Space heating in the cold season is a fairly urgent problem. Such tasks can arise both in production and in private homeowners, if necessary, quickly heat a certain room. For these purposes, heat guns will be the most suitable option.

In this article we will consider the best heat guns, as well as make comparative characteristics of devices with various heat-generating units. As always, to select the best models, we analyzed the reviews and opinions of users of this equipment and based on them we made our rating.

The best heat guns - rating of various types and models

Which heat gun is better to buy

A heat gun is a device that is used for quick heating of rooms, can also be used when performing certain technological processes for quick drying or heating of objects (finishing work in buildings in the winter, heating of garage rooms during repair work, heating of storage and industrial premises and etc.).

The main structural elements of the heat gun are the following parts and assemblies:

  • element for heating air;
  • a fan supplying heated air to the room;
  • heat gun body (usually made of metal);
  • thermostatic element that prevents overheating of the device;
  • a thermostat, used to maintain the set temperature parameters when working offline;

Depending on the installed heat generating unit, heat guns are divided into three types:




Each of these units has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss below. To understand which heat gun is better to buy, it is necessary to determine the tasks that are envisaged to be solved with the help of this heat device.

First you need to determine:

#1. For what purposes a heat gun is purchased: periodic use if necessary, continuous use for heating rooms or production facilities, for quick drying of surfaces, aggregates or vehicles, etc.

#2. Before choosing a heat gun, it is necessary to determine the place where it will be installed in accordance with the standards of technical and fire safety.

#3. Calculate power depending on specific conditions of use. Choosing a heat gun with an excessive “margin” in productivity will lead to cost overruns, and the purchase of an insufficiently powerful device will not provide efficient heating.

In order for the consumer to better understand which heat guns are better, we prepared a comparative analysis of the devices with different heat sources.

Comparison of different types of heat guns:

Electric Gas Diesel
Power from 1.5 to 45 kW from 1.5 to 125 kW from 10 to 220 kW
Airflow up to 2200 m3 / h up to 6000 m3 / h up to 8000 m3 / h
Device class Industrial and household. Industrial and household. Industrial.
Weight, kg Up to 30 Up to 70 Up to 360

Which heat gun is better than gas or electric

For the operation of the electric heat gun, a sufficiently large amount of electricity is required, which is used to heat the heating elements or spiral heating elements, as well as to rotate the fan blades used to supply hot air to the room. Since the power of such guns can reach 50 kW, for normal operation requires sufficiently powerful power lines.

Important! It is not possible to connect devices in which a power consumption of more than 5 kW to a normal household electrical network.

In gas heat guns, the source of thermal energy is gas, which completely burns out in the device, as a result of which there is almost no pollution of the surrounding air. The main distinguishing element of these heating devices is that the efficiency in such units is very high and reaches almost 100%.

Gas devices consume a small amount of electrical energy, which is wasted only on the operation of the fan. Such heaters, unlike electric ones, do not need preliminary heating and are able to transfer heat almost immediately after switching on. They are equipped with flame combustion control systems, as well as protective elements that prevent overheating, therefore they meet all operational requirements.

Due to the high degree of efficiency, efficiency and safety, gas guns have found their wide application in various spheres of human life. It is rational to use such thermal devices in construction for drying screeds and plasters, heating warehouses, greenhouses, production and livestock buildings.

Gas heat gun
An example of using a gas heat gun.

Many consumers are concerned that gas heat guns require gas, so they prefer to buy devices with more expensive, and therefore economically disadvantageous energy sources.

However, when heating residential or office premises, such guns cannot be used, therefore, in this case, the advantage is in electrical devices.

elektricheskie teplovue pushki

Which heat gun is better diesel or electric

Diesel fuel and electric heat guns have a number of significant differences. Diesel units have a lot of advantages, but at the same time, given the presence of combustion products, their use is severely limited.

Diesel heat guns are produced in two versions:

Direct heating.

During the operation of such equipment, all combustion products enter the heated space. When operating such a gun, it is necessary that the forced ventilation system function well in the room.

Indirect heating.

Such equipment ensures the entry of heated air into the room, while all combustion products are diverted using specially arranged chimneys outside the heated space.

Given the operational characteristics of diesel heat guns, it is necessary to take into account the conditions in which they will be operated. This mainly applies to direct heating units, which are strictly forbidden to use for heating and heating of housing and premises in which people are located. During the operation of such equipment, it is necessary to organize a ventilation system that will not only remove or reduce the concentration of combustion products in the air, but also create an oxygen supply for the normal operation of the equipment.

It is most rational to use diesel heat guns of direct heating in agriculture, as well as to ensure the necessary temperature conditions in utility rooms, warehouses or other rooms where there is no permanent presence of people.


Direct heating gun
The use of diesel heat gun direct heating.

Thermal devices with indirect heating, subject to all standards for the removal of combustion products, can be used in repair shops, garages, industrial premises, as well as for heating residential complexes.

Indirect heating gun
The use of diesel heat gun indirect heating.

An important fact is that diesel heat guns are quite heavy. Their transportation is carried out using installed wheels with manual control. The fuel for the operation of such a gun may be kerosene or diesel fuel. They are quite economical - fuel consumption is not more than 1 l / hour. This is enough to heat about 250 m3 air.

A distinctive feature of the electric heat gun, in front of the diesel one, is that it has the possibility of stepwise regulation of the temperature of the heated air. Also, such a unit can function in fan mode (while air heating is not performed). Thanks to the built-in thermostats, you can set a certain temperature in the room, which will be maintained in automatic mode. Such climatic equipment can be used without restrictions in residential and other premises. It will also become irreplaceable during apartment renovation, due to its high efficiency not only a certain temperature will be maintained, but also, if necessary, drying of paints, plasters, etc. can be accelerated.

Which heat gun is better than gas or diesel

If we conduct a comparative analysis of the operational characteristics of gas and diesel heat guns, then the gas version has a number of noticeable advantages.

The first, important parameter is the cost of the equipment. Here you can clearly give preference to gas devices, as they are noticeably cheaper. It is also worth comparing the weight of the heat guns. Diesel guns weigh much more, which limits their mobility, if necessary, while guns with a gas heater are quite light in weight. The heating efficiency of devices with gas burners is much higher, they are able to more quickly heat the required volume or area.

Due to the fact that during operation, diesel guns with direct heating emit combustion products that must be removed, this limits their use in residential premises, as well as in areas where people work.

Important! When operating diesel heat guns, it is necessary to organize a very efficient exhaust gas discharge. If the combustion products enter the room where people are located, it can lead to serious poisoning or even death.
The gas heater is recognized as safer in operation for human health.

For the normal operation of gas units for heating, a supply of natural (main) gas is required, and in its absence balloon (liquefied) gas can be used. This makes it possible to use heat gas guns in places where there is no centralized gas supply (garages, construction sites, temporary structures, etc.). At a cost, the use of gas is always cheaper than diesel or electricity, so by comparing these two guns, you can give preference to gas units.

To determine which heat gun is better to buy, it is necessary to proceed from specific operating conditions and economic feasibility.

The best electric heat guns

Among a wide variety of electric heat guns, we have selected for you the most popular models that are in demand among consumers and compiled a rating of electric heat guns that are available for sale.

  timberk tih R5 3M ECO melitech tp 2em mballu bkx 5 m
Timberk TIH R5 3M ECO Elitech TP 2EM Ballu BKX-5
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
3 mesto 
8 oc
Heating power, W  3000  2000  3000
Voltage 220 220 220
Power adjustment  yes  yes  yes
Type of heating element TEN TEN ceramic heater
Maximum air exchange, cubic m / h  300  140  250
Thermostat  yes  yes  yes
Ventilation without heating  yes  yes  yes
Timer  no  no  no
Control mechanical mechanical mechanical
Dimensions (WxHxT), mm  268 × 385 × 320  235 × 350 × 275  205 × 205 × 195
Weight, kg  4,9  3  2,1

Heat gun Timberk TIH R5 3M ECO

timberk tih R5 3M ECO


+ Pros Timberk TIH R5 3M ECO

  1. Quick warm-up of the room.
  2. Very high quality build.
  3. Optimum power for small rooms (maximum power 3000W).
  4. Excellent performance, can be used as a fan.
  5. Good temperature to air flow ratio.
  6. The ability to adjust the direction of air flow, including vertically upwards.
  7. The presence of rubberized gaskets to prevent damage to the floor surface.
  8. Low cost.


- Cons Timberk TIH R5 3M ECO

  1. Small adjustment range - 1.5 kW or 3 kW.
  2. Audible noise during the operation of the fan (at night in the bedroom it will interfere with sleep).
  3. If necessary, you need to use high-quality extension cords with the appropriate wire cross-section.

Results: Having considered all the positive and negative characteristics of the model, we can confidently say that such a heat gun is an excellent option for heating small ones (with an area of ​​about 30 m2) premises. It can be used to supply heat in residential and other rooms. It is a budget option that perfectly copes with the tasks.


Heat gun Elitech TP 2EM

elitech tp 2em


+ Pros of Elitech TP 2EM

  1. Very high quality build.
  2. Compact size, not taking up much space in the room.
  3. Virtually no noise during operation.
  4. Low cost, affordable to a wide range of consumers.
  5. Power 2000 watts.
  6. The volume of heated air is 140 m3 / hour.
  7. Three adjustment modes
  8. Housing resistant to corrosion damage.
  9. The heating element is made of stainless steel.
  10. Equipped with thermostat and overheating sensor.


- Cons Elitech TP 2EM

  1. More suitable for living than for a garage.
  2. Low power.

The results. The presented Elitech TP 2EM heat gun is designed for heating rooms up to 20 m2. Perfect for maintaining the required temperature in individual rooms, small garages or workshops. It can be used for repairs in apartments and houses, for accelerated drying of painted or plastered surfaces. Silent operation of the fan provides comfortable working conditions, does not annoy people around.


Ballu BKX-5 heat gun

ballu bkx 5

ballu bkx 5 1m

ballu bkx 5 2m

ballu bkx 5 3m


+ Pros of Ballu BKX-5

  1. Compact size and light weight, does not take up much space.
  2. Two modes for adjusting the heating of the spiral (1800/3000 W).
  3. Good performance (250 m3 / h).
  4. Ceramic heating element.
  5. The presence of a thermostat and protection against overheating.
  6. Acceptable cost (lower than other models of similar power).


- Cons Ballu BKX-5

  1. Noise and slight rattling during fan operation.
  2. Short power cord (problem fixed with extension cord).

The results. This model is suitable for heating residential premises, garages. Compact size and light weight allow you to quickly transfer and install the heat gun in any place convenient for you. It will be an excellent option for additional heating of rooms in severe frosts.

What electric heat gun did you decide to buy

The best gas heat guns

Modern industry produces a fairly wide range of gas thermal appliances. Below you can see the rating of gas heat guns, based on user reviews.

 master blp 17 m mkalibr tpg 10 mmaster blp 33 m m
MASTER BLP 17 M Caliber TPG-10 Master BLP 33 M
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
3 mesto
8 oc
Power during heating, kW  16  10  33
Fuel type propane or butane propane or butane propane or butane
Air consumption, cubic m / h  300  500  1000
LPG pressure, bar  0,7  0,3  1,5
The maximum consumption of liquefied gas, kg / h  1,16  0,8  2,14
Power adjustment  yes  no  no
Voltage  220  220  220
Ignition piezoelectric element piezoelectric element piezoelectric element
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm 550x230x300 468x262x320 560x260x360
Weight, kg  5  5  8,95

Heat gun MASTER BLP 17 M

master blp 17 m


+ Pros MASTER BLP 17 M

  1. High-quality manufacturing of the case and component parts.
  2. Power adjustment (10 ... 16 kW) is located directly on the gun body.
  3. Stable in any position.
  4. There is a button for emergency shutdown of gas.
  5. Low power consumption (53 W / h) and gas.
  6. The volume of supply of warm air is 300 m3 / hour.
  7. No gas odor during operation.
  8. The presence of a handle for transportation on the gun body.
  9. Long period of operation without breakdowns.


- Cons MASTER BLP 17 M

  1. Insufficient power to heat large areas.
  2. The gas supply hose is not long enough.

The results. This model of a gas gun is perfect for heating rooms of a small area. Due to its compact size and light weight, it is often used by masters involved in the installation of suspended ceilings. Such a unit can be successfully used for heating cars in the winter season, as well as for heating garages during repair work. When working with a gas gun, ventilation in a heated room is necessary.


Heat gun Caliber TPG-10

kalibr tpg 10


+ Pros Caliber TPG-10

  1. Economical gas consumption (a 40 liter cylinder lasts an average of 27 hours).
  2. Quick warm-up of indoor air.
  3. Low cost with excellent quality.
  4. Economical energy consumption (fan power 60 watts).
  5. A sufficiently long cord to connect to the power supply.
  6. Large volume of heated air (500 m3/hour).
  7. The ability to change power by adjusting the gas pressure.
  8. Compact size and light weight.
  9. The presence on the body of the handle for transportation.


- Cons Caliber TPG-10

  1. Short and stiff gas hose.
  2. Sometimes there are difficulties with piezo-ignition.
  3. The kit comes with a small cylinder.


The results. The caliber TPG-10 is an inexpensive and reliable source of heat that can be used to heat various rooms. The small size allows you to use the gun even with a minimum free area. Perfect for those who are engaged in repairs in residential premises. It can be used in garage or industrial premises as a means of heating.


Heat gun Master BLP 33 M

master blp 33 m


+ Pros of Master BLP 33 M

  1. Quick room heating.
  2. High power (33 kW).
  3. Volume of heated air 1000 m3/hour.
  4. Fully equipped to get started.
  5. Reliable work for a long time.
  6. The economical gas consumption is 2.14 kg / h.


- Cons Master BLP 33 M

  1. A gripe for the operation of the piezoelectric element.
  2. There is no power adjustment on the heat gun. Adjustment is made on the gearbox.
  3. Lack of spare parts. Repair is carried out only in specialized service centers.

The results. The heat gun Master BLP 33 M is designed for use in large construction projects, agricultural enterprises, greenhouses. Thanks to its high power and productivity, it can quickly heat rooms even of a large area. It will become an indispensable assistant during construction or repair work in the winter. It can also be successfully used in car storage boxes. When operating this gun, it is necessary to have a reliable and efficient ventilation system to prevent poisoning of people by combustion products.

What gas heat gun did you decide to buy

The best diesel heat guns

Having studied the reviews and opinions of users, in the rating of diesel heat guns, we included the following devices:

 master bv 77 e melitech professional tp 22 dp m
Master BV 77 E Elitech Professional TP 22DP
 1 mesto
9 oc
 2 mesto
8 oc
Power during heating, kW  20  22
Fuel diesel or kerosene diesel or kerosene
Type of heating indirect straight
Air Consumption m / h 1550  257
Fuel consumption, l / h 1,67  1,7
Tank volume, l 36  19
Flame control system yes  yes
overheat protection yes  yes
Voltage 220  220
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm 1180 x 410 x 530 760x297x394
Weight, kg 53  12,2

Heat gun Master BV 77 E

master bv 77 e


+ Pros of Master BV 77 E

  1. Economical fuel consumption.
  2. Increased efficiency.
  3. Powerful fan.
  4. Installed thermostat and overheat protection.
  5. Stable and even flame burning.
  6. Easy to use and repair.
  7. Parts in contact with open flame are made of stainless steel.


- Cons Master BV 77 E

  1. Fairly high cost.
  2. Increased noise during operation.

The results. Diesel heat gun Master BV 77 E has a power of 20 kW, can be used for heating non-residential premises and production facilities. Often used during construction work in the winter to accelerate the setting of concrete mixes and cement mortars. It is possible to connect a room thermostat to adjust the temperature offline.


Heat gun Elitech Professional TP 22DP

elitech professional tp 22 dp


+ Pros of Elitech Professional TP 22DP

  1. There is a built-in thermostatic device.
  2. It can be operated in automatic mode.
  3. The heat gun is equipped with electronic flame control.
  4. The chamber in which the fuel burns is made of stainless steel.
  5. Pneumatic nozzle provides high efficiency.
  6. For ignition, a two-electrode ceramic candle is used.
  7. Availability of fuel control and operability sensors.


- Cons Elitech Professional TP 22DP

  1. In severe frosts (-15 ... -20 aboutC) preheating is required before starting.

The results. This heat gun is a fully autonomous device that can be used in a variety of situations. Such a unit will become useful if it is necessary to heat non-food storage facilities, hangars for storing equipment and other premises. It is often used by construction crews to heat the laid concrete in winter conditions, to dry painted and plastered surfaces.

What diesel heat gun did you decide to buy

The selection of goods was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

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