Roof and roofing materials - articles and instructions

Overview of the types of soft roofs, their advantages and disadvantages.

A detailed comparison of ondulin and roofing corrugated board for all operational characteristics.

Flat Roof Technology

Features of a flat roof; the difference between exploited and non-exploited roofs; device of various types of flat roofs.

Options for filing roof overhangs

Appointment and installation of roof overhangs; overhang trim; methods and materials used for filing roof eaves.

Roof repair of a private house - therapy for the roof

How to inspect and determine the place of leaking roof; because of which the roof most often leaks; ways to repair the roof truss system; how to replace a heat-insulating layer if it has been wetted; recipes for the repair of various roofing materials and gutters.

Roof truss system

What are the requirements for rafter systems; main nodes of rafter systems; roof shapes; what types of rafter systems and their device are; connecting elements used during the installation of the rafter system.

Roof slope for various conditions and roofing materials

What determines the slope of the roof; minimum permissible roof slope for various roofing materials; recommendations for calculating the slope of the roof.

Rafter system of a gable roof and its device

What is a gable roof; structural elements of gable roofs; types of roof systems of gable roofs.

The device of a roof from a metal tile

The device of all possible elements and nodes of the roof made of metal.

What is a valley and its device

What is a valley and what is it for; what elements the endova and its varieties consist of.

Types of roofing and roofing materials

What types of roofing materials are there; their advantages, disadvantages, installation features, service life and durability.

Slate Dimensions

Dimensions and overall characteristics of various types of slate; Some nuances regarding slate sizes that need to be considered when choosing a material.

Dimensions of metal tile sheet

What you need to know about the size of the metal; what sizes should be used when calculating the required amount of material; sizes of additional elements for the roof and calculation of the required amount.

Ondulin - sheet sizes and additional elements

What are the sizes of Ondulin and its additional elements; how to calculate the required amount of Ondulin for the roof.

What is better to use a metal tile or ondulin

What are these two roofing; comparison of Ondulin and metal tiles according to the main parameters; in which case it is better to use a metal tile, and in which Ondulin.

What is better metal tile or soft roof

What is a metal tile and a flexible roof; Comparison of materials for the most important technical characteristics; in which case it is better to use this or that material.

Installation of metal

In this material: A selection of video clips on the installation of battens for metal roofing, fastening metal roofing and additional elements, as well as the correct installation.

Varieties of metal

In this material: what materials are made of metal; types of metal tiles depending on the type of profile and the depth of the insole; varieties of polymer coatings used to protect metal tiles.

Metal or decking

In this material: a comparison of metal and corrugated board for all important parameters; in which case it is better to use corrugated board instead of metal.

Metal Monterey

In this material: what is a Monterrey metal tile and what layers it consists of; what technical parameters each layer of metal tile has and what function it performs; advantages and disadvantages of this roofing.

Ondulin pros, cons and characteristics

In this material: from what and how is ondulin made; advantages and disadvantages of the ondulin roof; technical characteristics of ondulin.

Types of roofs of private houses

The roof of the house is not only a structure designed to protect the house from various atmospheric phenomena, the external, and, in the case of the attic roof, internal view of the house depends a lot on the roof. We invite you to consider all possible types of roofs, both in terms of design features and geometric shapes.

The better to cover the roof of the house

There are many roofing options on the market today. Developers have a difficult task to choose high-quality, reliable and durable material at the same time affordable. In this article we will consider the better to cover the roof of the house, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of a particular roof.

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