, which is not always convenient.
  3. When heated, there is a smell.

Output. Such a panel is suitable for heating rooms up to 30 sq.m. It is often purchased for picnic or fishing trips. The ability to quickly assemble and disassemble is useful where there is no excess free space.


Hyundai H-HG2-23-UI685

This Korean brand heater is a square panel mounted on a stable support. The design has two working positions with different tilt angles. The casing is made of sheet steel coated with heat-resistant enamel. The emitter is made of ceramic and protected on the outside with a stainless steel grill.

The panel can be used for cooking. A flexible hose, a gas reducer and a set of clamps are included in the scope of delivery.

Main characteristics:

  • thermal power 2.3 kW;
  • nominal gas flow rate 0.2 kg / h;
  • dimensions 145x214x225 mm;
  • weight 2.0 kg.

 Hyundai H HG2 23 UI685


+ Pros of Hyundai H-HG2-23-UI685

  1. Robust construction.
  2. High-quality assembly.
  3. Compact size.
  4. Profitability.
  5. Convenience of cooking.
  6. Low cost.
  7. 1 year warranty.


- Cons Hyundai H-HG2-23-UI685

  1. Suitable for heating small rooms.

Output. This heater should be classified as budget, but quite high-quality equipment. It is useful for warming up a small area around the workplace, heating a small room or cooking in camping conditions. It is bought by fishermen, hunters, owners of unheated garages and workshops.


Solyarogaz GII-3.65

Inexpensive domestic gas heater Solyarogaz GII-3.65 of the floor installation has the shape of a rectangular panel mounted on a wide metal stand. The design can be fixed in several positions. All steel parts are painted with heat-resistant compounds. The ceramic radiator is protected against accidental contact by a galvanized steel grill. The product is able to heat rooms up to 40 sq.m.

Main characteristics:

  • thermal power of 3.65 kW;
  • nominal gas flow rate of 0.5 kg / h;
  • dimensions 315x175x85 mm;
  • weight 1.3 kg.

 Soljarogaz GII 365


+ Pros Solyarogaz GII-3.65

  1. Powerful enough.
  2. Fast heating.
  3. Compact size.
  4. Convenience of storage and transportation.
  5. Simple and robust design.
  6. Long service life.
  7. Affordable price.


- Cons Solyarogaz GII-3.65

  1. Gas bottle, gearbox and propane hose must be purchased separately.
  2. When heated, the smell of burning is felt.
  3. Not the most attractive appearance.

Output. Such a panel is suitable for heating a garage, workshop or other outbuildings. With its help, you can quickly warm up a section of the wall in the process of construction or repair work. For temporary household needs, it is better to purchase less powerful and more attractive models from an aesthetic point of view.

Which gas panel did you decide to buy?

The best gas stoves

Ballu BIGH-55

A small and stylish infrared heater of the Dutch brand is designed for heating residential and industrial premises with an area of ​​up to 60 sq.m. It has a vertical metal case, inside which a gas cylinder of 27 liters with a gearbox and a connecting hose is placed. The emitter is located on the front side of the product. It is protected against accidental contact with a steel grill. The burner is made of heat-resistant ceramic.

The control includes a start button and a rotary mode switch. There is an automatic shutdown of the gas supply when the flame goes out. There is rollover protection and a carbon dioxide analyzer. The unit body is mounted on swivel rollers, which facilitates its movement inside the building.

Main characteristics:

  • thermal power of 4.2 kW;
  • nominal gas flow rate of 0.305 kg / h;
  • dimensions 420x720x360 mm;
  • weight 8.4 kg.

 Ballu BIGH 55


+ Pros of Ballu BIGH-55

  1. Large heating area.
  2. Profitability.
  3. Three fixed combustion modes.
  4. Effective heat transfer through a combination of infrared radiation and convective transport of air masses.
  5. High quality burner.
  6. Convenience of movement.
  7. Reliable cylinder mount.
  8. Modern design.
  9. High reliability.
  10. Security.
  11. Affordable price.


- Cons Ballu BIGH-55

  1. In the initial period of operation, the smell of burning is felt.
  2. There are claims to the quality of the piezoelectric element.
  3. Ignition problems at first start are noted.
  4. Due to the low location of the emitter, strong floor heating is observed directly in front of the heater.

Output. Such a gas furnace copes well with the task of heating large enough rooms. The power regulator allows you to use it in small rooms, but in this case it is necessary to ensure a steady flow of fresh air. The unit is safe and suitable for long-term continuous operation.


Timberk TGH 4200 M1

A reliable Swedish brand, although produced in China. The device is designed to heat rooms up to 60 sq.m. The case is a nice metal cabinet with a radiator on the front wall and perforated holes at the top. A gas cylinder of 27 liters with a reducer, a hose and a torch is fixed inside. The model is equipped with wheels for the ability to move.

In the upper part of the furnace body there is a control panel with a power regulator and a piezoelectric element on / off button. Automatic shutdown in case of capsizing, extinguishing of a flame and decrease in oxygen content in air is provided.

Main characteristics:

  • thermal power of 4.2 kW;
  • nominal gas flow rate 0.3 kg / h;
  • dimensions 730x430x370 mm;
  • weight 9.3 kg.

 Timberk TGH 4200 M1


+ Pros Timberk TGH 4200 M1

  1. High power.
  2. Three operating modes.
  3. Profitability.
  4. Simple operation.
  5. Fire safety.
  6. Beautiful appearance.
  7. Silent work.
  8. Mobility.
  9. Reasonable cost.


- Cons Timberk TGH 4200 M1

  1. The difficulties of the first launch.
  2. Defective emitters are found.
  3. There are claims to the design of the burners. Slowly flare up when switching modes.

Output. This stove is quite effective in heating a small house or production room. She has a good price-quality ratio. If you come across a model without factory defects, it will work for a long time. If defects are found - it is necessary to immediately change under warranty.


Timberk TGH 4200 SM1

Another product of successful Swedish-Chinese cooperation. This model differs from the previous one in much smaller sizes while maintaining other technical parameters at the same level. The only “payment” for reducing the usable volume was the use of small gas cylinders: 5 or 12 liters. The product also has three power modes and a good set of safety locks. Gas reducer and hose included.

Main characteristics:

  • thermal power 4.0 kW;
  • nominal gas flow rate 0.3 kg / h;
  • dimensions 575x400x400 mm;
  • weight 7.4 kg.

 Timberk TGH 4200 SM1


+ Pros Timberk TGH 4200 SM1

  1. High performance with a choice of one of three combustion modes.
  2. Convenient management.
  3. Safe operation.
  4. Long service life.
  5. Small dimensions and weight.
  6. Presentable look.
  7. Quite a small price for equipment of this class.


- Cons Timberk TGH 4200 SM1

  1. There are problems with ignition.
  2. When switching modes, the newly activated burners flare up for a long time.
    Declared by the manufacturer
  3. the area of ​​the heated room 60 m2 is clearly overestimated. The real indicator is at the level of 30-40 m2.

Output. This model is suitable for heating large enough rooms for any purpose. Small sizes are an added bonus for those who have problems with free space for installation. The product is bought for heating individual houses, garages, warehouses and workshops.


Elitech TP 4GI

This simple and high-quality gas stove of domestic design is designed to heat rooms up to 41 sq.m. It is mounted on 4 movable wheels and has a wide emitter on the front side. At the top of the metal casing there are air vents to improve convection airflow. Inside, a standard gas cylinder of 27 liters is fixed with a reducer and a hose, through which a low-pressure propane-butane mixture is fed to the burners.

There are three combustion modes. For the convenience of ignition, there is a built-in piezoelectric element. An automatic valve shuts off the gas supply in the event of a flame extinguishing and with a lack of oxygen in the ambient air.

Main characteristics:

  • thermal power 4.1 kW;
  • nominal gas flow rate of 0.29 kg / h;
  • dimensions 730x420x420 mm;
  • weight 9.3 kg.

 Elitech tp 4gi


+ Pros Elitech TP 4GI

  1. Good performance.
  2. Reliability.
  3. Security.
  4. Simple regulation.
  5. Reasonable cost.
  6. Long service life.
  7. 1 year manufacturer's warranty.


- Cons Elitech TP 4GI

  1. Weak wheels.
  2. The thin metal of the case requires a careful attitude.

Output. This oven is the best option for those who value simplicity and reliability.Its capacity is enough to heat the area declared by the manufacturer. It is worth noting a very small depth of the product, which facilitates the search for a place to install.

What gas stove did you decide to buy?

The best gas street heaters

Ballu BOGH-15E

This representative of the famous Dutch brand is produced in Russia, which made it affordable. It serves to heat the surrounding area and perfectly copes with its task even in open areas.

The case is made of stainless steel. It has the appearance of an elongated pyramid and is vaguely reminiscent of a gigantic gigantic candle. The design is mounted on casters. A small visor protects the heater from rain and snow.

The principle of operation of the device is based on the emission of thermal energy. A gas cylinder of 27 liters is fixed in its lower part. Flameless burners with ceramic emitters are installed on top. There is a lock in case of capsizing, flame attenuation or gas leak. The heater works stably at ambient temperatures from -20 to +30about C. Heating area up to 20 sq.m.

Main characteristics:

  • thermal power 13.0 kW;
  • nominal gas flow rate 0.97 kg / h;
  • dimensions 2410x847x770 mm;
  • weight 40.0 kg.

  Ballu BOGH 15E


+ Pros of Ballu BOGH-15E

  1. High power.
  2. Unusual appearance.
  3. Convenience of management. There is a remote control.
  4. Fire safety.
  5. The exhaust gas afterburning device eliminates gas contamination.
  6. IP and dust protection class
  7. It is possible to advertise.


- Cons Ballu BOGH-15E

  1. A lot of weight.
  2. Poorly machined inner edges.

Output. Such a heater is suitable for installation in parks, hotels, restaurants, outdoor cafes, terraces and in household plots. He is able to create a corner of comfort even in the dank weather.


Ballu BOGH-15

Another model of the same manufacturer. She has similar characteristics. The most important difference is the lack of remote control. It is not so convenient to carry out ignition and regulation of operating modes in this case, but the buyer receives a significant gain in price.


Aesto a-02

This Chinese-made heater is outwardly stylized as a familiar street lamp. It serves to create a comfortable zone with an area of ​​up to 22 m2 right in the open. It is made of stainless steel and aluminum, which corresponds to the manufacturer's declared operating life of 15 years.

A cylinder with a liquefied hydrocarbon gas of 27 liters is placed in a cylindrical compartment at the base of the device. The burner is at the top. It is protected from precipitation by a conical visor, which additionally plays the role of a reflector of thermal waves. The design is collapsible, which simplifies the transportation and installation of the product.

Management is carried out manually. There is a possibility of smooth adjustment of power. For ignition, a built-in piezoelectric element is used. When the heater overturns, a protective blocking of the gas supply is activated.

Main characteristics:

  • thermal power 13.0 kW;
  • nominal gas flow rate 0.87 kg / h;
  • dimensions 2200x810x810 mm;
  • weight 17.0 kg.

 Aesto a 02


+ Pros of Aesto A-02

  1. High power.
  2. Robust construction.
  3. Beautiful design.
  4. The ability to continuously adjust the flame intensity.
  5. Fire safety.
  6. Low price.


- Cons Aesto A-02

  1. Lack of remote control.
  2. No wheels provided.

Output. A street heater of this brand is able not only to warm, but also to decorate any recreation area in an open area. It can be installed in a park, square, outdoor cafe or restaurant. Affordable price allows the use of similar equipment in individual household plots.

What gas street heater did you decide to buy?

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