Kitchen interior - articles and photos

The kitchen is the warmest and most visited place in the house. Its design combines practicality, comfort and beauty. From the articles in this section you will learn about how to equip the interior of the kitchen, including the working and dining areas. It is important not only to buy suitable furniture, but also to make original lighting, to choose the appropriate finishing materials and accessories for decorating the kitchen.

How to combine colors in the interior of a gray kitchen; rules for decorating and using accents when creating a gray kitchen design; 50 photos of kitchen ideas in gray.

Rules for the use of color in the design of the kitchen in Feng Shui; practical tips for optimizing your kitchen and organizing your space.

Various ideas and options for interior design and organization of the space of a small kitchen, as well as recommendations for planning this room.

In this material: the rules and methods of designing a living room combined with a kitchen room.

In this article: tips for planning a modern kitchen; a large selection of the best ideas for decorating a kitchen in a modern style.

In this article: ideas and rules for decorating kitchen walls with bricks; Photo examples of the use of bricks in the interior of the kitchen.

In this material: a selection of delightful interiors of kitchens made in the style of a loft; Tips, tricks and ideas for decorating a kitchen in this style.

In this material: what are the main features and colors inherent in the Provence style; how to properly design the walls, floor and ceiling in the kitchen in the Provencal style; how to choose furniture, textiles and accents in order to give the comfort of the French country to the kitchen.

In this article: how to make a kitchen design in the Scandinavian style; how to choose the right colors, decor, lighting, furniture, textiles, as well as organize the space to create a unique Scandinavian cosiness in the kitchen; 70 photo ideas for creating a Scandinavian-style kitchen.

41 the idea of ​​decorating the kitchen in white, how to use contrasting elements and mix white with shades close to it, creating a unique kitchen interior.

How to produce a combination of different colors in the interior of the kitchen; how to make color accents and use different colors in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a very important room, which experiences great daily stress. The repair of this room must be approached with the utmost care. In order to prevent all kinds of mistakes that will be difficult to fix in the future, we will consider a step-by-step plan for repairing the kitchen.

What chandeliers and lighting fixtures can be used in the kitchen to make this room as comfortable and practical as possible; how with the help of lamps you can arrange the working and dining area of ​​the kitchen.

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