Heating and gas supply - articles, reviews, instructions

How to determine which solid fuel boiler is better to buy; review of the best models of solid fuel boilers.

Which radiators are better

In this material: what to consider and what parameters to rely on when choosing radiators for a private house; Features of using steel, aluminum, bimetal and cast-iron radiators for the heating system of a private house.

Varieties of gas heaters and recommendations for choice; review of the best models of gas heaters.

An overview of aluminum radiators for heating a private home, with detailed specifications and basic design features.

The device of the gas boiler and the purpose of its main components; how to choose the right type of gas boiler and calculate its power.

Overview of the model range, design features, advantages and disadvantages of the best bimetal heating radiators for an apartment.

The device and principle of operation of solar collectors; varieties and applications of solar collectors; advice on the selection and location of solar collectors; stagnation and additional elements of the system.

Expanded comparison of floor and wall gas boilers.

Heat pump ... You are not familiar with this kind of climatic equipment yet? This is fixable. This article discusses the principle of operation and types of heat pumps, as well as the features of using a heat pump in a Russian climate.

Why voltage stabilization is important for the proper operation of the boiler; what type of voltage stabilizer is best for a gas boiler; what characteristics of the stabilizer should be considered when choosing; in which case it is advisable to use a UPS instead of a stabilizer.

In this article: the device and principle of operation of water convectors; varieties, advantages and disadvantages of water heating convectors.

In this article: how to determine what type of gas boiler you need; The best models of wall, floor and condensing gas boilers.

In this article: in which regulations all the rules and regulations for the installation of gas equipment are reflected; what are the requirements for a room and a chimney for a gas boiler; basic rules for installing a gas boiler.

In this material: on what the principle of operation of condensing boilers is based; arrangement of the main components of the condensing boiler; advantages and disadvantages of using this type of boiler.

In this material: what are the fireplaces by the type of fuel used, their advantages and disadvantages; varieties of fireplaces by installation method, heat radiation and style.

In this article: a comparison of different types of underfloor heating for use under a tile; which manufacturers of underfloor heating for tiles are best established in the market.

Which heated towel rail to choose electric or water; in which case it is better to choose: wall-mounted, floor-mounted or portable heated towel rail; how to determine the size and choose a design suitable for the bathroom; what additional features do towel warmers have and which ones can come in handy.

Selection of the optimal type of solid fuel boiler and equipment; features of installation and arrangement of the boiler room; use of a heat accumulator and calculation of its volume for a solid fuel boiler; various strapping schemes for a solid fuel boiler.

What are the types of underfloor heating, how they work and how they are arranged; what warm floor is better electric or water; comparison of electric heat-insulated floors; how to choose a warm floor for certain conditions

How to choose heating radiators

In this material: what types of radiators are on the market; selection of radiators for various parameters; the choice of a specific radiator model for a specific room.

The principle of operation of vacuum radiators

In this material: device and principle of operation of a vacuum radiator; Are there really advantages to vacuum radiators?

Panel steel radiators

In this article: what types of steel radiators are there, their advantages and disadvantages; Features of some popular manufacturers of panel radiators.

Which aluminum radiators are better to choose

In this material: which type of aluminum heating radiator is best to give preference to; which manufacturers should pay attention to.

Which bimetal heating radiators are better

In this material: which bimetallic heating radiators are better - semi-metallic or true metal, sectional or monolithic, and the products of which companies should be paid attention to when choosing a bimetallic radiator.

Technical characteristics of heating radiators

In this article: what types of heating radiators are produced by Kermi; technical characteristics of steel panel and tubular radiators.

What is better bimetallic radiators or cast iron

In this material: Design differences of cast-iron bimetallic radiators; comparison of technical characteristics of bimetallic and cast-iron radiators according to the most important parameters.

Types of heating radiators

In this material: what types and types of radiators are there; their advantages, disadvantages and main characteristics.

Technical characteristics of steel radiators

In this material: design features and varieties of heating radiators; the most important technical characteristics of steel radiators that you need to know before using them; characteristics and features of steel radiators of popular manufacturers; advantages and disadvantages of steel heating radiators.

Dimensions of aluminum heating radiators

In this material: what you need to know about the sizes of aluminum heating radiators; what is affected by the size of the radiator, its sections; sizes of sections and standard aluminum radiators produced by the most popular manufacturers.

How to choose bimetal radiators

In this material: criteria that must be considered when choosing bimetal heating radiators; how to calculate the required number of sections of the radiator.

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