Proper planning, calculations and choosing the best equipment for building a home heating system is of paramount importance for the effectiveness of its further operation, and for your wallet. One of the main components of the heating system is directly heating radiators. It is precisely the choice of these devices for the home network that will be discussed in this material.

The best radiators for home

The selection of goods was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

What to consider when choosing a radiator for a private house

One of the advantages of a private house is an autonomous heating system, which is calculated and mounted according to the individual desire of the owner of the house. The question of which radiators is better for a private house is easier to answer than when choosing radiators for an apartment connected to the central heating network of a microdistrict.

Unlike the central heating system of city apartments, the closed system of a private house has the following positive characteristics:

  • works at low pressure and there is the possibility of creating a favorable operating environment;
  • there are no such huge hydroblows, thanks to this the range of choice of radiators offered by the market is expanding significantly;
  • subject to the technical conditions of the acid balance of water, the list of radiators is quite extensive;

Given the above-mentioned positive characteristics of an autonomous home heating system, the main emphasis in choosing radiators for it must be done at the maximum heat transfer coefficient and good price-quality ratio. By and large, for operation in a closed home heating system, you can use any radiators, steel, aluminum, bimetal and even cast iron. But some points still need to be considered, which read on.

Below we consider all possible types of heating radiators for a private house, and determine the best options.

Tubular and panel steel radiators

1. Panel Steel Radiators - The most budget devices. At the same time, they have good heat transfer characteristics, are compact enough and fit well into the interior. Depending on the type of execution, there is a choice of various connection options to the heating system of the house. In private homes with wide window openings, a panel radiator blocks the cold air flow and prevents drafts.

Panel steel radiators
Panel steel radiators.

For those who are looking for good heating radiators with an affordable cost - this is a fairly optimal option for use in their home.

2. Tubular steel radiators - they stand above the panel in terms of price, and in terms of technical characteristics they are approximately equal, the margin is mainly due to a more sophisticated look with claims to design elements. It is also convenient to use tubular radiators for drying things, which is important in families with a large number of children.

Design options for tubular steel radiators:

trub 1m

trub 3m

trub 2m

trub 4m

When choosing a steel radiator for a private house, we get the following advantages:

  • Affordable cost combined with a good coefficient of efficiency
  • Low oxidizability from substandard water
  • Long service life
  • Convenient dimensions and light weight

The disadvantages include the following:

  • Not too harmonious design, which first of all shows that it is still a heating system, and not an element of decor.
  • Also, despite manufacturers' warranties, it is advisable to flush steel radiators every 3 years to prevent the process of slagging the heating system of the house.
  • Another significant drawback of steel batteries is the need for constant filling, otherwise rust appears that can kill the radiator in a few years.

Aluminum radiators

Aluminum radiator has been widely used for heating systems in a private house. Such popularity is explained by modern design and high thermal power. The price range of aluminum radiators is extensive, it all depends on the manufacturer. The cheapest are the radiators of Russian manufacturers, judging by the user reviews it is better to take foreign analogues that cost a little more.

Aluminum heating radiators
Aluminum radiators with different center distances.

If you choose an aluminum radiator for the local heating network of a private house, then you need to observe a number of rather important conditions for the selection and operation, which are provided below:

  • Aluminum radiator is very sensitive to the parameters of the circulating fluid. It is important to observe the desired level of acidity of the water, otherwise aluminum can be destroyed in a few years.
  • The high thermal power of aluminum radiators has a downside. The warm air stream rises too quickly to the top and often there is a temperature difference between the ceiling and the floor. Therefore, when choosing aluminum radiators, it is necessary to make an accurate calculation according to the area of ​​the room, otherwise the floor may be cold.

Reasonable price, good design and fast heat dissipation are the secret to the success of aluminum radiators. With strict observance of the above selection and operation standards, they will last a fairly long time with good heat transfer.

Bimetal radiators

The highest point in the evolution of radiators is a bimetal heating radiator with a declared life of 40 years. Bimetal is a combination of two or more types of metal in one product. Bimetal radiators inside are made of steel, and outside are covered with aluminum fins.

High-quality bimetallic radiators are necessarily coated with a corrosion-resistant primer, not only outside but also inside. They are able to withstand a pressure of 20-35 atmospheres and do not require special technical conditions for circulating water.

The bimetallic radiator incorporates the heat transfer of aluminum and the corrosion resistance of the best iron alloys.

Sectional bimetal heating radiator
Sectional bimetal heating radiator.

The downside is the high cost of these heating appliances. There are also cheap models on sale, but they are only bimetallic in name, if you decide to purchase such a radiator, you should carefully approach this issue so as not to buy a fake of the lowest quality.

The use of bimetallic radiators in heating systems of a private house is not entirely advisable because of the high cost. Yes, they have much greater strength than the aluminum and metal radiators discussed above. But at the beginning of the material, I already mentioned that there is no and cannot be high pressure in the local heating network, as a rule it is 2 to 3 atmospheres, therefore there can also be no powerful hydroshocks here.It turns out that the advantages of this radiator in the form of increased strength in this case are not advisable to consider.

Cast Iron Radiators

The first cast-iron radiators began to be used in tsarist Russia, more than 100 years ago. Until now, in the houses of the Soviet era, you can find a cast-iron radiator with 50 years of experience.

Cast iron heating radiator ms-140
Cast-iron heating radiator MS-140.

If aluminum radiators heat up quickly and cool quickly, then with cast-iron batteries, the opposite is true. The residual heat storage number of a cast-iron radiator is 30%. On the other types of radiators considered, it does not exceed 15%. That allows to significantly reduce gas costs for heating a private house.

Corrosion resistance is very high, the performance of cast-iron batteries in old houses, an indisputable proof of their durability and reliability.

If there are doubts about the design, then the modern market boasts exquisite decorative solutions that can decorate the interior of any house or apartment:

chug 1m

 chug 3m

chug 2m

 chug 4m

The cost of cast-iron radiators is higher than that of their aluminum and steel counterparts, but much lower than bimetallic heating appliances.

The only drawback of cast iron batteries is their heavy weight.

Table. Comparison of working pressure and applications of different radiators

 sr 1 sr 2sr 3 sr 4 sr 5
Steel panel Steel tubular Aluminum Bimetallic Cast iron
Working pressure, atm.  6 - 10  8 - 15  6 - 25 20 - 30 6 - 9
For a private home yes yes yes yes yes
For an apartment no no  no yes yes
Cost Low On decorative models is very high Average High On the MS model - low, on decorative models - high

So we examined all the common heating radiators, which are better in a private house will have to decide for yourself, using this article as a hint, and not a guide to action. As you can see, any radiators for heating a private house require certain operating conditions, and they need to be selected taking into account the general technical condition and capabilities of the heating system itself, in general. Much depends on the budget, when choosing any type of battery, you can find a middle ground in terms of technical specifications and price range.

In my opinion, in this case, it is most advisable to consider 2 types of radiators: panel steel radiators or aluminum ones. But still, if you compare them with each other, then probably steel is still more practical, reliable, efficient and cheaper.

What radiators do you plan to use for a private house?

The best aluminum radiators for home

Global ISEO

This brand is produced by an Italian company with almost half a century of history. Compact and elegant models of radiators fit perfectly into the window sills and look good in open spaces. In their manufacture, high-quality aluminum is used, which is the key to their durability and excellent thermal properties. This product is one of the most sought after in the Russian market.

Global ISEO

The lineup

In the model range of this series are radiators with a center distance of 350, 500, 600, 700 and 800 mm. They have a prefabricated structure consisting of several sections.

Performance characteristics:

  • coolant - water or steam with a temperature of up to 110 aboutFROM;
  • pH of the medium is from 6.5 to 8.5;
  • working pressure up to 16 atmospheres.

The number of elements in the radiator is selected according to the required power. With a temperature difference of 50 aboutWith the output and input, it is 87 W for the shortest section, and 164 W for the longest. Standard equipment provides a glossy white color.

If desired, the buyer can order products in the following colors:

  • sand white;
  • Ivory;
  • beige, quartz, dark gray, gray-silver or red-brown matte metallic.

Design Features

Global ISEO radiators have a large heat exchange area, hidden from prying eyes, wall mount, easy to clean exterior surface and presentable appearance. An eyeliner can be carried out from any side. Thread connections 1 ”.It is recommended to mount each battery complete with an air valve and shutoff valves.

Section Characteristics:

  • height from 432 to 882 mm;
  • depth and width 80 mm;
  • weight from 1.04 to 1.87 kg;
  • optimal location 3 cm from the wall, 10 cm from the floor and window sill.

Global vox

Another model of aluminum radiators of the same Italian company. These radiators are characterized by ease of installation, high efficiency and aesthetic appearance. They are mounted complete with steel or plastic piping. During their operation, the pH of the coolant should not shift towards the alkaline environment.

Global vox

The lineup

Finished products are a prefabricated structure of sections with a center distance of 350 to 800 mm. All of them are factory tested for density and strength, which guarantees their high reliability.

Working conditions:

  • coolant - water or steam with a temperature of up to 110 aboutFROM;
  • the pH of the medium is from 6.5 to 8.5;
  • system pressure up to 16 bar.

The number of elements in the radiator is selected taking into account the thermal characteristics. Power of one section with a temperature gradient of 50 aboutC depending on its height is from 95 to 181 watts. The manufacturer produces equipment with different colors, which simplifies the selection of radiators for any interior.

Design Features

Global Vox radiators are certified in accordance with international and Russian standards. The high quality of a carefully selected and tested aluminum alloy in combination with two-stage painting technology gives the products of this brand special reliability in operation. For connection, 1 ”pipe connections are used.

Section Characteristics:

  • height from 440 to 890 mm;
  • depth 95 mm;
  • width 80 mm;
  • weight from 1.12 to 2.21 kg.

Royal thermo revolution

Heating batteries of this brand are highly reliable and affordable price. They are made of high quality aluminum alloy and have a pleasant appearance. They are characterized by increased power and resistance to hydraulic shocks. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of 10 years.

Royal thermo revolution

The lineup

Royal Thermo Revolution radiators are available with a center distance of 350 and 500 mm. You can purchase finished products consisting of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 sections. All of them are designed for a working pressure of 20 atm. The power of each section with a height of 350 mm with a temperature difference of 70 degrees is 128 W, and for 500 mm - 170 W. Radiators are supplied with factory-painted universal white.

Design Features

Heating radiators of this brand have a number of characteristic differences. They have a wavy shape of the ribs, which improves convective heat transfer by 3%. The round cross-section of the collectors allows the best distribution of internal loads. Patented plugs with a nanopolymer membrane increase the strength of the joints and prevent corrosion. Environmentally friendly paint, applied according to the 7-stage technology, provides long-term protection against external influences and guarantees the safe operation of devices in children's rooms.

Section Characteristics:

  • height 420 or 570 mm;
  • depth 80 mm;
  • width 80 mm;
  • weight 1.01 or 1.3 kg.

Royal thermo indigo

Powerful aluminum radiators of this domestic brand are designed for operation in rooms with increased heat requirements. They are suitable for spacious rooms with large windows. Their modern design is suitable for any interior, and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty does not allow to doubt the high quality of assembly and materials used.

Royal thermo indigo

The lineup

The Royal Thermo Indigo radiator is made in one version with a center distance of 500 mm. The customer can order a standard battery of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 sections. Products are operated in individual or central heating systems with pressure up to 20 bar. The color of the model coming from the factory is white.

Design Features

The radiator of this brand has an additional wing that cuts off the flow of cold air from the window. He has an increased heat transfer area. The efficiency of this model is 5% higher than the thermal characteristics of analogues.The materials used are characterized by increased strength and resistance to the effects of water hammer. High-quality coloring helps to extend the service life of products.

Section Characteristics:

  • height 585 mm;
  • depth 100 mm;
  • width 80 mm;
  • weight 1.35 kg.

Royal Thermo DreamLiner

The aluminum radiators of this module combine increased efficiency, exceptional reliability and modern design. They create a steady convective flow, which prevents the entry of cold air from the window and provides the most comfortable living conditions in the room.

Royal Thermo DreamLiner

The lineup

Royal Thermo DreamLiner is available with a center distance of 500 mm. Radiators are painted white and have in their composition from 2 to 14 sections. The power of each of them is 197 watts. The batteries are designed for an operating pressure of 20 atm.

Design Features

The radiator of this brand is manufactured by injection molding at high pressure. Used aluminum alloy with the addition of titanium, magnesium and manganese provide high strength and ductility of the product. All internal surfaces of the sections are treated with a composition resistant to corrosion and abrasion. The design has a perfect aerodynamic shape and increased area of ​​contact with air.

Section Characteristics:

  • height 585 mm;
  • depth 87 mm;
  • width 80 mm;
  • weight 1.31 kg.

Rifar alum

Rifar Alum aluminum radiators are ideal for installing individual heating systems. With a sleek design, they are distinguished by high power and durability. As a heat carrier can be used:

  • water;
  • water vapor;
  • antifreeze.

Rifar alum

The lineup

Batteries produced by the manufacturer with a center distance of 200, 350 and 500 mm allow you to choose the right model for any installation conditions. The working pressure of such radiators is 20 atmospheres. Products with the number of sections from 4 to 14 go on sale. Depending on the height, each section creates a heat flux with a power of 99, 137 or 186 W.

Design Features

The design features of these radiators are considered to be the unique shape of the vertical channels and the use of EPDM membranes during assembly. The special configuration of the gaskets creates lock joints that are characterized by increased reliability. The service life of the finished device exceeds 25 years, which is confirmed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Section Characteristics:

  • height 265, 415 or 565 mm;
  • depth 90 mm;
  • width 81 mm;
  • weight 0.72, 1.00 or 1.42 kg.
What aluminum radiators did you decide to buy?

The best steel radiators for home heating

Kermi FKO 22 with side connection

The radiators of this German brand are made of high quality low carbon steel. They are characterized by high performance and a wide range of finished products with various geometric sizes.

Kermi FKO Tip 22 s bokovym podkljucheniem

The lineup

Models are classified by center distance, which can be 146, 346, 446, 546 and 846 mm. The battery can reach a length of 3 meters. All of them are designed for an operating pressure of 10 bar and a coolant temperature of up to 110 aboutFROM.

Design Features

The internal structure of such radiators provides for intensive heating of the front panel by the incoming flow of hot coolant. In this case, the back panel is washed by reverse current. All batteries go on sale complete with brackets, plugs, plugs and an air valve. The buyer is given the opportunity to choose a color scheme.

Characteristics of radiators:

  • height from 300 to 900 mm;
  • depth 100 mm;
  • width up to 3000 mm;
  • weight depends on the geometric dimensions of a particular model.

Kermi FTV 22 with bottom connection

This model of panel radiators is structurally and technically different from FKO, only in the lower connection. The rest are the same heating appliances.

Kermi FTV 22 s nizhnim podkljucheniem


Buderus Logatrend VK-Profil 22

Steel radiators of this brand are made by roller welding, which increases the reliability of the finished product. They have a neat appearance and high thermal properties.The devices are designed for 50 years of trouble-free service.

Buderus Logatrend VK Profil 22

The lineup

The manufacturer produces radiators in the heights of 300, 400, 500, 600 and 900 mm. Their length can be from 400 to 3000 mm. They are adapted for bottom connection. Powder coating in white provides reliable protection of the radiator from external influences. Operating pressure 8.7 bar. Circulating fluid temperature up to 120 aboutFROM.

Design Features

The radiator consists of:

  • two heating panels;
  • internal fins;
  • upper grill;
  • side walls.

The delivery set of each model includes a thermostat, an air vent, two pipes with an external thread 3/4 ”for connecting pipelines.


Buderus Logatrend K-Profil 22

Steel radiators of this series, unlike the VK series, are designed for lateral connection. Otherwise, their properties and characteristics are identical.

Buderus Logatrend K Profil 22



Steel tubular radiators of this brand consist of several standard sections welded together. They effectively heat the room due to radiation and convective heat transfer. Products are simple and reliable. Service life reaches 25 years.


The lineup

Radiators ARBONIA 3037 have an even number of sections in the range from 6 to 30. The center distance is 300 mm. Depending on the length of the radiator, which can reach 1374 mm, the thermal power of the models is in the range from 354 to 1770 watts. The device is designed for continuous operation at a pressure of 10 bar and a temperature of up to 120 aboutC. The buyer can order the product of his favorite color.

Design Features

The main structural advantage of these radiators is that each section consists of three pipes, which provides higher heat transfer.

Heating radiators of this brand differ:

  • standard shape resembling cast iron radiators;
  • reliable welded construction;
  • side connection;
  • readiness for installation with the ability to connect a Mayevsky crane and ½ and ¾ ”pipelines.


Heating devices of this brand are in many respects similar to the previous model, but have structural differences.


The lineup

The model range is represented by radiators with the number of non-separable sections from 8 to 30 pieces and, accordingly, power from 336 watts to 1260 watts.

Design Features

This is a thin radiator with the smallest depth (65mm) and good heat dissipation. The radiator consists of separate sections welded into a single unit, consisting of two pipes and has a small size in depth, which will save space in the room.

What steel radiators did you decide to buy?

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