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Modern building stores present a wide variety of materials for interior wall decoration. It is difficult for the buyer to choose what to give preference to: classic wallpaper or practical panels, beautiful decorative plaster or simple lining. Information articles on materials for interior wall decoration in an apartment and a house will be a good help in order to make a choice.

Varieties of photo wallpaper; rules and methods of using photo wallpaper in the interior, ideas for inspiration.

Liquid wallpaper is unusual material. Being applied to the wall, it looks like decorative plaster, and paper wallpaper, and even fabric, but none of the above. Are you intrigued? Want to see such a miracle in your home? Then it’s worth talking about the advantages and disadvantages of liquid wallpaper, so that your final decision is reasonable.

In this article: what are vinyl, non-woven and paper wallpapers; comparison of wallpapers in all respects; in which rooms it is better to use this or that wallpaper.

How to deal with the choice of wallpaper for the hallway of your apartment, taking into account all the shortcomings of this room, the practicality of the wallpaper, their color and pattern, as well as the overall design of the apartment and the corridor.

Wall and ceiling decoration of the bathroom with plastic panels is one of the cheapest ways to get a beautiful practical coating in this complex room. How to finish the bathroom with PVC panels and consider in this article.

Consider the step-by-step instructions for installing plastic panels, as well as the features and methods of their mounting on the walls and ceiling.

Plasterboard sheets are a very popular way of leveling walls, and wallpapering is one of the most common methods for finishing walls. How to prepare the surface of drywall for sticker wallpaper and how to glue them and consider in this article.

All the basic rules, tasks and possible ways of combining wallpaper are discussed in this article.

In addition to various design and color preferences, wallpaper for the kitchen has a number of requirements that are associated with the features of the kitchen. Let's consider all aspects of choosing wallpaper for the kitchen in order.

Step-by-step instructions for the high-quality gluing of fleselin wallpapers, which are so often used for decorating the walls of absolutely any room.

The bedroom is a special place of our house where we spend not a small part of our lives. Therefore, this place should be designed in a special way, everything should correspond here and set up for rest. Since wallpaper is the most popular material for decorating bedroom walls, in this article we will consider which wallpapers are best suited for this room from the perspective of practicality and design preferences.

The most difficult operation when pasting the walls with wallpaper is their pasting in the corners of the room. How to do this so that wrinkles do not form on the wallpaper, the pattern matches, and the stripes run vertically, read this article.

Nowadays, such a type of interior wall decoration as liquid wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular. How to properly prepare the surface, prepare the necessary mixture and apply liquid wallpaper, will be discussed in our article.

When wallpapering the walls in order to save time and money, many have the thought, is it possible to stick new wallpapers on top of the old ones? In what cases it is possible and what failures can expect you, we will consider all this in this article.

The most popular type of wall decoration, today, is wallpapering the walls. That is why a huge variety of wallpaper varieties appeared on the market, which will be discussed in this article.

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