Interior ideas - articles and photos

Professional designers know many secrets that help them make the interior of any room unique. This section contains articles on the basics of creating an interior that talk about the use of colors, a combination of styles and the use of various materials in the design of a room. Learn the ideas and secrets of the interior and make your home unique!

In this article: various ways to add color to a nursery to add freshness and comfort.

In this material: how to use white color in order to transform your interior for the better; what subtleties and features of white color should be taken into account when decorating the interior; 20 best white paints in various shades.

How to produce a combination of different colors in the interior of the kitchen; how to make color accents and use different colors in the kitchen.

How to use green color in the interior; how to produce a combination of green with other interior colors; how to focus on the green elements of the interior.

How can you use the purple color in the interior of the premises; how to combine purple with other colors; photo examples of the use of purple in the interior.

How can gray color be used in the interior; how to combine gray with other colors and shades; how to focus on small things using gray in the interior of various rooms.

What colors are combined turquoise color in the interior; how can you use the turquoise color when decorating the interior of the bedroom, living room, kitchen and other rooms; how to focus on turquoise-colored interior elements.

How to use beige in a modern interior; how to make a combination of beige with other colors in the interior; how to make beige color more vibrant.

Pistachio color gives the room a certain freshness and unique cosiness. Let us consider with what colors and materials olive oil is best combined and how it can be advantageously used when decorating the interior of a kitchen, bedroom or living room.

We present to your attention a selection of photos of flooded floors of a wide variety of types and design solutions.

How to decide on the choice of color for your interior, in which cases to use cold and warm colors, how to fix imperfections in rooms and achieve a competent combination of colors, create an exquisite and unique interior style.

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