Officially, the concept of "mini welding machine" does not exist. The equipment is divided only into domestic and professional, as well as intermediate models. But Chinese developers have created a number of compact welding machines, which are gaining more and more popularity. We will discuss where such equipment is applicable, what are its advantages and disadvantages, and also consider the rating of the best models, based on customer reviews and product characteristics. All this will help you navigate a wide range of products and choose a device that will not disappoint.

best mini welding machines rating

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The selection of goods was carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is for informational purposes only.

Pros and cons of compact equipment

By mini welding machines we mean household models with a housing size of about 20 x 20 x 10 cm. They can be constructed on the basis of transistors and cook with direct current (inverters) or in the form of small transformers that produce alternating voltage.

Pros of Mini Welders

1. Compact devices are easier to store and carry

Unlike large inverters, the mini unit will fit in the pantry of the apartment. You can not put it out of the trunk of the car, since it is four times smaller than the spare wheel and its presence does not affect the capacity of the compartment at all. If necessary, the device can be delivered to the place of work even in the hands.

mini svarochniy apparat
Mini welding machine.

2. Light weight

Mini welding models weigh 2-3 kg. Most often they are equipped with a shoulder strap for wearing. A mass not higher than a laptop allows you to conveniently carry them on your shoulder or work along a long structure and even at a height.

3. Fine adjustment

Although the equipment is compact, the presence of microcircuits allows you to accurately set the current strength and configure the device.

4. Low network load

You can connect a mini welder to a 220 V household outlet and not worry that the wiring in the wall will overheat, since the power consumption of the device is at the level of a good iron or electric kettle. When using the device all day in the yard, the energy consumption will not be large and you will not have to pay a noticeably large amount for electricity.

5. Sufficient amps

Although mini models look like toys, they are real welding machines with a current strength of 100-160 A. This is enough to boil metal with a thickness of 3-8 mm.

6. Quality work

If the user is experienced enough, then with such a device you can get high-quality, sealed seams.

7. Equipped with additional features

Often, manufacturers provide the equipment with additional functions that simplify the excitation of the electric arc and prevent the electrode from sticking.

8. Low cost

The price of mini welding machines is the most affordable in the market in comparison with other household models.

9. Easier to work in the field

Low power consumption allows you to connect mini-devices to gas generators of any class for welding in the field.

Compact equipment has many advantages, but there are a number of disadvantages. You need to be prepared for them and think through everything so that the device can truly work in specific conditions.

Cons of mini welding machines

1. Small diameter electrodes

A mini-welder will only work with electrodes with a diameter of 2 or 3 mm.

2. Cooling problems

The small dimensions of the case led to the fact that inside there is no complete cooling system with several fans and radiators that remove heat. As a result, the welding machine quickly overheats and turns off until it cools down. With a large amount of work, frequent stops will be required, which stretches the time it takes to complete the task.

mini svarochniy apparat bez kryshki
Mini welding machine with cover removed.

3. The claimed current range of 100-160 A is not always true

In practice (when measured by the device), the current can reach 80-100 A, which is not enough to boil the workpieces with a thickness of more than 5 mm. It is almost impossible to cut with such equipment (only sheet metal with a cross section of 1-1.5 mm with good mains voltage).

4. Budget equipment

Due to the low cost, goods of this category are sold with short cables of 1.2-1.5 m, often without a rigid handle, without a suitcase. The quality of the holder and the clamping mass is suitable only for rare use, and with frequent use it breaks quickly. Masks, brushes and gaiters in the kit almost never occur.

If the mini-welding machine is equipped with additional accessories, the quality of their performance leaves much to be desired.

5. Difficulty working with voltage reduction

If it is necessary to carry out welding work far from home, then when using an extension cord of 30-50 m, the ampere rating will become even lower. If near the outlet the apparatus could boil steel 5 mm thick, then under such conditions the electrode will simply melt from above, and the arc will not be able to penetrate deep into. With a "drawdown" of the network (holiday village, garage cooperative), the power characteristics of the equipment also fall.

Applications for mini welding machines

Due to affordability, compactness and lightness, mini welding machines are actively used in the household sphere: to weld a fence in the country, make a brazier, bring a water pipe to the garden, weld a crack between the hinge and the goalpost, put a gazebo or greenhouse.

More experienced craftsmen are able to make a container with him for a summer shower or for fuel. It is convenient to work with such models on the shoulder, so installing a long fence or attaching the antenna to the roof does not require the help of assistants - the welder moves with the inverter himself and his hands are free to hold the workpieces.

But this is an exclusively household class of goods designed to work several times a month. For a small workshop or commercial activity, it will not work and will quickly burn from stress. In addition, welding capabilities are limited to a thickness of 3-8 mm and are not suitable for critical structures.

Rating of the best mini welding machines

Having considered the advantages and disadvantages of equipment in general, it will move on to specific products in the ranking. The material was compiled according to the reviews of beginners and experienced welders. The characteristics of the models are taken into account here. All this will simplify the choice and help to purchase an already tested device, and not a "pig in a poke".


In the first place is the rating of a household mini inverter from a German manufacturer. This is the “youngest” welding machine in the IQ line. It is made in an iron case and is equipped with indicators of overheating and network availability. The device is connected to a network with a voltage of 150-270 V and consumes a power of 4.6 kW. Equipped with two wires 1.2 + 1.8 m with a cross section DX25. The current can be adjusted from 20 to 160 A. It is convenient for welders to carry it thanks to a weight of 2.7 kg and a size of 26x10x15 cm. Although it does not have a display, there are three auxiliary functions to improve the quality of the seam.



Pros of FUBAG IQ 160

  1. Light excitation of an electric arc.
  2. Steel body without plastic inserts.
  3. A small starting current of 150-270 V allows you to work with a weak network.
  4. Really cooks a "three" with a soft arc.
  5. The belt is easy to unfasten as unnecessary.
  6. Krutilka is protected against accidental changes in values.
  7. Numerous perforations on the housing for ventilation.


Cons FUBAG IQ 160

  1. Loud operation of the cooling system.
  2. Short cable ground and holder.
  3. Dear in repair, when the warranty expires.
  4. If you always work at maximum current, it will quickly burn out.
  5. The clothespin holds weakly on the product.

Output. This device was tested by welders, who in the reviews confirmed that its ampere characteristics correspond to the declared ones. They can even cut metal with a thickness of 5 mm. If you have to disassemble the metal structure, where it is difficult to crawl with a grinder, then with this mini inverter you can cut the corner and the profile pipe at the very base or close to the wall.


Caliber SVI - 180AP 61901

Budget mini device from a domestic brand. Can cook with electrodes with a diameter of 1.6-3.2 mm. The household inverter is connected to a 220 V network and consumes 3.8 kW. Welding current is adjustable from 20 to 180 A on a scale drawn in detail. There are two DX25 cables with a length of 1.8 and 1.2 m. The unit weighs 2.3 kg. Duration of inclusion is allowed up to 7 minutes out of 10 when operating at maximum power. The inverter cooks with direct current, but it does not have additional functions.

kalibr svi 180ap 61901


Plus Caliber SVI - 180AP 61901

  1. All inscriptions on the case are in Russian.
  2. Narrow holder for easy access when welding close to the wall.
  3. Reasonable price in comparison with other mini devices.
  4. There is a marking of the scale for adjusting amperes.
  5. Instantaneous excitation of the arc.
  6. Excellent seams "three".
  7. The case is almost not heated when used properly.


Cons Caliber SVI - 180AP 61901

  1. Warranty is only one year.
    The "crocodile" of the mass is hot and poorly fixed on the product.
  2. The negative wire is only 1.2 m.
  3. Soft metal on the device.
  4. Amperes are overstated - in practice, 110 maximum.

Output. This is the best mini welding machine for the beginner, as everything is supplied with the kit. A mask with a light filter and a brush for cleaning metal and removing slag are attached to the product. You will immediately receive a basic set and you can start training without additional investment.



This is a mini welding machine from an Italian brand. The product has a power of 4.2 kW, giving out a welding current range of 10-160 A. The switching duration is allowed up to 60%. The model weighs 2.9 kg. The package contains two wires of 1.5 m with a cross section of 25 mm². The housing is protected against moisture and particulate matter according to IP21. On the top cover there are slots under the shoulder strap. All inscriptions are made in Russian and attached are detailed instructions for use. “Anti-sticking” and “Fast and the Furious” facilitate the welding of thin metal.




  1. Narrow head holder.
  2. There is a forced cooling system.
  3. Welding electrodes do not stick.
  4. The holder fixes the electrode without play.
  5. Confidently cooks a "three".
  6. The lights in the house do not “blink” when using welding.



  1. The price is higher than other similar models.
  2. Ampere adjustment scale is not marked - setting "by eye".
  3. The mass clamp has a small contact area, which leads to overheating in this place.
  4. Through large slots on the case, a lot of dust gets inside.
  5. The power button is located on the back.

Output. The mini inverter is distinguished by a light ignition of the electrode, which is also noted by users in the reviews. To do this, the device is equipped with a “Hot start” function and an idle speed of 85 V. If you often have to work with rusty metal or cook in a limited space (small workpieces), then it will be possible to accurately initiate an arc with a minimum of tapping.


BestWeld Mini 180 BW1180

One of the highest quality Russian models. The mini inverter cooks with a direct current of 20-180 A. There is power control and functions for welding thin metal. The insulation of the welding machine is designed for temperatures up to 180 degrees, although for most competitors this figure is lower - 155 degrees. The device consumes 7.1 kW from the mains. Weighs a mini welder 2.7 kg. Dimensions of the unit - 22x9x13 cm. Idling is maintained at 67 V.

BestWeld Mini 180 BW1180


Pros of BestWeld Mini 180 BW1180

  1. Lots of ventilation holes.
  2. It can function from an input voltage of 140 V.
  3. Cooks with electrodes of UONI, MR-3, ANO.
  4. Built-in voltmeter.
  5. The boards are sealed for better insulation.
  6. Can be transported even by public transport.


Cons BestWeld Mini 180 BW1180

  1. The cost is much higher than analogues from other companies.
  2. There is no handle on top - it is inconvenient to lift the belt.
  3. There is no "Anti-sticking" function.
  4. Cable 1.5 and 1.7 m with an aluminum core.
  5. PV no more than 25%.
  6. It is difficult to quickly change the values ​​by turning the knob in the glove.

Output. This mini model stands out for accurate amp installation. Such equipment is useful for welding stainless steel or thin metal, where you want to set a specific welding current. There is also a second “twist” for adjusting the “Fast and the Furious”, which controls the degree of current compensation with close sticking of the electrode. With the help of a mini apparatus, it will turn out to be easy to cook rusty thin metal or to perform accurate seams on 0.8-1.2 mm sheet metal.



Mini welding machine with a clear control panel and protection against overheating. The maximum power is 4.9 kW, and the welding current is 20-160 A. The dimensions of the equipment are 31x14x21 cm and weight 2.9 kg. The manufacturer has equipped the product with three additional functions to improve the quality of the seam. A fan constantly rotates inside, removing hot air. The device stands on metal legs, so that air flows pass under it. A shoulder strap is provided.

spec imma160pn3



  1. The case is made entirely of iron.
  2. Forced cooling system.
  3. The controls are "recessed" so as not to accidentally knock down the settings.
  4. Clear marking on the adjustment scale.
  5. Overheating rarely occurs.
  6. It does not work badly when jumping on the network.
  7. Suitable for connecting to a generator.



  1. Some customers have something ringing inside the device (possibly loose screws).
  2. The declared capacity is 30% lower than real.
  3. The holder does not fix the electrodes well.
  4. PV at maximum settings of not more than 30%.
  5. The welders in the reviews lack a wire length of 1.5 m.

Output. Mini device stands out for its unpretentiousness to low voltage. He is able to cook with "subsidence" up to 150 V. This is true in the country, as well as in the garage, where other electrical equipment, "stealing" current (a drilling machine, a drill, a compressor) is used in parallel.



Goods from the Polish manufacturer. It consumes a power of 4.9 kW and produces a welding current of 10-125 A with 60% PV. The declared indicators are checked by welders in practice and correspond to reality. Mini welding machine is made in a steel body with perforation and has a forced ventilation system. An open circuit voltage of 75 V provides a soft start. Dimensions 22x10x15 cm will not create problems during storage or transportation.



Pros of GRAPHITE 56H806

  1. Stylish design of the welding machine.
  2. Detailed scale with adjustable amperes.
  3. The regulator with a flag - it is convenient to take even in gaiters.
  4. Tight cable connectors eliminate current loss.
  5. Precise control of welding current.
  6. Forced cooling.
  7. You do not need to knock the electrode - you bring it to the metal and it ignites itself.


Cons GRAPHITE 56H806

  1. High cost compared to peers.
  2. The device without legs - stands on the ground.
  3. No display for that price.
  4. There are no additional features except Hot Start.

Output. This welding mini inverter has a low weight of 2.5 kg. Pay attention to those who have to collect a long fence, carrying the device on his shoulder. A mask and a hammer with a brush are also supplied here, so for a beginner there will be everything you need to get started right away.

What mini welding machine did you decide to buy?

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