One of the first conditions for a healthy lifestyle for most people is a daily eight-hour sleep. In total, a third of life is spent on rest and recovery, so it is very important to choose a high-quality sofa for sleeping every day, and the rating of the best models collected in this review will help you determine the process of making this difficult decision.

The main element of the sofa for daily sleep is its spring unit, which can be dependent, independent or instead of foam rubber is used. This element of the sofa became the main criterion by which we distributed all the selected sofas into three groups. The basis for the selection was the reviews, opinions and ratings of users of this furniture posted on various resources on the Internet.

Rating of the best sofas for sleeping every day - a review of models

The selection of goods was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

Best sofas with dependent spring unit

This design of the spring blocks is called the “Bonnel”. All the elements in it are rigidly interconnected, so if the force was applied to one of the springs, then others will begin to move along with it, which does not allow the surface of the berth to accurately repeat all the contours of the human body. Since the effort is almost always concentrated at one point, then over time such a frame is inevitably pressed in the middle part. As a result of this, a hammock effect is formed.

The only and undeniable advantage that sofas with dependent spring blocks have is their cost. These are the best sofas for sleeping, if the main criterion for choosing is the desire (or need) to save on a purchase.

Sofa HOFF Madrid

Although it requires a lot of space during installation, it is possible to put it close to the wall - in some cases this is a significant plus when choosing between different models. When folded, length 241, depth 108, height - 91 cm, after unfolding, the berth becomes 160x200 cm.

divan hoff madrid

The design of the model combines soft rounded and more expressive straight lines, among which there are wide armrests on which the remote control from the TV or air conditioning does not get lost.

Wide armrests

The transformation is carried out according to the “eurobook” scheme (alternative), which requires a minimum of actions and is characterized by maximum reliability, since it does not use complex mechanisms. It is only necessary to extend the side on itself and lower the back to the formed space. After unfolding, the sofa turns into a full-fledged sleeping place, which will be comfortable even for a tall person.

Unfolded sofa

Bedding can not be stored in a separate closet - inside the case there is enough space for them.

Hoff Madrid Sofa Drawer


Sofa Diva Marrakech

When folded down: length 230 depth 106 height 85 cm, the unfolded sofa has a fairly spacious berth - 202x149 cm, respectively. The design is made in a classic form - the sides contrast with the berth and are additionally inlaid with wooden armrests.

Sofa Diva Marrakesh Folded

The Eurobook system is used as the transformation mechanism. This sofa is not recommended to be placed very close to the wall, since a variant of the pantograph transformation system is used. If you put the sofa close to the wall, then during the transformation the backrest will surely rub against it.

Sofa Diva Marrakesh unfolded

The Eurobook transformation system leaves enough room for a box for bedding to fit in the case, that is, the question of their storage is removed.

Sofa box sofa Diva Marrakesh


Best sofas with independent spring unit

The springs themselves used in such designs are somewhat different from those used in dependent spring blocks, but they are not interconnected. According to the manufacturing technology, each of the springs is packaged in a separate fabric cover, which is then connected into ribbons, from which the entire spring block is finally assembled.

Since each spring is pressed on its own, such a mattress has excellent orthopedic properties - it most closely follows the contours of the human body. An additional advantage of such a spring unit is the absence of squeaks and sagging. Since the springs do not touch each other, their movements are almost silent, and independent travel allows you to maintain the original shape of the sofa longer.

Such a spring unit costs more than a conventional Bonel, but this is its only drawback. In the rating of sofas for daily sleep, models with independent springs invariably occupy the first lines. Sofas with such an orthopedic base are the best solution for sleeping, but have a high price.

Sofa Askona Sunrise

Thanks to independent springs, the spring block with which Ascona Sunrise is equipped belongs to the category of anatomical ones, which maximally repeat the shape of the human body. The mattress is divided into 7 zones, the rigidity of which is designed for optimal support of the spine during sleep. The soft coating makes landing deep, so it is equally comfortable to sit on it during the day or lie at night.

Sofa Askona Sunrise

Unfolding the sofa occurs through the transformation mechanism "Removal of Eurosof" - to lower or raise the back is enough for one movement. The mechanism itself is designed for daily use throughout the entire life cycle.

Unfolded Askona Sunrise sofa

When folded, the dimensions of the sofa are 246 cm in width, 130 cm in depth and 91 cm in height. After unfolding, the size of the berth is 200 by 140 cm. Bedding can be stored in a special box for the lid of which there is a separate holder - you do not have to hold the sofa with one hand and take things out of it with the other. The sofa is equipped with three decorative pillows 56 by 58 cm in size and a removable cover, so it is easy to clean from stains.

Askona Sunrise Sofa Pillows


Sofa Askona Sunset

Externally, it differs from analogues built into the armrest housing a full-fledged shelf for books or other accessories. On top of the armrests are pads-countertops - so along the edges of the sofa there are mini coffee tables for newspapers or remotes from home appliances.

Sofa Askona Sunset

Despite the classic design, the form of the sofa has a modern look and fits freely into the Hi-Tech style interiors and the like. When folded, the dimensions are 235 cm wide, 119 cm deep, 92 cm high. After unfolding, the size of the berth is 210 by 140 cm. The Askona signature seven-zone spring block with independent springs provides the body a comfortable rest in the sitting and lying positions, streamlined sofa shape and soft corners make it possible to use it even in children's rooms.

Sofa Askona Sunset unfolded

Unfolding is done through the MultiComfort accordion mechanism - without unnecessary movements and efforts. A feature of the mechanism of the Multicomfort accordion is that a high-grade spring unit is used in the sofa. This is a great rarity for the type of transformation of the accordion, as often in such sofas fillers made of foam rubber and similar materials are used, which in their orthopedic qualities lose to spring blocks.



Sofa bed Anderssen Benedict

The classic appearance of the model Anderson Benedict hides the combined functionality of a sofa and a full bed. This result was achieved through the use of the “walking eurobook” transformation mechanism, thanks to which, after unfolding, the berth has the appearance of an absolutely flat surface.All you need to do for folding is to pull the seat and turn the backrest to the vacant seat. In this case, you can not be afraid to scratch the floor, since the seat does not go outside, namely, “steps over” and immediately stops in the required position.

Sofa bed Anderssen Benedict

In the interior, the sofa looks very thorough, but, despite the massive forms, it creates the impression of lightness and aristocratic grace. When folded, its dimensions are 241 cm wide, 112 cm deep, 105 cm high. The size of a berth after unfolding is 202 by 152 cm.

Sofa bed Anderssen Benedict unfolded

Sleeping accessories can be stored in a linen box, free access to which opens after moving the seat.

Linen box for sofa Anderssen Benedict


Sofa Pinskdrev Austin Triple

The back and base of the seat are made on the basis of independent spring blocks, the possibility of ordering upholstery options from fabric or artificial leather - all this is an Austin three-seater sofa from the Comfort furniture line from the manufacturer Pinskdrev.

Sofa Pinskdrev Austin Triple

The flat surface of the sidewalls can be used as coffee tables on which evening newspapers, writing instruments, manicure sets and other useful little things will fit. Removable sidewalls, also used as separate bedding drawers. The sofa cover is easy to remove.

Sidewalls and drawers for storing a sofa Pinskdrev Austin Triple

Together with the sidewalls in the folded state, the dimensions of this model are 264 cm wide, 122 cm deep and 120 cm high. The size of the berth after unfolding is 195 by 137 cm.

Unfolded sofa Pinskdrev Austin Triple

For folding the sofa, the “Eurobook” mechanism is used, thanks to which the berth is formed as a result of only two movements - moving the seat and lowering the back. There is an additional partition behind the sofa, thanks to which it can be placed close to the wall without fear that the back will rub against the wallpaper.


The best sofas with foam filling

In addition to spring blocks, foam rubber and synthetic winterizer can be used as a filler for a sofa. Since the foam rubber can be of different stiffness, it would be a logical decision to abandon the springs in general and make the entire mattress out of this material. Such sofas keep their shape well enough and accurately follow the contours of the human figure.

However, there is a significant drawback that buyers should consider - the rapid loss of foam in its original form. Over time, the mattress goes astray, sags and does not fulfill its orthopedic functions - through it the rigid base of the sofa will be felt. Although, when using high-quality foam rubber, well-calculated density, it will last a long time without any significant changes.

Despite the fact that some experts do not recommend the use of foam sofas for daily sleep, such furniture is often used. First of all, consumers are attracted by the price, which is much lower than that of sofas with an independent spring unit.

Sofa MOON 021 Н32Сб

Wall-mounted sofa bed, which is laid out by means of the accordion transformation mechanism. As a spring block, polyurethane foam furniture sheets of increased elasticity are used, perfectly repeating the contours of the human body and supporting it in the right position for a good rest.

Sofa MOON 021 Н32Сб

The base of the sofa is made of a metal frame, on which are fixed orthopedic armor trimmed with fabric, assembled from bent glued birch. Faux suede, fabric or faux leather is used as the outer skin.

When folded, the dimensions of the sofa are 173 cm wide, 108 cm deep, 90 cm high, of which 44 cm is a seat. The size of the berth after unfolding 164 by 206 cm.

For maximum hygiene, a removable cover is put on the mattresses, which can be easily removed before unfolding.


Sofa Andersen Winter Venice

It is produced in two modifications in size, which differ among themselves by the width of the sofa - 228 or 238 cm. The depth in both cases is 89 cm and the height with backrest is 108 cm. When unfolded, the width of the berth is 155 cm and the length is 190 or 200 cm.

Sofa Andersen Winter Venice

The sofa is designed in a classic Italian style with soft rounded armrests - there are no hard parts on the outside, so the children's room is not a place in which it is not recommended to be installed.

Factory equipment includes a decorative backrest, two armrests and two pillows. The mattress is made of high-quality polyurethane foam, and when unfolded, access to a spacious linen box opens.

The upholstery of the sofa is made of fabric, the color of which is selected, when ordering in the store.

Transformation into a bed is done through the Eurosof mechanism, but it is also possible to order this model with other transformation options.

Sofa Andersen Winter Venice unfolded

Which sofa for sleeping for every day you decide to buy?

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