Bimetal heating radiators are durable devices that can withstand high pressures and water shocks that occur in centralized heating systems. In view of the fact that these heating devices are most often used in apartment buildings, increased demands are placed on their quality. That is why we compiled a rating of bimetallic heating radiators for the apartment, based on the reviews of people who have already tested them and the key characteristics of the equipment.

Bimetal heating radiators - quality rating based on user reviews

Royal Thermo BiLiner

An Italian brand with a rich history. His modern Biliner range includes new models of heating radiators that are elegant and well suited to the interior of any apartment. The company provides a guarantee for its products for 25 years, which indicates confidence in quality.

Royal Thermo BiLiner

Royal Thermo BiLiner 2m

Royal Thermo BiLiner 3m

Royal Thermo BiLiner Product Range

Royal Italian bimetal radiators are available in 1-4-6-8-10 and 12 sectional. There is one of three coverage options: white - Bianco Traffico, black - Noir Sable, silver - Silver Satin.

It is convenient for selection under a room interior. The heat transfer of each section is 171 W and with a working pressure of 30 bar (with a maximum rate of 45 bar). The maximum power rating is 2052 W (with 12 sections). Steel and aluminum plate in the front contributed to the small weight of one section - 1.85 kg. In operation, the radiator will withstand the temperature of the coolant 110 degrees.

Design Features

The design of the bimetallic radiator resembles an airplane wing due to the bending of the front panels. This very elegant solution is complemented by three internal plates to increase the heat transfer area.

Among other design features of the model range, the following can be noted:

  • connection from any side;
  • the distance between the holes for entry and exit is 500 mm;
  • wall mount;
  • 200 ml capacity of each section;
  • can be equipped with a ½ or ¾ inch adapter.


+ Advantages of Royal Thermo BiLiner bimetal radiators:

  1. High-quality painting, which does not cover over the years.
  2. Heat dissipation level with aluminum.
  3. Attractive design.
  4. Numerous ribs form an ascending warm stream.
  5. Compact and do not bulge much from the walls.
  6. Instead of washing, you can vacuum it to remove dust.
  7. Light weight makes installation easy.


- Cons of bimetal radiators Royal Thermo BiLiner:

  1. When the heating in the apartment is turned off, they cool faster than cast iron.
  2. Threads at the inlet and outlet must be checked at the store - some consumers report defective threads.

Global style plus

Another Italian brand producing the best bimetal heating radiators for an apartment, the quality of which has been verified by many years of history. In the STYLE PLUS lineup there are 22 models with various dimensions and parameters. The design of the radiators is simple.

Global style plus

Global Style Plus 2m

Global STYLE PLUS 3m

The lineup

The Style Plus line contains radiators with a minimum number of sections from 4 pieces, and a maximum of 12. Designed to work with water or antifreeze at temperatures up to 110 0C. The heat dissipation of each section is 185 W, so a bimetallic radiator with 12 sections is able to heat a room with a power of 2220 W. The minimum power of the radiator in 4 sections is 740 watts.

The height of each section is 575 mm and the width is 80 mm. In depth, they are a bit more massive than analogues and are 92 mm. The working pressure of the radiators is 35 bar, and the pressing pressure is 52 bar.

Design Features

A feature of the line is the presence of three additional plates, in addition to the front and middle, which increases the heat transfer area.

Other features:

  • center distance - 500 mm;
  • universal connection;
  • section capacity 190 ml;
  • diameter of the connection for 1 inch, which will require an adapter;
  • each section weighs 1.94 kg.


+ Advantages of bimetallic radiators Global STYLE PLUS:

  1. Able to withstand high pressure.
  2. Thick walls with a small mass of the device.
  3. It transfers and distributes heat well thanks to its multi-rib design.
  4. High-quality assembly with smooth gaps on the front panel.
  5. Reliable joints between sections - no streaks.


- Cons of bimetal radiators Global STYLE PLUS:

  1. If the coolant temperature is below 70 degrees, then the operation of the bimetallic radiator will not be effective - even when calculating one section per 1 m2.
  2. Sold without a Mayevsky crane and other accessories - everything has to be bought separately.
  3. A 25 mm threaded hole needs an adapter.

Sira rs bimetal

The next representative of the rating of high-quality bimetal heating radiators was another Italian brand Sira and its RS Bimetal line, which is represented by 60 models. Their main feature is the presence of large and small radiators in height, which is convenient for arranging the heating of various rooms. The company provides a guarantee for its products for 20 years.

Sira rs bimetal

Sira RS Bimetal 1m

Sira RS Bimetal 2m

The lineup

The line from this manufacturer includes radiators with sections from 3 to 14 pieces. Thermal power varies from 690 to 3612 watts. Section height from 572 to 872 mm. Width and depth are constant and amount to 80x95 mm. Designed for a working pressure in the system of 40 bar, a pressure of pressure of 60 bar. Powder coated with white RAL 9010. They can work with water temperatures up to 110 degrees Celsius.

Design Features

The appearance of bimetallic radiators has a barely noticeable bend of the front panel, which increases their elegance. The upper part is equipped with a decorative semicircular neckline. The highlight is the presence of four inner ribs to increase the area of ​​heat transfer, which are extended in ascending order. From the side it looks very interesting.

Other features:

  • distance between branch pipes for connection of 500 or 800 mm depending on model;
  • the heat carrier capacity of each compartment is 200 ml;
  • connection is implemented by means of inch input;
  • feed and return are supplied from either side.


+ Pros of Sira RS Bimetal bimetal radiators

  1. One of the highest heat transfer indicators in terms of one section of the radiator.
  2. A large margin of safety in case of pressure increase in the system.
  3. Assembly exclusively in factories in Italy.
  4. Color is white without impurities of yellowness.
  5. Painting is resistant to external mechanical influences.
  6. There are no sharp corners to catch on.


- Cons of bimetal radiators Sira RS Bimetal

  1. Available in white only, which is not always convenient for interior decoration in the apartment.
  2. They look massive due to a depth of 95 mm.
  3. To connect to the heating piping, adapters are needed, since there is a 1 inch hole in the radiator.
  4. Some users came across a marriage - flow between sections.
  5. Most sellers give a guarantee that you will need to dismantle and bring the radiator back to the store yourself.

Rifar monolit

This is a product from a Russian manufacturer. The Monolit range includes about 22 versions of the bimetal radiators. Rifar provides a 25-year product warranty. Radiators are positioned as for the most severe operating conditions.

Rifar monolit

Rifar Monolit 1m

Rifar Monolit 2m

The lineup

The model range consists of radiators comprising from 4 to 14 sections. Thermal power varies from 536 to 2744 watts. The height of the panels is 577 and 877 mm. One compartment weighs 2 kg. The radiator is able to work with various coolants (not only with water) at temperatures up to 135 0C. Its walls withstand a working pressure of 100 bar and a crimping pressure of 150 bar.

Design Features

The main design feature of these bimetallic radiators is the patented technology of an integral inside, without nipple connections - this reduces the likelihood of leaks. Each section is even and equipped with a small vertical isthmus at the top. Inside, three additional ribs of the same height are realized.

Among other design features:

  • center distance 500 mm and 800 mm;
  • lateral approach from any side, as well as the bottom connection;
  • connection diameter подключения inch;
  • sections internal volume 210 ml;
  • steel pipe of a collector with a section of 1.5 mm.


+ Pros of Rifar Monolit Bimetal Radiators

  1. There are no traditional joints between sections, so they are stronger.
  2. High-quality powder coating.
  3. A ¾ inch outlet does not require adapters.
  4. The outer panel is almost without gaps, so it hides the brackets well.
  5. They perfectly tolerate dirty water from central heating - they do not deteriorate inside and do not clog.


- Cons bimetallic radiators Rifar Monolit

  1. A little expensive for a Russian manufacturer.
  2. Some users began to flow after 5 years of operation.
  3. You can claim a free leak repair under warranty, but for this you need to provide a copy of the act of putting the radiator into operation, which will indicate the pressure supplied for on-site testing.
  4. There are options only with even sections 4/6/8, and with 5/7 not available.
  5. In places, the edge protrudes from the molds formed during the pouring of aluminum.
  6. Defective threads occasionally come across.
What bimetal radiators did you decide to buy?

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