Choosing the best generator for the home, first of all, buyers are faced with the need for careful calculations, so as not to face a lack of power or overpayment for its excess. But even when everything is meticulously calculated, it remains an equally important part of the matter - to choose the best generator from the seemingly identical devices in terms of characteristics.

Here reviews come to the rescue of those who have already bought similar devices and made a certain opinion on how much expectations can correspond to reality. Based on the opinions of customers, characteristics, price-quality ratio and popularity of devices in retail outlets, ratings of the best models of generators of various capacities are compiled - from 1 to 5-6 kW.

 The best gasoline generators for reliability

1 kW gasoline generators

The power and weight of these devices suggest their use solely as a mobile source of electricity for one or more not very energy-intensive consumers.

 Hammer GNR2200 A sBriggs Stratton 1800A s
Hammer GNR2200 A Briggs & Stratton 1800A
9 oc 8 oc
Launch type manual manual
Number of phases 1 (220 volts) 1 (220 volts)
Cooling aerial aerial
Active power, W 2000 1700
Tank volume, l 15 1.8
Battery life, h 12 2
Noise level, dB 68 70
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm 593x432x440 550x380x390
Weight, kg 50 35

Hammer GNR2200 A gasoline generator

1.6 kW single phase gasoline generator. It is driven by a four-stroke internal combustion engine with a volume of 196 cm³, issuing 3600 rpm.

Hammer GNR2200 A 0

Hammer GNR2200 A 1m

Hammer GNR2200 A 2m


+ Pros Hammer GNR2200 A

  1. The successful cooling design allows the generator to be used without shutting down for 10 hours - until the tank runs out of gas.
  2. The exhaust of the internal combustion engine is carried out through the muffler, which ensures a fairly quiet operation of the entire device as a whole - passport 68 dB is approximately the sound of a working vacuum cleaner, and not at the highest power.
  3. General reliability of the design - users note the unpretentiousness of the device and the ability to find components for it, if you still need to perform repairs.
  4. Good layout and assembly minimize vibration during operation.
  5. A sufficiently high power for its class - according to user reviews, it is enough even for the operation of submersible pumps, which, after a break in operation, are already started under load.


- Cons Hammer GNR2200 A

  1. Generator weight 45 kg - if you do not put the platform on wheels, it will be difficult to move it alone.
  2. Air cooling will not cope with its responsibilities when installing the generator in the sun - it is necessary to arrange at least a canopy.

Even taking into account the reactive power and starting currents, the generator is enough for the confident functioning of electrical equipment with a total power of 1-1.2 kW. The large volume of the tank allows you to use the generator in case of need for continuous operation.


Briggs & Stratton 1800A Gasoline Generator

Gasoline single-phase frame-type generator weighing 31 kg with manual start. Brushless generator produces 1.7 kW of rated power and 1.8 - maximum. The engine with a displacement of 127 cm³ is air-cooled.

Briggs Stratton 1800A

Briggs Stratton 1800A 3m

Briggs Stratton 1800A 2m


+ Pros Briggs & Stratton 1800A

  1. Easy start of the engine in frosty weather - according to user reviews, there are no problems even at -25 ° C.
  2. A relatively small fuel consumption - according to the passport of a full tank of 1.8 liters, is enough for 2 hours of operation, and users note that with a load of not more than 1 kW, gasoline is enough for 3 hours.
  3. Brushless generator - simplifies the design and increases its reliability.
  4. The weight of the device allows you to move it alone if necessary.
  5. Multilevel engine and generator protection. Oil and fuel sensors.


- Cons Briggs & Stratton 1800A

  1. Detailed instructions for assembly and operation often have to look on the Internet.
  2. When buying a generator, you immediately need to buy oil for pouring into the crankcase - it is not in the factory equipment.
  3. A small number of service centers in the regions - although users note the reliability of the device, but before buying, you need to find out where you can turn it in for repair nearby.

A relatively inexpensive generator with sufficient (for its category) power. It is quite suitable for powering several devices of low power, a working tool with an engine up to 1 kW or welding with thin electrodes.


Which 1 kW gas generator did you decide to buy?

Autonomous 2 kW Generators

Mobile generators are far from always necessary only for powering low-power electrical appliances - often when auxiliary work requires a powerful drill or grinder, which needs at least a couple of kilowatts. In such cases, which gas generator is better to choose from devices of appropriate power.

 Hyundai HHY3000F sBort BBG 3500 sHammer GNR3000 A s
Hyundai HHY3000F Bort bbg-3500 Hammer GNR3000 A
9 oc 8 oc 7 oc
Launch type manual manual manual
Number of phases 1 (220 volts) 1 (220 volts) 1 (220 volts)
Cooling aerial aerial aerial
Active power, W 2800 2500 2700
Tank volume, l 15 15 15
Battery life, h 12 13 7
Noise level, dB 69 67 70
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm 600x440x460   593x432x440
Weight, kg 42 40 54

Hyundai HHY3000F Gasoline Generator

Single-phase petrol power station with manual engine start. It is equipped with a gas tank of 15 liters - there is enough fuel for 15 hours of continuous operation. Rated power 2.6 kW - peak load within 3 kW.

Hyundai HHY3000F

Hyundai HHY3000F 3m

Hyundai HHY3000F 2m


+ Pros of Hyundai HHY3000F

  1. High overall reliability of the device, plus quality assembly.
  2. The low noise level - according to the passport of 69 dB - is almost not felt through the medium-density wall.
  3. Confident start in frosty weather. According to reviews, problems arose only at a temperature of -27, but after a little warming up the generator started working.
  4. Practicality - there is enough power to power most electrical appliances, and gasoline consumption is not much higher than that of models 1-1.5 kW.
  5. Thanks to the capacious fuel tank, a long autonomous operation of the device is achieved.


- Cons Hyundai HHY3000F

  1. The operation of the generator creates impulse noise to radio devices - receivers, etc.
  2. Repeated complaints about the low quality of rubber gaskets in the fuel supply tap - they are corroded by gasoline over time.
  3. Unsuccessful location of the oil filler and drain holes - it’s difficult to get close to them, and when draining, the generator often also has to be lifted.
  4. The weight of the device is 45 kg - if necessary, move it, not everyone can handle it alone.

The generator can be confidently recommended to users who need a reliable backup source of electricity and are not planning to power powerful devices.


Petrol Bort BBG-3500 generator

Gasoline autonomous single-phase mini-power station. It is equipped with a four-stroke internal combustion engine with a displacement of 196 cm³ and a generator with a rated and maximum power of 2.5 and 2.8 kW, respectively.

Bort bbg 3500

Bort BBG 3500 1m

Bort BBG 3500 2m


+ Pros of the Bort BBG-3500

  1. The generator is one of the leaders in terms of price-quality-performance ratio - in comparison with analogues, its cost can be significantly lower, with other things being equal.
  2. It is easy to start - this is also noted by users at an age who is already more difficult to unwind with a cord.
  3. There is a silencer on the engine exhaust pipe. The generator works, although it is noticeable to the ear, but if you place it in an adjacent room, then discomfort can be avoided.
  4. Long battery life - a full tank of 15 liters is enough for 13 hours.


- Cons Bort BBG-3500

  1. The weight of the generator is 40 kg - in the absence of wheels, it is desirable to move it together even within the suburban area together.
  2. After the purchase, it is recommended to “flush” the engine - pour oil into the crankcase, let the generator run idle and then drain the oil. In some cases, after washing with oil, the chips that are left on the metal after engine treatment at the factory are washed off.
  3. Since this model belongs to the budget class of devices, it is likely that it will work out a rather limited number of engine hours before the need for major repairs.Therefore, it can be recommended for an area with infrequent blackouts - in this case, the generator will last several years and work out the money spent on it.

Bort BBG-3500 is one of the most attractive devices in terms of cost, especially since, according to user reviews, in operation it complies with the specifications declared by the manufacturer. Therefore, if the task is to save, then this model is worth paying attention to.


Hammer GNR3000 A gasoline generator

A single-phase gasoline mini-power station designed to provide electrical equipment with a total power of 2.16 kW or 2.7 kilos Volt-Ampere.

Hammer GNR3000 A

Hammer GNR3000 A 1m

Hammer GNR3000 A 2m


+ Pros Hammer GNR3000 A

  1. High reliability and wear resistance - tested by many customers who regularly operate the generator for 12-14 hours a day.
  2. The engine starts easily - even female hands will cope with this task.
  3. With a weight of 50 kg, there are wheels in the factory equipment - if necessary, the generator can be moved around the site alone.
  4. If you do not additionally load the generator with a powerful electric tool, then its capabilities are quite enough for the reliable operation of household electrical appliances - lighting, a computer, a refrigerator.
  5. The manufacturer provides high-quality warranty service and the availability of spare parts on sale.


- Cons Hammer GNR3000 A

  1. If you apply a load to the generator when the engine is cold, the latter may stall - after turning it on “cold”, do not forget to let it warm up.
  2. Passport fuel consumption - 12 liters for 7 hours. However, if the generator is not operated to the limit, the consumption will be less.
  3. A good generator must be heavy. If for some reason the wheels are removed from the device, it will be difficult to transfer 50 kg alone.

Hammer GNR3000 And this is one of the premium models, which implies the operation of the device for a large number of hours. Prefer it to cheaper analogues with similar characteristics is if the generator will be used in an area with frequent power outages or in its complete absence.


What autonomous 2 kW generator did you decide to buy?

3 kW generators

If a weak generator can be enough to power standard home electrical equipment, then if necessary use a powerful tool (heat gun, grinder, puncher), the best generators for giving are those that give out 3 kW of current power.

 DDE GG3300Zi sHitachi E 40 s
DDE GG3300Zi Hitachi e 40
9 oc 8 oc
Launch type manual manual
Number of phases 1 (220 volts) 1 (220 volts)
Cooling aerial aerial
Active power, W 3200 3300
Tank volume, l 9 21
Battery life, h 7 9
Noise level, dB 91 68
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm 390x480x420 628x495x495
Weight, kg 35 70

Gasoline Generator DDE GG3300Zi

Single-phase gas generator based on a synchronous alternator. In the nominal mode, it produces a current power of 3.2 amperes and 3.5 at maximum. With a fuel consumption of 1.3 l / h and a tank capacity of 9 liters, it can work without refueling for 7-8 hours (depending on the load).

DDE GG3300Zi

DDE GG3300Zi 1m

DDE GG3300Zi 2m


+ Pros of DDE GG3300Zi

  1. The mass of the device is only 35 kg - this is even less than some kilowatt models. If necessary, from place to place you can transfer the generator alone.
  2. The price-quality-performance ratio is one of the best among devices of similar power.
  3. The generated current is output through an inverter circuit, which improves its characteristics.
  4. Good build quality - repeatedly checked by hauling the connections of newly purchased generators.
  5. It tolerates work with welding devices (with correctly selected characteristics).


- Cons DDE GG3300Zi

  1. Noise level - 91 dB is indicated in the specification of the generator - if possible, it is better to place the device away from the work site.
  2. Although the weight of the generator is relatively small, the absence of wheels is a significant minus when using it as a mobile source of electricity. If necessary, you will have to do them yourself.
  3. Degree of protection against moisture and dust IP21 - if it starts to rain, it is better to cover the generator at least.

The emphasis in this model is on reducing the weight of the device - 35 kg of mass allow the generator to decrease as mobile as possible with a sufficiently high power.

Hitachi E 40 Gasoline Generator

Single-phase generator with rated and maximum power of 3.3 and 4 kW, respectively. It is equipped with an engine manufactured by Mitsubishi with a displacement of 296 cm³, but the noise level does not exceed the passport 68 dB.

Hitachi e 40


+ Pros of Hitachi E 40

  1. Build quality and components - all production lines are located in the brand's homeland - in Japan.
  2. A large margin of power - nominal in the passport is 3.3 kW, and to the maximum all 4 can be hung on the generator.
  3. Large capacity fuel tank - 21 liters. This is enough for more than 9 hours of continuous operation (the lower the load, the lower the consumption).
  4. The engine displacement is 296 cm³, due to which its “smooth” operation is achieved - with stable characteristics of the output current.
  5. The design is simplified as much as possible - if necessary, minor repairs can be performed independently.
  6. Easy engine start - even in frosty weather.


- Cons Hitachi E 40

  1. The quality of the components determines the large weight of the device - 70 kg, in the absence of wheels, you will have to move at least two of them.
  2. Compared to some analogues, fuel consumption is quite high - about 2 liters per hour.
  3. The price is fully consistent with the quality and premium class of the device - if necessary, you can find a generator with similar characteristics, but cheaper.

The Hitachi E 40 generator is primarily suitable for those users for whom the quality and reliability of equipment are in the first place, even to the detriment of its cost or weight.


What autonomous 3 kW generator did you decide to buy?

5-6 kW petrol generators

If you make a rating of gas generators for reliability, then it will be headed by devices with a power of 5-6 kW, which are the "golden mean" between the efficiency in use and the ability to ensure the smooth operation of most devices that are in a private house. They are also suitable for work on suburban construction sites - for example, for the simultaneous supply of concrete mixers, grinders and a water pump.

 DDE DPG6501E ATS sBriggs Stratton Elite 8500EA sFUBAG BS 6600 A ES s1
DDE DPG6501E-ATS Briggs & Stratton Elite 8500EA FUBAG BS 6600 A ES
9 oc 8 oc 7 oc
Launch type manual / electric starter / automatic manual / electric starter manual / electric starter
Number of phases 1 (220 volts) 1 (220 volts) 1 (220 volts)
Cooling aerial aerial aerial
Active power, W 6000 6800 6000
Tank volume, l 25 30 25
Battery life, h 9 12,25 7,5
Noise level, dB there is no data 72 98
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm 690x580x580 725x630x454 700x530x570
Weight, kg 92 102 87

Gasoline Generator DDE DPG6501E-ATS

A device based on a synchronous generator and a four-stroke engine with a displacement of 420 cm³ and a power of 14 hp and fuel consumption of 2.8 hp Nominal and maximum power output current - 6-6.5 kW.





+ Pros of DDE DPG6501E-ATS

  1. An autorun device is already present in the generator’s electrical circuit, which monitors the presence of voltage in the main power supply network and, in its absence, starts the engine and switches the power supply.
  2. Possibility to choose between launch systems - manual, key or automatic.
  3. The whole structure was initially placed on a wheel frame - despite the generator weighing 92 kg, one person can freely move it in a straight section.


- Cons DDE DPG6501E-ATS

  1. If the generator has been idle for a long time, then the battery may be discharged, which supplies the electrical circuit that controls the presence of voltage on the main line and autostart. In such cases, you need a battery charger.
  2. The wheels are designed only for moving the generator on a construction site or summer cottage. Transportation over long distances must be thought out in advance.
  3. To connect the autorun device, certain knowledge of electrical engineering is required - if there are none, then you need to invite an electrician.

Although the generator does not have pronounced (critical) flaws, careful purchase of power must be carried out before purchase, since the fuel consumption is 2.8 l.h. is quite tangible. It is justified only if the device operates in a mode close to the nominal one - in other cases, it may be worthwhile to look at a model of lower power.


Briggs & Stratton Elite 8500EA Gasoline Generator

Briggs & Stratton is one of the most famous manufacturers of internal combustion engines, which generally makes the Elite 8500EA one of the most reliable and powerful devices in its category, with a rated power output of 6.8-8.5 in nominal and maximum modes.

Briggs Stratton Elite 8500EA 4

Briggs Stratton Elite 8500EA 1m

Briggs Stratton Elite 8500EA 6m


+ Pros Briggs & Stratton Elite 8500EA

  1. Excellent engine quality, which determines easy start-up under various weather conditions and the “smooth” operation of the entire device.
  2. The frame is equipped with large wheels to move the generator around the site.
  3. It tolerates work with the welding machine well - without “sneezing” the engine and similar moments.
  4. The overall reliability of the entire device - according to reviews, within 2 years of constant work, you only have to replace oil and candles.
  5. A large power margin is almost 2 kW from the nominal value.


- Cons Briggs & Stratton Elite 8500EA

  1. Lack of monitoring devices for the current state of the generator - the factory equipment includes only a hour meter, and if you need a voltmeter or ammeter, you need to install them yourself.
  2. The design of the frame is made so that, if necessary, it is most convenient to take the generator from place to place (not to roll over) together, which is problematic with a weight of 102 kg (excluding fuel). Unloading, for example, from a trailer, it is advisable to do three or four.

The overwhelming majority of customer reviews characterize the Elite 8500EA generator as a reliable device with sufficient capabilities to power the home electrical system and work on small construction sites.


Gasoline Generator FUBAG BS 6600 A ES

The electric circuit of the generator is designed taking into account the possibility of connecting the unit to automatically turn on the device, in case of power outages on the main line. The generator gives out 6 kW of power in the nominal operating mode and 6.5 - in the maximum.


FUBAG BS 6600 A ES 4m

FUBAG BS 6600 A ES 2m


+ Pros of FUBAG BS 6600 A ES

  1. The model is one of the leaders in terms of price-quality-performance in its category.
  2. Possibility to choose whether or not to install an automatic start block. Even in the basic configuration there is an electric starter for starting with a key.
  3. The reliability of the generator as a whole and its components in particular show themselves well when working in frosts up to 25 ° C, and the battery retains charge even during prolonged shutdowns.
  4. All nodes of the generator are mounted on the frame through damping pads, which dampens most of the vibrations that arise.
  5. If it is necessary to control the parameters of the output current, then a digital control panel is built into the electrical circuit, giving out its main characteristics.


- Cons FUBAG BS 6600 A ES

  1. Sensible noise during operation - may exceed 90 dB. If used as a backup source, then it is necessary to solve the issue of sound insulation.
  2. When buying, you need to specify which generation the generator itself is. The manufacturer periodically updates the line and not all of them are compatible with the automation of the previous ones.
  3. Great heat dissipation. It does not particularly affect the performance, but in the summer (when installing indoors) requires additional ventilation.

“Cheap and cheerful” is the main characteristic of this model. The low price is achieved by the Chinese assembly, and the quality by the fact that they use engines of their own design. If the task is to purchase an inexpensive generator with the right power and the ability to upgrade, then the FUBAG BS 6600 A ES will be a worthy choice.


What 5-6 kW gas generator did you decide to buy?

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