In the private sector, power surges are not uncommon. Their high value can damage the electronics of the gas boiler, and low indicators help turn off the equipment and stop the heating. The rating of voltage stabilizers for a gas boiler, based on the characteristics of devices and user reviews, will help you choose a model that ensures uninterrupted operation of heating equipment.

The best voltage stabilizers for gas boilers rating

The best wall voltage stabilizers for a gas boiler

Wall type voltage stabilizers are available with relay and electronic stabilization method. It is rarely possible to find a mechanical design, due to the increased dimensions of the internal parts, poorly suitable for a compact case with placement on the wall.

Such equipment is capable of ensuring the subsequent operation of the gas boiler with an input voltage of 140-270 V, but each specific model has its own indicator, which is important to consider when choosing. At the output, the stabilizers are able to constantly maintain 202-238 V. Their stabilization rate directly depends on the type of stabilizer and varies from 20 to 100 V / s.

  pecanta lux ach 500h 1c sRUCELF kotel 600 specanta lux xch 1000h 1 c sRUCELF kotel 1200 s
Active power, W 500  600  1000  1200
Input operating voltage, V 140-260 150-250 140-260 150-250
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm 260x110x200 135x203x93 206x230x133 135x203x93
Response time, ms 7 10 7 10
Weight, kg 2,6 2,4 4 3


A small relay-type stabilizer that can cope with an input voltage of 140-260 V. The response time is 7 ms. It produces a sinusoid without distortion. The indication is digital and is clearly visible in the dark.

pecanta lux ach 500h 1c


+ Pros of RESANT LUX ASN-500N / 1-Ts

  1. A very small case 260x110x200 mm is easy to place in an inconspicuous place.
  2. Absolutely silent operation in standby mode or small adjustments (not counting the moment of a voltage surge when it is triggered).
  3. Soundly assembled case, without cracks and creaks.
  4. Intuitive controls.
  5. When checking with a voltmeter, it shows 200-240 V, which indicates a small error.
  6. Abundant perforation on the body for free cooling.
  7. Operation at a temperature of 0-45 degrees is allowed - it is possible to leave in an unheated house until late autumn.


- Cons RESANT LUX ASN-500N / 1-Ts

  1. The presence of one outlet allows you to connect only a boiler to it - you can use a tee, but this is not always convenient.
  2. If it blocks a power surge, it clicks loudly, so you can’t broadcast it near the bedroom.
  3. Low power reserve.
  4. The stabilization speed of 35 bps is not very high.
  5. To see the input and output voltage indicators, you need to press the button on the case - without this, only one of the parameters is displayed.

Output. This voltage regulator is suitable for a small house with a gas boiler of low power. The active power indicator of 500 W will ensure its uninterrupted operation.



Model with relay type of stabilization. Input voltage range is 150-250 V. Adjustment error of not more than 8%. The device is equipped with a digital display and surge protection.

RUCELF kotel 600


+ Pros of RUCELF BOILER-600

  1. The steel case lasts much longer and is not afraid of accidental impacts.
  2. Fast response time of 10 ms reliably protects heating equipment.
  3. Very compact - can be placed on any wall without attracting much attention to it.
  4. If it overheats itself, it turns off, but this rarely happens.
  5. Quiet operation with small voltage drops.
  6. In standby mode, it consumes 2 watts, so its use does not affect electricity bills.
  7. The price is more affordable than Chinese counterparts.



  1. Only one value is displayed on the screen - either the incoming voltage or the outgoing voltage.
  2. The presence of one outlet will no longer allow you to connect a heating pump and boiler directly to it at the same time - you will need to insert a tee, a cluttering case.
  3. There is an error of 8%, therefore, for equipment, which is fundamentally the presence of 220 V, voltage may not be enough.
  4. Only 4 stages of stabilization (windings), therefore, the accuracy of the indicators during jumps is relative.

Output. This voltage stabilizer has a housing dimension of 135x203x93 mm, which does not require much space on the wall. The model is specifically designed to stabilize the voltage of gas boilers.



Relay stabilizer with a power of 1000 watts. Able to ensure the operation of subsequent equipment in the circuit at an input voltage of 140-260 V. It is characterized by a stabilization rate of 35 V / s. The wall unit immediately displays the incoming and outgoing voltage on the screen.

pecanta lux xch 1000h 1 c


+ Pros of RESANT LUX ASN-1000N / 1-Ts

  1. Stable work at any time of the day and when neighbors use a different tool.
  2. Instant protection operation in case of a strong voltage surge (above 260 V).
  3. It is protected from thunderstorms and operation can continue despite sparkling lightning.
  4. There is no rumble inherent in such a technique.
  5. Dimensions 206x230x133 mm are easy to place in the hallway or boiler room.
  6. The digital display immediately shows all the parameters of interest - the size of the digits is large, and the image is clear.
  7. Detailed instructions included.


- Cons RESANT LUX ASN-1000N / 1-Ts

  1. When working, it emits a smell of plastic for a long time, so you need to often ventilate.
  2. A weight of 4 kg requires reliable fastening, and a wall made of drywall is no longer suitable for it.
  3. The plastic case is flimsy.
  4. If there is little air around for ventilation, the appliance will overheat.

Output. This voltage stabilizer is suitable for arranging heating in a house where a gas boiler and a separate circulation pump are used. The stabilizer has 2 sockets for connecting these devices at the same time and a power reserve of 1000 VA to cover their energy consumption needs.



One of the best stabilizers of domestic production with a power of 1200 watts. Stably gives out 202-238 V, with incoming 150-250 V. A maximum voltage of 130 V or 265 V. is allowed.

RUCELF kotel 1200


+ Pros of RUCELF BOILER-1200

  1. It is equipped with many types of protection (from thunderstorms, overheating, short circuits).
  2. Response to a jump of 10 m / s.
  3. High efficiency of 97%.
  4. The light weight of 3 kg allows you to mount the stabilizer on any wall.
  5. It can be operated at a temperature of 0-45 degrees.
  6. A neat look will not spoil the interior of the room.
  7. The metal case is durable and durable.



  1. There is no fuse inside.
  2. The red light of the digital display is very bright and can interfere when placed on the wall, which is often looked at (for example, in the kitchen near the TV).
  3. It shows only the number of volts at the output - to find out the current input voltage, a button is pressed at the bottom of the case.
  4. A single outlet needs a tee to connect other equipment.
  5. The controls are from the bottom, which is not very convenient - you need to bend down to accurately hit the plug in the socket or feel for the buttons.

Output. If you need to protect a productive powerful boiler, and at the same time there is no separate boiler room where you could place a stabilizer, then this model is the best. The power reserve of the device is 1200 W, and the response speed reaches 100 V / s.

What wall voltage regulator for a gas boiler did you decide to buy?

The best floor voltage stabilizers for a gas boiler

Floor placement expands the possibilities for manufacturers to equip stabilizers, because there is no need for a compact case or low weight. Often in this category you can find very powerful models up to 2000 watts, but they are also quite compact at 500-600 watts.

Floor stabilizers can be installed under the table, on the table, or on a special shelf. Often they are placed in a niche or bedside table. This eliminates the need for owners to drill walls and lay wires with cable channels.The efficiency of such models varies from 85 to 97%. Interaction with the input voltage range can be from 140 to 270 V.

  pecanta ach 500h 1c sDaewoo Power Products DW TZM1kVA s
RESANTA ACH-500/1-C Daewoo Power Products
Active power, W 500  1000
Input operating voltage, V 140-260 140-270
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm 110х133х134 306x363x433
Response time, ms 7 20
Weight, kg 2,5 3,16


Compact model with pull-out rubber carrying handle. It belongs to the relay type and has a power of 500 V. The response speed is 35 V / s. It works with a voltage range of 140-260 V.

pecanta ach 500h 1c


+ RESANT ACH-500/1-Ts

  1. The digital display shows the displayed values ​​from afar.
  2. The steel case is durable and will protect key parts in the event of a fall or impact.
  3. Silent work allows use near the entrance to the bedroom.
  4. Easy installation and connection.
  5. It works for a long time without breakdowns.
  6. Efficiency 97%.
  7. Rubber feet provide a stable position even on a vibrating slippery surface.
  8. The response time is 7 ms.


- Cons RESANT ACH-500/1-C

  1. At first it emits an unpleasant odor during operation.
  2. The design is very simple, almost "Soviet".
  3. If there is no space on the floor or other surface, then you will have to make a shelf.
  4. A short power cord that most users had to lengthen.
  5. Only one outlet.

This voltage regulator will be the best for a small boiler room in a private house, where it can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the boiler. Dimensions of 110x133x134 mm and weight 2.5 kg do not make it any harder. The owners do not have to drill and screw anything. Two-row perforation on the housing promotes active free cooling.


Daewoo Power Products DW-TZM1kVA

The stabilizer is available in two colors of the front panel: orange and black. The case is completely made of metal and equipped with a handle for transportation. The display immediately shows two voltage values: input and output.

Daewoo Power Products DW TZM1kVA


+ Pros of Daewoo Power Products DW-TZM1kVA

  1. Many functions of self-defense.
  2. Informative digital display.
  3. One of the largest input voltage ranges.
  4. Light weight 3 kg does not complicate transportation.
  5. High-quality assembly of the case, with an accurate fit of all parts, will protect internal components from dust.


- Cons Daewoo Power Products DW-TZM1kVA

  1. Not very small dimensions 306x363x433 mm, requiring enough space to accommodate.
  2. The minimum operating temperature is allowed from +5 degrees, therefore, if installed in a boiler room, it should be sufficiently insulated.
  3. Response time 20 ms.
  4. There is an error of 8%, which is important to consider when selecting a specific boiler.
  5. Loud clicks at work.

Output. This stabilizer model is best for installation in a boiler room next to a powerful boiler. Suitable for areas where power surges are often observed. The maximum upper limit for conversion is 270 V. Two rows of perforations for ventilation will protect it from overheating, and the metal case will not damage the internal components.

What floor voltage stabilizer for a gas boiler did you decide to buy?

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