Bedroom Furniture - Articles, Reviews, and Instructions

What you need to know about the production and manufacturers of mattresses; tricks of manufacturers and their impact on the quality of mattresses; A review of the best mattress manufacturers.

Step-by-step instructions for assembling a bed-car; diagrams, drawings and photos of the manufacturing process of parts and assembly of the entire structure; rules for painting and installing the bed.

In this material: how to make a frame for the future head of the bed; marking and making holes for mounting buttons; how to fix the foam and sheathe the frame fabric.

In this material: details necessary for the manufacture of a bunk bed, their dimensions and the required quantity; the principle of assembling the headboard, base, railing and stairs; detailed manufacturing project.

In this material: tools, materials, cutting and project for creating a folding bed; step-by-step instructions for assembling all the elements of the bed.

In this material: instructions for the manufacture of frames, legs and stairs, as well as the assembly of all elements of the bunk bed.

In this article: a detailed project for the manufacture of a double bed; preparation, processing and assembly of all elements of a double bed; Photos, drawings and videos will simplify the manufacturing process.

In this material: construction project; necessary tools and materials; cutting out all the workpieces; assembly of the bed and all modules; bed assembly video.

In this material: sizes of frames and their elements for various types of mattresses; assembly of the front and rear of the frame; how to fix all the elements and assemble the rack bottom for the bed mattress.

In this material: selection, purchase and cutting of lumber necessary to create a bed; how to make a frame, legs and supports for the rack bottom of the bed; how to make and fix decorative elements to give a magnificent appearance to the bed.

In this material: what tools and materials will be needed to create a single bed; how to process lumber and assemble the bed frame and headboard.

In this article: a step-by-step process showing how to make a bed podium with drawers, equipped with a photo and detailed instructions.

In this material: sawing all the parts necessary for assembling the headboard; assembly instructions for the curved headboard for the bed; grinding and painting the finished product.

How to choose the necessary mattress size; what type of mattress is best for a double mattress; how to determine and solve the problem of stiffness of the mattress for different people.

How to choose the size of the mattress for the size of the bed; how to determine the rigidity of the mattress; features of choosing a mattress for a double bed; in which case it is better to use a spring and springless mattress; choose the upholstery of the mattress.

What you need to know about the size of the mattress; standard sizes of mattresses for children and adults; how to choose a mattress for the bed; what to do if you need a non-standard mattress.

What are the sizes of beds and what they depend on; what is the difference between the sizes of beds of European and American manufacturers; how to choose a bed of the necessary size.

In this article: what fundamentally differs from spring mattresses from springless ones; what types of spring and springless mattresses are; in which case it is better to use this or that type of mattress.

The market offers a huge variety of mattresses of various models. Each of them has some design features and has certain orthopedic effects. It is often very difficult for you to decide which mattress you need, so in this article we will try to help you choose the best mattress, taking into account your biological characteristics.

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