A folding sofa is not just a piece of furniture that adorns the interior. This is a convenient multifunctional place, where it is convenient to place guests during a tea party or conversation, and if guests are too long, then they can offer a full-fledged berth. In a one-room apartment, this item turns the living room into a bedroom in one motion. Laid out a sofa - and welcome to the bedroom.

Marketers have estimated that a person who sleeps at least 8 hours a day spends about 4 months on such a couch. In such conditions, it is important that the sofa has a beautiful appearance for a longer time, and its mechanism does not fail. Therefore, before buying, it is better to immediately decide which sofa is better to choose for daily sleep, what conditions it should meet, what kind of upholstery and filling it should have, design and frame.

Sofas for daily sleep - which is better to choose - recommendations

Transformation mechanisms suitable for daily sleep

To understand which sofa is better to choose for daily sleep, you need to decide on the transformation mechanism. Since the sofa will be used for sleeping, when unfolded it should be soft and comfortable. The closest to these parameters are sofas with transformation mechanisms such as the eurobook and accordion. These models are quite simple to lay out, even a school-age child can handle them.

Eurobook mechanism

The advantages of this model are ease of folding. The sofa turns into a bed in two movements: 1. you need to pull the seat on yourself; 2. on the vacant seat lower the back. The surface is flat without bends and slopes. If the sofa is equipped with flexible slats, then they will provide good support to the body during rest.

 Sofa eurobook

divan evroknizhka 2m

divan evroknizhka 3m

Accordion mechanism

The most important advantage of this model is a large, flat and comfortable place to sleep. The sofa unfolds like an accordion with horizontal bends. Sitting in one motion turns into a bed, just pull it forward. Such a sofa is a good choice for a couple or several children. It conveniently accommodates several people at a time.

Sofa accordion

Sofa with accordion mechanism

Some manufacturers and sellers of furniture are positioning sofas with a folding bed transformation mechanism, as furniture suitable for sleeping. In fact, this type of transformation is absolutely not suitable for daily sleep. It decomposes more difficult, depending on the design, the transformation takes place in 4-5 receptions. First, the pillows are removed from the seat, after which a structure with a mattress is removed from the inside, which resembles a folding bed.

The disadvantage of this model is that its mattress is thin and quickly becomes unusable due to frequent use. Through it, metal supports are felt. A sofa bed will be a good option to accommodate guests, but this model is not suitable for permanent sleep.

Sofa bed

What should be the content of the sofa for sleeping

To understand which sofa is best for daily sleep, you need to learn about some of the features of their fillers. They can be spring or foam.

Spring blocks

The springs provide elasticity to the seat and have orthopedic qualities. But at the same time, during operation, they can creak, wear out, sometimes break and break through the outer upholstery. Therefore, saving on spring blocks is not worth it. There are two types of spring blocks that are used in the manufacture of sofas - dependent and independent.

Bonnel spring blocks are composed of dependent springs. This is the cheapest version of the spring unit, in which when you press one spring, all the others also come into motion.This is the main disadvantage of this spring unit. In addition, such spring blocks after a certain time can stretch very much in the middle part, creating the effect of a hammock. For these reasons, such blocks have a poor orthopedic effect, but a lower price.

Bonnel spring unit

For daily sleep, it is recommended to use blocks with independent springs. Such spring blocks have a different device. Here, each spring is sewn into a separate case made of fabric. Then the springs are formed into ribbons from which the entire block is assembled. The service life of such a unit is longer, and the springs travel independently of each other. This achieves a good orthopedic effect. The mattress takes the shape of your body, does not creak or sag.

Independent Spring Blocks

Foam Filling

Soft fillers made of silicone, synthetic winterizer or foam rubber are considered hypoallergenic. It is comfortable to sit on the foam seat - it is soft and comfortable. However, the filler very quickly sags and loses its shape, it must be replaced. Naturally, such sofas are not suitable for constant sleep. You will constantly feel that underneath you is a rigid base on which your bones will rest.

Features of the frame, upholstery and design

Upholstery suitable for daily sleep

Upholstery is made from natural, synthetic and mixed fabrics. Pay attention to some features of the materials:

  • leather upholstery looks beautiful and is used for a long time, but bedding slides on it, rolls down, or gathers at the feet;
  • natural wool fabric does not slip, but may prick;
  • blended fabric with synthetic and cotton fibers is best suited;
  • beautiful velor or flock fabrics are wiped over a couple of years from frequent use and lose their luxurious look;
  • Jacquard upholstery is quite resistant to abrasion, burnout, but it is quite expensive.

The most common fabrics used for upholstery:


Flocking fabric







When choosing upholstery, the color of the fabric is also taken into account. On the fabric with the pattern, spots are less noticeable, the plain fabric looks more stylish and suitable for the living room, and for the nursery it is better to choose a two- or three-color version.

What make a high-quality frame for a sofa

The frame of the sofa intended for constant sleep should be durable and high quality. The best option is a wood frame. But all manufacturers are trying to reduce the cost of production. Therefore, most often the frame is made of wood and chipboard. When choosing a sofa, you need to make sure that the chipboard used for its manufacture is laminated or covered with paint.

The thing is that particle board, especially new ones, is capable of releasing formaldehydes that are harmful to health. Therefore, it is forbidden to use non-laminated chipboard for furniture production, but some manufacturers may ignore this requirement.

In addition, pay attention to the build quality of various nodes. All parts must be fitted accurately and securely.


Storage boxes

Since the sofa will be folded up during the day and the laundry will be collected, it is good if boxes for storing laundry are provided in its design. Roomy drawers have sofas with a Eurobook mechanism.

Storage Box

Sofa with what mechanism for daily sleep did you decide to buy?

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