Decoration Materials

Features of the use of suspended ceilings in the bathroom, the advantages and disadvantages of this material.

An overview of the types of window sills, their comparison, advantages and disadvantages.

What is a vinyl floor covering, its structure and varieties; advantages and disadvantages of vinyl floors.

Overview of tools for cutting ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles; recommendations for working with various tools; step-by-step instructions for cutting tiles.

Varieties of stairs for a private house, depending on the design, material and manufacturing method; tips and tricks for using various designs.

What parameters of window profiles you need to know in order to make the right choice; Overview of the best manufacturers of window profiles and their products.

What components make cork flooring. Varieties of cork flooring and features that must be considered when choosing. Comparison of adhesive and castle floor cork flooring, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

What factors complicate the joining of tiles and laminate; options and methods for designing straight and curved joints of tiles and laminate.

Liquid wallpaper is unusual material. Being applied to the wall, it looks like decorative plaster, and paper wallpaper, and even fabric, but none of the above. Are you intrigued? Want to see such a miracle in your home? Then it’s worth talking about the advantages and disadvantages of liquid wallpaper, so that your final decision is reasonable.

In this article: types of terrace boards, their advantages and disadvantages; how to choose a terrace board; what are the areas of application for terrace flooring.

In this article: what types of paints are best for painting the ceiling; how to choose the color and texture of paint for the ceiling; Review of the best manufacturers of interior paint.

In this article: a comparison of vinyl, acrylic, metal and fiber cement siding by the main parameters.

In this article: which paints are best suited for indoor walls; rules for selecting paint for the walls of various rooms.

In this article: chemical composition and technical characteristics of the enamel PF-115; application areas and recommended paint schemes.

In this article: what are vinyl, non-woven and paper wallpapers; comparison of wallpapers in all respects; in which rooms it is better to use this or that wallpaper.

In this article: features of the interior decoration of the house made of wood: shrinkage of the house, taking into account seasonal variations in size; Overview of materials for ceiling decoration - from traditional to the most modern.

In this article: varieties of double-glazed windows by the number of cameras; what are the double-glazed windows for functional purpose and appearance.

In this article: an overview of the differences between ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles; the difference in production and comparison of materials by basic parameters.

In this material: the rules for selecting material for the exterior decoration of the walls of a wooden house; what materials from natural wood and artificial materials are used for exterior cladding of a house.

In this material: what features of the OSB board should be considered when choosing a paint; what coatings are suitable for painting OSB boards outside and indoors; how to prepare the surface of the OSB plate for staining.

In this material: when you can start decorating a wooden house; which materials are best suited for the interior decoration of a wooden house, and which are not recommended.

In this material: what is the difference between the device of plastic and wooden windows; detailed comparison of plastic and wooden windows by parameters, tips and tricks for choosing.

In this material: the difference in the technology of manufacturing porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles; comparison of materials by basic parameters; in which case it is better to use this or that material.

In this material: composition and features of the technology of manufacturing granite; technical characteristics, varieties and applications of ceramic granite.

In this article: requirements for preparing a window opening and aligning a window in an opening; the formation of a three-layer installation joint in accordance with GOST; rules for installing slopes, window sills and ebbs.

In this article: what causes fogging of windows; how to properly assess the microclimate in the room; what measures should be taken to eliminate the risk of fogging of plastic windows; what to consider when ordering a window.

In this material: what are plastic windows in terms of the number of shutters, the method of opening, profiles, types of double-glazed windows and a variety of shapes; in which case it is necessary to install one or another type of PVC window.

In this material: what technical characteristics of the PVC profile must be considered when choosing windows; how to choose a sealant and accessories; what you need to know about double-glazed windows.

In this material: doors with which coating and filling are best installed in the bath and toilet; which way to open the door is better; in which case a ventilation grill for doors is needed; what accessories is better to use for doors to the bath and toilet

In this article: a comparison of various materials used for interior doors.

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