Everyone's natural desire is to wake up in the morning fresh and rested. A good dream depends on what we sleep on. Especially the mattress matters - because if it sags, like a hammock, or stabs its sides with springs, then in the morning you feel like a beat. Let's talk today about how to choose the right mattress. At the same time, we will find out which mattress is better - spring or springless.

Which mattress is better than spring or springless comparison of characteristics

Comparative characteristics of spring and springless mattresses

Two types of mattresses on springs

For more than 120 years, spring blocks have been produced for mattresses, called dependent ones, or Bonnel blocks. They consist of many fairly large springs connected together and representing a single grid. Sometimes it is supplemented with polyurethane foam inserts. Such a mattress does not have orthopedic properties - this is its first minus. In addition, over time, it sags and begins to creak disgustingly. And often this happens after a couple of years.

Bonnel spring mattress
But such mattresses are inexpensive, and are also able to withstand heavy loads.

Now more popular are mattresses with an independent spring unit (Pocket Spring unit). This means that each of the many small springs is dressed in a special fabric cover with holes. And these springs work separately from each other, so that the load on the mattress is distributed smoothly and evenly. That is, there are orthopedic properties that are beneficial for the spine.

Naturally, most people choose independent spring blocks, which are more comfortable to sleep on. The springs in it are smaller and have more turns than in the Bonnel type variant.

Mattress with independent spring unit
Note that in a good spring independent type of springs should be at least 250 pieces per square meter. If there are more of them, the mattress will last longer.

It seems that with these types of mattresses we figured out everything. Now we decide which mattress is better to choose: spring or springless. But not a word has been said about the latter yet. Correct this omission.

You can sleep well without springs

Naturally, we will not talk about heavy and uncomfortable cotton mattresses, which over time gather in unpleasant lumps. Now there are much more modern and useful materials that will not only give comfort, but also an orthopedic effect. It's about latex and coconut fiber.

Natural latex is soft and supple. It is made from the juice of a rubber tree - hevea. The more this juice in the material (and it can be from one fifth to nine tenths), the better the quality of the mattress.

Latex mattress
It gently takes the shape of the body, does not sag and does not squeeze. That's just a little expensive.

However, there are budget options for sale: latex from pressed waste and artificial latex. The first of them is not as durable and elastic as natural, but also very good. The second is obtained by foaming polymers, and the quality is only slightly superior to foam.

Coconut fiber, or coir, is also a natural material. It is quite tough, so it is very well suited for children's mattresses - children have not yet formed posture. Now quite popular are mattresses that combine latex elasticity and coir stiffness.

Latex and coir
In section, they resemble a cake made of chocolate dough with a light cream - this is how layers of coconut fiber and latex look like.

And there are options with two sides - latex and coconut fiber.It is possible, turning over, to get either a harder or softer surface for sleeping.

And what is the difference between spring mattresses and springless ones?

To decide which is better - a spring or springless mattress, we compare them in some respects.

  • So much dust accumulates in the spring mattress over time that it resembles the inside of a vacuum cleaner. Indeed, inside the springs - emptiness. The springless version does not have this drawback. Where there is dust, there are dust mites. They do not live in latex and coir.
  • Static electricity, which is not at all useful for the human body, especially children’s, is also present only in spring mattresses - because they have metal. Latex and coir do not contribute to the formation of electricity. Important: in this case, the cover on the mattress must be natural (synthetics are also electrified).
  • Moisture entering the spring mattress causes the springs to corrode, creak, and gradually break. This is especially true for Bonnel blocks. In a springless mattress, moisture gradually evaporates, especially since latex mattresses are often made perforated.
  • Sleeping on a spring mattress (especially a dependent type) is not comfortable on the entire surface - its edges are reinforced. If the mattress with a Bonnel spring-type block is designed for two, then during sleep people roll down to each other, finding themselves in a hammock. The springless mattress uses the entire area.
  • Lying on a spring mattress is still more comfortable - because it is softer. But the effect of "swing", harmful to the children's spine, is very pleasant. Not everyone will like to sleep on hard coconut fiber, for example.
  • The service life of a good mattress on springs is about 10 years. Latex mattress is able to last 15 years.

Who is suitable for spring, and who is springless

#1. Let's start with the kids. Do you have doubts about which mattress is best for a child: spring or springless? Well, the answer is simple - spring vibrations can negatively affect the formation of the children's spine. Therefore, from a year to twelve years it is better not to risk it, but to buy a mattress with coconut filler or latex. It is advisable to choose a mattress for a child and consult with an orthopedic surgeon.

#2. As for adults, for an absolutely healthy person you can only rely on your own feelings. Those who suffer from diseases of the heart or respiratory organs, you need to choose only springless mattresses. And they are also shown to people with a large weight - more than 110 kilograms.

#3. If you do not like the "Spartan" conditions of a hard bed, then pay attention to mattresses with a spring block of an independent type. Just remember: the more small springs in such a block, the better. And do not let the children jump on the bed - the springs will break.

#4. And for someone who has problems with the spine, too hard a mattress is often completely contraindicated. Therefore, it is better for such a person to consult with a good orthopedist before going to the store. He will tell you which mattress is suitable - not too hard springless or still with a spring block.

#5. With a limited amount of funds, carefully choose a springless mattress made of artificial materials. Although manufacturers claim that polyurethane foam (otherwise, foam) is no worse than latex, but it is not. By the way, he can cause an allergy. This is especially true for products of dubious manufacturers.

Foam mattress
Polyurethane foam or simply put on a foam mattress.

A couple of words should also be said about artificial material - a memorial, also called “memory foam”. It is quite expensive, but its composition is close to polyurethane foam and is capable of releasing harmful substances.

Memory mattress
In Europe, by the way, they began to refuse it - many consumers complained of unpleasant symptoms - nausea, shortness of breath, headache and allergic symptoms.

Therefore, if you buy an expensive springless mattress, it is better to use a natural one - from latex, coir or a combination of both.

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