Sofas reviews

Without a sofa it’s hard to imagine an apartment or a house. This piece of furniture intended for relaxation can have a different design and upholstery material. The stores sell direct, angular, folding models, the abundance of which makes it difficult to choose. However, if desired, it is not so difficult to study all models and types of sofas - customer reviews will help to do this.

Types of sofas: form, design, upholstery

These products may be:

  • Straight is a classic option;
  • Corner (right and left);
  • Island (they can not be pushed against the wall or put in a corner).

The design is:

  • Stationary (unchanged);
  • Modular (similar to a constructor);

Upholstery material determines the appearance and ease of use.

In this capacity are:

  • Velor, velveteen, velvet;
  • Leather, eco-leather (which is cheaper, but looks no worse);
  • Tapestry and special upholstery fabrics.

Also, sofas can be folding - in this case they are called "sofas - beds." The transformation mechanism can be folding (for example, “book”), sliding (“eurobook”, “dolphin”), unfolding (“accordion”).

Sofa Board

If this piece of furniture is intended for relaxation, then look at the size, quality of parts and upholstery, choosing a sofa for your interior. When choosing a sofa, take care of a sufficiently strong and convenient transformation mechanism. So that he served for a long time, and did not cause trouble when folding the sofa.

The main mechanisms of transformation:

Books. They are distinguished by reliability, convenience and simplicity of design, but they are bulky. A variation of the book is the click-gag mechanism. It differs in that it has an intermediate position of the back.

Roll-out sofas. Convenient if you plan to use the sofa as a bed. Easy to disassemble and assemble. There are different types of roll-out sofas: Dolphin, eurobook, accordion.

Cot. It happens American and French. The former are more reliable, but the latter look more stylish, they are more convenient.

It is worth focusing on popular brands that have already gained consumer recognition - in this case, the product will be of high quality.

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